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#83 - New Baseball Vocabulary w/ Kevin Goggin

Rain Delay Theater

You're watching a baseball game and a pinch hitter gets announced only to be called back and lost for the rest of the game, you think to yourself, "Man, there really should be a term for what happened to that guy". Well, Jack and Jeremy, joined by special guest Kevin Goggin, have your back, as they dedicate this episode to coming up with new terms for obscure baseball occurrences! The guys even take it one step further and coin a few new phrases for random ballgame attendee shenanigans. Michael Douglas, Megadeth, and the movie "Stay Tuned" are all somehow referenced in this raucous episode. As an added bonus, Jeremy recounts the shocking tale of the time his hitting prowess caused serious damage to his aunt's house. Tune in this week and expand your baseball vocabulary!

1hr 35mins

31 Jul 2020

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Episode 8 - "After The Final Pour" (feat. Kevin Goggin)

The Malting Hour

AfterThe Final Pour is a series that takes place after many of our podcasts. We sit down with our guest and open up another bottle and just talk about the beer. We will occasionally take a series of these recordings and release them as a new episode of After The Final Pour.

1hr 4mins

13 May 2019

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Episode 3 - Decades of Pale Ales (feat. Kevin Goggin)

The Malting Hour

On this episode Brandon and Tony sit down with Kevin Goggin and discuss his favorite style, Pale Ales. We cover 4 decades of the style while using lingo from each decade to describe the beers.The intros were provided by Fluid Minds. You can find them on Spotify, iTunes and at FluidMindsMusic.comThe break was provided by The Krunchies. You can find "Happy, Happy" on Spotify.The outro was provided by Ephus. You can find them on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp.Be sure to subscribe and rate our podcast. You can more info on the brew club at 2twelve.beer and on all the social medias by searching 2TwelveBrewClub.


4 Mar 2019

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Kevin Goggin || JS050

Jam Sandwich

Holy schlitts, Jam Sandwich is now 50 deep. I've now been recording episodes of this show for a year, give or take a few weeks when I took a sabbatical. On this episode I'm joined once again by my good friend Kevin Goggin. He's the show's composer and he delivered an extra special treat for the special occasion. Today we listen to Devo's Duty Now For The Future, along with some other classic singles and deep cuts.  Anyway, we discuss the band and the importance of recognizing Devolution as it takes places before our very eyes. Also Kevin's grandmother. So put on your power dome, plug in and get ready to understand my potato.  Also, in the excitement of tings, I completely spaced on thanking Producer Dan in my big ups segment. The show wouldn't exist today had it not been for his kindness and inspiration, so go tweet at him at @friesenpoint and tell him you love him. He deserves it. Lastly, THANK YOU for listening! Be sure to tell all your friends about all the naughty fun we have here. For real, that'd be nice of you. Jam Sandwiches can also be found at: jamsandwichpodcast.com || manontop69.com || Twitter: @jamsandwichpod || Instagram: @jamsandwichpodcast  

1hr 50mins

28 Feb 2017

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Kevin Goggin || JS028

Jam Sandwich

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you downloaded this episode before 9/22/16, go ahead and get it again as I pumped up the volume. Sorry for the trouble! My good friend (and the composer of our theme song) Kevin Goggin returns to the ultra high frequencies of Jam Sandwich! This episode was recorded at 1 AM so we may or may not have already had a few. We dig into some power pop classics, spinning both the Raspberries and the Vapors, while discussing Chicago's best hot dog stands, our OG AOL screen names and the merits of taking your young lover to an empty baseball dugout. We present some actual facts about the records for a change. Also, the show is now on Instagram, so go follow the us at @jamsandwichpodcast for some heavy visuals. In the meantime, subscribe to the show not because I told you to, but because it's what you desire. La-di-da-di-da.

1hr 35mins

20 Sep 2016

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Kevin Goggin & Mike Conway || JS012

Jam Sandwich

Oh my goodness, this episode is the most spot on portrayal of what I was trying to capture with the show; hanging with friends, gettin' loose and listening to rekkids. I was already planning on kicking it with da boys and luckily I was able to convince them to spend a portion of the night on mic! We listen to Fun House and Shazam but barely talk about the music. Instead, Mike continually makes outrageous statements and we all get real into candy. It's like a Fire flavored Jolly Rancher for your ears, this one is hot hot hot!! 

1hr 32mins

24 May 2016