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Interview #2: Ashwani Jain

Whatever Is Left

In this new series, the hosts of Whatever Is Left tackle interviewing political candidates, representatives of organizations and influencers. The second of these guests is one of Maryland's 2022 democratic gubernatorial primary candidates, Ashwani Jain. 


10 May 2021

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Ashwani Jain

Trust Me...I Know What I'm Doing

Ashwani Jain is a candidate for Maryland Governor in the 2022 Primary. If elected, he would serve as the nation’s first millennial Governor and Maryland’s first Governor of color. He joined Abhay for a conversation about his work, how is journey has shaped his thoughts on policy, and the importance of connectivity and inclusion among generations.


21 Mar 2021

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Candid with the Candidates: Ashwani Jain

North Baltimore County Democratic Club

Check out our new podcast mini series featuring democratic candidates running for office! Today we interview Ashwani Jain, democratic candidate running for Governor of Maryland.Interview done by Elliott Genwright and Music by Nick Noel. 


4 Mar 2021

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Maryland Politics w/ Ashwani Jain

BTW w/ Amir K

Episode 13 from 02/25/21. Ashwani Jain (UMD '12) is a former UMD Alum and Candidate for Maryland Governor in 2022! This week we sat down over zoom to talk about what Maryland needs and to get to know our possible future Governor!--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


25 Feb 2021

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Stories you tell yourself when the White House calls with Ashwani Jain

Frankly Speaking with Tyra G

This month’s theme, “Stories We Grew up with”, expands our appreciation of who we have become as a result of the stories we have been told and the ones we have told ourselves growing up. We look at how these stories have impacted our behavior, our thoughts, our dreams, Ultimately, I believe everyone not only has a story but also is a story.Author  David Denborough, Ph.D. writes  “Who we are and what we do are influenced by the stories that we tell ourselves…There are many different events in our lives, but only some of them get formed into the storylines of our identities. Whatever storyline we have about our lives makes a difference in who we are and how we act.”[1]Join my guest Ashwani Jain whose family told him that he was good enough, that he was loved, that he was a survivor. These stories became his own while he survived cancer as a preteen and his first job rejection from the White House. I said the first because he was offered a second. You will love his spirit and his story.[1] https://psychcentral.com/blog/the-power-of-our-personal-stories/


28 Aug 2019

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Ashwani Jain - Part I - Candidate for County Council At-Large - Part I

The Activist - Montgomery County, Maryland & Beyond

Three priorites: Reduce opportunity gap Strengthen local economy Reducing traffic congestion On the opportunity gap (instead of the achievement gap) Official sanctuary county for immigrants Universal pre-k Expand language immersion programs More 1 on 1 time between students and educators More autonomy / support for teachers Support students regardless of their zip code Main duties of council member Budget, land use and zoning 120 million dollar budget deficit Don’t cut critical services We have amazing county employees Schools in north / eastern part of county are not being properly prioritized Aging infrastructures Invest in schools in students that are not part of the county Success means listen and consulting with all (elected, managers, officials, etc.) Partner w/BOE Partner with school admin Need to build a coalition Importance of BOE to get better schoolsGreat businesses mean: Retention Better workers Smart Growth Inform them better Help them relocate / share info with customers Mixed use development around public transportation Diversity of income in mixed use development More job training Helps expand tax base Helps businesses find employees they need Helps employees build a career; not just getting a job Assist small business owners who are displaced from large dev projects Budget shortfall fix Injects funds to economy without cutting essential services / laying off county employees Expand tax base Support small biz Look at issue in comprehensive way Leads to responsible fiscal membership Lower amount of reserves can help On Reserve Budget They still have AAA bond rating / low borrowing costs Reaction to financial crisis Helps weather econ. Downturn   Higher = easier to have AAA bond rating Ours may be too high relative to other counties in area Budget / Land Use /  Zoning More Affordable housing opportunity Expand % of new development as affordable Expand MPDU program Look at rent control Landlord notice to tenants of increase and possibly getting approval from county before increase Work w/ developers to pay to avoid MPDUs, instead get them to comply or go beyond Quicker / easier to get to work Ensure high quality of lifeGovernment can do this: saw this at HUD Residents should not get priced out of their city This is a priority Only more density / floors as a reward for: More energy efficiency Electric charging stations More MPDUs Mixed use development should create Inclusive communities Working with developers Families feel like they are priced out of new devs Feel like not getting enough notice of developments Not enough affordable housing Not developing enough mixes use / smart growth Residents should get best deal for new devs Workers should get respect on these projects  


6 Feb 2018

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Ashwani Jain on A Miner Detail Radio

A Miner Detail Podcast

Montgomery County Council at-large candidate Ashwani Jain will be interviewed LIVE by A Miner Detail Radio host Ryan Miner on Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018.

1hr 6mins

22 Jan 2018