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E085 - JobNimbus Is on Tour! Ronnie Smith Tells us all about it!

American Contractor Show Podcast

Episode 85 - Jobnimbus is on the Kicking Asphalt Tour!  Ronnie Smith from Jobnimbus took a second to stop by the American Contractor booth to talk about the amazing tour JobNimbus is on!  They are traveling across the country to learn more about how they can better help contractors, and at the end of the day, isn’t that all that matters?   It’s awesome to see a CRM that wants to better serve the industry!  **The American Contractor Show is made possible because of our sponsors!** Contractor Coach PRO - Coaching Contractors to Work On IT, Not IN It! Go to www.contractorcoachpro.com to learn more! Atlas Roofing - Shingles - Providing premium quality roofing and insulation products for distribution throughout the world. Go to www.atlasroofing.com to learn more! Hail Trace - The most accurate hail mapping application in the world! Learn more at www.hailtrace.com C3 Group Inc. - Claims & Construction Consulting - C3 Group is a nationally connected team of Public Adjusters. They have been the industry experts on large loss, commercial claims for the past 8 years. For more information visit www.c3adjusters.com. RoofScope by Scope Technologies, Inc. - RoofScope reports compile all essential roofing measurements and images into an easy-to-read, environmentally friendly two-page report. Get started today at www.roofscope.com. CompanyCam - The only app every contractor needs. Document your jobs. Communicate with your crews. Cover your company’s butt. Learn more at www.CompanyCam.com. SignPost -  Signpost helps contractors text their customers, get online reviews, and drive loyalty with email marketing.- To Learn more go to https://signup.signpost.com/partner/acs/.  The Catalyst Group - The Essential partner for contractors! Learn more and join for free at www.thecatalystgroup.co


5 Apr 2021

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Episode 10: Ronnie Smith

Monkey Don't

On this episode of Monkey Don’t, we sit down with our friend Ronnie Smith (@therealronniesmith) and talk to him about his problem with not having enough money, which most of us can relate to. We also give advice to our audience regarding their problems with living with someone with differing political views, dealing with bad car loans, and depression in college. Plus, the house doctor gives some advice about how to make your bodily fluids smell as pleasant as possible.


12 Feb 2021

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#11 - The Raw Food Lifestyle: Interview with Ronnie Smith

Lexi's Healthy Dynamic Life

Here is the most recent podcast with Ronnie Smith, Founder of the UK Fruit Fest where he reveals all the details about his transition to a raw vegan diet, how fruit helped boost his confidence to create his own festival, how low-fat is crucial for weight loss on a raw vegan lifestyle, and he gives amazing advice for anyone interested in releasing excess weight!

1hr 17mins

24 Jun 2020

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The Reality Of Running A Business with Ronnie Smith

UniToShine Podcast

So many people jump into entrepreneurship without having any knowledge of what it looks like to be an entrepreneur. Because of that, not having the right expertise and support, a lot of people fail and are forced to quit on their dream to go back to their 9-to-5 job. In this interview we share some golden nuggets for you to be prepared and succeed as an entrepreneur. Don’t wait any longer, press PLAY and make sure to act on all these amazing advice! In today’s episode, we have Ronnie Smith, founder of UK Fruitfest, joining us to share some awesome insight on his personal journey as an entrepreneur, his advice on launching a business, the reality of being an entrepreneur and what it involves.   Ronnie Smith is respected worldwide as a unique voice and leader in the raw vegan movement. He founded the UK Fruitfest, one of the most successful raw vegan events in the world in an effort to provide education, support and community to those on a raw vegan lifestyle. He works one to one with a small group of coaching clients helping them to maximise their health with a raw vegan diet and has also consulted on event management for other raw vegan festivals. He lives in Glasgow, Scotland and likes to travel to go to raw vegan festivals around the world. He is a musician, a keen meditator and a 3rd Dan black belt in the art of Aikido.In case you want to jump right to a certain piece of advice, go to UniToShine's website for the rundown of this episode.https://www.unitoshine.com/the-reality-of-running-a-business/----FREE eBook: "The reality of running a business". If you would like to know more about our conversation, and go deeper into the subject, we have created a FREE eBook for you to absorb everything we covered, on another level.This eBook contains all the insight we discussed and much more awesomeness! Download hereFREE Masterclass: "How to start and grow a successful business". We cover everything on how to start and grow a successful business even if you don’t have any entrepreneurship knowledge and experience. Access the FREE Masterclass here--Join the conversation on Instagram!If you enjoyed this episode and it inspired you in some way, I’d love to hear about it and know your biggest takeaway. Take a screenshot of you listening on your device, post it to your Instagram Stories and tag me and Ronnie, @unitoshine and @ukfruitfest.

