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The Anti-Bullying Movement with Lauren Paul & Molly Thompson

Kaitlynn Carter's The Bright Side

Kaitlynn talks with Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson, Co-Founders of Kind Campaign, about launching The Kind Campaign which started as an idea for a documentary about girl-against-girl bullying after having both been affected throughout their youth, their free of charge school programs, how they’ve adjusted their business during a pandemic, and some of their most memorable experiences on tour.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/kaitlynn-carter/message


16 Mar 2021

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The Kind Campaign with Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson

Mama Said with Jamie-Lynn Sigler & Jenna Parris

Partners in KIND Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson share their ourney to creating the Kind Campaign which works to address and combat the types of bullying young girls face today. Plus, how does this bullying affect their parenting techniques as they raise daughters themselves and addressing the other side of bullying, when a mom does it to another mom. Learn more about the project at kindcampaign.com.   Thank you to our sponsors! Each&Every - Go to eachandevery.com/mama and use code MAMA fo r 30% off your first purchase. Tushy - Go to hellotushy.com/mama for 10% off and fr ee shipping. Express - Text MAMA to 397-737 to receive $25 off your purchase. Martha Stewart CBD - Go to mamasaid.marthastewartcbd.com and use code MAMA15 for 15% off. Sweaty Betty - Get 20% off your entire purchase when you go to sweatybetty.com/mamasaid.   


30 Sep 2020

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Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson of the Kind Campaign on bullying and mom shaming

The Motherly Podcast

In this episode, Liz talks to Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson, founders of the Kind campaign, an internationally recognized nonprofit that brings awareness and healing to the negative effects of girl-against-girl bullying. They talk about their mission, what they’ve learned from a decade of speaking to young kids on the topic, and the separate but related problem of mom-shaming. This episode is sponsored by Highlights. This episode is sponsored by Highlights. For more information on all their great products please visit https://bit.ly/3j81sNM.


13 Aug 2020

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Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson // Founders of Kind Campaign

Disruptors for GOOD

In episode 55 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast, I speak with Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson, founders of the Kind Campaign on how girl-against-girl bullying in the digital age emotional affects young women and girls in America.Kind Campaign is the leading nonprofit ending the trend of girl-against-girl bullying. Founded by Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson, Kind Campaign offers in school assemblies, educational school curriculums, clubs, online resources, and a supportive community all dedicated to bringing awareness and healing to the negative long-lasting effects of bullying.Since embarking on their first tour in 2009 when they captured the impact of the assemblies in their widely acclaimed documentary Finding Kind, Lauren and Molly have personally attended and curated hundreds of anti-bullying in-school assemblies spanning from across the US to internationally, continuously expanding their movement to spread kindness to girls across the globe.Just recently, Kind Campaign started a weekly social media Kind Community Activation to virtually promote kindness to family, friends, and strangers during these uncertain times such as sharing their digital Kind Cards for followers to share with a family, friend, or a stranger, as well as sharing a digital prompt for their followers to share how they are feeling during this tricky time. Listen to more Causeartist podcasts here.CauseartistPRO - We’re building a global community of impact founders, impact investors, and impact professionals. Apply HereWe are powered by:Impact Recipe – Affordable Software Development for Nonprofits and Social EnterprisesPodcast Made with TransistorPodcast cover design Made with Canva

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21 May 2020

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Kind Campaign founders Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson on bullying - and respect - in a digital age

NAKED with Catt Sadler

We are back in Catt's bedroom this week, and this time, she's joined by Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson - founders of the nonprofit Kind Campaign that aims to end girl-on-girl bullying in our schools. The two real-life best friends share a behind-the-scenes look at how they bonded over being bullied as young girls and why they decided to channel that pain into something productive. After meeting in college, Lauren and Molly joined forces and decided to travel the country to make a documentary on the "mean girl" phenomenon, and what we can do to foster forces of kindness instead. The film grew into an international movement, and the women now work with schools across the globe through in-person assemblies (when those were allowed) and educational curriculum, to help promote inclusivity, love and acceptance among girls and teens. Lauren also shares a peek at what it's like to be married to actor Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad, BoJack Horseman) and how his support has made it possible for Kind Campaign to climb to new heights. And in this episode, Catt shares a story about experiencing harassment by fellow females during her freshman year of high school - and who stepped in to stand up for her.  *A note, this was taped months before the Coronavirus hit, so the interview was done in-person in Catt's homeSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 13mins

21 May 2020

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Ep. 73: The Postpartum Play-by-Play with Lauren Paul + Molly Thompson

