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162. What to Eat, When to Eat, and Why | JJ Virgin

Happy Bones, Happy Life

JJ Virgin is a triple board certified nutrition expert and Fitness Hall of Famer. She is a passionate advocate of eating and exercising smarter and she’s the author of four New York Times bestsellers: The Virgin Diet, The Virgin Diet Cookbook, JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet and JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook. Her latest book, Warrior Mom: 7 Secrets to Bold, Brave Resilience, shows caregivers everywhere how to be strong, positive leaders for their families, while exploring the inspirational lessons she learned as fought for her own son’s life.  She’s the host of the Ask the Health Expert podcast and the What to Eat, When to Eat, and Why Summit. She regularly writes for Rodale Wellness, Mind Body Green and other major blogs and magazines. She is also a business coach and the founder of The Mindshare Summit. In this episode, JJ discusses the common practices all the experts she interviewed for her summit talked about when it comes to the specifics of what to eat, when to eat, and why. It is full of great practical information. Links: What to Eat, When to Eat, and Why Summit – https://whattoeat.byhealthmeans.com/?idev_id=22547 Timestamps: [04:30] A little about JJ’s background [15:55] JJ’s top points to answer the question of “What to eat” [25:12] You can’t just take things away, you have to get a swap [30:36] Tidbits on when you should be eating [34:13] JJ’s story about her son, Grant [43:38] The helpful roadmap


11 Sep 2022

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071 Sugar, Sugar Addiction, Fat Burners vs Sugar Burners with JJ Virgin

Healthy Living Simple Keto Life

It's a FLASHBACK! I've decided to go back and grab my favorite episodes from the last few years. These are the episodes I find myself telling my patients to listen to because they're chocked full of amazing info.Here's a blast from the past from my original Keto Virtual Summit done back in 2017. JJ Virgin and I deep dive into SUGAR.Is sugar really addictive? Listen to find out why it’s so hard to kick the sugar habit, and tips and tricks on how to get there. Did you know sugar is connected to inflammation, pain and different diseases?!?Check out Dr. Lisa O's favorite things at drlisao.com/bioFor Exogenous Ketones, Pruvit 1:4:3, andKetoUP: drlisa.shopketo.comFor virtual consults with Dr. Lisa: bitly.com/drlisaconsultDr. Lisa’s Facebook Group: KetOWN YourHealth https://www.facebook.com/groups/869536203210488Mentioned in this episode:Nourish Super Greens and Redshttps://www.drlisao.com/collections/allOur New Supplement Line Has Arrived!Help cleanse your liver with our Nourish Liver Support get it at www.drlisao.com and click on the Shop button. Balance T might just be the supplement you are missing in your routine! Women need testosterone too, so grab a bottle at the link below!Nourish Balance Thrive Supplements


31 Aug 2022

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382: How Warrior Mom JJ Virgin Helped Her Son Thrive When Doctors Left Him For Dead

Food Heals

In 2012, JJ Virgin was in a hospital room next to her sixteen-year-old son who was struck by a hit-and-run driver and left for dead. She was told by doctors that he wouldn’t last through the night and to let him go. With every reason to give up, JJ chose instead to invest her energy into the hope that her son would not just survive, but thrive. In the latest episode of Food Heals, she shares the journey of overcoming the worst moment of her life. It’s a story of western medicine and holistic healing modalities working together to heal a young man and a mom that wouldn’t take no for an answer. During this difficult time, JJ learned valuable personal lessons that helped her rebuild her life and find success and purpose in herself, her work, and teach her sons and community how to face their own obstacles and trials. JJ believes that inside every mother is a fierce, resilient, intuitive woman who has the ability to tap into an indomitable mindset and create heroic outcomes—for her children, her family, her community and for herself—she is a Warrior Mom!   Thank You to Our Sponsors! Sambucol Sambucol is made from premium European black elderberries which are natural sources of powerful antioxidants and key vitamins like A, C, and E. They really are Nature’s superberries and help support a healthy immune system! They have syrups, gummies, chewable tablets, drink powders, capsules, and more. All of their products are vegan - except their throat lozenges which contain honey – they are all gluten free, dairy free, nut and soy free, with no artificial colors or flavors. Use my code FOODHEALS15 at SambucolUSA.com to get 15% off your order of $9.99 or more. Organifi Organifi, is a line of organic superfood blends that offers plant based nutrition made with high quality ingredients. Organifi takes pride in offering the best tasting superfood products on the market at a price that works out to less than $3 a day. You can experience Organifi’s high quality superfoods without breaking the bank. Go to www.organifi.com/foodheals and use code foodheals for 20% off your order. True Leaf Market Since 1974 True Leaf Market has been the choice of over a million growers for Heirloom and Organic garden seeds. True Leaf Market offers a great selection of cover crop seeds, including their all purpose garden cover crop mix: their most popular cover crop seeds for home gardeners. Order Online at TrueLeafMarket.com, use promo code FH15 to save 15% on cover crop seeds. Just Thrive Health Probiotics  A Proven, Potent and Effective Spore Probiotic to Help You Be Your Healthier You. Guarantees survivability through the stomach & upper digestive system. Just Thrive’s breakthrough, award-winning probiotic contains the proprietary strain, Bacillus Indicus HU36®, which produces antioxidants directly in the digestive system where they can be best absorbed by your body. Go to www.justhrivehealth.com, use the coupon codefoodheals15, get 15% off your first order, and add a spore-based probiotic to your healing and detox routine today.

