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Swipe Fat

This week we’re joined by body-positive sex educator Elle Chase @theellechase. We talk body confidence, sex positions, and even get some personal advice!


6 Aug 2021

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Sexual Re Education- Ep. 17- Body Image & Sex w/ Elle Chase

Sexual ReEducation Podcast

This week Sienna & Olivia talk to Elle Chase, sex educator, and all-around cool person, about all things body image & sex. As summer kicks off, just remember: all bodies are bikini bodies. Your can find Elle on Instagram @theellechase or at ellechase.com


7 Jun 2021

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Body Image Issues with Elle Chase

A Sassy Little Podcast for Getting Over It with Sandra Ann Miller

Certified sex educator, body acceptance advocate and the author of CURVY GIRL SEX: 101 Body-Positive Positions to Empower Your Sex Life, Elle Chase,  CSE, ACS, joins the pod to talk about how to simplify the complicated relationship we have with our bodies. We talk about the love of David (Bowie), messages we aren't achieving, complicated human beings, conditionally loving our bodies, accepting your body as is, compassion, demands, control, how dissatisfaction is healthy, standards, self-reflections, fear or love, no quick fix, zero patience, bossy messages, critical thinking, Marie Osmond, skinny women in bikinis, ennui, Madison Avenue, being sold to, a certain type of fatness, improvements, baby steps, being judged, self-criticism, embracing the imperfect, knowing what is realistic, being your ideal, plastic surgery, do what makes you happy, not having to be a certain way, the exterior won't fix the interior, labiaplasty, not looking how you feel, fall in love with yourself, there is no body that's normal, attracting shallow, what you bring to the table is important, dating when fat, self-esteem, taking the 350 lbs woman over the supermodel, how we get comfortable with ourselves, what we tell ourselves can be most damaging, stopping at neutral before going from negative to positive thoughts, changing the way we speak to ourselves, remember what you like about yourself, what you believe, romancing yourself, being your biggest fan, learning your love language, the relationship with yourself and its importance, Yukon gold potatoes, little things, comfort and joy, cravings, feeding the soul, separating wheat from chaff, muting, blocking and unfollowing, courage and strength, neutrality, more compassion, messy humans, Japanese sweet potatoes, knowing what lifts you up, being nice to yourself, recognizing the pressure we're under, finding what's supportive to you, friends, joy in Bernie memes, feeling like a human being again, perfections is boring, Michelle Pfeiffer, smokers, good toes, the perfect human, beautiful nailbeds.You can find Elle on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @TheElleChase and her website is ellechase.com. Episode recorded on 01/22/21Episode released on 02/10/21For more information on the podcast or its host, please visit sassylittlepodcast.com. There, you will find links to social media and an opportunity to become a member of the podcast community. We are on Twitter and Instagram @SassyLittlePod and Facebook @SassyLittlePodcast.Thanks for listening! If you like this sassy little podcast, please subscribe to it, rate it and review it, and tell your friends about it. Become a patron on Patreon. Cheers!


10 Feb 2021

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169: Elle Chase: Intimacy for Every Body

Holly Randall Unfiltered

Elle Chase is a sex educator who specializes in the issues around bigger bodies. In this frank discussion, she delves into the reasons behind the way our society trains us to view ourselves and our bodies, and her journey to loving herself as she is. As you might expect from such a prolific blogger, she also has plenty of sex tips and advice for bigger lovers and their partners including positions, condoms, porn recommendations, and even lube. Elle's blend of knowledge and erotic curiosity make this conversation both thoughtful and exciting! Support my show by supporting my sponsors! Manscaped is the revolutionary electric trimmer for man bush. It won't nick or snag your balls, and you can get 20% off plus free shipping by visiting Manscaped.com and using code HOLLY.  Trivia Star is a FREE mobile quiz game that’s entertaining and challenging. Right now, Trivia Star is offering you 2,500 coins and 500 gems when you download and play. Just go to the Apple or Google store and search for Trivia Star. Download the app and see if you’re smart enough to win! I'm so excited to have my favorite (and longest!) client Twistys sponsoring the show! I've shot some of my best work for this website, so make sure you go and check out all the beautiful girl/girl scenes I've produced for them! Want more from this podcast? Get access to tons of perks by joining my Patreon! We have exclusive bonus content with stars such as Eliza Ibarra, Alex Grey, Scarlett Sage and Molly Stewart, and Holly has her own behind-the-scenes podcast with her hilarious PM Eva, you gotta listen! Also watch the show live and get cool gifts like signed prints. Join our community now at Patreon.com/hollyrandallunfiltered Don't forget you can always email us at hollyrandallunfiltered@gmail.com

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7 Oct 2020

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Sex, The Body & The Media - with Elle Chase

