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Episode 9 - Sean Hyson - Content is King

Pain-Free Performance Podcast

Sean Hyson is the Editor in Chief for Onnit. Sean's illustrious career in Fitness Content has developed and inspired fitness writers for this generation and the next. It was only appropriate to bring one of the best in the world on the podcast to discuss content and where it is going! This episode was originally recorded in Dallas Texas in November of 2020.


15 Jan 2021

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The 411 from the Group Training Director for Muscle And Fitness and Mens Fitness #SANE with Sean Hyson & Jonathan Bailor

SANE Show: Eat More. Lose More. Smile More. with Jonathan Bailor

The 411 from the Group Training Director for Muscle And Fitness and Mens Fitness #SANE with Sean Hyson & Jonathan Bailor


25 Jun 2020

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The Carnivore Diet: Is It Right For You? with Sean Hyson - Ep. 242

Open Sky Fitness Podcast

This week we have the new Editor-In-Chief at Onnit, Author of both 101 Best Workouts Of All Time and The Men's Health Encyclopedia of Muscle as well as previous Open Sky Fitness guest, Sean Hyson joining us to talk about his career, the latest fitness and nutrition trend, and his own opinion on how to live a healthy, meaningful life. We discussed a variety of topics and it was so awesome to catch up with him since the beginning of our podcast. Please leave us a review at http://reviewourpodcast.com Join our Open Sky Fitness Podcast Facebook Group! Do the 7 Day Paleo Reset   The Men's Health Encyclopedia of Muscle Get your copy of The Men's Health Encyclopedia of Muscle by Sean Hyson The Men's Health Encyclopedia of Muscle reveals which techniques create a bigger, stronger, leaner body — and exactly how to use them. With over 50 techniques from Drop Sets, to Tabata Protocol, to Wave Loading — and 40 complete workouts — this is the only book you'll need to get ripped and build the body you've always wanted. Order now to get strong & lean — once and for all!     About Sean Hyson Sean Hyson is the Editor in Chief of Onnit. A Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S.), he is the author of 101 Best Workouts Of All Time, an Amazon.com best-seller, and the e-book The Truth About Strength Training (truthaboutstrengthtraining.com).   Let Us Coach You On The Podcast! Come on the podcast and let us be your coach for an hour on the show! We talked about this a while back but we want you, the listener, to be a guest on our show by allowing us to be your personal coaches for a 1-hour call. Your call will be featured as an actual episode on our podcast but can always keep your identity hidden by changing your name because we know that our health is everything and some things we'd like to keep to ourselves. Here's how you sign up: Go to http://openskyfitness.com/contact/ Fill out your name, email address, and message In your message, please include: Your goals What obstacles you believe are standing in your way Your expectations and how you think Devon and Rob can help you What You'll Hear on This Episode 00:00 Open Sky Fitness Introduction 1:15  Opening comments with Rob and Devon 1:30 Check out our previous guest interview: OSF 240 - The Art of Making Things Happen: Steve Sims 2:30 Check out our latest One-On-One Coaching Call - OSF 241 Just Ten Pounds To Lose and learn how to be a client on the Open Sky Fitness Podcast! 7:10 Introduction to Sean Hyson 8:10 His background in writing and how he fell into the fitness industry. 13:00 How he came to work for Onnit now as their Editor in Chief. 15:00 How he's helped Onnit rebrand to reach a wider audience. 17:30 His process for coming up with so much content online. 20:00 What type of meat you should eat if you follow a carnivore diet 24:00 Various trends he has tried and 100% believed in only to change his mind later. 25:40 What it's like to be giving people this health advice and knowledge and if it's intimidating or not. 26:00 Why we're all entitled to change our opinion about nutrition and what diets we want to follow. 28:30 His advice for exercise and which workouts you should focus on today. 30:00 What you should be aware of if you decide to switch up your tempo, order, or rep scheme. 32:00 What our fitness focus should look like as we age. 33:00 How he's keeping his workouts effective and enjoyable. 34:30 How to do a cluster set during your workout and what you should keep in mind. 37:40 Periodization - How important is it to build in recovery and lighter weeks in periodization programming? 38:40 How he approaches periodization for muscle growth. 40:30 His thoughts on full body vs. split workouts. 42:50 The importance of great mobility over strength. 44:20 What areas and movements we should focus on the most to improve our mobility. 48:20 Onnit's current focus and vision for the next couple of years. 50:00 What helps him stay motivated, healthy, and balanced with work and life. 56:00 What led him to write his latest book, The Encyclopedia of Muscle, and what beneficial information you will find in it. 1:00:00  Final comments with Rob and Devon 1:01:30 Tune into our next Coaching Call next week and learn how to be coached on the podcast! 