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Episode 193: Using Online Summits to Grow Your Business with Krista Miller

The Brand Strategy Podcast

With education being a major component of marketing our small businesses, you’ve likely considered hosting a virtual summit. With the year at home that 2020 brought us, so many businesses found success in hosting virtual summits, especially if they went through Krista Miller’s Summit in a Box Program! In this episode, Krista is joining me […] The post Episode 193: Using Online Summits to Grow Your Business with Krista Miller appeared first on b is for bonnie design | brand design, strategy & education for creative boss ladies.


15 Sep 2021

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121. Leveling Up Your Virtual Summit with Krista Miller

The Content Experiment Podcast

In August 2020, I didn’t have plans to host a summit. I didn’t have a team and I definitely didn’t have the time to put an online event together. Know the feeling? After chatting with Krista in episode 55, the idea started percolating and seven months later my first summit baby was born. I loved that conversation I had with Krista because I feel like it really laid the foundation for what it looks like to host a summit—without gaining too many extra gray hairs.  Now that I’ve been there and done that—and many of you have too—I thought it would be helpful to have Krista back to talk about upleveling your summit. With so many people hosting summits these days, we talked about how to make your summit stand out, what steps to take to avoid common pitfalls, and how to use your event to create lasting change in the lives (and businesses) of your audience. Listen in! Mentioned in This Episode Virtual Summit Funnel Roadmap Virtual Summit Prep Timeline Summit in a Box affiliate link Episode 55: The Content Experiment Podcast Episode 111: The Content Experiment Podcast The Content Mastery Lab About Krista Miller At Summit In A Box, Krista helps entrepreneurs 3x their monthly revenue through virtual summits without wondering where to start or what to do next. Her method is focused on strong connections, collaboration, and making a difference in the lives of everyone involved. The best part? She makes it easy! With every strategy, copy template, website template, script, tech tutorial, and resources you'd ever need, your summit prep just got a whole lot easier! Follow Krista on Instagram, join her Facebook Group, or learn more about hosting your virtual summit by visiting Summit In A Box.


17 May 2021

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How to run a successful online summit with Krista Miller

Marketing That Converts

Today’s episode of the podcast is an interview with Krista Miller who runs Summit in a Box. We talk all about online summits including the power of them, how to run a successful one and some things to avoid! KEY TAKEAWAYS COVERED IN THE PODCASTA virtual summit is just like an in-person conference, but it is done online. There is usually different speakers and sessions you can join and learn about different topics.You want to give people who attend a transformation and information to take away.Community is really important – Facebook groups work well for this.Love on your attendees and speakers.Virtual summits are great for launching your course, membership, product or service.Virtual summits can make an impact, no matter what the size of your business.It is not essential to have the huge influencers and names in your virtual summit – there should not be any minimum requirements in terms of email lists and social media following.Think about what you want your attendees to get out of your summit and what topics will be covered.Avoid just asking your besties to speak at your virtual summit.Influencers are not that helpful! They will do the bare minimum. Their audience will not hear a peep about your summit – Don’t stress about getting these big names.Look for people with the same audience as your summit and get specific on who you are helping.Make it as easy as possible for your speakers!If you can’t pay your speakers, give them a good affiliate deal – at least 40%.If you already sell something or have your own website already – you do not need to invest in a really expensive system to do your virtual summit!Adult brains only concentrate for around 17 minutes before they get distracted so aim for 15-20 minute presentations for your summit.Niche down for your summit and choose a topic that will create a transformation for them.When you know exactly who you are talking to and what you are going to help them achieve, it will be all-round easier to promote and get people to sign up.Speakers are the biggest thing for the promotion of your virtual summit.Give your audience a transformation they are going to care about and won’t want to miss the sessions about.The end goal of the thing you should sell should match up with the end goal of your virtual summit.Mention your offer throughout your summit in a natural way and make it clear there will be an offer at the end.Have your super fans as part of your summit.Give yourself 90 days to set up your virtual summit.Follow the process and do the steps! THE ONE THING YOU NEED TO REMEMBER ABOVE ALL ELSE… Get specific with your summit audience and topic – this is more attention-grabbing and will add more value to your audience making them want to be a part of it! HIGHLIGHTS YOU SIMPLY CAN’T MISS An introduction to Krista 05:36What is a virtual summit? 10:25How to make money by hosting a virtual summit 12:13Getting speakers/guests for your virtual summit 14:26What do you need for a virtual summit? 23:47Marketing your virtual summit 25:47Making your virtual summit stand out 32:01How to sell at virtual summits 39:40How long does it take to organise a virtual summit? 48:08 CHECK KRISTA OUT: Instagram RESOURCES MENTIONED Join me for my FREE bootcampDeadline funnelWant the full transcript-click here!


