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Why Do People Like JOHN HILL?????

Why Do People Like Anime

Julie was gone this week so John recorded an insane solo episode. Mostly has to do with John rambling about Hosoda's possible criticism of Miyazaki. John also probably isn't the right person to critique or discuss but whatever. 


28 Jul 2021

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“Covered by the Blood” /// CHURCH TALK pt. 2 /// Pastor John Hill

Sunrise Church Podcast

What does it mean when someone says they are “covered by the blood of Jesus?” Like, literal blood? Are church people vampires? What’s with all the blood talk?  In part TWO of the series, CHURCH TALK, Pastor John Hill helps unpack 5 critical blessings made available to us through the blood of Jesus. Religion is limited to human effort and was never intended to be the solution for our eternity, but the blood of Jesus Christ is the bridge between religion and a relationship with God.  Bible References: Hebrews 10:1-31John 1:29Hebrews 9:22Galatians 4:4-7Matthew 5:16Matthew 22:37-39John 1:11-13 - Welcome to the Sunrise Church podcast! We hope today’s message was an encouragement to you. Sunrise is located in southern California, looking to help people BE ONE who is faithful to God, BRING ONE to a relationship with Jesus, and BUILD ONE to maturity in Christ. To learn more about our church, visit us at sunrisechurch.org.  - NEXT STEPS Looking to take your next step? We want to help! Text NEXT to 909-281-7797 or visit us at sunrisechurch.org/nextsteps.  - GIVE TO SUNRISE CHURCH Imagine what God can do when we trust Him with our giving. Start giving today at sunrisechurch.org/give.  - FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA:  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SunriseChurchCA Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sunrisechurchca Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/SunriseChurch


11 Jul 2021

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Reflecting to improve with John Hill and Naomi Bowers-Joseph - Success as a Student Podcast

University of Derby Skills Podcast

In this episode, Alex interviews John Hill (Head of the Library) and Naomi Bowers-Joseph about how you can use reflection to develop your skills. We discuss the benefits of reflection, methods that you can use to reflect, when is the best time to reflect and how you can use your feedback as an opportunity to improve.     Success as a Student is a new weekly podcast series hosted on the Derby Uni Library YouTube channel. In this series University of Derby Graduate of the Year Alexander Wood interviews successful students and staff about the skills that will help you find success. If you are interested in seeing episodes as they come out, subscribe to the Derby Uni Library YouTube channel.   If you have any feedback on this episode or the series email library@derby.ac.uk   Other relevant useful episodes:   Enterprise and Networking: https://youtu.be/YbjNJiFHIGc Organisation: https://youtu.be/E6cHuYNF-PI Creativity and Problem Solving: https://youtu.be/4PlAL93ykWA Growth Mindset: https://youtu.be/6PDw51w9Du4 Are Geniuses born or made: https://youtu.be/YR6Xsg0LTPM


17 May 2021

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Jets 2021 Draft Breakdown with John Hill and Travis Williams

Born in '87

After a bit of fun at the top of the pod, we get into breaking down the Jets draft (1:12) with John Hill and Travis Williams. While we do talk extensively about the Jets first 3 picks, Zach Wilson, Alijah Vera-Tucker, and Elijah Moore, the crux of our debate is whether or not the Jets made the right draft choices positionally, and whether or not Joe Douglas made the correct decision to stay at picks 2 and 34, and trade up for AVT at 14. We do not pretend to be experts about the players the Jets drafted, but we do discuss if from a team building standpoint, the best decisions were made. Regardless though of what we think, the Jets have (hopefully) new studs at Quarterback, Left Guard, Wide Receiver, and a whole bunch of other rookies as well. For the first time in a while, we feel it is fun to be a Jets fan again, and if you feel that way too, you’ll love this pod! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @bornin87pod, e-mail us at bornin87pod@gmail.com.

