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Inside the Mind of a Professional Cage Fighter Turned High Performance Coach With Charlie Brenneman

Knowledge For Men Archives

Charlie Brenneman is a former UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) competitor in the lightweight division with an overall fight record of 19 wins and 8 losses. After leaving the UFC two years ago, Charlie has devoted himself to helping other people achieve the success that they desire and deserve through professional coaching, speaking, and entrepreneurship. Favorite Success Quote “You are what you repeatedly do, excellence is not an act but a habit” ~ Key Points 1. Success is About Giving Everything You Have In our materialistic and results driven society, it is easy to get caught up in this idea that success is all about making a certain amount of money, winning every competition, and reaching every goal. But the truth is much deeper than that. While accomplishment should certainly play a central role in every man’s definition of success, the missing piece of the puzzle is the effort that you devote to achieving your goals. If you put everything that you have into the attainment of a goal, if you are relentless and driven to a point that many people consider you insane and you still don’t achieve your desired outcome, then guess what? You are still a success. You showed up, you put in the work, and you did everything that you could do. Sometimes despite your best efforts, the stars simply don’t align. And it’s times like this where you can look at yourself in the mirror with pride, knowing that you gave it your all and are still a man of success despite the perceived failure. 2. A Life of Fulfillment Comes from the Habit of Pursuing the Uncomfortable  So many people believe that fulfillment will come whenever they reach a certain goal. Whenever they have seven figures in their bank account, are married to the model wife, or driving the Ferrari. In reality, however, as men, we derive our true sense of fulfillment from constantly pursuing a life of “uncomfortability.” A life where we don’t know whether we will succeed, a life of struggle and triumph, a life, as Teddy Roosevelt put it, “In the arena, with your face marred by blood, and sweat, and tears.” If you want to be fulfilled and live every day with a smile on your face and joy in your heart, then get out of your comfort zone. Get uncomfortable and start pushing the boundaries of what you think is possible in your life. 3. Humility is a Hallmark of the Greats  No matter how successful you become, there is always someone out there who is better than you. And if you want to truly succeed at any endeavor, then you need to have the humility to learn from others and devote yourself to constant improvement. If you look at any great man in sports, business, or life, you will notice that no matter their stature, they were always willing to take criticism and look for ways to improve their craft. From billionaires like Sam Walton to All-Stars like Kobe Bryant, they all approached their field with a deep and genuine humility, accepting that they did not know everything and had plenty of room to improve. If you truly want to be one of the greats, then you need to take the same approach to your life. 4. Accept the Struggle  Whenever you start out at anything, whether it is a business, a sport, an instrument, or improving your social skills, you are going to suck. It’s not pretty, it’s not nice, but it is the cold hard truth. You are going to suck, and you are going to suck for a long time. The quicker that you can come to terms with this and accept that the journey is part of the joy of mastery, the sooner you will be able to overcome your own egotistical nature and truly become an expert in your craft. So embrace the suck. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and get ready for months or even years of fumbling through until you become proficient in your field. 5. Surround Yourself with the Best  The quickest way to accelerate your own growth is to surround yourself with people who are playing the game of life at a higher level than you are. Find people in your field who are performing at a level 10X your current level and get around them. Figure out what habits, tactics, and mindsets are separating them from the 99% and putting them into the proverbial hall of fame. The sooner that you can build up your circle of friends and mentors who are playing at a higher level, the quicker you will achieve your own goals and truly embrace your own potential.


24 Jun 2020

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Charlie Brenneman – The World’s Toughest Lifelong Learner

Break It Down Show

Charlie Brenneman – The World’s Toughest Lifelong Learner - Charlie Brenneman has a wide array of accomplishments, He's been a teacher, always laudable, he's won a season of . Next he became an MMA and UFC icon with his own . Charlie was a last-minute replacement to fight Rick Story on a UFC card...and won.  Get Charlie's book Pete A Turner and Charlie talk about Pros vs Joes, and what it's like to battle in the ring, and to constantly take on challenges in all aspects of life.  HaikuEven a teacherContinues to fill the mindOr just taps you outSimilar episodes:Tito Ortiz Don Frye Doc Collins Join us in supporting Save the Brave as we attle PTSD. ​www.savethebrave.org ​ Executive Producer/Host/Intro: Pete A. Turner  Producer: Damjan Gjorgjiev ​ ​​​ ​ ​The Break It Down Show is your favorite best, new podcast, featuring 5 episodes a week with great interviews highlighting world-class guests from a wide array of topics. Get in contact with Pete at peteaturner.com


19 Jun 2020

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Ep. 16 - Charlie Brenneman, From High School Spanish Teacher to UFC Fighter

The Divergent Path with Rollie Peterkin

Charlie Brenneman has done it all. He wrestled in college, taught high school Spanish, fought in the UFC against top opponents, wrote two books, and hosts a podcast. In this episode, Charlie tells us how he went from a "wimpy" kid to a UFC star. The many lessons he's learned along the way and why he now shares those lessons with the next generation. Follow Charlie on social media @charliespaniard. His books: -Driven: My Unlikely Journey from Classroom to Cage -Becoming the World's Toughest Lifelong Learner http:\\www.charliespaniard.com ------- For more info click here: http://rolliepeterkin.com/podcast-charlie-brenneman-from-high-school-spanish-teacher-to-ufc-fighter