1hr 26mins

14 Jun 2020

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Midweek 04/22/2020 Ronnie Smith & Sherry

The 4 Rivers Fellowship's Podcast

Sherry brings worship and Ronnie brings the Word

1hr 3mins

22 Apr 2020

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Common Dog Training Terms and Misconceptions, with Susanna Love and Ronnie Smith of Ronnie Smith Kennels

The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast

In this installment of the podcast, Reid explores some dog training tips and misconceptions with Ronnie Smith and Susanna Love of Ronnie Smith Kennels in Pawhuska, OK. In response to listener questions, Ronnie and Susanna explore the definition of a ‘correction, while also dispelling some common myths and misconceptions about dog training. Reid, Ronnie, and Susanna also reference some of the insights discussed in their recent book Training Bird Dogs with Ronnie Smith Kennels which was published by Rizzoli last year. Enjoy!


10 Mar 2020

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Episode 44: Ronnie Smith- Your Dog Is Probably More Honest Than You Think

Sporting Dog Talk

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1hr 15mins

20 Nov 2019

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Risk Adjusted Patient Care Explained By Practicing Physician Dr Ronnie Smith MD

Executive Roundtable

Risk-Adjusted ReimbursementPhysicians in the United States find themselves in a seismic paradigm shift from volume-basedreimbursement to value-based reimbursement. This is being driven by escalating health carecosts and an increasingly-sicker population. Pay-for- performance is consequently based onpatient risk scoring, and quality measures are being used at every level of our health care system.These changes are meant to stimulate quality improvement and cost-efficiency within the healthcare system.Physician reimbursement that is tied to patient risk scoring is here to stay, so it is imperative forphysicians to understand how patient risk scoring works because it will affect their income insignificant ways. Risk adjustment uses a patient’s health status in a base year to predict or estimate what utilization costs should be the following year. If a physician fails to recognize risk-adjusting diagnoses and under code them, they will likely fail under today’s value-based reimbursement system. The clinical management of the utilization-based spending that will be required to qualify for any shared savings incentives will be challenging.If a physician can accurately and thoroughly document how sick their patients are, they stand a farbetter chance of achieving their budget objectives. This, then, gives them the best opportunity toreceive the shared savings incentives and to minimize their risk for shared losses. Dr. Smith’s key steps to succeed under the new value-based, pay-for- performance reimbursement models include…Verifying that your EHR is capable of submitting at least 12 diagnosis codes per clinicalencounter.Retrieving, analyzing and understanding your Quality and Resource Use Reports (QRURs) forMedicare Part B.Getting informed and trained on risk adjustment methodology.Scheduling all of your attributed patients in your managed care plans, including Medicare PartB and Medicare Advantage plans, for an office visit at least once, and preferably twice, duringeach calendar year.Dr. Ronnie Smith is an internist with Vidalia Medical Associates. He has practiced medicine fornearly 40 years. He has a medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia. Dr. Smithgraduated from the Executive Medical Management Program at the Wharton School at theUniversity of Pennsylvania. He is an expert in outpatient and inpatient risk adjustment documentation and coding and reimbursement, and he is passionate about educating his fellowphysicians and their practice staff on how to master risk adjustment and simplify the transition tothe new value-based care model.Dr. Smith has developed innovative, point-of- care reference tools to assist physicians and medical practices that streamline the workflow process.


26 Sep 2019

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Ronnie Smith, pro trainer

Upland Nation

One-half of the famous training team, Ronnie, along with his cousin Rick Smith, carry on the legacy of their legendary uncle/father Delmar Smith. It’s in their genes, and it shows. Ronnie offers insights into how a dog thinks and how you can use that to advantage in training, some traveling-with-dog tips, how to keep your dog in top condition, and why sensing a dog’s attitude is critical to building a strong relationship.Ronnie also provides some pre-season physical and mental “warm-ups,” shows us the right way to “road” a dog, and how to use water to get your dog in peak physical condition. He helps us “train the trainer,” and reminds us what a dog wants and how we can provide it – to both our benefits!Wondered about the Smith’s “Silent Command” system? How their “Wonder Lead” works? Ronnie will show us!Plus, a publicly-accessible hunting spot, trivia question and prize, and listener questions, answered.


5 Sep 2019

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Ronnie Smith: What is your purpose?

The 4 Rivers Fellowship's Podcast

You have been Chosen. So what is your purpose? Spend time with God and ask.

11 Jul 2019