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090 Entrepreneurial Anxiety, Apathy and Depression (Virtual Meetup), with Melanie Ginsburg and Samantha Alvarez

Intuitive Leadership Podcast

Melanie Ginsburg and Samantha Alvarez talk about “Entrepreneurial Anxiety, Apathy and Depression (Virtual Meetup)” in this episode of Intuitive Leadership Mastery with host Michaela Light. “…I will say of depression, not true depression, anxiety, just very unpleasant while I was running my business and had to learn very fast how to swim. So now I'm […]Source

1hr 40mins

4 Sep 2020

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137: Samantha Alvarez | Sales Coach, Digital Nomad, and Mindful Human Being

Mind Grapes

Samantha Alvarez, is a sales coach, serial entrepreneur, digital nomad, sales systems strategist, nurse practitioner, university faculty, polyglot and mindful human being who wants to help people achieve stable income and become their best ever selves.


13 Jan 2018

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How Traveling and Speaking 8 Languages Can Impact Your Life with Samantha Alvarez

The Creative Hustler Podcast

What’s up Creative Hustlers! Today, Steven & Melissa interview Samantha Alvarez, the Creative Hustler who is trying to help people achieve stable income while becoming their best self! [00:29] What’s up Creative Hustlers! [00:32] Today we’re interviewing Samantha Alvarez. [01:03] Ready to get hustling, Samantha? [01:29] What makes Samantha a Creative Hustler! [02:03] Samantha loves trying out new things. [02:43] Samantha has had 63 different jobs, and speaks 8 languages. [04:00] Samantha learned portuguese in 6 weeks. [04:45] Samantha’s advice to someone learning a new language. [05:16] Make it emotional and make it relevant. [06:26] Instead of learning complex grammar, learn the phrases you use everyday. [07:19] The meaning behind Latin & Code [07:37] How Samantha approaches language is how she approaches life.[08:23] Where does Samantha’s fire come from?! [09:45] Learning a language, or working isn’t easy, but when you are excited about it, it’s easier. [10:13] The optimal state of flow. [10:53] What Samantha does to get OUT of a funk. [11:07] Samantha lives her life in relationships, and solves problems with relationships. [12:11] Live your life in service. [13:45] Be transparent to your team, and vocalize your struggles. [14:09] Worst job: Samantha was an account for a month, without any experience. [15:45] Best Job: Coaching people, one on one. [17:00] We don’t usually have someone in our lives who’s willing to be there for you 100% and call you out on your shit. [18:25] Sometimes the nomad lifestyle is not glamorous. [19:00] Biggest challenge in Nomad life is disillusionment. [19:55] Another challenge is finding what aligns with you. [22:00] Understanding your boundaries is important. [23:20] Find ONE thing to do every day. Sam does SELF-CARE every day. [23:50] Work hard, play hard and have clear boundaries. [24:40] Sam is excited by an annual plan for productivity. [26:00] If you don’t have any sales, you don’t have a business. [27:20] Sam would love to be able to serve much more people fully. [28:22] Having a value ladder is very important for coaching! [29:06] Sam would choose a green smoothie with Marie Forleo. [31:00] How has traveling and speaking 8 languages impacted Sam’s entrepreneur journey. [34:35] Where Sam Alvarez lives on the internet! [35:00] Find the Creative Hustler on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and leave a review! [35:26] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle! Contact Sam Alvarez: FB Page LinkedIn Profile Website Courses


9 Jan 2018

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#22: 9 Steps to Building Your Personal Roadmap with Samantha Alvarez

CLAIMED — Feminine/Masculine Polarity. Femininity. Embodiment.

Samantha Alvarez is a genius when it comes to New Year Resolutions and implementation of grand plans without burning out. She carries a 30x30cm dry-erase board with her at all times, which revolutionized how she plans her day and gets sh*t done. Sam speaks 8 languages, had visited 26 countries, lived in 11 of them, held 63 jobs and is now a Sales Coach, and Sales Systems Strategist, helping businesses around the world stabilize revenue and live life fully. Based on her own experience and resources she’s used during years of self-exploration, Sam has come up with her own system of planning and achieving goals every year that keep her on track and motivated. The 9-step vigorous process Sam came up with will keep you aligned and focused. Sam says that if you manage to implement 60 percent of your plan, you’re doing really good! On this episode, she explains every single step of the 9-step formula to building your personal roadmap, gives practical examples from her own roadmap and shares with us the theme she has chosen for this year: “Calmness is the cradle of power.” - J. G. Holland. Join us for an incredible conversation where you’ll also discover the apps, blogs and recommended books Sam follows and reads to stay happy, productive and fulfilled every day, including: 2 excellent resources to learn a foreign language fast and with ease 2 personal growth books that transformed Sam’s life and set her for success the #1 app that summarizes books in a clear and beautiful way so you can focus on actually implementing your goals Check all these at www.girlskill.com/22 P. S. Sign up for the free, exclusive training from me on “The Lie of Female Success: How to Get Unstuck, Release Pressure & Stop Trying to Do It All” to find out: How to overcome the "Superwoman Syndrome" so you can start living in freedom, with ease, and owning your truth True feminine power and what you can do right now to begin feeling supported, stop pushing & controlling your life and men How to rediscover, embrace and cultivate feminine flow and become embodied so you can stop overthinking and start making decisions from the heart The essence of masculine/feminine polarity and how to attract and magnify the relationship you want And much more… Sign up at girlskill.com/webinar

1hr 12mins

4 Jan 2018

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MF 148 : Samantha Alvarez on Moving Forward as a Digital Nomad

Moving Forward ("always be moving forward!")

