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Bloating and Gut Health with Christina D'Amico

Neighbourhood Nutritionist

In this episode of Neighbourhood Nutritionist, I talk to Christina D'Amico about bloating and gut health. In my conversation with Christina, we talked about: What IS bloating?What causes bloating? Foods / lifestyle habits that make us more bloatedIs fibre good for everyone? Prebiotics vs probiotics When should we seek medical help for bloating? Remedies for bloating...And much more ***To connect with Christina: IG: @Christina_damico FB: Christina D’Amico Nutrition and Fitness TikTok: @christina_damico *** Connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.  To book a FREE Discovery Session with me to find out how you can improve your nutrition without extreme workouts and unsustainable diets, click here: https://www.notadiet.co.uk Subscribe to Neighbourhood Nutritionist now to hear about other interesting nutrition topics!  Please rate and review on wherever you're listening now.  To get in touch with me, please send an email to hello@notadiet.co.uk 


20 Oct 2021

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07.25.18 EC Radio with Guests Comedian Dan Lamorte and Christina D'Amico from Dance with Utica

EC Radio

1st hour- Comedian Dan Lamorte topics include Chris Rock and Louie CK dinner, Marijuana, life, stand up comedy and more www.danlamorte.com 2nd hour- Christina D'Amico is on to talk about Dance with Utica www.dancewithutica.com

1hr 59mins

25 Jul 2018

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Episode #161 - Christina D'Amico / Mark Simon

The Uticast Podcasting Network

Come and knock on our door, True Believers. We’ve been waiting for you!! This is The Uticast, Episode #161 and this week it’s Three’s Company as we sit down for a trio of interviews with Christina D’Amico (Dance With Utica), Mark Simon (Utica Zoo) and Justin Parkinson (Made in Utica)!!On Tap This Week: Heather, Kevin and Sam return once again to the Uticast HQ sweat-lodge as they breakdown all the big stories of the week, including Duck Boats, Hamstrings and hard basket fouls. Afterwards, Sam sits down with Christina D’Amico to discuss the 2nd Dance With Utica Dance Festival starting on July 27th!! Then, GFOP Mark Simon returns to discuss his new gig as Marketing Coordinator at the Utica Zoo and the Utica Zoo Brewfest happening on August 4th!! Against our better judgment, longtime friend Justin Parkinson is back to discuss the 3rd Annual Downtown Getdown, Breaking Ground at Handshake City and some we ended up on HBO shows. Finally, the Crew comes back together to debate James Gunn, 2000-year-old sarcophagus and “duping” politicians. Plus, Nickelodeon revivals!!! This is The Uticast and we’re here to tell you a story. #JoinTheClub #MadeInUticaUTICAST.COMApple Podcasts Stitcher Soundcloud Made In Utica

1hr 34mins

23 Jul 2018

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Episode #97 - Christina D'Amico (OB Training)

The Uticast Podcasting Network

Neither tornado, nor rain, nor Utica Day hangover, nor gloom of night Will stay your World Podcasting champs from the swift, professional completion of their appointed scorching hot takes.Welcome back, folks. This is The Uticast, Episode #97 andThis Week; fresh from her appearance on the Utica Day Panel,We’re excited to talk with coach and co-owner of OB Training,the very charming, Christina D’Amico!!On Tap This Week: Heather, Kevin and Sam are back once again, as they recap the Barden Mudfest, the Mayor’s Gala and Utica Day, before unpacking the broader points of the #FyreFestival. Afterward, Sam sits down with Utica Day panelist and coach/co-owner of OB Training, Christina D'Amico, to discuss common gym fears, the struggles of freshman year and Dance With Utica, taking place July 28th & 29th. Finally, The crew closes up shop with those ever-present history lessons, “Sheeple," Mr. Gorilla and a quick check-in with the world’s worst first date. This is The Uticast and we’re here to tell you a story. #JoinTheClub #MadeInUticaUTICAST.COMApple Podcasts – Soundcloud – Made In Utica

1hr 14mins

1 May 2017

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