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5PM49: Robby Smith on coaching, fatherhood and mentors

Mat Talk Podcast Network

Multi-time World Team member and 2016 Olympian Robby Smith joins the show to discuss retirement, the legacy of Mark Halvorson, and becoming the head assistant coach at the place where it all began, the Community Youth Center in Concord, California. Photo: Smith with Halvorson at 2015 World Championships by Tony Rotundo. SUBSCRIBE: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spreaker | Google Podcasts | RSS

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5 Jul 2021

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5PM49: Robby Smith on coaching, fatherhood and mentors

Five Point Move - U.S. Greco-Roman Wrestling

Multi-time World Team member and 2016 Olympian Robby Smith joins the show to discuss retirement, the legacy of Mark Halvorson, and becoming the head assistant coach at the place where it all began, the Community Youth Center in Concord, California. Photo: Smith with Halvorson at 2015 World Championships by Tony Rotundo.

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5 Jul 2021

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Quest for Gold – Episode 43: Olympic wrestler Robby Smith hasn’t retired, but admits life ‘flipped upside down’ during pandemic

Quest for Gold

This week on Quest for Gold… A coach of the 2012 U.S. women’s ‘Fierce Five’ gold medal gymnastics team commits suicide after being indicted on 24 counts of trafficking and abuse related to the Dr. Larry Nassar investigation. Tiger Woods’ Olympic dreams may have come to a halt. Lolo Jones calls out MTV over her exit on ‘The Challenge.’ Alex Morgan, Carli Lloyd and Megan Rapinoe tally goals as the USWNT grabs another ‘SheBelieves’ Cup. And we talk with 2016 U.S. Greco Roman Olympic wrestler Robby Smith, who was on track to return to the games in 2020, until the pandemic threw a wrench into his plans. https://serve.castfire.com/audio/3817957/Episode_43_2021-02-27-001857.64kmono.mp3window.loadAnvato({"mcp":"LIN","width":"100%","height":"100%","video":"6388841","autoplay":false,"expect_preroll":true,"pInstance":"p22","plugins":{"comscore":{"clientId":"6036439","c3":"wgnradio","script":"//w3.cdn.anvato.net/player/prod/v3/plugins/comscore/comscoreplugin.min.js","useDerivedMetadata":true,"mapping":{"video":{"c3":"wgnradio","ns_st_st":"wgn-am","ns_st_pu":"Nexstar","ns_st_ge":"Entertainment","cs_ucfr":""},"ad":{"c3":"wgnradio","ns_st_st":"wgn-am","ns_st_pu":"Nexstar","ns_st_ge":"Entertainment","cs_ucfr":""}}},"dfp":{"adTagUrl":"https://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/ads?sz=1x1000&iu=/5678/nx.wgnradio/quest_for_gold&impl=s&gdfp_req=1&env=vp&output=vmap&unviewed_position_start=1&ad_rule=1&description_url=https://wgnradio.com/quest-for-gold/audio-feed/&cust_params=vid%3D6388841...[bob_ck_val]%26d_code%3Dna003"},"segmentCustom":{"script":"https://segment.psg.nexstardigital.net/anvato.js","writeKey":"X9BPF2btnYgROB8T8DPmQw8KYsb4TRju"}},"expectPrerollTimeout":8,"accessKey":"5VD6EydR8z56eFmkaYsLktJgjpeAvGRw","token":"eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJ2aWQiOiI2Mzg4ODQxIiwiaXNzIjoiNVZENkV5ZFI4ejU2ZUZta2FZc0xrdEpnanBlQXZHUnciLCJleHAiOjE2MzE3MjU0Njl9._iPbYt7RW0PJJ3G_o5eKpIRio-SKysucKecupuVIaTc","nxs":{"mp4Url":"https://nxsglobal.storage.googleapis.com/wgn-am/video/video_studio/1657/21/02/26/6388841/6388841_EA06D5E8B4BB45FBBC8C99AB17B036A1_210226_6388841_Quest_for_Gold___Episode_43_3000.mp4","enableFloatingPlayer":true},"disableMutedAutoplay":false,"recommendations":false,"expectPreroll":true,"titleVisible":true,"pauseOnClick":true,"trackTimePeriod":60}); More Quest for Gold

27 Feb 2021

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#45 - Robby Smith, Jessica Garrelts and Dixie Johnson

Go Be Wyoming

On today's Episode Aaron gets to sit down with Robby Smith, Owner of Sheridan Stationery Books and Gallery; Jessica Garrelts, Owner of Cottonwood Kitchen + Home; Dixie Johnson of the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce.  Robby tells the story of the creation of the 'Christmas Stroll', a Sheridan, WY holiday tradition where residents and tourists take in local businesses and gather as a community. Jessica and Robby describe how 2020 has gone for small business owners and how the Sheridan Community has really come together.  Shop Local. Shop Local Online. Please visit the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce to learn more about the Holiday Season! 


