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Michael Scott Moore, German-American journalist and former hostage in Somalia | Pod Hostage Diplomacy

Pod Hostage Diplomacy

In 2012, German-American journalist Michael Scott Moore was investigating pirate kidnappings in Somalia when he himself was taken hostage by Somali pirates. Michael was taken at gunpoint, held in terrible conditions and in many different locations including at one point – on a ship. A few days into his captivity, SEAL Team 6 successfully rescued 2 aid workers, American Jessica Buchanan and Dane Poul Hagen Thisted also held by Somali pirates but in a different location. During that rescue, 9 pirates were killed. As a result, the pirates holding Michael were determined to make sure there wasn’t going to be another successful rescue. He ended up being held in captivity for 977 days.This week, we have the honour of speaking to Michael himself. He walks us through his captivity, how he was taken, the terrible conditions, the different locations he was held in, the other hostages who were with him, the $20 million dollar ransom demand, how his mother was working to secure his release, the media blackout around his kidnapping, keeping fit while in captivity, his failed escape attempt and how the pirates responded, getting sick, finding the will to survive and his eventual release. Michael also talks about his ongoing recovery from this trauma, his advice for other former hostages, military vs diplomatic options for hostage rescue, a SEAL Team 6 plan to rescue him, the US government’s stance on not negotiating with hostage-takers, payment of ransoms as well as media coverage. We also talk about the importance of journalism and how the public can help.Follow Pod Hostage Diplomacy on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with our work.Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/PodHostageDiplo)

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2 Mar 2022

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"Wir werden Dich töten" Michael Scott Moore als Geisel in Somalia

Sprechstunde - Deutschlandfunk

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6 Jul 2021

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#009: 977 Days As A Hostage of Somali Pirates - Michael Scott Moore

The Jedburgh Podcast

“Curiosity killed the cat.”  Journalist and novelist Michael Scott Moore, was captured and held hostage for 977 days by Somali pirates during a research trip to Somalia in his effort to write a book about Somali Pirates. As told in incredible detail in his bestselling book, The Desert and the Sea: 977 Days Captive on the Somali Pirate Coast, Michael recounts his memories of the initial shock of being captured, the harsh conditions, forging bonds and connections with the other hostages, the failed escape attempts, how captivity provided the time and space for much needed personal introspection, and how his perspective on life and its challenges has changed.Read the full episode transcription here and learn more on The Jedburgh Podcast Website.Highlights:-Drive: Michael’s “drive” to survive struck even his captors. After two and a half years many would have resigned themselves to failure and hopelessness, but Michael did not. His constant failed attempts to escape his captors showed how willing he was to fight to get his life back.-Resiliency: To say that the conditions Michael endured were harsh is an understatement. It was literally the definition of adversity. Michael survived the years of captivity through stimulating his mind, constantly believing in rescue by United States Special Operations and looking to ransom negotiations.-Adaptability: Michael had to structure his time despite the uncertainty of each day by creating small goals one day at a time. After captivity, Michael had to adapt to “normal” society, which he had been detached from for so long that his return actually made his head hurt from thinking about topics he had long forgotten.-Humility: 977 days was plenty of time for Michael to reflect on his past and humbly accept his mistakes, while making him more vulnerable, aware and conscious of what really matters in life.-Integrity: Michael found it in his heart to forgive his captors, but he never forgot. He was able to get over his feelings of anger and resentment, but he did not buckle in his own sense of good and bad. A Stockholm syndrome skeptic, Michael remained steadfast in his commitment to hold his captors accountable for their actions.-Team Ability: Everything is about relationships, even on a pirate ship. Michael saw his situation as captors and captives alike being forced to play on a team that none of them chose to be on. Building relationships with fellow captives, and even his captors, helped Michael endure even the hardest of days.-Effective Intelligence: Michael’s experience provided a new lens through which to view the world. It changed his perspective on life and gave him a deeper center of gravity. For better or for worse, he is less single-minded and more focused.-Emotional Strength: Depression, anxiety, and even suicide ideation hounded Michael every day, but Michael coped by stepping aside from those emotions and giving himself room to think, analyze and find solutions to his captivity. Through yoga, meditation and writing. -Curiosity: It was what put Michael into the chaos, but it was also one thing that kept him going during captivity.Michael’s Three Daily Foundations of Success:-Make coffee every morning-Dedicate a few hours to focus on work - productive, focused work-Create a list of tasks to complete each day

