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13 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Brodie Sharpe. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Brodie Sharpe, often where they are interviewed.

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13 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Brodie Sharpe. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Brodie Sharpe, often where they are interviewed.

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10. Intro and tips from the physical therapist Brodie Sharpe

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Aug 01 2020 · 42mins
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RB143: Pain, Injury, and Running With Brodie Sharpe

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I speak with physiotherapist, Brodie Sharpe of the Run Smarter podcast. We discuss pain and it's relationship to running injuries. We discuss what acute vs. chronic pain is and how to manage and come back from a running related injury. Finally, we discuss how to reduce fear and anxiety when it comes to the fear of re-injury. All this and more coming up on today's show.

Jul 27 2020 · 1hr 8mins
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182 - Brodie Sharpe on the Benefits of Podcasting, Using Apps, and More

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Is there a benefit to starting your own podcast as a clinic owner? How can we market to our ideal clients effectively?

These are only some of the things we’ll be discussing on today’s podcast with Brodie Sharpe. We also talk about how he started his own clinic, how he was able to identify his niche, how he targets his ideal audience on social media, and the benefits and challenges of online consultation especially during this pandemic.


  • [0:01:27.9]  Rapid-fire questions: reading/learning list, who inspires you, childhood aspiration, motto you live by
  • [0:04:56.7]  The path to becoming a clinic owner
  • [0:07:35.6]  From uni to private practice
  • [0:09:48.7]  Why Brodie decided to focus on treating runners
  • [0:11:13.1]  How Brodie attracts his ideal patients
  • [0:13:40.7]  Things that worked and did not work when it comes to marketing
  • [0:15:18.7]  Benefits and challenges of online consultations
  • [0:18:43.4]  Apps that Brodie uses in their clinic
  • [0:19:42.4]  Benefits of starting your own podcast as a clinic owner
  • [0:21:42.1]  How to get people to start listening to your podcast
  • [0:24:00.0]  How Brodie creates relatable and effective marketing


“I think if people know you as a person, it will be easier for them to connect and trust your business.”

“Marketing should be knowing the frustrations or the desires and trigger points of your audience.”



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Jul 20 2020 · 26mins
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Coaches Corner – Brodie Sharpe

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This week Rick sits down to chat with Brodie Sharpe. Brodie is the host of the Run Smarter Podcast and the Owner of the Breakthrough Running Clinic. He helps bridge the gap between physio knowledge and everyday runner knowledge and busts the running myths and misconceptions with evidence based advice.

Coaches Corner is a regular show where Head Coach and Running Guru Rick Mirabella is joined by sporting experts to discuss how to get the best out of your training. The show is brought to you by Runnez Redzone and – your one place online training destination.

Jul 13 2020 · 41mins
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Shin Splints: How To Get Back To Running - Brodie Sharpe

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Have you ever been on a run and wondered 🤔…

Why does the front of my leg hurt when I run?

Were you thinking to yourself 💭 [should I run through shin pain?]…

This can be common for new runners just starting out or can occur in experienced runners who are really stepping up their training with heavy duty mileage or adding in lots of speedwork.

Brodie Sharpe is a physiotherapist with The Breakthrough Running Clinic and shares the answers to these common questions as well as breaks down the the causes, treatment, recovery, and prevention of shin splints so you can finally get rid of them once and for all!.

These are the questions Brodie addresses during the interview:

1. What are shin splints?

2. What causes shin splints to occur?

3. If I was a runner who had shin splints, should I run through shin pain?

4. How do we fix shin splints? What is the best treatment or how do I get back to running with shin splints?

5. How can we prevent shin pain from coming back?

I hope you enjoy the episode and thank you for listening!

Helping You Stay Healthy Doing what YOU Love 💙

🏃🏻‍♀️ Health for Runners BY Runners 🏃🏻‍♂️

SPARK Physical Therapy is located in the Greater New Haven region in Hamden, CT.  This episode in addition to the previous podcast episodes can serve as a guide to keeping you healthy and running!

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May 21 2020 · 47mins
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Avoiding common training mistakes with Brodie Sharpe

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Brodie hosts the Run Smarter Podcast and we combined my knowledge with him as a physiotherapist and myself from the world of elite distance running. 

We cover:

  • The errors with doing too much too soon.
  • The dangers with combining certain training variables
  • The benefits of running slow
  • Linking training errors with sleep, stress and recovery.
  • The dangers of lacking consistency.
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Mar 22 2020 · 1hr
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#58 ft. Brodie Sharpe

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Brodie Sharpe from the Run Smarter Podcast joins The Trail Runners Experience to talk about common running injuries and how runners might avoid getting injured in the first place. Brodie is a qualified and practicing physiotherapist (and a passionate runner) with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to runners bodies.

In our weekly training talk Ashley and Daniel discuss their low mileage weeks and how this will help them both as they move forward with their training.


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Mar 11 2020 · 1hr 25mins
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Episode 32- Should I run today? What’s good pain? What’s bad pain? ‘Run Therapy’ with Brodie Sharpe

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This is the first Run Therapy episode where I delve into some of the common myths/misconceptions or frustrations I see runners face as a ‘physiotherapist that specialises in treating runners. In this episode I chat with Brodie Sharpe fellow ‘running physiotherapist’, host of the Run Smarter Podcast and owner of the Breakthrough Running clinic about one of the most frustrating topics a runner has to deal with! This is a topic that so many runners find ever so frustrating….
1) Knowing the difference between an acceptable discomfort and a bad pain.
2) Determining when it’s OK to run? When do we need to rest? Or modify training?
I hope this podcast helps us ‘crazy’ runners make more sound/educated decisions.
Feb 23 2020 · 1hr
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#09 Managing common knee injuries in runners with Physiotherapist Brodie Sharpe

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In this episode of The Athlete's Garage, we are joined by Physiotherapist Brodie Sharpe. Brodie practices at Back in Motion in Moonee Ponds, and also runs the Break Through Running Clinic where he does small group classes tailored to runners. Brodie is a keen runner himself, having completed the Melbourne Marathon and Half marathons around the world including Switzerland and Amsterdam.

Today we are talking about all things the knee! Brodie will touch on the knee anatomy so you all have an understanding of it before diving into the concept of overuse injuries, and all the common types of knee injuries from the front, side and back. The end of the episode will be listener Q&As which is great to actually address what you guys want to know to help each of you in your own running journeys.

Time stamps:

1:53- Get to know Brodie 8:11- Knee anatomy11:04- overuse vs acute injury15:21- Calculating workload- The 10% rule and the RPE scale20:48- Front knee pain (Patellofemoral pain)38:00- Outside knee pain (ITB syndrome)48:19- Back and inside knee pain51:00- Pain referral52:47- Listener Q&As

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Jun 27 2019 · 1hr 8mins
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Overcoming injuries and strengthening for runners with Brodie Sharpe

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This one is a bit different but has content all runners will benefit from. I was interviewed on Lisa Tamati's podcast 'Pushing the limits' which is my very first podcast interview as a physiotherapist. I share my knowledge on the most common running injuries and key strengthening tips for all runners. Because the episode is packed full of useful tips, I thought I would share with all of you. I hope you enjoy.

If you would like to visit our website go to  If you would like to follow us on twitter go to  To follow us on insta go to  We also have our own facebook group to interact with past guests and input for future episode. Click on 

May 20 2019 · 57mins