1:03:00 Open Sky Fitness Closing RESOURCES MENTIONED DURING THE SHOW: Leave us an iTunes review Subscribe to our podcast and take your health to the next level! Join The Open Sky Fitness Podcast Group on Facebook Learn more about the Sky Fit Challenge Clean up your diet with our  7 Day Paleo Reset Contact Rob and Devon to apply for One-On-One Coaching Sessions Learn more about our new sponsor - ButcherBox Check out our previous interview with OSF 240 - The Art of Making Things Happen: Steve Sims Listen to our latest One-On-One Coaching Call - OSF 241 Just Ten Pounds To Lose Read The Men's Health Encyclopedia of Muscle by Sean Hyson   JOIN THE SKY FIT CHALLENGE! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE The challenge consists of: 8 Weeks of Equipment Free Bodyweight Workouts in 20 minutes or less. (No gym membership required) SIMPLE Whole Food Meal Plan w/Tasty Recipe Cookbook Featuring 60+ recipes! Foolproof Schedule so you know EXACTLY what you’re supposed to do every day. Access to our New Private Facebook Group – Sky Fit Challenge Group to share your progress with everyone as well as receive support and be held accountable. Do The FREE 7 Day Paleo Rest Simply go to 7DayPaleoReset.com to sign up now One of the best things you can do for your mind and body in your mission to get healthier is to focus on your nutrition. That's why we're allowing people to sign up now to join us for our next Free 7 Day Paleo Rest! It's all done via Facebook so no annoying emails that will fill up your inbox. As part of the 7 Day Paleo Reset, we will provide you with: Introduction to what the Paleo Diet is all about 7 Day guide to easy Paleo recipes What batch cooking is and how to incorporate that into your lifestyle Various content resources including generational eating habits, the importance of building a wellness community, and how to begin a new healthy lifestyle. How to make an impact on your life and life a life full of wellness. Look Out For Our Upcoming Throw Back Thursday Podcast Episodes! We'll be releasing new podcasts episodes on Thursdays that discuss previous episodes we've done, but we need your help! Go to the  Open Sky Fitness Facebook Group and tell us what your favorite episodes are. Then, Devon and I will re-listen to that episode, pick out the best parts and share even more insights on the topic. We won't just be regurgitating the same information over again. Since we began this podcast, there's so much more information out their on health, nutrition, fitness, and personal wellness. So, each Thursday we'll really just be going deeper into your favorite topics! Claim Your FREE Bacon + $10 Off With Our Sponsor - ButcherBox That's right! By listening to the Open Sky Fitness Podcast, you get the chance to get a free order of bacon plus $10 off your first ButcherBox purchase!! ButcherBox delivers 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, and heritage breed pork directly to your door. Think of them as the neighborhood butcher for modern America. Join The Open Sky Fitness Podcast Group! That's right! We have a closed Open Sky Fitness Podcast group on Facebook where you and everyone have the opportunity to talk about your health and fitness goals in a safe environment. We post workouts and start discussions about how to be strategic about finding a healthier you. Check it out! Start Building Your Own Workouts and Meal Plan! Download Results Tracker here! Click To Download Home Workout Templates or text the word, "lifting," to 33444 to download the templates. Download the OSF Food Journal Now! Have a Question or Review for Rob or Devon? We love answering questions and getting feedback from you, our listener! If you have any questions to ask us, want to share a review of the show, or tell us any suggestions for guests/topics that you think would be great to have on the show, just email Rob at rob@openskyfitness.com or Devon at devon@openskyfitness.com or you can also leave us a review at http://reviewourpodcast.com ask a question in the closed Open Sky Fitness Facebook Group and even text OSFreview to 33444 to get the link. Get Fit with Free Downloads! To Download Rob’s FREE workout templates click below** Download Templates Ask Rob a Question or tell him what is working for you: Email Rob@OpenSkyFitness.com Support This Podcast To leave a Review for Rob and the Open Sky Fitness Podcast CLICK NOW!  Ratings and reviews are extremely helpful and greatly appreciated! They do matter in the rankings of the show and I read each and every one of them. Contact our amazing sound engineer Ryan? Send him an e-mail here: info@stellarsoundsstudio.com Thanks for Listening! Thanks so much for joining us again this week. Have some feedback you’d like to share? Leave a note in the comment section below! If you enjoyed this episode, please share it using the social media buttons you see at the bottom of the post. Do you have any questions (and would like to hear yourself on the Open Sky Fitness Podcast)? Click on the link on the right side of any page on our website that says “Send Voicemail.” And finally, don’t forget to subscribe to the show on iTunes to get automatic updates. It’s free! Thanks for listening/reading episode 242 - The Carnivore Diet: Is It Right For You? with Sean Hyson! We hope you have gained more knowledge on how to be a healthier you.