1 Jun 2020

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Charlie Brenneman - Classrooms, Cages.. COOL

Teacher Chatter

Charlie Brenneman @charliespaniard is a former American mixed martial artist, Spanish language teacher, and book author. He believes in resilience and hard work, but most of all in continuous learning. Charlie's books:* DRIVEN: My Unlikely Journey From Classroom to Cage * Becoming The World's Toughest Lifelong Learner: A Book For Anyone Who Wants To Pursue AnythingSupport the show (http://www.scribblechook.com)


7 May 2020

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PicREP Episode 16 | Charlie Brenneman “The Spaniard” (Sequence #114)

The Protectors

Charlie Brenneman “The Spaniard” joined PicREP.  Charlie is a former teacher and UFC fighter with an incredible background.  With my co-host Alicia Hanf. Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/theprotectors)


21 Apr 2020

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#44: Fighting for your passions and managing career transitions with Charlie Brenneman

Everyday Fighter Podcast

Charlie Brenneman is a former UFC fighter, author, and speaker. Charlie shares his perspective on going for your passions as well as his personal challenges facing the end of one career path and the start of another. You can find him at [https://charliespaniard.com][1] EPISODE SPOTLIGHT: AnySoldierAnySoldier connects deployed servicemembers in need of comfort items, personal hygiene products, and correspondence with volunteers back home that send these items in care packages. Packages from supporters have also contributed to the distribution of toys, books, and necessary supplies to civilians living in war zones. To date they have helped more than 2.5 million troops.Learn more at [http://www.anysoldier.com][2][1]: https://charliespaniard.com [2]: http://www.anysoldier.com


17 Jan 2019

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Charlie Brenneman - The Spaniard

Obstacle Racing Media Podcast

Fighting, fatherhood, finances, and figuring it all out. Todays Podcast is sponsored by: Beast Goodr Sunglasses Show Notes: Charlie's website


30 Oct 2018

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#93 Charlie Brenneman- UFC Fighter's Life Lessons

What Got You There with Sean DeLaney

“You can learn your way to confidence and courage. You can learn your way out of mediocrity. It takes consistent hard work, and you have to believe it’s possible, but it is indeed possible.” This is the mindset of Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman who joins Sean today on the podcast. With this mindset Charlie rose through the ranks of the UFC while fighting some of the most accomplished mixed martial artists in the world. Now that his fighting career is done Charlie is attacking life as a constant learner and helping others get the most out of life. http://whatgotyouthere.com/ GlobeKick 10% off with discount code “WGYT” https://globekick.com/ 15% off Four Sigmatic with discount code "WGYT" http://foursigmatic.com/wgyt https://charliespaniard.com/ https://www.facebook.com/charliespaniard https://twitter.com/charliespaniard https://www.instagram.com/charliespaniard/ https://twitter.com/WhatGotYouThere https://www.instagram.com/whatgotyoutherepodcast/ https://www.facebook.com/whatgotyouthere/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/sean-delaney-00909190/ Intro/Outro music by Justin Great- http://justingreat.com/ Audio Engineer- Brian Lapres 


21 Oct 2018

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PEP 60: Becoming a Lifelong Learner w/ UFC Fighter & Author Charlie Brenneman

The Primal Example Podcast

What is the single most important action you can take to improve your life? Exercising? Eating a healthy diet? Meditating? Nope. The single most important action you can take to improve your life is to LEARN. The world’s greatest leaders acknowledge that there is always room for improvement in the knowledge department. One of the biggest things that can hold us back is thinking that we have all the answers. In this episode, UFC fighter turned author and speaker, Charlie Brenneman makes his second appearance on the show and discusses his constant pursuit of knowledge. Charlie shares his daily learning routine and explains why he is referred to as “the world’s toughest lifelong learner”. Links to topics discussed: New Primal Example gear Charlie’s podcast SomniLight blue light blocking glasses (use coupon code Primal10)


15 Aug 2018

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Charlie Brenneman/Lisa McDonald 08/10/18

"Living Fearlessly" with Lisa McDonald

Any friend of Jack Canfield and Patty Aubery (former radio guests) is a friend of mine! Very much looking forward to going a few rounds with Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald. Winner of Spike TV’s, Pros vs Joes, and ranked as high as #7 in the world as a UFC Professional Fighter, Charlie has certainly learned a few Fearless tricks along the way! Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman is a professional speaker, author and media host. Following a successful high school wrestling career, Charlie took his talents to Lock Haven University where he achieved a top 12 finish at Division I Nationals and 1st Team All-Academic. After teaching Spanish for three years and winning Spike TV’s Pros vs. Joes, Charlie decided to leave his job to pursue a master’s degree and begin his professional fighting career (UFC)—“The Spaniard” was born. In 2011, he was ranked as high as #7 in the world, and in 2015, he published his autobiography, Driven: My Unlikely Journey from Classroom to Cage. Charlie currently lives in PA with his wife and children.Thank you for generously being one of more than half a million Living Fearlessly Podcast Subscribers! Deeply grateful to each and every one of you! Uplifting you to fear less and to live more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


10 Aug 2018