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Launching a Podcast to Amplify your Business with Lyndal Harris

New School of Marketing

Last year I started this podcast and it has been an exciting journey. In today's episode I talk to Lyndal Harris about how launching a podcast can amplify your business. We dive deep into what podcasting is, why it's a unique form of marketing, what the benefits are and Lyndal gives us tips on what to talk about on your podcast. When I first thought of launching a podcast I was worried about all the things I had to do, but looking back, now that it's launched it wasn't that hard. Lyndal gives us 10 steps to launching a podcast so that you can get started on your podcast journey too. If podcasting has been on your list, tune in to this episode and get your own podcast up this year. Find out more about Lyndal here:https://www.podcastva.com/Lyndal also mentions:AudacityAuphonic


29 Mar 2021

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Outsourcing Your Podcast: Lyndal Harris - 110

Business Addicts - The Podcast For People Who Are Addicted To Business

In this episode Lyndal Harris talks about outsourcing your podcast, providing an alternative model that will allow you to create a podcast for your business.


23 Jun 2020

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36. Podcasting with Lyndal Harris [Social Summer]

The Rural Compass

36. Podcasting with Lyndal Harris [Social Summer] by Samantha Meurant


25 May 2020

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Making Podcasts Easy with Lyndal Harris

Making it Count Podcast

Joining me this week is Lyndal Harris.Lyndal’s journey started as a Virtual Assistant (VA) in 2012. She had spent 6 years juggling family and learning everything she needed to know to start a business.In 2016, her life changed when she was sitting in a hospital room with her husband being told that he had pancreatic cancer. The only thing they could do was palliative chemo. At this point, she knew her life had changed.Lyndal needed a lifestyle that enabled her to be there for her family, so she changed her business. Lyndal decided to combine her experience of working virtually to support clients and her love of podcasting and Podcast VA was born. Lyndal and her team make podcasting easier. They manage every aspect, reducing the stress and overwhelm that comes with launching and maintaining a successful podcast.We chat about:Lyndal’s challenges when transitioning into her own businessHer top tips when considering setting up a podcastThe biggest mistakes people are making when podcastingHow Lyndal manages the demands on her time.This podcast comes at the perfect time with so many people considering how they can build their online presence in a very challenging time given the current COVID-19 pandemic. Many small business owners have also chatted with me about starting a podcast so perhaps the time is now?Links:Podcast VALyndal Harris See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


31 Mar 2020

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Ep. 28 - Lyndal Harris

The Wolf of Queen Street

Yes you can reduce the stress and overwhelming pressure of launching a podcast. This is where Lyndal Harris comes in. She is the Podcast VA who works her magic to make your podcasting journey easier. She’s been a business owner and Virtual Assistant (VA) for over 8 years. Lyndal has combined her experience supporting clients virtually and her love of podcasts to create the first Australian VA business to niche into podcast support services. Listen to how she explains how she and her team project manage all the different elements of your podcast by offering various services to help you launch and maintain your amazing podcast. Website: www.podcastva.comLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lyndalharris/Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/podcastvaInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/podcastva/


19 Dec 2019

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79. How to launch & grow your podcast with Lyndal Harris from The Podcast VA

Brand Builders Lab

This week on the podcast I'm chatting with Lyndal Harris from The Podcast VA all about how you can start your podcast, what to think about when you're launching and how to grow it, plus we're answering a few questions from IG stories.


16 Oct 2019

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By Design - ft. Lyndal Harris - DSMTL.06


Follow us on Intsa @dsmtl_  for more content, behind the scenes, and access to guests.https://www.instagram.com/dsmtl_/ Episode 6 -I approached Lyndal and her badass design studio September as a client. I had seen the beautiful work she and her team had done. I had seen the way she had spoken to clients, asked the right questions, and then told them their brand's story back to them in such an elegant and intimate way, almost better than they knew it themselves.And I think this is the power we have as creatives, to absorb what is around us, combine it with what is inside us, and then have that speak to the world.Creative design, and art direction, is such a subjective medium. People always have an opinion, and if everyone likes your stuff you’re probably doing it wrong. So I was super interested in talking to Lyndal about it.Because like I said, she knows what she is doing. And she’s been doing it for a long time. But more importantly, she has done so by being what I what call genuinely lovely.She would never go out there to “crush it” or “hustle” but man, she crushes it, and has hustled her face off to build her own business that is well known and respected. One that looks after their clients.She is soft-spoken, accommodating, disarming, and humble beyond belief.And in this episode she takes us on the journey of rising up within a well-established agency to becoming its creative director, to then taking the plunge back into the freelance pool, and then doing that crazy thing of starting her own agency in such a competitive market.Welcome to DISMANTLE.Guest: Lyndal Harris @september_design_studioHost: Clayton Idato @claytonidatoCrew: Christian McGuinness @macsnaps         : Ryan Unwin @ryanjohnunwinLocation: Work Club @workclubglobalProduced by: Skyline Creative @skylinecreative


26 Aug 2019

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Lyndal Harris and the Mystery of the Podcast Launch

Outsourcing Mysteries Exposed

Lyndal Harris is THE Podcast VA. To me she is the absolute leader in the field and she has amazing skills and knowledge that allow her to guide business owners into the new waters of launching and running a podcast.In this episode we talk about why you'd want a podcast, and how you can be supported to create your very own.ABOUT LYNDALLyndal Harris is the Podcast VA who works her magic to make your podcasting journey easier. She's been a business owner and Virtual Assistant (VA) for over 7 years. Lyndal has combined her experience supporting clients virtually and her love of podcasts to create the first Australian VA business to niche into podcast support services.The founder of Podcast VA, she now manages a team that makes your podcasting easier. They work with a number of Australia's top podcasters with international audiences of hundreds of thousands of people.They reduce the stress and overwhelm that comes with project managing all of the different elements of your podcast by offering various services to help you launch and maintain your amazing podcast.Website: www.podcastva.comLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lyndalharris/Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/podcastvaInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/podcastva/


12 Jun 2019

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Episode 18: Lyndal Harris - Podcast VA

Busy Business Women

Lyndal Harris has been in business for 6 years, and definitely knows a thing or two about how to flourish when her backs up against the wall!When her husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer - at the same time as they were separating - she knew she needed to be there for him along with their children to give him the best opportunity to fight. She also knew she needed to create a consistent income that the family could survive on - which meant making some significant shifts in the way she operated and what she offered to her clients.In this episode Lyndal shares with us the emotional journey she's been on as a mother, partner and business owner, and how she turned her business around to stop selling her time for money so that she could scale her business and create Australia's first V.A. service specifically for podcasters.Lyndal is an inspiring, selfless and very focused woman who talks candidly about how she's navigating the very challenging situation of coping with terminal illness whilst riding the rollercoaster of being a business owner.If you want positivity, inspiration, and words of wisdom from a business woman who has a wealth of experience under her belt, this episode is for you!You can check out the show notes along with all of Lyndal's contact details and links to her free download '10 Step Podcast Launch Checklist' here: -busybusinesswomen.biz/podcast18Enjoy!Faye


27 Jun 2018

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#60 Outsourcing Your Podcast (w/ Lyndal Harris and Lyndsay Phillips)

The Podcaster Lab: Learn How to Start a Podcast & Grow Your Podcasting Community

What do you have to consider and do to get started with outsourcing your podcast? What traits should your virtual assistant have and where can you find one? PodcastVA.com founder Lyndal Harris and Lyndsay Phillips share their thoughts and advice. Resources & show notes: ThePodcasterLab.com/session60


4 May 2018