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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Andrew Ng. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Andrew Ng, often where they are interviewed.

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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Andrew Ng. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Andrew Ng, often where they are interviewed.

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Como Andrew Ng Treinava Novos Cientistas de Dados no Google Brain

Mario Filho - Data Science/Machine Learning
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Como Andrew Ng Treinava Novos Cientistas de Dados no Google Brain

Jul 23 2020



#73 – Andrew Ng: Deep Learning, Education, and Real-World AI

Lex Fridman Podcast | Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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Andrew Ng is one of the most impactful educators, researchers, innovators, and leaders in artificial intelligence and technology space in general. He co-founded Coursera and Google Brain, launched,, and the AI fund, and was the Chief Scientist at Baidu. As a Stanford professor, and with Coursera and, he has helped educate and inspire millions of students including me. EPISODE LINKS: Andrew Twitter: Andrew Facebook: Andrew LinkedIn: AI Fund: AI for Everyone: The Batch newsletter: This conversation is part of the Artificial Intelligence podcast. If you would like to

Feb 20 2020

1hr 29mins


Andrew Ng Explains AI Strategy for the Enterprise

Interviews: Business and Tech
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Andrew Ng is one of the world's most prominent AI scientist's and educators. In this episode of CxOTalk, he shares practical advice for adopting AI in the enterprise.

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Dec 25 2019



Creating an AI-First Business with Andrew Ng

Exponential View with Azeem Azhar
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Artificial General Intelligence won’t be with us for at least another 100 years, but former Baidu chief scientist and Google Brain cofounder Andrew Ng argues that AI will radically alter most industries within the coming decades. Ng joins Azeem Azhar to discuss the progress of AI and how it’s altering businesses and the future of work.

They also discuss:

  • How billionaires decide to invest in overly ambitious and unrealistic ideas.
  • What makes a company an AI-first business.
  • Why you shouldn’t start with strategy first when implementing AI into your business.

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Oct 09 2019



Live from TWIMLcon! Overcoming the Barriers to Deep Learning in Production with Andrew Ng - #304

The TWIML AI Podcast (formerly This Week in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence)
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Earlier today, Andrew Ng joined us onstage at TWIMLcon to share some of his immense knowledge. As the Founder and CEO of Landing AI, Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of Coursera, and founding lead of Google Brain, Andrew is no stranger to knowing what it takes for AI and machine learning to be successful.

In this episode, hear about:

  • The work that Landing AI is doing to help organizations adopt modern AI
  • His experiences in overcoming the challenges that large companies face
  • Insight into how enterprises can get the most value for their ML investment
  • The ‘essential complexity’ of software engineering and more! 

The complete show notes can be found at

Oct 01 2019



Artificial Intelligence (with Andrew Ng)

Cloud Native in 15 Minutes

Aug 06 2019



Andrew Ng on building an AI workforce

FT Tech Tonic
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Artificial intelligence expert Andrew Ng talks to John Thornhill about his concern that AI technology is concentrating wealth in the hands of a few and why we need to spread AI skills and understanding across society.

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Apr 17 2019



Andrew Ng: Influential leader in artificial intelligence

Behind The Tech with Kevin Scott
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Is AI the new “electricity”? Find out what one of the most influential leaders in Artificial Intelligence and deep learning has to say about our future.  Behind the Tech’s Kevin Scott talks with Andrew Ng about the Google Brain project, Coursera, Baidu and Ng’s most recent project, You won’t want to miss this episode!

Aug 30 2018



Building An AI-Powered Society with AI Fund's Andrew Ng | Greymatter

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Research advances over the past five years in artificial intelligence and machine learning have caused organizations of all kinds to look for ways to apply these powerful algorithms and techniques in their businesses. Eventually, AI could have the same impact that electricity had across all industries a hundred years ago by transforming industries, displacing existing jobs and creating new ones, and requiring massive policy changes.
In this episode of Greymatter, Greylock’s Sarah Guo and Dr. Andrew Ng, one of the foremost leaders in AI discuss AI and ML techniques being used in industry today, areas of ongoing research, how companies can leverage this technology, and the broader impact on the future workforce.

Apr 24 2018



#6: Andrew Ng — Globalizing Education, Disrupting Industries, & Generalizing Artificial Intelligence

Data Journeys
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Andrew Ng is an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University and nothing short of a giant in the data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence world.

For the past decade he’s been shaping the way we live and learn. Four recent examples include:

  • Co-Founder of Coursera: an education platform that offers online courses from top universities across the world
  • Chairman of the Board for Woebot: a chatbot that’s currently revolutionizing mental health care
  • Creator of DeepLearning.AI: a series of specialization courses created to help beginners break into the field of AI
  • Former Chief Scientist at Baidu AI Group: basically the Google of China

This conversation was recorded in-person with Andrew in his office on Stanford’s campus in Palo Alto, California.

We covered a ton of different topics, including:

  • the goals of Andrew's new $175M AI Fund
  • how he plans to revolutionize manufacturing
  • strategies for ML practitioners to tighten their feedback loop
  • what differentiates the best businesses like Amazon, Facebook, & Google from the rest in terms of their use of AI
  • the lack of progress he's seeing toward artificial general intelligence and the so called "technology singularity"
  • why going to college for 4 years and coasting for 40 years makes no sense in today's rapidly changing world

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes:

Andrew’s LinkedIn:

AJ’s Twitter:

Apr 11 2018