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104 – John Smallios – Aligning Your Jiu Jitsu School With A Higher Mission & Purpose

Martial Arts Media™ Business Podcast

Every student at Higher Jiu Jitsu knows their mission statement.... READ POST The post 104 – John Smallios – Aligning Your Jiu Jitsu School With A Higher Mission & Purpose appeared first on Martial Arts Marketing For Martial Arts Business | Martial Arts Media™.


27 Oct 2020

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#015 AOS John Smallios

Art of Surrender

On this episode of the podcast I sat down and had a chat with my good friend, mentor and MY very first jiu jitsu coach, John Smallios. John is a Professor Pedro Sauer/Phillip Grapsas (episode 10) black belt and the head coach of Higher Jiu Jitsu in Sydney, Australia. John shares his martial arts story and how jiu jitsu quickly became a passion that seemed to take priority over other aspects of his life (like many of us). We chat about how he came up through the ranks and was motivated heavily by competition in his early years of jiu jitsu and how a devastating shoulder injury forced him to change his entire outlook and approach to jiu jitsu. We chat about the Jiu Jitsu Commune and how it slowly became what is known as Higher Jiu Jitsu today.  We also talk about the Feldenkrais method and how awareness of movement impacts every aspect of our being and how this has influenced his approach to jiu jitsu and every day life. John and the crew at HJJ had such a positive impact on my 4 years of living in Sydney and I can say with confidence that I would not have enjoyed my time there anywhere near as much as I did if it wasn't for them. I am grateful to you all and look forward to sharing the mats again sometime soon. I hope you enjoy. https://higherjiujitsu.com.au/ https://www.instagram.com/higherjiujitsu/ https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/higher-jiu-jitsu-podcast/id1454419035

2hr 32mins

9 Aug 2020

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#016 Leverage Jiu Jitsu w/ Phil Grapsas & John Smallios

Higher Jiu Jitsu Stories Show

Brad and John sit down with Phil Grapsas, the head instructor of Leverage Jiu Jitsu to discuss his jiu jitsu journey.Phil has been training jiu jitsu since February 1999 and is a black belt under Pedro Sauer. Phil Grapsas has been instrumental with helping John get Higher Jiu Jitsu off the ground. He has been a coach, confidant and friend of John's for several years now and his jiu jitsu and coaching ability is respected by everyone invovled with Higher Jiu Jitsu and the Pedro Sauer Association.Enjoy.

1hr 36mins

18 Jan 2019

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#013 Roots of Higher w/ John Smallios

Higher Jiu Jitsu Stories Show

Brad sits down with the head instructor and owner of Higher Jiu Jitsu, John Smallios. This episode explores the journey of John's path to starting Higher Jiu Jitsu and becoming affiliated with the Pedro Sauer Association. It includes all things Higher Jiu Jitsu and is absolutely one episode that every listener of this podcast should tune into.Oss.

1hr 53mins

7 Dec 2018

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Podcast Episode 6 - John Smallios Rollcast

The Impaired Grappler Podcast

This Rollcast is with John Smallios from Higher Jiu-Jitsu in Sydney.John is a Brown Belt in the Pedro Sauer Association.We talk about what he is working on at his school.We get into the weeds about my purple belt presentation, validation and dealing with ego.He also discuses his affiliation with Precision Nutrition.Check out John's website at: higherjiujitsu.com.au If you are ever in Sydney and looking for a place to train Jiu-Jitsu in a friendly atmosphere check out his gym.If you like this podcast hit the like button and subscribe to my channel. Feel free to follow me on my social media:Website:        www.theimpairedgrappler.com Facebook:     www.facebook.com/theimpairedgrappler Twitter:          twitter.com/impairedgrappla Instagram:    instagram.com/theimpairedgrappler Twitch:          www.twitch.tv/impairedgrapplerPodcast:       soundcloud.com/the-impaired-grapplerYouTube:      www.youtube.com/channel/UC5ekIZRX313KNNlOjEiCckwMusic by Rob Brens: rbrens@gmail.com

1hr 7mins

28 Jul 2017