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13 May 2021

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How I Survived Being Kidnapped by Somali Pirates: Michael Scott Moore

Welcome Home with Takis

Michael Scott Moore was kidnapped by Somali pirates. In today’s interview, journalist Michael Scott Moore details his harrowing experience being held captive by Somali pirates for 2 years, he also jokes about Somali pirates watching Captain Phillips, and answers the question - how corrupt is Somalia?    Thankfully this is a story of survival but reporting from conflict zones will always be dangerous. Micheal Scott Moore has many critics asking where should journalists draw the line and some even claiming that he had no business taking such risks and didn’t deserve aid. Personally, I disagree - if reporters like Micheal Scott Moore decide to avoid “dangerous” places, how many important stories will go untold?   Micheal Scott Moore has appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, The Joe Rogan Experience (Episode #1149), Ted, Google, and is the author of The Desert and The Sea. If you’re interested in supporting Micheal you can buy a copy here: http://radiofreemike.net/the-desert-and-the-sea Win a PlayStation 5: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClI47mgefRuLsOElux1HXjA Connect with Takis:  https://www.instagram.com/petertakis/ https://www.instagram.com/welcomehome.podcast/ https://twitter.com/petertakis https://www.takismusic.com/ Contact Takis:  welcomehometakis@gmail.com    Takis (real name Peter Takis) is a DJ/ producer from Winnipeg, Canada.


29 Apr 2021

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True Crime Special - Michael Scott Moore and The Somali Pirates

The Premier Football Podcast

For the first time ever, Joe and Rafe look away from football and delve into the story of journalist Michael Scott Moore, who was held ranson for 977 days by Somali Pirates.


9 Apr 2021

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S1:03 Brewing Thoughts - Captivity and the never-ending reservoir of Grace: Michael Scott Moore's story of Forgiveness

Ground Up Faith

In this episode of Brewing Thoughts, we consider the power stories have to impact our lives while we hear the Story of Michael Scott Moore's two-year-eight-month captivity at the hands of Somali Pirates. Over the course of his captivity, he learned that forgiveness wasn't just something that would benefit his captors, but was also a life and death reality for him. His book on his experience is The Desert and the Sea.


10 Mar 2021

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S02E18: Hostage - Michael Scott Moore

Dilemma Podcast

Michael Scott Moore was held captive by pirates in Somalia for 977. He recounts what philosophies and psychological tactics got him through the experience while he and Jay ponder the moral dilemma of whether or not to pay ransoms to criminals and terrorists. Discussed in this episode: stoicism, a message from the Pope, living with guilt and gratitude, the elasticity of the human mind, and the loose analogy to being held captive by COVID-19. Subscribe to Jay's low key email reminders to keep up with when he writes something new, releases something new, appears as a guest on something, plans a live event, or has an urgent book or film recommendation at whatjaythinks.com

1hr 11mins

25 Jan 2021

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Jay's Special Comment on The Coup with Michael Scott Moore

Dilemma Podcast

On the using of the word "coup" to describe the events in Washington on Jan 6 2021. Subscribe to Jay's low key email reminders to keep up with when he writes something new, releases something new, appears as a guest on something, plans a live event, or has an urgent book or film recommendation at whatjaythinks.com


9 Jan 2021

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Open Book @ Home with writer Michael Scott Moore

Open Book with Maggie Downs & Tod Goldberg

This week we're joined again by writer Michael Scott Moore, author of the Desert and the Sea, about his 977 held captive by Somalian pirates. But this time, he's telling us strategies for long term confinement...something that seems more and more likely.


2 Jun 2020

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#35 Michael Scott Moore - The Desert and The Sea

A Broken World

This week I was joined by Michael Scott Moore, author of The Desert and The Sea - 977 Days Captive On The Somali Pirate Coast. Michael has an incredible story to tell. He was held hostage by Somali pirates for almost 3 years. We sat down to discuss the story and how it has affected him.  


3 May 2020