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12 Mar 2019

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Ep 203: Editor in Chief of Onnit Sean Hyson

The Absolute Strength Podcast

In this episode, I sit down with Sean Hyson. Sit back, relax, and enjoy! Hire Kyle Hunt as your coach: http://www.kylehuntfitness.com/services/ Connect with Sean:  http://www.seanhyson.com/ Instagram: @seanhyson Connect with Kyle:  http://www.kylehuntfitness.com/ Instagram: @huntfitness YouTube: @HuntFitnessTV Get Strong Now with the NEW Absolute Strength V2.0 Powerlifting Program:  https://www.kylehuntfitness.com/absolutestrength2/ Improve Your Bench Press with my Advanced 6-Week Bench Press Program: http://kylehuntfitness.com/benchprogram Get 10% OFF PR Breaker Materia Pre Workout: DISCOUNT CODE: “hunt10” at https://www.prbreaker.com/


22 Feb 2019

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Episode 3: Sean Hyson

Food on the Mind

I speak with my good friend Sean Hyson, Content Director at Onnit and author of The Men's Health Encyclopedia of Muscle: Everything You Need To Build The Body You Want. We dig into success in publishing, the fitness industry, and how psychedelics might be the thing to help you break through. You can find Sean's book at his Instagram @seanhyson, on Facebook and Twitter. 


7 Feb 2019

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TBT - How to Lose 30 Pounds in 10 Weeks with Sean Hyson

Open Sky Fitness Podcast

Leave a review by going to reviewourpodcast.com All show notes can be found at http://openskyfitness.com/how-to-lose-30-pounds-in-3-weeks-with-sean-hyson-ep-65/


25 Oct 2018

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OSF065: How to Lose 30 Pounds in 10 Weeks with Sean Hyson from Men's Fitness

Open Sky Fitness Podcast

This week you lucky listeners get to hear from Sean Hyson, the training director for both Men's Fitness and Muscle & Fitness Magazine magazines. He's also the author of The Truth About Strength Training and 2013's best-selling 101 Best Workouts of All Time.Despite being an obvious expert in his field, Sean keeps his down to Earth demeanor while weeding through the fitness fads and inspiring you with tips to help you on your own path towards wellness.In this episode you will learn:- An inspirational story from an OSF Podcast fan.- How to lose fat whether you are a body builder or a couch potato.- Consistency, not intensity will determine your success.- What it takes to lose 30 pounds in 12 weeks.- Why an injury doesn’t have to stop you from making progress.- How much protein, fat, and carbs you should eat to get ripped.- Sean’s take on nutrition for a day.- A quick, healthy recipe from Sean’s kitchen.LINKS AND RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Get started on a Coaching Program with SeanDownload Sean’s FREE 4 Week Sample Workout ProgramFREE 4 Week Sample Workout ProgramGet Sean's Full 12 week program NOW. http://seanhyson.comRead More from Sean at Men's Fitness and Muscle & Fitness.For Rob’s FREE INTRO WORKOUT text IntroWorkout to 33444To leave a review for Rob and the Open Sky Fitness Podcast, click http://openskyfitness.com/review


29 Sep 2015

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Episode 9: Interview with Sean Hyson

The FitSmart Podcast

In today’s episode, we have a very special guest – Sean Hyson, Group Training Director for Muscle&Fitness and Men’s Fitness magazines. We interview Sean today about carb backloading. Enjoy the show! If you want to download the podcast, right click … Continue reading →


5 Jul 2012