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419 On Valentines Day Ft. Tinz Rant

90s Baby Show

What would the death of a sibling do to your family? How would a sibling going through mental health issues and going to jail effect you? How would that affect you as a parent to your child??Join the BOYS on this episode as they go into some family history. We are joined by Tinz Rants (Fred Santana's Cousin) to talk about family issues and how she coped with itThere is always more to people than what meets the eye; but sometimes you can meet somebody, look them in their eye and know they have been through stuff. We do a deep dive through the whole episode into the death of a brother, mental issues of another sibling and being a mother all at the same time. It’s funny how things can happen in life and affect people totally differently. As we discuss the death of her older brother we see how her younger brother's use of different vices to deal with his death. Both bottling up emotions led to different issues or complications later on down the line.What about love??????? We discuss the break up with her and the father of her child and whether it is worth getting back together. Sometimes it is good to go where you are familiar right? Our parents may have done it - your dad might not have been the best but he was the convenient nigga that was in with your family, your mum might have taken the L … (To take the delayed W lol). Is it right to just settle because of not wanting to start again? How many of us are first trained? if your dad or mum started to have a fit, would you know what to do? Tinz Rantz explains witnessing her brother dying and feeling confused due to not knowing how to deal with the situation. We would rather invest in clothes, trainers, cars, and other things that bring instant gratification rather than things that could save us and bring true value later. We live life as if it won’t end and like there will be no complications but, we know life proves otherwise Are we really ready for the rollercoaster life actually is, or are we just strapped in with our eyes closed, thinking it will make it easier?A lot to take in, learn and implement after this. Still jokes and jewels as usual but ensure to take the advice, examples, and lessons learned. Cherish those around and lets take advantage of the time we got whilst we are here.You Can follow Tinz Rant on the following platforms:Twitter - @Tinzrant & @RantsandTalksInstagram - tiinn_Website - tinzrant.com

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13 Feb 2018