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48. How to protect your brand + visibility with Autumn Witt Boyd and Chanteé Hallet

Flaunt Your Fire

You've got that entrepreneurial fire. You have a logo, a social presence, a menu of offerings, maybe even several years' worth of doing business under your brand name. The question is: Do you have legal protections in place to defend all of your hard work from business relationships gone sour or deliverables not met? India talks with Autumn Witt Boyd, founder of The AWB Firm, and Chanteé Hallett, lawyer, and team member at The AWB Firm, to address some of the most common legal considerations associated with doing business as a service provider, a brand, a thought leader. Whether you're a content creator, a coach, a podcaster, a digital designer, or anything in between, this conversation offers robust legal insight for professional endeavors in every stage of existence - and doesn't require a law degree to interpret.  In this discussion: How contracts legitimize and safeguard your business When to use contract templates for simple, thorough protection Trademark considerations every brand needs on their radar Scale your business with advanced legal support The number one recommendation to take for overall business security Read the article: http://www.flauntyourfire.com/theshow Your Actions For This Episode Get the legal support your business needs - no matter what stage your business is in! Visit www.pauseontheplay.com/contracts to shop The AWB Firm’s extensive contract templates.   *Use promo code PLAY at checkout to receive 20% off any contract template you purchase. From blog or podcast sponsor agreements to non-disclosure agreements, The AWB Firm has a template that you can tailor to your specific needs. Level up your professionalism and protections with one of their expertly crafted documents.  Advance your goals, articulate your dreams, and align your values with your vision. Join us at Pause On The Play The Community, our virtual hub for entrepreneurs and change makers. *** Get support with YOUR brand visibility. Book a discovery call with The Flaunt Your Fire team: www.flauntyourfire.com Let us know what you think about the conversation! Follow us and leave a review at www.flauntyourfire.com/rate.

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27 Jun 2021

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Autumn Witt Boyd — Protect Your Business; Hire a Lawyer

Dare to Leap

Autumn Witt Boyd graduated in the top 10% of her class from Vanderbilt University Law School before ultimately landing as a senior associate at the premier copyright litigation law firm. Autumn eventually left BigLaw behind to start the AWB Firm in 2015 so she could spend her days helping entrepreneurs build, protect, and scale their businesses the right way. Autumn drops some timeless law wisdom on this week’s episode! Key takeaways: How did Autumn get her start as a lawyer? What made Autumn decide to start her own law firm? Autumn really just wanted to start out small and as an independent lawyer, but she hit a ceiling with the amount of work she could do. Autumn really wanted to build a company that was friendly towards women as they were raising children. The corporate lawyer environment is rough and “part-time job” means 40 hours a week. Minimum. Be friends with your competitors! It’s actually an excellent network to be tapped into. How does Autumn do a pretty traditional business all online? What can a lawyer do for a business owner? Autumn has some fantastic templates for online business owners that you can use! And! They regularly get updated. Kathy made so many legal mistakes. Ouch! You save money by paying for a bit of legal counsel. Why should you get a trademark? And when should you consider getting a trademark? Don’t have a contract? Get yourself a contract! It protects both you and the client. Don’t copy someone else’s privacy policy or terms and conditions. Resources: Awbfirm.com Autumn on LinkedIn Quotes: “A lot of entrepreneurs don’t realize what a big risk employment law is, so we help with that.” “You will save money, save yourself, and save your business by getting that legal advice upfront.” “If you buy a template and nothing else, buy a template for your privacy policy. That is actually required by law.”


16 Jun 2021

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The Evolution of a High-Touch Sales Process with Autumn Witt Boyd

Better Than Big

When it comes to our sales process, it can feel like we only have two options: automate it or go the high-touch route. But there is a middle ground, and my guest on the podcast today joins me to talk about how her sales process has evolved to become both simple and high-touch. In this episode, lawyer and founder of the AWB Firm, Autumn Witt Boyd, and I talk about how she vets prospective clients and about how she’s brought her team into the sales process without losing personalization. She also shares why she’s able to convert such a high number of prospective clients on a short 15-minute sales call.  Learn more about the Simplified Services Intensive Learn more about Ashley: https://www.ashleygartland.com/ Follow Ashley on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashleygartland/ Learn more about Autumn: awbfirm.com Connect with Autumn on Instagram: www.instagram.com/autumnwittboyd/


8 Jun 2021

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A Conversation with Autumn Witt Boyd

