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Ep 232: Kuru Footwear Scales Meta Ad Spend 350%! Sean McGinnis On How They Did It

DTC Podcast

Subscribe to DTC Newsletter - https://dtcnews.link/signup Today’s podcast welcomes back Sean McGinnis, President and Integrator at Kuru footwear, stylish shoes for people with foot pain https://kurufootwear.com When I first met Sean at the start of the 2022 on episode 180 he was in the middle of re-architecting Kuru’s site architecture and CX to capture and convert problem aware customers through mostly search and organic traffic. At that time he was skeptical that paid social could be an effective channel but was keen to figure it out. Next thing I hear, Kuru’s scaled paid social 350% with realistic plans for that to be 300% by the end of the year. The secret? Figuring out their attribution, and finding the spot between the floor of google analytics and the ceiling of on platform conversion data. Listen and learn Sean’s key findings about the value of impression attribution, the surprising speed of Meta customers’ conversion cycle, and hear Sean’s plans for a Kuru Catalog drop. You’ll wanna listen to this one until the end… Subscribe to DTC Newsletter - https://dtcnews.link/signup Advertise on DTC - https://dtcnews.link/advertise Work with Pilothouse - https://dtcnews.link/pilothouse Follow us on Instagram & Twitter - @dtcnewsletter Watch this interview on YouTube - https://dtcnews.link/video


29 Aug 2022

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Ep 13 - Curing Footpain with DTC Shoes - Sean McGinnis

The DTC Deep Dive

Welcome to the dtc deep dive. This week, we talk E-com with Sean McGinnis, President & Integrator at KURU Footwear, a shoe brand whose mission is to sell products that bring an end to any and all foot pain, while still looking stylish.    On Sean’s beginnings in direct sales, becoming proficient at SEO and joining KURU.   Why being a foot-pain alleviating brand has given KURU great demand-capture, with great keyword volume.  Non-brand campaigns on Google in order to drive people searching for ‘foot pain’ towards KURU by bidding on foot pain and foot care keywords.  On KURU’s upcoming move to Shopify and wanting to test quizzes and recommendation engine testing.  On their past experiences running their own Magento store and the issues they had fixing all of their own bugs and keeping things running. On moving into retail stores, and how having a brick and mortar store helps you to curate your user experience as well as acting as a billboard for your brand. Join Triple Whale and use code 'DEEPDIVE10' at checkout for 10% off. Start your 14 free trial of Motion today Follow Fraser on Twitter Follow Sean on Twitter Work with Fraggell Follow us on Twitter Watch all the episodes on YouTube


27 Jul 2022

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EP 35 - Sean McGinnis On Leadership Strategies For Ecommerce Operators

You're Not Your ROAS by Triple Whale

Sean McGinnis is President & Integrator at @KURUFootwear - and he's a wealth of knowledge, given his 13+ years of experience in ecommerce. Today Rabah sits down with him to dive into lessons learned build KURU, effective leadership strategies for operators in charge of a team, and more! Lot's to learn here. Enjoy! Now, don't forget to... Join 7000+ top marketers and operators, and sub to Whale Maile for in-depth ecom marketing insights guidance every week right here. Follow Sean on Twitter: https://twitter.com/seanmcginnis See if Triple Whale is right for your ecommerce brand or agency - https://trytriplewhale.com--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/trytriplewhale/message

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22 Jun 2022

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Bonus: Prepping for Worst Case Scenarios, Should Manufacturing Move to the US, & More with Sean McGinnis of KURU Footwear

PPC Ponderings Podcast

There is a reason Sean McGinnis has moved up to President in a short time at KURU Footwear! Enjoy listening him talk about their handling of the Pandemic response, supply chain issues, inflation, and iOS14.5. You'll hear about scenario prepping and more in this valuable bonus episode. As a reminder, Sean was interviewed in our last Core episode on the Supply Chain crisis, so if you haven't caught that one yet, make sure to give it a listen first.


12 Apr 2022

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Ep 180: Restructuring Google Ads for Customer Avatars with Sean McGinnis from Kuru Footwear

DTC Podcast

Subscribe to DTC Newsletter - https://dtcnews.link/signup Hello and welcome to the DTC Podcast, I’m Eric Dyck today we’re diving deep with Kuru footwear CMO Sean McGinnis who’s helped the pain-free footwear brand break out of a growth slump and reach new heights last year. https://Kurufootwear.com Sean is a deeply structured, strategic marketer who’s focus on Google search marketing architecture has paid massive dividends since he began. In this podcast you’ll hear How a sketch in grade 5 turned into a proprietary Kurusole technology that provides Kuru’s main moat Why restructuring your website categories to match multiple customer journeys is a must do for Google Ads Why Facebook Ads aren’t a priority for this solution oriented brand Why mailing more just works, and how to make sure you’re not burning out your list What it’s going to take to become a household name for nurses Subscribe to DTC Newsletter - https://dtcnews.link/signup Advertise on DTC - https://dtcnews.link/advertise Work with Pilothouse - https://dtcnews.link/pilothouse Follow us on Instagram & Twitter - @dtcnewsletter Watch this interview on YouTube - https://dtcnews.link/video


28 Feb 2022

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Building a Shoe Empire with Sean McGinnis

How to Market Your DTC Brand

At the beginning of a brand’s life, there are a few SKUs and the goal is to find product market fit. Once you graduate from the beginning stages of brand building, you start to grow a team, add SKUs, and in turn - you start to have different problems than you did when you first started out as a brand. How do you navigate this growth over a long period of time? I am not sure, but I brought in a seasoned professional to help you and me learn how to manage a big brand. Today’s guest is Sean McGinnis, who recently was promoted to president of Kuru Footwear but for many years was the Chief Marketing Officer of Kuru. In this episode we will discuss: How a team picks the best SKU’s to market How Kuru has defined themselves as a brand The most effective ways to use and organize customer data--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/howtomarketyourdtcbrand/message


9 Feb 2022

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Sean McGinnis and Tripp Shealy on Green Engineering and Sustainability

VT Engineers for the World podcast

Episode 9. Join us for a conversation about green and sustainable engineering programs with Dr. Sean McGinnis, Director of the Green Engineering minor, and Dr. Tripp Shealy, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and coordinator of the Sustainable Land Development Graduate Program. Photo: Virginia Tech. Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

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3 Sep 2021

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Welcome to Tilt Radio (Sean McGinnis & John Galloway)

Tilt Radio

Tune in for the first of its kind, Tilt Radio. We're talking teams around South West Ohio with the Moeller head coach Sean McGinnis. Then we're joined by Head Coach of the Jacksonville University Men's Lacrosse team John Galloway.


16 Apr 2021

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RIP Sean Mcginnis

Two minute drill with Coach Schartz and Nancy

The Wichita Football community lost a great person today.


5 Jan 2021

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How one survey helped innovate their product and marketing with Sean McGinnis

Modern Attention

In this episode, I talk with Sean McGinnis of Kuru Footwear about their unusual path to becoming a DTC brand, his move into marketing there, and how he used one survey to help bring about improvements to multiple parts of the company.


12 Nov 2020