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170. 1 Month As Parents w Amanda Silvas

BE THAT 1% Podcast

On today’s episode James and Amanda talk about their journey as parents over the last 5 weeks. The ups, downs and lessons learned. The post 170. 1 Month As Parents w Amanda Silvas appeared first on .


20 Aug 2020

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166: Pregnancy, Parenting & Intentional Living with Amanda Silvas

BE THAT 1% Podcast

On today’s show James and Amanda talk about what it has been like the past 9 months with their pregnancy. The post 166: Pregnancy, Parenting & Intentional Living with Amanda Silvas appeared first on .


1 Jul 2020

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The Punch Drunk Soul Podcast - Soul Alignment + Business Chats

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another episode of the Punch Drunk Soul Podcast! I’m your host Ali Daniel.  I’m joined by Amanda Silvas today! Amanda is a speaker, teacher and coach who helps women discover their greater purpose and cultivate deeper self-love and awareness through her in person events, workshops and online programs.  I wanted to bring Amanda on today because I think she has a really unique perspective on starting her coaching business. First, she helped her husband build his to 6-figures, operating behind the scenes. But she began to realize that by not creating her own meaningful work and impact, she wasn’t fulfilling her OWN deeper purpose and calling.  So after months of hiding in fear, wondering what other people would think, que the “Who does she think she IS” thoughts, Amanda decided to start showing up and announce that she was starting her own coaching business. On this episode we talk about those insidious stories and critical self-talk that keep us from showing up. The ones that keep us playing small and hiding, preventing others from hearing our message.  We talk about how to find your purpose, how to understand your values and WHY they’re so important to feeling fulfilled in your life. We talk about the best thing you can do for yourself if you’re feeling stagnant or stuck and how we both got out of our ruts by using this same exact strategy that her and I BOTH now teach! We also dive into the 3 stages of life and how to understand what stage you’re in and how to use it to work through the obstacles you face. Amanda shares how so many of us can get caught up in one stage by learning TOO much and not taking action but what you can ask yourself to flip the switch and get out of that mode. I loved hearing Amanda’s unique journey of how she got to this point in her coaching business and how she’s been able to use her many years of knowledge and experience in personal growth and relationships to help other women find success in their own lives. Amanda just radiates warmth and love and I appreciate all the nuggets of wisdom she had to share on this episode. If you have the opportunity to learn from her or attend one of her events, you should jump on the chance! Her Las Vegas JoyRide event is coming up on the 21st and 22nd and you can either attend LIVE or get a virtual ticket which is really cool!  Be sure to give us a shoutout on instagram I’m @PunchDrunkSoul and Amanda is @Iam_AmandaSilvas) and let us what you think of this interview! Let’s dig in. Aha Moments: How Amanda and her husband overcame the fear and imposter syndrome belief “Who am I to be coaching anyone when I’m so young?” How to find your values and use them to feel aligned with your purpose and get out of feeling “stuck” or stagnant The event that reminded Amanda that life is NOT guaranteed, yet we all play it like it is and how this caused her to stop playing it safe Why your business will never be perfect and why you can’t wait until it is to start When you want to create something, create it for yourself and what you could use now or could have used in your past Why you should unlearn EVERYTHING you’ve learned if you want to reach your goals Why most people live life backwards and how to start creating intentionally by following the Be-Do-Have model Why you need to take action and experience the extremes to help you find that balance and how avoiding the extremes is just avoiding your life and your journey What Amanda and her husband’s investment journey has been like in their business Links: www.amandasilvas.com Instagram.com/IAm_AmandaSilvas Join the Path to Freedom Waitlist Punchdrunksoul.com/pathtofreedom

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12 Mar 2020

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155: How to communicate effectively w Amanda Silvas

BE THAT 1% Podcast

In today’s episode, Amanda + James Silvas talk about tools and strategies to communicate effectively which have helped their relationship and their clients relationships experience more trust, connection, understanding and love. Listen in to increase your level awareness around how you show up to conversation and what to pay attention to.  The post 155: How to communicate effectively w Amanda Silvas appeared first on .