12 Nov 2020

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Robby Smith: Present Moments

Wrestling Mindset

Meeting of the MindZ with Robby Smith https://linktr.ee/wrestlingmindsetCourses: https://www.wrestlingmindset.com/productsWebsite: https://www.wrestlingmindset.comTrial: https://www.wrestlingmindset.com/#trial See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


2 Jun 2020

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Robby Smith - U.S. Olympian


NEW EPISODE DROPS TODAY!Check out the Go Earn It Podcast with U.S. Olympian: ROBBY SMITH ! Robby is regarded as one of best Greco Roman wrestlers in the country. He is a four-time U.S. World Team Member. In this episode, Robby shares many stories of his upbringing in the sport of wrestling, the lessons he has learned from the sport, and how he is ready to embrace the role as both athlete and RTC coach. Robby is definitely someone who embodies what it means to GO EARN IT. Enjoy! Support BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH:JOIN THE FIGHT- GET YOUR PINK BUNDLE TODAY(Pink Fight Graphic Tee & Fight Snapback = $35)https://www.goearnit.com/store/Follow us on IG:https://www.instagram.com/goearnitpodcast/ https://www.instagram.com/goearnit/Follow us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/GOEARNITAPPAREL/ https://www.facebook.com/goearnitpodcast/Subscribe to the podcast:https://soundcloud.com/goearnitpodcast https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/go-earn-it/id1255260617?mt=2&app=podcast

1hr 30mins

5 Oct 2018

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5PM19: Past World Teamers Robby Smith and Joe Rau heading to the Chicago RTC

Five Point Move - U.S. Greco-Roman Wrestling

Multi-time World Team member and 2016 Olympian Robby Smith (130 kg, NYAC) is leaving the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs — his home for 13 years — to join 2014 World Teamer Joe Rau (87 kg) at the Chicago Regional Training Center on the campus of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Rau, 27, had previously competed for Minnesota Storm, the famed wrestling club in which he got his start upon graduating from Elmhurst College five years ago.


8 Aug 2018

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5PM05: Olympic heavyweight and California native Robby Smith