10 May 2021

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048. The Importance of a Good Client Experience with Krista Miller

The Create Connect Convert Podcast

There is a point in your business when client experience will become more important than your skills. The journey you take your clients through is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself and stand out in this overcrowded world. In this episode, I share a conversation I had with Krista Miller, the host of the Simply Profitable Designer Summit, where we discuss the importance of building a strong client experience and how can you use it to scale your business. The Simply Profitable Designer Summit is THE event of the year for designers and is taking place March 15-19, 2021. Don't miss the chance to learn from 40+ industry experts on how to manage and scale your design business, how to sell with more confidence, how to deal with difficult clients and so much more! Grab your free ticket here: one6creative.com/spds2021


10 Mar 2021

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The Design Business Show 132: Hosting a Profitable Summit with Krista Miller

The Design Business Show

Krista is a WordPress developer, co-host of the Get Back To Design Podcast, and creator of the Simply Profitable Designer Summit. She specializes in collaborating with passionate designers to craft websites that directly support their clients' goals, while helping them simplify their businesses to spend more time doing what they love - design. Here’s what we covered on the episode: 01:25 Listen to episode 26 and episode 83 of The Design Business Show to hear Krista talk about her story, her development days, and starting her summit business. 01:42 We met in 2017 and I share how Krista is a whiz when it comes to making the development look like the PSD and how we’ve worked together on several sales pages over the last few years, I’ve spoken at her summit, and she’s been on my podcast multiple times. 2:20 Over the last few years Krista’s business has dramatically changed, and she shares the biggest change that happened in the last year was launching her Summit in a Box program in April 2020. 03:40 Krista’s Summit in a Box business is her her main focus but shares she occasionally does Development Days as well. 05:28 We touch on our process for collaborating and share that I will get a lead, ask the client for dates and how long the copy is, then give the information the Krista and she’ll say if she can do it and how long it will take her and then she develops it, and it works out perfectly. 06:45 How Krista is able to tell how long a project will take with designers she’s worked with before because she knows their style and times herself when she does projects and how if she’s working with a new designer she asks for examples of projects similar to the one they want developed because it does depend a lot on the complexity of the design. 10:01 Krista talks about her Simply Profitable Designer Summit, which was the inspiration for her Summit in a Box business and says that the first year of the summit was in April 2018 and that her systems oriented brain really helped here through the process. 11:21 The goal of the Simply Profitable Designer Summit is help designers run more efficient and profitable businesses — Krista shares that they’re coming up on their 5th year and the topics for this years summit. 14:25 Krista shares the reasons she’s on the fence each year about bringing the Simply Profitable Designer Summit back, one is because the Summit in a Box business is doing so well. 17:56 The main offer and goal in Krista’s business is to get everyone in their Summit in a Box program because it’s the product that’s going to help people the most it’s full of 1,000+ resources, including trainings, templates, etc. to help people in every stage of launching a summit. 18:39 The Summit in the Box program is a $2,000 offer and Krista explains how they offer smaller stepping stones to help people get ready for like, a $27 offer that’s just the promotional resources. 