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Brave Branding With Andrea Enright

Snack Sized Sales

Thank you for tuning into my podcast, “Snack Sized Sales,” where I focus on sharing three actionable tips on one topic that you use to transform sales. Today my guest is Andrea Enright of The Boot Factor who will share actionable strategies on how clients can get brave with their brand. Andrea Enright is a storyteller, personal brand builder and boot-wearer. She helps coaches and consultants get brave, get real and get clients. Andrea has been a guest on other podcasts, as well. On Today’s Episode of Snack Sized Sales: [0:01:06] Who Andrea is and how she helps clients get brave with their brand  [0:02:56] Translate your message from how you think about it to how your client thinks about it [0:05:41] We must educate [0:07:43] We must enchant (“take your client by the hand and lead them through the garden”)  Guests are invited to this free 15-minute, LinkedIn LoveFest. Connect with Andrea Enright: Company Website Facebook LinkedIn Email Rate, Review, Learn and ShareThanks for tuning into the Snack Sized Sales podcast! If you enjoyed this episode and want to learn even more about what it takes to get brave with your brand, please subscribe to the show. Don’t forget to tune into our other shows and share your favorite episodes on social media to help other clients get brave with their brand. Join the community of Snack Size Sales fans on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and visit my website for even more content, information, and resources about leveraging the media. 


24 Mar 2021

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Andrea Enright on Taking Your LinkedIn from Resume to Relevant Resource

Free Agent

Leveraging LinkedIn is a blend of business invigoration and authentic connection; it’s a critical piece of putting our best professional selves forward and establishing relationships. Simply put - in today’s world, establishing a personal brand and showing up online in a powerful, consistent and impactful way is must! Jobs, company roles, projects and businesses may end, but our personal brands carry on. They are living, breathing things that constantly need tending. The first impression, when someone seeks us out online, is solely dependent on how we brand ourselves. LinkedIn isn’t just a place to list our qualifications and work experience, it’s a platform for us to showcase our value and set ourselves apart. Instead of selling ourselves, we have to show how we can serve. What makes a LinkedIn profile stand out? How do we make our profiles more reflective of the unique things that make us who we are? In this episode, I’m joined by brand builder and LinkedIn specialist, Andrea Enright. She shares how we can create LinkedIn profiles that make people want to connect with us. Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode  How to create an impactful and relevant LinkedIn profile  Our LinkedIn should be treated as a living representation of our free agency journey. It should always be a reflection of what we’re doing professionally. Train your mind to recognize the things you can share on LinkedIn to make yourself more relevant on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  How to leverage your LinkedIn profile In your LinkedIn profile, it’s okay to throw in small tidbits of information that reveal your personality. Leverage all the real estate that LinkedIn provides to share what makes you interesting.  Creating consistency across all our social media channels  Know yourself and know your messaging. If you are going to have a presence on multiple social media platforms, create a uniform presence and branding. That way you ensure that even if the audience is different, you have consistency and continuity. Guest Bio  Andrea is a brand builder and messaging strategist, LinkedIn expert, storyteller, boot-wearer and founder and owner of The Boot Factor. She partners with entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives to help their brand sing and generate a little thing called leads. For more information, visit https://www.thebootfactor.com and call (303) 746-1503.  


11 Mar 2021

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The LinkedIn Lowdown to Brand Messaging with Andrea Enright

Marketing, Media & Money

Andrea Enright is a small town Illinois girl, livin' in a Colorado world. She has run The Boot Factor, a storytelling agency, since 2002, helping clients like Eating Recovery Center, Transunion, Hunter Douglas, Western Union, EPA, University of Denver, Xcel Energy. . and many more translate, educate, enchant and convert customers via brave and cohesive brand messaging.With a B.S. in Advertising, graduate coursework in public affairs, a rotary ambassadorship in the UK, a three year stint in the Peace Corps as an adult, and a year as a traveling blogger in the Middle East and North Africa, Andrea brings a global perspective to every project. She has also served on various boards and as a volunteer over the years including TEDxMileHigh, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado Youth Leaders, Colorado Women's Hall of Fame and the Denver Waldorf School.Andrea frequently speaks, dances (and sometimes swears) in front of live audiences. She is a dedicated mama, a mediocre runner and a bad vegetable eater. Her past includes plenty of hitchhiking in dangerous countries and a few speaking roles in B-movies for the SyFy channel.WEBSITE: https://www.thebootfactor.com/Get on a discovery call with Andrea to find out how she can help you create a solid brand that attracts the right clients.FREEBIE: 20 Minute LinkedIn Lowdown AuditGet on a Zoom call with Andrea and give your LinkedIn Profile a little audit.>> https://go.oncehub.com/LinkedInLoveFest See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 20mins

16 Nov 2020

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The Badass Andrea Enright

Badass Babes

Join the conversation with Jenifer and Andrea as they discuss how to be brave with your heart, soul, AND your brand. Andrea shares her story of how she came out of the .com world and had her "hallmark" moment of truth and became the boot-wearing babe of the brand world, helping women tell their true, authentic stories. 


20 Oct 2020

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#8 - Marketing Guru Andrea Enright on Being an Urban Cowgirl, the Cutting Edge of Mediocrity, and Why Making Risky Decisions Are Crucial to Personal Development.

Power Done Differently

Andrea Enright gives you permission not to categorise yourself. She’s a personal branding and marketing expert who doesn’t believe in boxes, unless that’s really, really what you’re into - in which case - own it! In this effervescent episode, Andrea and I discuss Andrea’s time in the Peace Corps - including moonlighting in a few SyFy Channel movies, how the rosy days of motherhood can be nothing short of a myth, and why booking an Airbnb for a weekend alone, just a mile from home, was the best act of self care she could have given herself. Warm, open and relentlessly honest, Andrea also introspects about her own subconscious biases from growing up in 1980s America in light of the ongoing Black Lives Matter Movement, and explains why honouring your mind and body is an important skill to pass on to our children. Real, relatable, or downright wrong? We want to know! Tweet your opinion: @_badasscass_Give us a like on Facebook: @powerdonedifferntlyCheck out exclusive behind-the-scenes action on Insta: @powerdonedifferentlyFind us at our new home: www.powerdonedifferently.com Find out more about Andrea at www.thebootfactor.com     


4 Aug 2020

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How To Get Brave With Your Brand - Andrea Enright

Teach me something in 2 minutes

In this episode of 'Teach me something in 2 minutes' Andrea Enright shares "How To Get Brave With Your Brand" If you are trying to build a brand online but are struggling to stand out, gain traction or attention, then there is some fantastic advice in this episode. With that being said, let us know your questions for Andrea about this down in the comments below ---------------------- Also if you're new here new episodes are released every Tuesday and Thursday, so make sure you hit the follow button so you don't miss out. And you can check out past episodes on all major podcasts. Want to be a featured guest? Post your show idea down below and I'll get in touch


23 Jun 2020

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Episode 40: Andrea Enright kicking off 360 Business Strategies from The Boot Factor

Women, Wine & Leadership

Andrea and I met an event called extraordinary women and we just hit it off because we’re both extraordinary. Your superpower is helping other entrepreneurs build a solid business and we’re gonna talk about how in this inaugural episode of 360 business strategies. Find more on Andrea at https://www.thebootfactor.com/. And find more business success strategies at Facebook.com/360LifeStrategies.


2 Oct 2019