1hr 8mins

7 May 2021

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Ep18 John Hill - Avoiding Entrepreneurial Blind Spots

Strategy + Action

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Avoiding Entrepreneurial Blind Spots With twenty years in sales and a passion for developing systems, John Hill is a big fan of asking the right questions. He's now worked with enough entrepreneurs and sales professionals to realize that so many of them are the exact opposite - they avoid systems whenever possible and struggle to even discover what they don't know. This is where John has been able to bring his superpowers to the game of business and help so many of those folks find their blind spots and then put together simple and powerful frameworks to move through them. John admits that he's not "wired to be a salesperson" in the traditional sense.  But, as Matthew Pollard teaches, introverts and those who aren't the stereotypical "outgoing salesperson", have tremendous advantages when they build and operate from systems. I can't express how much fun we had in this episode.  We could talk with John every day. We dive into a whirlwind of other topics: - The power of journaling. - How the words you say are important, but the way you say them is much more important. - His daily accountability show with the great Jake Jordan. - How a coach can make all the difference - but only if the dynamic is right. - The best gameshow we'd all like to watch. - And why it's the best time to be in business right now.


3 Mar 2021

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Episode 167: API RP 1173 (Pipeline Safety Management Systems) with John Hill and Colin Frazier

Pipeliners Podcast

This week’s Pipeliners Podcast episode features John Hill, the chair of the API Pipeline SMS Industry team, and Colin Frazier, the manager of system programs at API, discussing the creation and formation of API RP 1173 (Pipeline Safety Management Systems) with host Russel Treat. In this episode, you will learn about how the Pipeline SMS framework was developed, the foundational 10 elements of the framework, the various starting points for pipeline operators to start their Pipeline SMS journey, the importance of collaboration and peer-to-peer learning to support the industry, and the future of Pipeline SMS. - Access the show notes and full episode transcript at PipelinersPodcast.com.


16 Feb 2021

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Who Will the Jets QB be in 2021 with John Hill

Born in '87

The 2020 NFL Season is in the books, and if you are a Jets fan like us, right now you feel sick about Brady winning another Super Bowl.  Well, the Born in '87 podcast is here for you Jets fans, and we are looking forward, giving you some content that is not about that disgusting Super Bowl. On today's episode, John Hill comes on the pod and we analyze all the different QB possibilities for the Jets in 2021.  We discuss whether or not we think they will trade for Deshaun Watson (0:09), debate if they should keep Sam Darnold (28:31), and break down the prospects of drafting Justin Fields, Zach Wilson or Trey Lance with the 2nd overall pick in the draft (40:03).  We had a lot of fun with John Hill on this episode, and this is one we think all Jets fans will really enjoy. Follow us Twitter and Instagram @bornin87pod, let us know how we're doing and send us an e-mail, bornin87pod@gmail.com

1hr 5mins

8 Feb 2021

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John Hill: The Sales Philosopher

The Kilroy Report

Tim chats with  John Hill from Adapted Growth,  is a thinker, a martial artist, a sales trainer and a "sales philosopher." More on John at https://adaptedgrowth.com/Contact Tim at TimKilroy.com / Agency Breakout / The Perfect ProposalGet your own show! pod617.com can produce a podcast for you. Get in touch with us now at www.pod617.com/contact


4 Feb 2021

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Ready, Willing and Anal With John Hill

Sex With Emily

On today’s show, I’m sitting down with John Hill of Radio Andy & The Feels on SiriusXM. We’re covering everything from cuffing season, to taking a break from sex during quarantine, to the suggestive app: Slutbot! We also cover a variety from anal and oral tips, so you can take a break from the chaos by amping up your game in the bedroom. We also dive deep into listener questions, like “what do you do if your partner gets soft during sex?” or “what are the best positions to prevent slippage?” Finally, we talk about how to spot scammers on dating apps—because how else are we meeting people these days? Thank you for supporting our sponsors who help keep this show FREE: NeLowT, Muse, Zumio, Womanizer Check out John Hill on  Instagram For even more sex advice, tips, and tricks visit sexwithemily.com


6 Nov 2020

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Will you be my Zaddy? with John Hill

Scissoring Isn't A Thing

Sirius XM Radio host and actor John Hill joins us this week to reminisce about Daryn’s early days as Andy Cohen’s assistant, growing up in the Church of Christ and leaving a very personal email up on his parent’s computer by mistake.


27 Oct 2020