20:31 Before the Summit in a Box program, Krista had a membership that’s purpose was to build up to the program they have now, where she would make new resources and add them to the vault each month and when that was done they re-released it as Summit in a Box. 22:12 How Krista has tired all kinds of freebie offers but has never had much success at Facebook Ads paying off, or people consistently converting from a freebie to a $2,000 program which is why she decided to try the $27 tiny offer, which has worked well in her business. 25:06 When Krista first started running ads she was spending $5 and wasn’t seeing results, but when she started with her tiny offer she was doing $20 a day, even though her product was $27 but started seeing results so she kept doubling the budget, which has gotten her to $15,000 a month in Facebook Ads and shares she invested in a Facebook Ads Coach. 26:43 We talk more about the tiny offer strategy and Krista shares that the $27 buyer tends to be more needy than the $2,000 buyer, so they have set boundaries because of that and says they’re quick to give refunds as well. 28:57 How Krista ran her first summit for her Summit in a Box business in September 2020, and says she was terrified because she couldn’t host a summit for everyone in her audience, which is online business owners who want to grow their business, so she had to niche down her summit, but saw great results. 30:02 Krista shares that the overall strategy behind her summit for her Summit in a Box business and Simply Profitable Designer Summit wasn’t that different, except she knew where the money was coming from was going to be different and explains where the money was coming from in both. 32:04 How there will be another summit for Summit in a Box, but Krista decided she’s not going to co-host again because she likes control, so although her co-host was amazing, they have parted ways and she got to keep the brand since Krista decided to leave, so now Krista has to figure out how she’s going to do something different from what she’s doing. 32:33 How I’m a speaker at the Simply Profitable Designer Summit this year, and I’m going to be talking about how to get hired to work on launches using your expertise, even if it’s not design. 33:25 For Krista’s first summit, she didn’t have a lot of help, but says she has had a designer forever who helped her, and she hired a VA to help 5-10 hrs. total on her first summit but with how it’s grown, she does have a lot of help now and has a full-time employee who helps with all the easy trainable tasks and says she outsources anything repeatable when it comes to summits or launches. 35:01 Krista has always seen a benefit in not trying to figure out how to do something that someone else has already figured out, which is why she has Summit in a Box as well because she doesn’t want someone to guess how to launch and promote a summit when she knows how and could just tell them. 36:20 I talk about my experience with launches and touch on some of the topics I’ll be discussing at the summit. 38:38 How Krista is pregnant with baby number two and explains that she feels way less stressed than when she had her first daughter and feels good about how things are going to look  — she also shares that she has nothing on her schedule for the rest of the year after her due date because she’s just going to go with the flow and come back to work when she’s ready. 41:26 Go to summitinabox.co where you will find all the information and some freebies, connect with Krista on Instagram, and designers go signup for the Simply Profitable Design Summit. Links mentioned: Get Back To Design Podcast Episode 26 of The Design Business Show Episode 83 of The Design Business Show Simply Profitable Designer Summit Summit in a Box Connect with Krista on Instagram Like what you heard? Click here to subscribe + leave a review on iTunes. Click here to download my Sales Page Trello Board Let’s connect on Instagram! PS - The Simply Profitable Designer Summit is free. If you decide to upgrade to the All Access Pass or Power Pack using my link, I’ll get a referral fee.