Off the Record

I wouldn't want to have today's conversation with anyone other than today's guests. Today, I'm sitting down with mom-mates Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson to discuss the highs and lows of life postpartum. There's no topic that's off limits. If you're curious to know what the 4th trimester (and first year after giving birth) can look like for three different women, this is the podcast for you. This episode of Off The Record is sponsored by YogaWakeUp. Text 'OTR' to 668-66 and for an Off The Record exclusive of 25% off your annual subscription of the Yoga Wake Up App. Consider this your yoga alarm clock, wherein you start the morning with intention, stretching, and positivity. A great alternative to scrolling social media first thing in the morning. A SKINOWL SKINCARE GIFT FOR YOU: Use code 'OFFTHERECORD15' on skinowl.com for 15% your entire order.DM your questions and shout us out using the hashtag #offtherecordpod on Insta, Twitter and everywhere else. Remember to rate, review, listen on Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app.For the full experience:Shop SkinOwl: https://www.skinowl.com (https://www.skinowl.com)Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/offtherecordwithyouTwitter: https://twitter.com/skinowl (https://twitter.com/skinowl)Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skinowl

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3 Feb 2020

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Ep. 56: Two of a KIND with Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson

Off the Record

Good Day, Friends. Welcome to Episode 56. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t been looking forward to today’s conversation since before it was even on the books! The two warm, authentic, and inspirational women in the studio today are responsible for arguably the most powerful Kindness movement out there. In my eyes and in the eyes of many others, this makes these two women modern day heroes. Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson are the founders of the Kind Campaign, a non profit organization dedicated to spreading awareness and healing, and above all promoting compassion among today’s youth. Through school assemblies, educational curricula, online resources, and gifting every girl a supportive community, the love and respect of the Kind Campaign is having a profound effect on the social climate of schools and beyond.  Today, Lauren and Molly tell the Kind Campaign story with us in its development, values, and goals for the future.  And they tell their own stories, their personal connections to their youths and the trials and tribulations therein, and how they have authentically taken their own journeys and used them to propel the world towards Kindness. A GIFT FOR YOU: This episode of OTR is sponsored by SkinOwl skincare. Use code 'OFFTHERECORD' on SkinOwl.com for 15% your entire order, including SkinOwl's brand new beauty tool, The Glow Stick.  DM your questions and shout us out using the hashtag #offtherecordpod on Insta, Twitter and everywhere else. Remember to rate, review, listen on Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app. For the full experience:Shop SkinOwl: https://www.skinowl.comInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/offtherecordwithyouTwitter: https://twitter.com/skinowlFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/skinowl


6 Oct 2019

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Episode 075 : The Kind Campaign w/ Lauren Paul & Molly Thompson

The Kindness Podcast

Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson are all about the Kind Campaign, a multi-platform movement that has transformed hundreds of thousands of lives, friendships, classrooms and communities around the world. They decided to create change by giving girls an opportunity to speak out about the universal experience of bullying. Learn more about the Kind Campaign on www.kindcampaign.com!


5 Sep 2019

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Ep 19: Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson, Kind Campaign: Kindness On and Offline


Co-founders of Kind Campaign, Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson, join us to share about their non-profit and their mission to help stop girl against girl bullying. They break down how social media impacts bullying and share tips on how to spread kindness offline and online.


25 Jun 2019

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Lauren Paul


In this episode of Unspoken, we welcome the beloved and inspirational Lauren Paul.  Lauren is a director, writer and co-founder of Kind Campaign — an internationally recognized nonprofit organization that brings awareness and healing to the negative and long-lasting effects of girl-against-girl bullying. While studying film at Pepperdine University, she had the opportunity to work on Tom Shadyac’s acclaimed documentary, I Am. That experience inspired Lauren and soon after transitioned into a life-changing journey of Lauren and Co-Founder Molly Thompson’s award-winning documentary, Finding Kind, and eventually, Kind Campaign. Kind Campaign has directly impacted a half a million girls, mending friendships by giving them the tools to apologize, uplift one another and step into their own power.  Lauren has been honored with the Public Education Lifesavers Award from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  Lauren's voice in the world is a gift to all of us. Her experience and wisdom are expansive, and yet, she holds it with such humility and reverence. In this conversation, you’ll hear about the things she’s done professionally, but for most of the conversation we go deep behind the curtain and meet the beautiful human being that Lauren is. Her strength as a mother and multi-faceted intellect bleeds through every moment. Lauren shares with such honesty, vulnerability, courage, and self-awareness that the world needs more of.  Nisolo is offering Unspoken listeners 25% off their purchase at Nisolo.com when you use code UNSPOKEN at checkout. 

1hr 30mins

27 May 2019