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643 - Combat to College: Tom interviews John Davis

Screw The Commute Podcast

John Davis is here and he did two combat tours in Afghanistan. He's the most tattooed person with a Harvard degree. And John has advocated to Congress as a legislative fellow for the VFW and is the author of Combat to College. Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 643 How To Automate Your Business - https://screwthecommute.com/automatefree/ Internet Marketing Training Center - https://imtcva.org/ Higher Education Webinar – https://screwthecommute.com/webinars See Tom's Stuff – https://linktr.ee/antionandassociates 03:05 Tom's introduction to John Davis 05:12 Talking about whiskey FIRST 06:34 Getting into writing as a veteran 08:28 Standing out beyond the norm at Harvard 14:44 The exit from Afghanistan 16:32 Being successful in civilian life 24:30 College vs Trade School Entrepreneurial Resources Mentioned in This Podcast Higher Education Webinar - https://screwthecommute.com/webinars Screw The Commute - https://screwthecommute.com/ Screw The Commute Podcast App - https://screwthecommute.com/app/ College Ripoff Quiz - https://imtcva.org/quiz Know a young person for our Youth Episode Series? Send an email to Tom! - orders@antion.com Have a Roku box? Find Tom's Public Speaking Channel there! - https://channelstore.roku.com/details/267358/the-public-speaking-channel How To Automate Your Business - https://screwthecommute.com/automatefree/ Internet Marketing Retreat and Joint Venture Program - https://greatinternetmarketingtraining.com/ KickStartCart - http://www.kickstartcart.com/ Copywriting901 - https://copywriting901.com/ Disabilities Page - https://imtcva.org/disabilities/ John's website - https://www.johnhdaviswriter.com/ Book excerpt - https://www.johnhdaviswriter.com/writing/combat-to-college/an-excerpt-of-combat-to-college/ Email Tom: Tom@ScrewTheCommute.com Internet Marketing Training Center - https://imtcva.org/ Related Episodes Marty Martinez - https://screwthecommute.com/642/ More Entrepreneurial Resources for Home Based Business, Lifestyle Business, Passive Income, Professional Speaking and Online Business I discovered a great new headline / subject line / subheading generator that will actually analyze which headlines and subject lines are best for your market. I negotiated a deal with the developer of this revolutionary and inexpensive software. Oh, and it's good on Mac and PC. Go here: http://jvz1.com/c/41743/183906 The Wordpress Ecourse. Learn how to Make World Class Websites for $20 or less. https://screwthecommute.com/wordpressecourse/ Join our Private Facebook Group! One week trial for only a buck and then $37 a month, or save a ton with one payment of $297 for a year. Click the image to see all the details and sign up or go to https://www.greatinternetmarketing.com/screwthecommute/ After you sign up, check your email for instructions on getting in the group.


7 Sep 2022

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270 Radical leadership principles for being a force for good from author John Davis

Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast

John Davis is a prolific author and speaker, an entrepreneur and founder with global experience. One thing he is not is jaded, instead he’s passionate and positive about the ability of organisations and teams to have positive impacts on their communities, customers and employees. He helps organisations play a bigger game while also making a bigger contribution. In this episode he shares his leadership principles and priorities for doing this sustainably. John believes in good companies that support good citizens and this is how we can address some of society’s most pressing challenges. See full shownotes here: www.zoerouth.com/podcast/leadership-principles-john-davis


11 Jul 2022

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John Davis - Major League Football, Developing Leadership in Youth Football & For The Good Of The Game Podcast

The Football Odyssey with Aron Harris

John Davis is a 23-year US Army Veteran/Retiree with 20+ years of coaching youth sports and 25+ years of management and leadership experience. He is the Owner/President of JD Sports Academy and host of the For The Good Of The Game podcast. In this interview, John walks Aron through his life experiences within football, including how the game helped him develop as a leader, coaching youth football, being involved in the up start Major League Football spring league, and much more.The Football Odyssey@FootballOdycthefootballodysseyThe Football Odyssey Youtube ChannelFor The Good Of The GamePlano East vs John Tyler 1994 Playoff GameSports History NetworkMajor League Football--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

1hr 49mins

15 Apr 2022

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HR 4445, Title IX, and Sexual Assualt and Violence with Mrs. Shannon Berkheiser and Mr. John Davis


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. To honor it, today's episode is on HR 4445, Title IX, and Sexual Assualt and Mrs. Shannon Berkheiser and Mr. John Davis join us to discuss this important and sensitive topic. We encourage you to pray before listening and be aware of your surroundings. Today's episode is not appropriate for all audiences. If you are a victim or know of a victim of sexual assault, please call 911, or visit cedarville.edu/titleix for more information. Find this new episode on all major platforms including Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Podcasts, or look for the Cedar60 Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts! Don't forget to subscribe and follow us on social media by searching for the @cedar60podcast! Thanks so much for listening!