Samantha Alvarez is a digital nomad, author and sales coach. Today, Samantha will share the gift of moving forward with a holistic and relationship-approach to sales. More at www.bemovingforward.com. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn @Bemovingforward The Corporate Cliches Adult Coloring Book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online: Just go to Bit.ly/corporatecliches


19 Dec 2017

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#65 – Accelerated Learning Series – Language Learning with Samantha Alvarez

The Career Insider Podcast

For Episode 65 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we kick-off the Accelerated Learning Series with a Language Learning Samantha Alvarez.Guest Introduction – Samantha AlvarezSamantha Alvarez began her language learning adventure at the age of twelve, where she began by taking on the Spanish language.After a period of burnout, she decided to learn Japanese and lived in Okinawa, Japan for 6 months, where she immersed herself in Japanese culture and developed a conversational hold over the language.She moved to Taiwan after and began to learn Mandarin Chinese. Since then she has learned French, German, Italian and currently has her sights set on learning Russian.She has had 63 different jobs to date, and now helps others who are in need of a career change or a shift in direction.Episode Summary1. Samantha explains the value that is gained by knowing more than one language. Even knowing a second can open the door to opportunities that would otherwise be closed off to you.2. She explains various scenarios where another language she has learned has set her ahead of the game, or has come in handy within her life.3. She goes into detail about how to learn a language, what works, what doesn't and the frame of mind that tends to works best while learning a new language.4. She also talks about what holds people back from learning, and how to get over it.5. Samantha also focuses on the main things that lend themselves to success when it comes to learning languages, and reinforces why it's such a worthwhile pursuit.6. She also goes over some of the most effective ways to on-board new material, and speed up the process.7. She also spends time introducing Emotive Style Language Learning. Get emotional about whatever you are learning to speed up the process.Quotes“I've talked to people in over 100 different countries, and twice a week I will end up speaking with someone in a language other than English…”“I was able to get positions that I would have never been able to get without knowing another language”“I learn languages because I find heart to heart connections with people deeply satisfying”“After having a really solid ‘why' the best thing you can do is get started”“Use something that is relevant to your life that you're emotional about”“You have to learn enough today so that you're still going to want to learn tomorrow.”Links & ResourcesTo learn more about Samantha Alvarez, you can visit her website Sam Alvarez.You can also connect with her or follow her on  Samantha Alvarez, Facebook or her YouTube Channel.Intro Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas (www.accelerated-ideas.com). Soundtrack – Siren KickbackEnding Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas (www.accelerated-ideas.com). Soundtrack – No Need to Rush See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


30 Sep 2017

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Samantha Alvarez Talks Digital Nomad, Travel, Polyglot, and Entrepreneurship

The Career Kickstart Show | Design Your Dream Career | Ready for Career Freedom?

Samantha Alvarez is a digital nomad who has always been excited for the next career pivot! After 63 jobs in her life, she knows a thing or two about reinvention!   Find out more about her at samalvarez.com! Subscribe, share, and find out more about the show at Cool.CareerKickstartAcademy.com 


20 Aug 2017

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150 Digital Nomading With Samantha Alvarez

The Big Movement Podcast

http://www.byroningraham.com/podcast/150-digital-nomading-samantha-alvarez Samantha Alvarez is a world traveler, digital nomad, nurse practitioner, online teacher, and musician wanting to help people become the best version of themselves. Samantha always loved travel, however, as a nurse practitioner she often found herself working 80 hours per week in her own clinic.  After taking a year off she decided to move to Japan and learn Japanese.  Unfortunately, Japan was more expensive than she expected which resulted in her funds running out after 6 months.  This resulted in her returning to the US for a couple of months.  As she was hooked on the idea of digital nomading, she looked up everything she could about making money online. Being a digital nomad means living life on your terms and going for it no matter what.  It is not necessarily about making lots of money, as most digital nomads focus on creating an income to provide for the lifestyle they choose to lead. The One Thing Samantha recommends for individuals to do is to figure out what you want.  Because Digital Nomad is a vague term, it is important to know what your goals are in terms of lifestyle and location before starting your adventure.  Once you know your goals, you want to give them everything you've got.


14 Jun 2017

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Guest Samantha Alvarez

Well Its Off The Record with Judy

Judy welcomes Master and teacher 8 different languages Guest Samantha Alvarez


17 May 2017

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Case Study: Samantha Alvarez pt 2, Sales magic, being your true self and polarizing your audience

Intuitive Leadership Podcast

Welcome back to our Case Study Series. Sam is an amazing sales consultant and language learning entrepreneur She already was using amazing WWIT since our previous session, How to apply the first tools from the book within 12 hours and achieve big shifts in her business within 24 hours Topics: How you can deal with […]Source


3 Apr 2017