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26 Aug 2022

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Interview with JJ Virgin On Creating & Sustaining Success In The Mind & Body

The Mind Body Podcast

1. Entrepreneurs are born, they have a "crazy" side that others don’t have. (4:16-5:38) 2. The universe will always test you to see how serious you are about doing what you wanna do. (5:38-7:00) 3. Your purpose evolves once you see whats possible in the world (7:00-10:50) 4. When you face adversity and big challenges you realize that you can handle anything in life (10:50-14:00) 5. Whenever you think a negative thought or belief, use something to interrupt it like robber bands. (14:00-16:30) 6. Surround yourself with successful people and build a community around you. (16:30-18:00) 7. The secret to a successful business is COMMUNITY. (18:00-20:15) 8. Know exactly who your client avatar is (20:15-24:00) 9. You have to pay attention when it's time to forgive yourself and let go so you can have empathy. (24:00-26:10) 10. If you procrastinate there is a reason for that. (26:10-27:30) 11. When you look at how you should eat, take into account: - Your genetics - Your lifestyle - Your taste preference - Your current health. (27:30-30:40) 13. JJ's Legacy (32:30) Don't forget to grab a copy of JJ's book "the virgin diet: https://goo.gl/JGdZtB and also on her site: https://jjvirgin.com INSTAGRAM: https://bit.ly/2AsIzAx


19 Jun 2022

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25: Conquering Food Sensitivity with JJ Virgin

Your Health Reset

Short description: Today, Sinclair speaks with triple-board certified nutrition expert JJ Virgin. JJ will walk you through the ins and outs of food sensitivities and how they affect the body. You’ll learn how to take control over your health with your daily food choices, as well as uncover the truth around many food sensitivity myths.  Conquering Food Sensitivity with JJ Virgin Did you know that even the smallest food choices can change your health for the better? Today, Sinclair speaks with triple-board certified nutrition expert JJ Virgin. JJ will walk you through the ins and outs of food sensitivity and how they affect the body. You’ll learn how to take control over your health with your daily food choices, as well as uncover the truth around many food sensitivity myths.  If you’re ready to commit to a new level of being and feel better all around, this conversation is for you. Key Ideas: What food intolerances are and what they do to your health. The difference between food intolerance and food sensitivity.  Practicing intuitive eating. The 7 most common food sensitivities.  JJ explains the nuances of sugar consumption.  Why food labels might not always be accurate.  How o take control over your health.  Where to Find the Guest: JJVirgin.com @jj.virgin Memorable Quotes: “I’ve seen some of the craziest things resolved when we connect the dots between what you’re eating and how you feel.” (4:33, JJ) “What can we accomplish first with diet and lifestyle, and then where do we need supplements to supplement that?” (7:43, JJ) “You actually end to crave the very foods that are hurting you.” (11:36, JJ) “You don’t lose weight to get healthy. You have to get healthy and heal your metabolism to lose weight.” (15:54, JJ) “It’s the things you do every single day that make a difference.” (26:22, JJ) Subscribe to the podcast here: Apple   |   Spotify   |  Stitcher Connect with Sinclair Kennally: @detoxrejuvenation https://detoxrejuvenation.com/


28 Mar 2022

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Tools for Resilience with JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN, EP-C