11 Mar 2020

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Creating Boundaries Around What's in Alignment for You with Amanda Silvas

The Manifestation Queen

Grab your notebook and get ready to take some notes!! Cassie talks with Amanda Silvas, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, speaker, and teacher who loves to coach women to uncover the next chapter of their lives.  This is a powerful episode filled with a goldmine of tips for creating your best life ever!  Work through your old patterns as you create boundaries and alignment in your life, with Amanda's NLP background and longtime experience as a success coach.   Where to find Amanda: IG: @iam_amandasilvas www.amandasilvas.com You can find Cassie & more money, life, and success manifestation coaching tools here: Here's where you can find Cassie: FB:  @makeoveryourmindset Manifestation & Money Mindset galore in my private FB group:  The Badass Manifestation Queen IG: @makeoveryourmindset


28 Dec 2019

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Do It Like You with Amanda Silvas

Hype Girl Podcast

Amanda is an entrepreneur and speaker who has made it her mission to coach women on unveiling that next chapter in their lives and unleashing their inner purpose. She has spent the last 10 years investing in her development and women empowerment so that she could give back to women. In addition to her own business, she runs a 6-figure business alongside her husband, James Silvas, and together they teach on topics such as relationships and mindset. She co-created the Be That 1% podcast, is the creator of Joyride (a women's self love retreat) and numerous self love programs that have had a monumental impact on thousands of women. In this episode we talk about creating boundaries, letting go of what no longer serves you, staying true to you and following your heart, our relationships, investing in ourselves, learning to trust our intuition and so much more! You can find her at: https://www.amandasilvas.com/ and also on Instagram at @iam_amandasilvas She has also offered two freebies for you below! 1. A FREE masterclass https://www.amandasilvas.com/masterclass 2. A FREE self-love course https://www.amandasilvas.com/starterkit Don't forget to check out the HYPE LIFE COLLECTION: https://www.hypelifecollection.com And don't forget to subscribe to the HYPE LIFE NETWORK: https://mailchi.mp/213c41a33ebe/hypelife


13 Nov 2019

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Reconnecting To Yourself And Deepening Your Self Love With Amanda Silvas

Passion Love Pursuit Podcast

This episode is a topic that is very aligned with my core mission of this podcast. I welcomed on Amanda Silvas that I knew could lean into this topic we are about to discuss. We dive into the importance of reconnecting with ourselves and how to deepen our self love. Amanda is an entrepreneur, teacher, and speaker who loves to coach women to uncover the next chapter of their lives. She has spent the last 10 years plus invested in women empowerment and development. She helps run a 6-figure wellness business and brand alongside her husband James and together they teach of self awareness, mindset, and relationships.  She co-created the Be that 1% podcast, created Joyride (a self love women’s retreat) and self love programs that have impacted over 1000 women around the world. Amanda is here to help women discover their greater purpose, impact, and deeper self love.  Amanda share's how we can become more self aware, honor ourselves and stay rooted in our truth. This episode is truly the foundation point of where we shall all begin. It starts with us! For full show notes and episode resources head to http://www.passionlovepursuit.com/amanda-silvas/ Find our guest at: https://www.amandasilvas.com facebook/DoItLikeYou/ @iam_amandasilvas Please don't forget to subscribe and leave a review! PASSION LOVE PURSUIT INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/passionlovepursuit/ PASSION LOVE PURSUIT FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/passionlovepursuit/ PASSION LOVE PURSUIT PODCASTS: http://www.passionlovepursuit.com/podcasts/

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28 Oct 2019

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How to change your life through self love with Amanda Silvas

