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49. Never judge, there is always a story – Daniel Mendoza

Mind the Shift

The entrepreneur, speaker, writer and life coach Daniel Mendoza had a challenging childhood and adolescence, to say the least. His family fled from his native Uruguay in the seventies, and after having hopped between a few countries they ended up in Sweden. The human environment in Daniel’s early life was soiled with lovelessness. His father was violent. Daniel got into fights all the time. But he never wanted to hurt people. He was blessed with a pure heart and an inner belief that there is hope. ”Tomorrow is going to be a better day”, he said to himself. A human encounter in his early twenties turned out to be pivotal. It was an epiphany. It showed Daniel how much good there is within us humans. He made a u-turn and decided to choose a positive path. He decided to study economics. That didn’t quite resonate with Daniel, but it propelled him to the next chapter in his life: the creation of a very special newspaper, Good News Magazine. This journalistic product prompts me, the former journalist, to ask questions about the reasons why one should publish positively focused news. Is the mainstream media telling a falsely negative story about the world and humankind? Or is the world such a problematic place that we need to tell the positive stories as well, so that we can get the strength to find the solutions? Daniel and I have an interesting discussion about these things. At one point Daniel employed a person who was openly neo-nazi and who insulted him every day for two years. ”I knew that this guy needed trust”, says Daniel. ”And I needed to start by listening to him. I knew there was a reason why he said the things he said.” This is the way Daniel Mendoza sees people. ”What if we can leave every child with a feeling that it is possible to solve our problems?” he says. Early in life Daniel realized he had to face the problems in order to solve them. This began with him ending up in fights. But it transformed into a drive, a desire, to focus on the positive, on the solutions. ”I will never forgive the things my parents did, but I will not be angry with them. We judge the person, but we cannot blame the person, we have to understand what lies behind. There is good in everyone.”

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17 Mar 2021

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Real Estate Instead of Bonds? - Daniel Mendoza Discusses Investing in UK Real Estate - Ep 29

Definitely Uncertain 807858

The podcast is brought to you by Goldrock Capital - goldrockcapital.comDaniel Mendoza, Founder, and Director of Ereira Mendoza, discusses the UK real estate market - transaction volumes, rent collections, and pockets of distressed opportunities. He also takes the time to discuss the Ann Frank Trust and why it is even more important in the current climate.


6 Jan 2021

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NotiMundo - Juan Sebastián Roldán, Testimonio Daniel Mendoza Involucra A María Paula Romo En Reparto

FM Mundo

NotiMundo - Juan Sebastián Roldán, Testimonio Daniel Mendoza Involucra A María Paula Romo En Reparto by FM Mundo


30 Sep 2020

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Gateways “The Bluff of Summer Grove” by Daniel Mendoza read by Evin McQuistin

Otherworld Theatre Podcasts

TRANSCRIPT: Daniel Mendoza is an up and coming Latinx storyteller, based in Chicago, Il. Daniel is thrilled to be included in Gateways Story-writing series. He spends the little free time he has writing D&D campaigns and feeding his cat. People are dying to get into Summer Grove. A diverse, healthy, affordable gated community, where anyone … Continue reading Gateways “The Bluff of Summer Grove” by Daniel Mendoza read by Evin McQuistin →


13 Jul 2020

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La tutela que perdió Álvaro Uribe Vélez con la serie "Matarife" de Daniel Mendoza

Vicky en Semana

El expresidente Álvaro Uribe Vélez perdió una tutela que interpuso contra Daniel Mendoza por la serie ‘Matarife’, en la que alegaba el derecho al buen nombre. Debatimos el tema con voces a favor y en contra.

1hr 10mins

9 Jul 2020

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¿Sobrevivirá Daniel Mendoza para declarar?

Ecuador Político

Daniel Mendoza es una pieza clave en la trama de corrupción, si decide usar la Cooperación Eficaz con Fiscalía --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ecuador-politico/support


12 Jun 2020

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¿MÁS RATAS? Bucaram, Daniel Mendoza y 15 MILLONES

Ecuador Político

Y que tiene que ver Bucaram en todo esto? Descúbrelo en este episodio --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ecuador-politico/support


8 Jun 2020

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The Life and Times of Daniel Mendoza, Jewish Sporting Superstar Who Was Well Ahead of His Time

The B'nai B'rith Int'l Podcast

Host CEO Dan Mariaschin talks with Wynn Wheldon, author of "The Fighting Jew: The Life and Times of Daniel Mendoza." The two speak about Wheldon's biography of Mendoza, boxing champion of England from 1792-1795 and Jewish sporting superstar who was well ahead of his time.


1 Jun 2020

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#11 - Se vale creérsela con Daniel Mendoza

Levantando Al Huevón con Sebastián Vallejo

Estás escuchando a un huevón y a un fotógrafo emprendedor colaborador de Instagram, hablando sobre esta plataforma tan aclamada por los milenials y chavo rucos, descubriendo los algoritmos y la clave para poder sacarle provecho. Date unos minutos mientras sigues acostado en tu cama para escuchar a este emprendedor y al huevón.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sebastin-vallejo-elizalde/support


25 Jan 2020

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Historian Christopher Shelton on bare knuckle pugilist Daniel Mendoza

Ringside Boxing Show

Inimitable boxing historian Christopher James Shelton tells the remarkable story of bare knuckle pugilist Daniel Mendoza on The Ringside Boxing Show.


9 Nov 2018