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EP 22 | Making EVs Mainstream | Sunfuel Electric | Gul Panag & Sudhir Nayak

Energizing India Podcast

In this episode, we go back to the charging infrastructure sector and speak to a unique new startup charge point operator co-founded by a team of people who bring a myriad of experiences from the consulting, advertising, manufacturing, and even the film industry. The one thing that this team has in common is a passion for clean mobility and cleaner air in our cities. Their operating model for charging infrastructure is different as well, as they use their chargers as outdoor digital advertising opportunities, generating alternative revenue streams for the business. We speak today with two of the co-founders of Sunfuel Electric, Gul Panag and Sudhir Nayak who together with their team through in-depth usage accessibility and ergonomics research have designed what could become one of the most unique chargers designs in the country. Produced by Ador Digatron 


1 Jun 2022

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Ep.01 Gul Panag and her Food & Fitness philosophy

The Whole Truth Project

“You cannot out-excerise a bad diet!”, says the most charming, role-model like Gul Panag, who also happens to be our first ever guest on the Whole Truth Project. Gul is an actor, a pilot, a pilot’s wife, a mother and so much more, yet she manages to be one of the fittest people out there.  - Does she have a secret mantra? - How does she prioritize health amidst a packed schedule?  - What is her philosophy on food on fitness? Find out about all this and more. Tune in.


20 Mar 2021

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Ep. 29: Farmer Protests: Watershed Moment for Indian Democracy? ft. Gul Panag

The Note with Mahrukh Inayet

Gul Panag has stood by the thousands of farmers protesting against the three farm laws recently passed by the Centre. Calling these protests a watershed moment for Indian democracy, Gul tells Mahrukh Inayet why these laws are against the very essence of democratic debate and legislation. On TheNote, Gul Panag says reforms are needed but not without due consultation with all stakeholders.You can talk to Gul Panag on Twitter: @GulPanagTalk to Mahrukh on Twitter & Instagram: @mahrukhinayetYou can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the new and improved IVM Podcast App on Android: https://ivm.today/androidor iOS: https://ivm.today/ios


18 Jan 2021

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230: HT City News | Nimrat Kaur has a special Lohri wish for farmers | Radhika Madan celebrates Lohri with family in Mumbai | Gul Panag celebrates her son's first Lohri in Punjab.

Masala Bytes: HT City Daily News Wrap

Nimrat kaur says, “You see people of all age groups and genders, just out there in the cold. These are visuals that are very sad to witness.”Kaur says having compassion for our farmers is extremely important. “I happen to have farmers in my family but none of us need to be connected to understand how important they are. It is like not having a doctor in the family does not mean we don’t know how important they are,” says the actor. Listen to all that's been trending in the world of #Entertainment & #Lifestyle with Mallika Bhagat.


13 Jan 2021

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115: HT City News | Sanjana Sanghi on Dil Bechara success | Satish Kaushik talks about ongoing awards debate | Gul Panag on insider outsider debate

Masala Bytes: HT City Daily News Wrap

After the success of Dil Bechara on OTT platforms and among audiences, Sanjana Sanghi opens up about working alongside SSR. Satish Kaushik talks about the process biases of choosing award winners. Gul Panag talks about the insider-outsider debate. 


24 Aug 2020

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103: HT City News | Gul Panag deeply affected by the plane crash | Bollywood isn't a dark place | Badshah's controversy of buying fake views

Masala Bytes: HT City Daily News Wrap

Bollywood gives you the chance to prove yourself and make a mark. If you have talent, you will find your niche,” says actor-comedian Sunil Grover. Listen to all that’s making news in the world of #Entertainment & #Lifestyle today with Mallika Bhagat.


10 Aug 2020

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A.R. Rahman in conversation with Gul Panag

The A.R. Rahman Podcast

A.R. Rahman talks with Gul Panag about being productive while working from home, setting an example to his kids, and why everyone needs to be empathetic in today’s scenario.


17 May 2020

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55: Pataal Lok: Gul Panag, Jaideep Alahwat and Neeraj Kabi reveal the inspiration behind the characters.

Aur Batao

In the latest episode of 'Aur Batao', RJ Stutee talks to the cast of Pime Video's Paatal Lok - Gul Panag, Jaideep Alahwat and Neeraj Kabi. The actors break down their characters and reveral their cravings during lockdown. 


15 May 2020

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650: Why I’m Rooting for ‘Handsome’ Raghav & ‘Smart’ Atishi: Gul Panag

News and Views

As I hit the campaign trail to support Raghav Chadha and Atishi of the Aam Aadmi Party, I can’t help but wonder, how in this day and age, candidates are still seeking votes for providing basics. I would also like to use this opportunity to exact revenge for the objectification I faced during my own campaign, by objectifying Raghav (albeit in jest!) – when I spoke of him being honest, upright, hardworking – and handsome! For more podcasts from The Quint, check out our Podcasts section.


9 May 2019

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553: Can Poll Campaigns Be Clean & Sans Enmity? Yes, Says Gul Panag

News and Views

Five years ago, almost to the date, I fought my first election. It was a life changing experience. And I’d gladly go back and do it again, even if the outcome remained the same. It was an impulsive decision, to be honest. The idea of AAP as ‘anti status quo-ists’ was something I believed in – and I had set aside time to campaign for some of their candidates like HS Phoolka, someone I’ve long admired. When Chandigarh’s AAP candidate withdrew, I reached out to Arvind Kejriwal and threw in my hat. For more podcasts from The Quint, check out our Podcasts section.


16 Apr 2019