Unapologetically Abundant

Are you a control freak? Do you really want what you´re wanting right now? Do you delegate some things to others or do it only yourself? What is something that you desire and want to be done in your life? Do you feel connected to yourself? On this episode we talk about: how to let go and going with the flow, knowing that what you´re trying to control is completely out of yourself, asking for help when you need it and knowing that someone else can do things as good as you, how you can change your mindset so you can build a safe environment into your life, how your self-love is more important than any other type of love and more! About Amanda: Amanda is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, teacher and speaker who loves to coach women to uncover the next chapter of their lives. She has spent the last 10+ years invested in women's empowerment and development.  She has her Bachelors in Health Science from the University of Las Vegas, Nevada and has done extensive research in positive psychology, mental health, behavior change and self development principles. She runs a six-figure wellness business and brand alongside her husband, James Silvas, and together they teach on self awareness, mindset and relationships. She co-created the 'Be That 1%' podcast that is listened to in 70+ Countries, created JOYride, a Self Love Women’s Retreat, and self love programs that have impacted over 1000+ women’s lives from around the world. Check out Amanda’s free gifts and upcoming projects: www.amandasilvas.com/starterkit and www.amandasilvas.com/masterclass Ps: I’ve been listening to the feedback from you and the unapologetic babes who’ve been sharing their biggest blocks and desires and I’m super excited to invite you to the Bali Flow and Fire Retreat. It’s an exclusive 7 day, all-inclusive retreat designed for the high performing bossbabe who is tired of always chasing the next goal and achievement while never feeling truly fulfilled. By the end of the retreat, you’ll get what you need to align with your purpose, amplify your impact and attract abundance and prosperity into your life. To claim your spot check out the show notes or visit bit.ly/Bali111


15 Oct 2019

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137: A Game Changing Habit To Start Doing w Amanda Silvas

BE THAT 1% Podcast

Today on the episode James talks with his wife Amanda on what morning habits they have started doing recently that has made a huge difference in their productivity and quality of life.  The post 137: A Game Changing Habit To Start Doing w Amanda Silvas appeared first on .


2 Oct 2019

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Do It Like You with Amanda Silvas

Miracle Minded

Do you find yourself running your every day in something that used to light up your soul? Are you feeling bad because you have lost your fire, yet your creation is still making tremendous impact in the lives of others? If this is you, it may be time for a transformation. Today's guest, Amanda Silvas is empowering people with talks on self love, authenticity, and figuring out who they are as individuals. She works to help transpire their relationships in both their professional and personal worlds by digging in deep and doing the internal work first. It’s time to look within, ask the tough questions, and stand completely in who we are.Listen up to find out how to make that SHIFT to a Harmonious Hustle! Connect with Amanda:LINK to bio > https://www.joyride.events/aboutamanda Link to Joyride > www.joyride.events JOYride Details March 23rd - 24th Downtown Las Vegas JOYride is a self love event for women who want to refuel, reconnect and remember who they are. It's the perfect opportunity for you to create real, authentic connection with yourself and other like-minded women. Connect with Nichole: Nichole  Sylvester  www.nicholesylvester.com Nichole  delivers her  no nonsense wisdom  on awakening to the power of personal choice  and radical transformation. Nothing is off limits here.  She speaks from personal experience as she rebuilt her life from the depths  of her own dark struggles. From drug smuggling, violent abuse and addiction as a young mother to  now a bestselling author, entrepreneur and success coach helping thousands of people per year radically transform all  areas of their life. Download  your free:  Awaken  your Abundance  Activation Series Watch  transformation  videos by Nichole  on Youtube Follow  Nichole on  Social Media:  Facebook  | Youtube https://nicholesyl.clickfunnels.com/awaken-your-abundance-opt-in19635608 Thanks  for listening!  Thanks so much for  listening to our podcast! If you enjoyed this episode  and think that others could benefit from listening, please share it using  the social media buttons on this page. Do you have some feedback or questions about  this episode? Leave a note in the comment section below! Subscribe to the podcast  If you would like  to get automatic updates  of new podcast episodes, you  can subscribe to the podcast on  iTunes or Stitcher. You can also subscribe  from the podcast app on your mobile device. Leave  us an iTunes review Ratings and  reviews from our listeners are extremely valuable to us  and greatly appreciated. They help our podcast rank higher on iTunes, which  exposes our show to more awesome listeners like you. If you have a minute, please leave  an honest review on iTunes.


11 Mar 2019