Essential Alchemy

With JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN, EP-C, you'll learn more about the keys to forgiveness, putting yourself in positive future place with a clearly held vision, and asking for help and creating healthy boundaries. ◢ To get more information, head to my blog at  www.vibrantblueoils.com, get a copy of my book, Essential Oils to Boost  The Brain & Heal The Body, or email me at info@VibrantBlueOils.com.  You can also access your FREE Parasympathetic Toolkit - exclusive to  podcast listeners. Click the link or send me an email to activate the  most important nerve in your body. ☄ ☄ ✪ JJ Virgin: https://jjvirgin.com/community/ ❂ Jodi Cohen: Facebook: Vibrant Blue Oils Discussion Group | Instagram: @VibrantBlueOils | Youtube: Vibrant Blue Oils


17 Mar 2022

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58. JJ Virgin, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy - Nutritional Foundations, Bioindividualilty, Diet Culture & More

Be Perfectly Healthy

In this episode, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy and Host Leigh Ann are joined by JJ Virgin. Together, they discuss nutritional principles that can be applied to most people, what markers and information they collect to help create bio-individual protocols for clients/patients and why dieting can be misleading. Along with this, the two discuss why it is important to empower your patients and clients to be able to listen to their bodies and make their own informed health choices.Interview Links:Book: The Virgin DietBook: Warrior MomWhere to Find JJ VirginWebsiteCenter Information:Website: Cancer Center for HealingWebsite: Center for New MedicineWhere to Find Host, Leigh Ann TahamiWebsiteThe Accrescent PodcastInstagram


11 Mar 2022

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050 - JJ Virgin Women: Maintaining Sexy Lean Muscle Throughout Life

Healthy Living Simple Keto Life

I’m bringing JJ back to talk muscle mass, especially for women. If you missed her in Episode 9, you need to check that one out too! (That’s where we spoke about the addictive nature of sugar and how’s the best way to get it out of our diet.) There’s a myth that if we lift, we might get bulky as women. JJ is going to bust through that myth and why it’s so important for us to maintain muscle throughout our life.https://www.JJVirgin.comCheck out my favorite things drlisao.com/bio Want private coaching or group coaching? Ready to reclaim and uplevel your health? You can book a discovery call with me at bitly.com/drlisaconsult Mentioned in this episode:Our New Supplement Line Has Arrived!Help cleanse your liver with our Nourish Liver Support get it at www.drlisao.com and click on the Shop button. Balance T might just be the supplement you are missing in your routine! Women need testosterone too, so grab a bottle at the link below!Nourish Balance Thrive SupplementsNourish Super Greens and Redshttps://www.drlisao.com/collections/all


6 Jan 2022

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Boosting Your Metabolic Health at Age 50 and Beyond with Dr. Anna Cabeca and JJ Virgin