The Erotic Philosopher

What is sexy? How do we discover what turns us on, (even if it doesn’t make sense)? What happens in a loveless, sexless marriage when you have an affair and then discover the wide world of porn? Our guest today Elle Chase (she/her) tracks her foray into the world of online feminist porn, body acceptance, sex education and censorship. What does the body positive movement have to offer all of us regardless of size and how helpful is it anyway? Elle answers listener letter on making peace with her body Elle Chase, CSE is a certified sexuality educator, writer, speaker and coach as well as the author of Curvy Girl Sex: 101 Body-Positive Positions to Empower Your Sex Life. Chase is a frequent guest, and a regularly quoted source for international media outlets that have included; NBC’s The Today Show, ABC’s Nightline, Savage Lovecast, and The New York Times. Her writing has also been featured in Teen Vogue, The Huffington Post, and Cosmopolitan. Elle speaks and teaches workshops across the country, specializing in body acceptance, the importance of sexual expression and all things sex. You can find her at: www.ellechase.com or @TheElleChase on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. #bodyimage #bodypositivity #bodyneutrality #rule34 #feministporn #sexeducation #bopo #haes Book mentioned “Fearing The Black Body” by Sabrina Strings


9 Sep 2020

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Summer Sex, Mindfulness and The Cosmic Orgasm with Elle Chase & Dr. Jennifer Freed

Sex With Emily

Answering your questions about how to have more pleasure is my jam and this episode is no exception. Alongside my friend and sex educator Elle Chase, I cover sex without penetration, summer sex tips and mindfulness. Elle and I get right down to business taking a call from Mike in Arizona who wants to have a threesome (shock!) with his girlfriend, but wants to make sure he sets it up for success. Later, we answer your questions about sex positions for curvier people and what to expect after a hysterectomy. First off, though, is Dr. Jennifer Freed’s monthly astro-sex forecast! Jen is a renowned psychological astrologer who has been helping people realize and reach their potential for over thirty years. To go even deeper this month, Jen takes questions from the Sex With Emily team about the relationship between our moon and sun signs and what we can expect during the next full moon. Thank you for supporting our sponsors who help keep this show FREE: Promescent , #Open, Zumio, Exsens For more information about Elle Chase, visit: ellechase.com For even more sex advice, tips, and tricks visit sexwithemily.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


14 Aug 2020

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Episode #220: Elle Chase – Certified Sexuality Educator, Writer, Speaker, Pleasure Advocate, Author of Curvy Girl Sex, Creator of LadyCheeky

Fresh Is The Word

My guest today is Certified Sex Educator, writer, speaker, pleasure advocate, author of Curvy Girl Sex, and creator of LadyCheeky, Elle Chase, who was suggestion from previous guest Anne Hodder-Shipp (happy birthday Anne!). We got into the importance of sex education and to normalize it along with body positivity and so much more. It was a great chat and Elle Chase continually spreads information about sex-positive education and most recently, resources for accountability and actions for black lives.And before my chat with Elle Chase, I wanted to focus on is how white people can be a better ally during this racial awakening. As a white person myself, I’ve long been aware that black culture has been an important part of my life and I always try to learn more about how I carry myself. Now there’s a lot of information out there and below are some resources I’ve come across to understand this movement more, understand the realities of black people, and how you can be a better ally.– An Antiracist Reading List– Why you should stop saying “all lives matter,” explained in 9 different ways– Heather Dianne Saunders’s Facebook Post About White People & Racism– Guidelines for Being Strong White Allies– My White Friend Asked Me on Facebook to Explain White Privilege. I Decided to Be Honest– Resources for Accountability and Actions for Black Lives– Anti-racism resources for white peopleFollow Elle Chase:Web: ellechase.comFacebook: facebook.com/theellechaseTwitter: twitter.com/TheElleChaseInstagram: instagram.com/theellechaseTHEME MUSICCourtesy of STEVE O. Check out more music at eyeamsteveo.bandcamp.com.Support via PatreonIf you want to support Fresh is the Word, please consider pledging via Patreon at Patreon.com/freshistheword.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/freshistheword/message

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11 Jun 2020

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Every Body is a Good Body with Elle Chase

Hearts and Other Sex Parts

In this episode Keely and Stella interview Elle Chase, the author of Curvy Girl Sex 101: Body Positive Positions to Empower your Sex Life.


2 Sep 2019

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Sexually #Open with Elle Chase

Sex With Emily

On today’s show, Emily is joined by friend, sex educator, writer, & speaker Elle Chase to give you insight on new sex-positive dating trends, and she’s taking your calls. She gives you tech tips on how to find matches that align with your sexual preferences, ways to make sex conversations sound more, well, sexy (you know, so everyone can chime in), and how to pull the passion out of your partner during sex.   Thank you for supporting our sponsors who help keep the show FREE: Cal Exotics, Veritas Farms, Uberlube, SiriusXM, Apex. Follow Emily on all social: @sexwithemily For even more sex talk, tips, & tricks visit sexwithemily.com For more information on Elle Chase, click HERE. For more information on #Open, click HERE. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


11 Jun 2019

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with Elle Chase

PlusThis! Show

Kathy and Nikki talk to Elle Chase, Sex Educator and Author.IG:@TheElleChase and @curvy_girl_sexTwitter: @TheElleChase and @CurvyGirlSexBk


31 May 2019