Five Point Move - U.S. Greco-Roman Wrestling

Episode 5 of “The Five Point Move Podcast” brings to you the one and only Robby Smith (NYAC), the popular bearded heavyweight who has enjoyed a dominant stay atop the pecking order at 130 kilograms in the US. Now a four-time US World Team member following his Olympic run in 2016, Smith dished on a variety of topics pertaining to his career while providing entertaining tidbits to serve as context. All of the major bulletpoints are hit including his move up to 120 kilos (now 130) from 96 after 2012, his coming-out party at the 2015 World Championships, training for Rio, and where he sees his career headed through the remainder of the current quad.It has been an especially interesting time in Smith’s career as of late. Following the Rio Games he required surgery on his wrist, a trying period that kept him off the mat. The forced respite also affected his psyche. Once he finally resumed training after the new year, an ankle sprain popped up and derailed his progress. But Smith persevered. In March, he returned to competition in Denmark at the Thor Masters Invitational where he endured a close first round loss but rebounded to win his next four, earning gold in the tournament’s Nordic System format. Next was the 2017 World Team Trials in April. Seeded second, Smith breezed to the best-of-three finals and defeated former training partner Toby Erickson (Army/WCAP) to secure his spot on the US World Team, his fourth time doing so.A week after the World Team Trials, Smith scored a bronze at the 2017 Pan Am Championships in Brazil. This past weekend at the Tbilisi Grand Prix, Smith dropped a tight 5-3 decision to Iosif Chugoshvili (BLR). So he’s been busy. He’ll be getting even busier. Currently, Smith is in Budapest, Hungary for a two-week training camp and upon his arrival back on US soil will begin the final phase of training for the 2017 World Championships. He’s taken fifth twice already — in 2013 and 2015. At age 30, he feels he is better than he’s ever been and gets that point across repeatedly in this episode. Getting on the podium at the Worlds is the goal, though he has other career objectives still in mind. Nothing is off the table when talking to Robby Smith as you’ll find out for yourself.A FEW HIGHLIGHTSSmith on his overall condition and recovery from training at this stage in his career“I’m not doing what I was doing when I was 19, going after it every day grinding and not recovering. You have to do way more for your body to stay going and not getting injured, that’s the recovery part of it. I still grind hard, I grind harder than everybody in the room, but it’s what I do after my practices — it’s the stretching, the cold plunges, the contrast, heat and cold, the icing, the recovery with my trainers — just keeping all of my stuff feeling fresh. If I had known that when I was younger, my body would definitely feel better now but when you’re 19 years old, 20 years old, you feel like a superhero, like nothing can harm you.”Smith on if moving up to heavyweight saved his career following years of draining weight-cutting“Oh, 100%. My body was taking a huge toll. I think I would have been just as dominant at 98 kilos, but that cut was huge. What it did was save me from being a ‘weight-cutter’ and actually becoming a wrestler. Every day my focus walking into the room, the coaches would say, ‘How’s your weight, Robby? How’s your weight, Robby?’ It wasn’t ‘How are you doing?’ or anything like that, it was ‘How’s your weight, Robby? Where’s your weight at, Robby?’ It’s like, Come on, man. You dread getting on a scale because you know you’re going to get bitched at and yelled at and all this stuff. When I made the move up I became a wrestler, and that’s why my wrestling is so exciting. Because I focused on just one thing, and that is beating people up.”Smith on the importance of the 2015 World Championships“There was no doubt after I got done qualifying that weight class that I was going to be an Olympian. That was my spot. Once I qualified it, I looked at (Mark) Halvorson and I was like, ‘We’re going to the Olympics, you know that, right?’ No one was going to stop me, no one was going to come close to me in the US. I did the hardest thing and that’s qualify. The Olympic Trials isn’t hard. The Olympic Trials is a crazy tournament, anything can happen and that’s when most of the stuff does happen. But if you wrestle how you should wrestle and compete to your highest level and compete as a professional, there should be no problems. To qualify your weight class, that’s a feat in itself.”

1hr 32mins

12 Jun 2017

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OTM421: USA Wrestling Executive Director Rich Bender and Greco-Roman World Teamer Robby Smith

On The Mat

Rich Bender, Robby Smith go ‘On the Mat’ this week This week’s edition of “On the Mat” is Wednesday, March 30 with USA Wrestling executive director Rich Bender and 2015 Greco-Roman World Team member Robby Smith. “On the Mat” is a presentation of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum. The show can...


31 Mar 2016

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BP27: Robby Smith, winning the hearts of wrestling fans and the battle of Las Vegas

Bonus Points - A USA Wrestling Podcast

The USA Wrestling Bonus Points podcast, presented by Liberty Mutual Insurance, will feature many of top names in wrestling from the U.S. and beyond. Join USA Wrestling's Richard Immel as he deconstructs the greatest minds in wrestling and sheds light on the secrets of success for each guest. Episode 27 of Bonus Points features one of the biggest names and personalities in U.S. Greco-Roman wrestling, three-time World Team member Robby Smith. Topics of discussion include Smith's legendary match against Bilyal Makov of Russia at the World Championships, the growing support of U.S. Greco-Roman wrestling, what it will take for Smith to reach the Olympic pinnacle and much more. In addition to making three Senior-level U.S. World Team's, Smith has won two U.S. Open championships and placed fifth at the World Championships in 2013 and 2015. Smith is well known internationally for his high-paced style, bushy beard, tall American flag socks and outgoing personality. Follow USA Wrestling Bonus Points Ep. 27 guest Robby Smith on Twitter at @rtdsmith and follow host Richard Immel at @Richard_Immel. Provide any feedback for Bonus Points on Twitter by tweeting @USAWrestling and using the hashtag #BonusPoints. Listeners can also email suggestions to rimmel@usawrestling.org. Listen to previous episodes of the show on the USA Wrestling Bouns Points Archives or by subscribing on your favorite podcast listening application. Subscribe to Bonus Points iTunes | Stitcher | Spreaker | SoundCloud | AudioBoom | RSS

1hr 22mins

20 Jan 2016