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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jill Pollack. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jill Pollack, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jill Pollack. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jill Pollack, often where they are interviewed.

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32: Stories Matter. Here’s How Smart Leaders Use Them to Inspire Action w/ Jill Pollack

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The power of storytelling is undeniable. When you speak at a conference, or with your friend one-on-one, notice how much they remember of the conversation when it’s attached to a story. Likely, they (and you) will forget much of your conversation, except those pieces that revolved around a particular event, with specific people and places. Humans remember stories, and further, we share stories.

As leaders, we must learn how to wield these powerful tools to inspire action on our teams.

For this topic, we found someone who’s, quite literally, a professional storyteller. Her name’s Jill Pollack, Founder of StoryStudio Chicago and “Chief Story Wrangler” at Story Mode.

At Story Mode, she helps corporations tell better stories to compel audiences to action.

We interviewed her on our Lead to Grow podcast, where she dropped these gold mines of truth about storytelling:

Jul 23 2019 · 24mins
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TCP 024: How To Unlock Your Brand's Story w/ Jill Pollack

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If you’re a listener of this show, you probably know the importance of storytelling in conveying your message and value proposition, but do you understand the art and science behind it? Jill Pollack, is a storytelling guru who joins us today to break down what makes a good story, and where to even start when it comes to sharing ours, or our company or organization’s.

Jill is the founder and director of Story Studio Chicago, an award-winning communications consultant, writer, editor and speaker and this is just the tip of the iceberg. With a degree in theater, storytelling has been her passion for as long as she can remember. But after too many years working in places that stifled her creativity, she jumped ship and started Story Studio, where they teach writers of all levels how to tap into their creativity, get published, or get noticed with their work.

In this episode, we dive into the necessity of storytelling in both the creative and business fields, how science is now pinpointing how and why stories work inside our brains, and how to get rid of the fear and self-doubt in trying to write your story. If you have ever struggled with how to begin telling your story, then this is a must listen.

What role does storytelling play a role in your business? What work have you done to develop your storytelling muscles? Drop us a comment below!

In this episode:

  • Why businesses need to be thinking about storytelling seriously
  • Some of the most crucial elements of effective storytelling
  • Tips on how to keep focused and be more creative
  • How to strip away the self-doubt and insecurities when sharing your story
  • One thing you can do today to create more creativity in your life


“There’s not a ton of science yet, but there is certainly enough for us to begin pointing to experiments that have shown us exactly how stories work in the brain.” (10:53)

“In content marketing, we know we don’t sell; we start a conversation and stories are all about conversation.” (12:45)

“The first place we tell people to look is to look beyond yourself and think more about who you’re talking to, who is the audience and what do they need?” (17:46)

“I think for somebody who feels like they have lost that creativity, I would say to them, strip everything else out of your life and find those moments where you can just sit and think. Where you can write or draw but it’s so hard for us to turn things off and we have to, the screens have to go off.” (29:31)


StoryStudio Chicago

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Story Studio Words For Work

Essentialism (Book) 

Mar 20 2018 · 37mins

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219: The Science Behind B2B Storytelling w/ Jill Pollack

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In this episode we talk to Jill Pollack, Founder and Director of StoryStudio Chicago.

Oct 16 2016 · 20mins
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ALWD 036: Power of Narrative with Jill Pollack

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Jill Pollack ​is the Chief Story Wrangler at StoryStudio Chicago, and she oversees writing training for more than 1,200 students each year. She is a presenter on the power of stories in our personal and professional lives and was again included in the Newcity Lit Top 50 list of literary leaders in Chicago.

Since founding the studio in 2003, Jill has focused her attention on developing new approaches to teaching storytelling, and providing a wide variety of experiences in writing and publishing for StoryStudio writers. In 2009 she created the Words for Work business writing program.

Connect with her on the website or on Twitter.


We chat about the power of personal narrative, the power of chaos, being your own boss, corporate speak, books play with your assumptions of how to read books, and a lot more. It's a great conversation for anyone interested in telling a better story (to themselves & others).


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Mar 20 2016 · 1hr 11mins

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045 - Get Organized with Jill Pollack!

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I interivew Jill Pollack, an organization expert, and host of "Consumed", a one-hour de-cluttering/life-changing TV show for HGTV Canada. She shares some great tips on finding some breathing room with your stuff!

Aug 27 2012 · 13mins