11 Apr 2022

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John Davis, E.D. The Rewilding Institute


John Davis is Executive Director of The Rewilding Institute, headquartered in Albuquerque and founded thirty years ago by Dave Foreman and others. In this interview, John discusses the unique approach of The Rewilding Institute to dealing with environmental issues, especially wildlife and its habitat. Issues John talks about are Deep Ecology, Mapping the Heartland, Wildways Corridors and Wildlands Restoration,  the role of science and the 30 x 30 program to restore the earth. With associates scattered all over the United States, Rewilding can deal with a diversity of issues.  Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/user?u=25149153)


21 Mar 2022

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Businesses as a Force for Good with John Davis

Stanford Pathfinders with Howard Wolf

Renowned business expert, author, and speaker John Davis, ’82, delves into his new book, Radical Business: How to Transform Your Organization in the Age of Global Crisis. Having spent half his professional life in the business world and half in academia, John is uniquely positioned to answer this question: How can businesses worldwide become a consistent force for good?


21 Mar 2022

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Episode 84: John Davis Introduces the Mogollon Wildlife Corridor Campaign

Rewilding Earth Podcast

About John Davis is executive director of The Rewilding Institute and editor of Rewilding Earth. For Rewilding, he serves as a wildways scout, editor, interviewer, and writer. He rounds out his living with conservation field work, particularly within New York’s Adirondack Park, where he lives. John serves on boards of RESTORE: The North Woods, Eddy […]Read full article: Episode 84: John Davis Introduces the Mogollon Wildlife Corridor Campaign


1 Mar 2022

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Ep 89 - One Small Step For Me, One Giant Leap To Becoming An Action Hero with John Davis

The Provider's Edge | Peak Performance Guide for Healthcare Private Practice Owners

Do you overanalyze situations because you are afraid of what will happen if you’re not prepared? You think that you will waste your time because you are not fully committed.When you swim deep in your thoughts, you lose track of time. This happens over and over, and ends up paralyzing yourself, wasting time in the process! Things will quickly go south unless you do something about it! Today, John Davis shares his process on how he prevailed over one of the biggest challenges in his life. Doctors told him that he will no longer be able to walk, but he didn’t accept the thought. Instead, he asked what he needed to do, he took action, and he can now walk again. When all hope is lost, instead of asking for a miracle, he created his own miracle! How is it possible and how did he do it?Subscribe 🔔 and listen 🔊to this episode now❗To connect with John Davis, you can find him at:www.corporateactionhero.comHe is also giving out his free e-book titled “5F Workbook”, and you can claim it at:www.corporateactionhero.com/giftThank you again for joining us today! Please share this episode with friends and colleagues who will enjoy this week’s discussion. #BetterEveryday #GrowTogetherWe appreciate it when you show support for our show. Please write a review on iTunes or leave a voice message here https://www.speakpipe.com/SabrinaRunbeck. We love to hear your feedback. We are here to support you, so let us know how to contribute to your success! ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Want to save 10 hours of work per week while increasing your team's productivity? Book a complimentary consultation here: https://SabrinaRunbeck.com/Blueprint Can you really restore your energy and brighten your fatigued eyes in 2 minutes? Download your FREE audio exercises and discover them for yourself here: https://SabrinaRunbeck.com/Energy If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Join our private community with Healthcare Leaders just like you for monthly Collaborate to Accelerate events here: https://SabrinaRunbeck.com/Community


23 Feb 2022

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159 - Sound Craft: In Conversation with John Davis

The Scott's Bass Lessons Podcast

Born in Newport, Rhode Island, John Davis is a master of synth-bass tones and electronic music. A multi-faceted bassist with Jojo Mayer’s Nerve, John has developed an extraordinary facility to emulate almost any sequenced synth bassline from his bass guitar and pedalboard in real time.


17 Feb 2022

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John Davis Hit Bottom And Made The Turn: Surfing Addiction Recovery And Three Years Spent In A Mexican Prison

Slow Baja

John Davis started surfing at twelve and began winning local competitions soon after. He moved to Huntington Beach to attend High School and became the Captain of Huntington High School’s first surf team in 1967. After graduating, Davis “took off to surf Hawaii, --with two pounds of marijuana under my airplane seat” he finished second in the 1969 Sea Spree, a contest that he said was rigged, but made ten times his investment on the marijuana. Turned off by the politics of competitive surfing, he rarely competed in the following years until he won the North Shore Trials of the Smirnoff Pro-Am at Sunset Beach. That qualified him for the US Surfing Championships in Malibu in 1973; Davis placed third after surfing his way through multiple heats. That performance “proved his point,” and he gave up competitive surfing. Eventually, Davis’ “lifestyle choices” moved him to Mexico, and he began smuggling marijuana into the US. Through the 1980’s he had a few brushes with the law and “served time” after being caught with an airplane loaded with 800lbs of marijuana near Victorville, California. In 1995, while smuggling 50lbs of marijuana, he got caught in a roadblock in Mazatlan and spent three years in a Mexican prison. He was repatriated to the US to finish his sentence, and a parole officer got him into a drug treatment program. John Davis has been sober since 1998. He was inducted into the Surfers’ Hall of Fame in Huntington Beach, California. He and his wife operate Las Olas Recovery, a comprehensive drug and alcohol detox and early drug rehab center in El Pescadero, Baja California Sur. More information on Las Olas Recovery Follow Las Olas Recovery on Facebook  Check out Surfers’ Hall of Fame


8 Sep 2021