The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

JJ Virgin shares the key lifestyle changes that you need to make to boost your metabolism and live your best life at age 50 and beyond. Learn about the seven foods you should drop immediately from your diet, how to cross train your diet in the same way you would cross train your exercise, and the key health parameters you should be paying attention to every week to know if you’re moving in the right direction.  [1:45] One of the things you have to prioritize as you age is self-care and putting yourself first. Sacrificing your sleep may no longer be a worthy option. You can be in your best shape at 50, but you need to focus on what you need to be healthy. [3:30] A healthy body burns fat and holds onto muscle. If you’re carrying around extra weight, it may be an indicator that you have a metabolic condition. Weight loss is a side benefit of your metabolism working well. [4:20] You need to step on the scale everyday if you want to understand how your body is functioning. The key is to position yourself as the observer instead of the judge. People who weigh in every day keep the weight off and it helps you connect the dots between what you’re eating and how it’s working for you. [7:00] There are seven foods that are commonly found in most people’s diets that once removed often result in immediate weight loss. We’re very aware of food sensitivities like shellfish and peanuts, but rarely pay attention to things like sugar and gluten. [8:50] You need to eliminate sugar and sweeteners from your diet. Sugar is doing a lot of disruption to your gut and making it more inflammatory overall. [9:45] There is a right way to do keto and a wrong way to do keto. Paying attention to your alkalinity and constant measuring is important to keeping a diet on track. [11:45] JJ is anti-diet. Dieting should be used therapeutically in the short-term, so you can learn what works for you and bring that into your daily routine. Cross train your diet like you would use your exercise. [12:40] 76% of us are overweight or obese right now, and only 12% of the population would be considered metabolically healthy. [13:40] For someone metabolically healthy, intuitive eating can work well to help you understand what food is working for you. Since most people aren’t in that category, intuitive eating is pointing them in the wrong direction. [14:30] Avoid eating before sleep and avoid eating for at least an hour after waking up. Get up and get active as quickly as possible. [15:30] Any kind of toxin can get in the way of you losing weight. Mold toxicity is extremely prevalent and can cause major issues metabolically speaking. [17:15] The first meal in the morning where most people mess up. So many of the breakfast choices are simply sugar. When you break your fast it should be with clean protein, healthy fats and fiber. [19:00] A continuous glucose monitor can be a powerful tool in helping you understand the effects of food on your body. [21:25] Eating disorders are very common in the diabetic population. The trajectory of the US population is not going in a great direction. Right now, we are on track for 100% of the population to be diabetic by the year 2030. [23:15] You need to love yourself right where you are, and then dare yourself to want more. You just need a path to heal your metabolism and that’s not going to happen if we don’t have these conversations. [24:20] Dr. Anna goes over the baselines for metabolic health for both men and women. In addition to waist-to-hip ratio and triglycerides, we should also be paying attention to Vitamin D, blood pressure, and triglyceride to HDL ratio. If one of these factors are off, it becomes the precursor to several other factors going off the rails, and it can point you toward what you need to fix. [28:45] If your diet is dialed in but your fasting blood sugar and hemoglobin H1C is elevated, you may need to look at the stress in your life. It’s important to track these numbers because they point to where in your lifestyle you need to make some shifts so that it doesn’t get worse. [29:15] Focus on one change at a time, otherwise you won’t stick with anything. JJ recommends starting with food and identifying your hidden food intolerances. Once you know which foods work for and which ones don’t, you begin lowering your sugar impact, and that prepares you to enter ketogenic cycles without the usual pain involved with jumping into something new. [33:55] A caloric restricted diet doesn’t work long-term, but cross training and cycling through diets short-term can be very effective. It’s a lifestyle approach. Mentioned in this Episode: JJVirgin.com/7foods youtube.com/thegirlfrienddoctor dranna.com/show Always seek the advice of your own physician or qualified health professional before starting any treatment or plans. Information found here and results are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional and are not intended as medical advice.


6 Jan 2022

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Weight Loss Resistance Solutions with JJ Virgin

Your Longevity Blueprint

You can lose weight and feel better while doing it! If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, it’s very likely that food intolerance is one of the biggest reasons why. Nutrition and fitness expert, JJ Virgin, joins me to talk about how we can break through the weight loss resistance by investigating our food intolerances and improving our mindset. Try Removing These 7 Foods From Your Diet for 21 Days Gluten Dairy Eggs Corn Soy Peanuts No Added Sugar About JJ Virgin JJ Virgin is a triple-board certified nutrition expert, Fitness Hall of Famer, podcaster, three-time Inc. 5000 founder, and four-time NY Times best-selling author of titles including The Virgin Diet, JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet, and their companion cookbooks. Her latest book is Warrior Mom: 7 Secrets to Bold, Brave Resilience. JJ hosts the popular Ask the Health Expert podcast, with over 10 million downloads and growing. She also regularly writes for Rodale Wellness, Mind Body Green, and other major blogs and magazines.  JJ is also a business coach and founded the premier health entrepreneur event and community, The Mindshare Summit. In This Episode What weight loss resistance is [6:45] What you need to know about food intolerance [11:15] The seven foods to remove from your diet [15:45] Why food intolerance is so prevalent in our society [17:17] Why we need to be eating more seasonal produce [18:30] How to assess yourself for food intolerances [21:00] How your mindset needs to change [36:55] The problem with snacking [43:00] The reality of eating healthy on a budget [45:30] Links & Resources Use Code IGG for 10% Off SB IgG Use Code HEALGUT for 10% Off Gut Shield Use Code HEALGUT for 10% Off GI Support Download your 7 Foods Cheatsheet Guide Join JJs’s Community Find JJ Virgin Online Follow JJ Virgin on Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | YouTube Find Your Longevity Blueprint Online Follow Your Longevity Blueprint on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | LinkedIn Get your copy of the Your Longevity Blueprint book and claim your bonuses here Find Dr. Stephanie Gray and Your Longevity Blueprint online Follow Dr. Stephanie Gray on Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Twitter | LinkedIn Integrative Health and Hormone Clinic Podcast Production by the team at Counterweight Creative Related Episodes Episode 71: 9 Keys To Optimal Health With Dr. Jim Lavalle Episode 64: Heal Your Emotional Eating With Tricia Nelson Episode 53: Keto Green Approach To Hormones With Dr. Anna Cabeca


5 Jan 2022