Visionary CEO Podcast

About This EpisodeLast year, Autumn Witt Boyd's law firm experienced rapid growth. She needed to figure out how not to be involved in everything as the firm's founder and lead attorney because she was doing 19 people's job descriptions. Autumn shares how she is successfully managing the rapid growth while scaling a high-performing team and developing a thriving team culture – all while removing herself from the day-to-day weeds of the business – on this episode of the Visionary CEO Podcast.Key Takeaways[0:47] Meet Breanne and Jill’s third case study of the season, Autumn Witt Boyd. She is an attorney whose law firm works exclusively with online businesses and has been working on narrowing down her focus and developing a core offer.[1:28] What Autumn’s job was like before she started working with Breanne and Jill. She describes herself as having 19 jobs as the founder and lead attorney at her firm, managing everyone and not giving her team proper ownership. Autumn was experiencing rapid business growth and needed to figure out how to not be in the middle of everything.[5:02] Where Autumn was seeing things slip through the cracks because there were no checks and balances.[6:23] Niching down Autumn’s market segment and front-end core offer. [10:09] Focusing the core offer brought an influx of business. Autumn needed to expand the team and nurture a thriving culture.[11:50] How Autumn was able to step back from being the air traffic controller in her business – stepping back and letting other team members fill the roles she did not need to be filling.[14:47] Autumn’s new simplified review process has reduced her client workload by 80%! Go team! Autumn now has time for more high-level strategic planning and execution.[19:25] Building culture and how Autumn empowers her team members.[24:08] Being able to see Autumn’s values reflected in her business and her team member’s lives.[29:17] Join us next episode as we debrief this very interesting conversation with Autumn!Read the full transcript of this episode. SponsorsVisionary CEO AcademyMentioned in This Episodehttps://awbfirm.comvisionaryceoacademy.com/podcasthttps://www.facebook.com/visionaryceoacademyhttps://www.instagram.com/VisionaryCEOAcademy Production for Visionary CEO Academy Podcast is provided by Podcast Taxi.


2 Jun 2021

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#252 - How to Grow Your Business Like a Boss with Autumn Witt Boyd

Being Boss: Mindset, Habits, Tactics, and Lifestyle for Creative Entrepreneurs

 Our go-to boss lawyer, Autumn Witt Boyd, rejoins the podcast today to talk about growing your business. She goes into detail about all of the methods and tactics that she used herself to expand her own business over the past 6 years. Get full show notes for this episode here---Listen to more Being Boss shows on our website, on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.Follow Being Boss on Instagram: @beingbossclubJoin the Being Boss Community: beingboss.club/community


16 Feb 2021

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EP 296: Putting The Humanity Back In Sales With Lawyer Autumn Witt Boyd

What Works

Today, I'm talking with my friend Autumn Witt Boyd, the founder of The AWB Firm, which specializes in helping online business owners protect what they've built. Autumn and I talk about why she started tinkering with her sales process in the first place, the speed bumps she experienced along the way, why her sales process ended up too automated, and how she's taken a more human approach and actually gotten much better results. The post EP 296: Putting The Humanity Back In Sales With Lawyer Autumn Witt Boyd appeared first on What Works.


1 Sep 2020

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Protecting Your Business for Future Success, with Autumn Witt Boyd, Owner, AWB Firm

Build Your Queue

Starting and growing a successful company takes more than a good idea. There are tons of free online resources to help you with sales, marketing, and management, but what about the legal side of your business? How do you create a legal framework today that puts you in a great place to succeed today and years down the road? Autumn Witt Boyd, founder of the AWB Firm, joins the Build Your Queue podcast to teach us. We discuss what to do when you're starting out, when you need to re-evaluate your legal work, and common mistakes too many entrepreneurs make. You'll walk away from this episode knowing whether you have protectable intellectual property (IP), the right contract details in place, and what your next steps need to be. You'll also learn a thing or two about entrepreneurship in general, and how to improve as a business leader. 


25 Aug 2020

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#79: How to network up to meet your biggest clients & when to trademark with Autumn Witt Boyd

Scaling Deep with Lisa Princic

When I sat down to have my chat with today’s guest, I thought it was going to be a straightforward, slightly dry conversation about trademarks for online businesses. I’m happy to say that guess was totally off, because my conversation with Autumn Witt Boyd ended up being so much fun while staying super informative, too. Autumn Witt Boyd is an award-winning intellectual property lawyer and the founder of her independent AWB Firm. Autumn and her team work with business owners to help them protect everything they’ve built, including online courses and other IP. Autumn and I talk about when it makes sense to go through the trademarking process, how long it typically takes, and why it’s so important to get your legal ducks in row in the early stages of your business. Autumn and I also discuss how she’s scaled her own business by investing in relationships, offering contract templates, and networking with some amazing entrepreneurs. You can find complete show notes and resources for this episode at scalingdeep.com/trademark-your-business-Autumn-Witt-Boyd.

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7 Jul 2020

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34 | The Legal Business Stuff You've Been Avoiding w/Autumn Witt Boyd

Don't Be Stuck | helping women happen to life.

In today's Episode Autumn talks us through a few basic legal practices to have in place when it comes to starting and scaling your business. We also talk about the fear surrounding legalese and how to walk into the conversation with confidence. You can find Autumn's work and resources here: www.awbfirm.com To join theForge, subscribe here: www.theforge.community/membership --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dontbestuck/support


8 Jun 2020

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Protecting Your Online Business with Autumn Witt Boyd, Founder and Attorney of AWB Firm

Online Success Collaborative podcast

Today I talk with Autumn Witt Boyd, Founder and Attorney at The AWB Firm in Tennessee. Autumn is the host of The Legal Roadmap Podcast and we chat about how podcasting has been such a tremendous motivation in building a targeted client list to grow her business.  We also discuss:  - How Autumn lucked into her first client and took that opportunity to grow her list organically - The importance of having a contract in place upfront with your clients - Protecting your content - Copyright versus Trademark  - How and where to start integrating contracts into your business https://awbfirm.com/ Please rate and subscribe on Apple Podcasts and Spotify!  Free Mini-Course! How to Write an Engaging Email Sequence:  http://onlinesuccesscollaborative.com/welcomeseries Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/success_collab/ Facebook Group: http://bit.ly/2I2yUVg 


5 May 2020