2 Mar 2021

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150 | Building Community With Summit In A Box | Krista Miller

The Couragecast

Building community is about collaboration and creating a safe to share powerful stories that impact those around us. In this episode, I am joined by the founder of Summit In A Box.   At Summit In A Box, Krista helps entrepreneurs 3x their monthly revenue through virtual summits without wondering where to start or what to do next.   Her method is focused on strong connections, collaboration, and making a difference in the lives of everyone involved.   Connect with Krista @summitinabox   Connect with Summit In A Box   Connect with Andrea @andreacrispcoach + @the.couragecast Schedule your 30 minute FREE Strategy Session  Support the podcast and shop our Amazon Affiliate link If you enjoy The Couragecast, can you please do a few things: Give us a 5-star rating on Itunes. Provide a great review of what you love about the show. Please share the episode on your social media or in a newsletter.  For more information or to connect with Andrea www.andreacrisp.ca


23 Feb 2021

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Don't Forget to Dream with Dr. Krista Miller

My Veterinary Life

“My mom has this saying that she always uses, and it is to kind of 'go with the flow, roll with the punches, and duck when you have to, and hang on like Snoopy.' That’s what she tells me all the time.” Our guest today is Dr. Krista Miller! We had a great time chatting about her career and how it has taken her to some very unexpected places, despite initially having a pretty clear idea of where she wanted to go. While being a clinical veterinarian takes up a lot of her time, she has still found a way to make a difference in society. Recently she launched her YouTube Channel Dope Black Vet. It is a fun way that she shares information with pet owners twice a month. She has also been featured on NPR, most recently talking about COVID and pets. We have a blast chatting with her and are so excited to share this journey with you. Remember we want to hear from you! Please be sure to subscribe to our feed on Apple Podcasts and leave us a ratings and review. You can also contact us at MVLPodcast@avma.org You can also follow us on Social Media @AVMAVets #MyVetLife #MVLPodcastIf you would like to learn more about Dr. Miller’s YouTube Channel, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRX7Er7BUM0yAHImo89cp7A


4 Feb 2021

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How to Host a Virtual Summit That Triples Your Revenue and Grows Your Email List with Krista Miller

Flourish to 7 Figures Podcast: Growing Your Online Business to 7 Figures and Beyond

#85: What if you could triple your revenue and your email list with one simple strategy? Krista Miller is on a mission to help entrepreneurs do exactly that! Krista is the founder of Summit in a Box and the host of the Summit Host Hangout Podcast, and before you run away thinking that hosting a summit is too much work or too complicated to pull off, I encourage you to listen to this interview! Krista is here to show us how impactful hosting an online summit can be for your audience, your business, and your bottom line, and how hosts AND speakers can both benefit from a smart virtual event. Whether you’re a first-time summit host, a seasoned speaker, considering participating, or you’re a summit expert, you’re bound to walk away from this episode with new insights to make the absolute most out of your upcoming summits! In this episode, Krista shares: How her systems cut her time commitment from 400+ hours to just 60 per summit How summits help you build credibility and become an industry leader The genius tactics she uses to keep audience engagement high during virtual summits The keys to a profitable online summit for both the summit host and the speakers The 3-part framework to hosting a virtual summit (while tripling your monthly revenue and email list) ...and more! You can find all of the links and resources that are mentioned in this episode at MonicaLouie.com/85.


14 Jan 2021

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Ep. 321 - How to Host a Virtual Summit with Krista Miller of Summit in a Box

Pep Talks for Side Hustlers

Get access to our free trainings for web designers and DIYers at https://shannonmattern.com/free Leave a Rating + Review! Krista and I talk about: Krista’s path from freelance web developer for designers to teaching entrepreneurs how to run a virtual summit.  Krista’s accidental success when she experimented with an idea and people kept asking for more. Why you need an email list, even as a 1:1 service provider. Why you should be building relationships right now. Why you don’t need a big audience to host a virtual summit. Common obstacles that Krista sees people coming up on again and again that stops them in their tracks. The right way to do Facebook ads Her best advice if you are struggling to get traction in your business. The belief Krista had to change about herself to get where she is today. My favorite quotes from Krista: “I knew if I had a bigger list, that means more people that know about me, even if they're not the people directly buy my stuff, they know who I am.” “It just depends on your mindset and the way you look at it, who cares if they say no, try the next person. It's cool. It's fun if you let it be fun.” “Don't limit yourself based on where you are right now, because that's just going to keep you in that spot” “You have something to value even if you are just getting started” Bio: At Summit In A Box, Krista teaches online business owners to skyrocket their revenue, grow their email lists, become leaders, and make mutually beneficial connections through online summits. These aren’t summits that leave speakers and attendees feeling gross and taken advantage of - her method is focused on strong connections, collaboration, and making a difference in the lives of everyone involved. The best part? She makes it easy! With every strategy, copy template, website template, script, tech tutorial, and resources you'd ever need, your summit prep just got a whole lot easier! Resources Mentioned: Tony Intentional Spark Allie Bjerk: Tiny Offers Connect with Krista: Instagram Summit in a Box Website


13 Jan 2021

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45: From 90k Years to 90k Months During a Pandemic with Krista Miller

The Recurring Profit Podcast

Today on the podcast, we go over how Krista Miller joined Recurring Profit in March 2020, right at the start of the pandemic, and went from making $90k years to $90k per month Links mentioned in this episode may no longer be active. Visit automatemarketing.com to watch Haley’s training: How to Automate Your Marketing for Your Course or Membership. Shownotes > https://recurringprofit.com/2020/09/29/45-from-90k-years-to-90k-months-with-krista-miller/


29 Sep 2020