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Preseason Update Show (ft. Jeffrey Rastrelli, Brandon Hoag, Michael Allred, Logan Tremellen, & Nick Hickey)

Digging Deep with Cody Janssen

WE'RE BACK! And with one of our favorite episodes of the Digging Deep ATVMX Podcast that we've ever done! Logan Tremellen of Tremellen Media House kicks things off with a discussion about the biggest topics and storylines of this offseason. Then Brandon Hoag joins the show to update us on his injury and preview his third season as a pro. We’re hoping to get Jeffrey Rastrelli on here, before Michael Allred joins us as he gets set to make his full-time move to the Pro Class. To cap things off, Ford Brothers Racing team mechanic, Nick Hickey, comes on to give us a behind the scenes look at the Ford Brothers Racing program and update us on their switch to Yamaha. As always, thanks for DIGGING DEEP with us. Enjoy!Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/diggingdeep)

2hr 16mins

5 Feb 2021

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Better Together, Agreeing to Disagree with PulpMX ATV Talk (ft. Thomas Brown, Joel Hetrick, Jeffrey Rastrelli, Heath Harrison, and Brooke Katherine)

Digging Deep with Cody Janssen

HERE IT IS! You knew we'd have to weigh in again, and we brought together a very diverse and star-studded crew to wrap up our thoughts on all the recent PulpMX ATV talk once and for all. The saga continues and it's been a blast to follow, but our goal wasn't just to prolong the banter – it was to end this thing on a high note. Not only did we want to double down on the positivity and respect, but there's also been some interesting developments since our last podcast. So with plenty to talk about, we had to do a follow up! Listen as Brooke Katherine sets the tone with her unbiased and insightful opinion of the debate. Then Thomas Brown joins the show to give his unique perspective, share some untold stories from days spent riding with Trey Canard and Jimmy Albertson, and so much more – Thomas has turned into a personality that you don't want to miss when on the podcast! And finally, Joel Hetrick and Jeffrey Rastrelli return, this time bringing their two-wheeled teammate with them. Motorcycle pro, Heath Harrison, joins us to talk about hopping on a quad. We'll also get you caught up on the latest hot takes from the PulpMX guys, get some insight into the bike swap, Justin Brayton riding a quad, and SO MUCH MORE. You'll hear the voices and opinions of Steve Matthes, Justin Brayton, Jim Holley, Kris Keefer, Cade Clason, Phil Nicoletti, Jason Thomas, Tyler Hamrick, and more. Once again get ready for some good laughs, unbelievable stories, and more incredible content. The MX vs. ATV debate will never end, but what's not debatable is both sides deserve major respect – that's why we’re back with this message. We came back to insert more knowledge and educated opinion into the conversation. Thanks again to the Pulp crew for including and embracing us, and thanks to everyone who was involved throughout. Get ready to DIG DEEP into more of our best work, enjoy!Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/diggingdeep)

2hr 46mins

24 Apr 2020

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The ATVs Answer Back to MX vs. ATV on PulpMX (ft. Joel Hetrick and Jeffrey Rastrelli)

Digging Deep with Cody Janssen

HERE IT IS! The ATV guys answer back to the recent ATV vs. MX talk from the PulpMx crew. You knew we would weigh in on this topic and we brought a star-studded lineup to insert some ATV knowledge into the debate. This is some of our best work to date; listen as reigning AMA ATV Pro Champion Joel Hetrick and constant podium threat teammate Jeffrey Rastrelli join the show to get in on the debate and talk in depth about the topic of the night: ATVs on the Pulp Show. If you didn't catch the conversation and opinions that created all this buzz, don't worry because we have you covered! The Pulp guys gave us the go-ahead to use any clips we wanted, so we cover ALL the highlights here. You'll hear the voices and opinions of Steve Matthes, Phil Nicoletti, Jason Thomas, Alex Ray, Paul Perebijnos, Darkside, Brooke Katherine, Jim Vidmar, and more. You'll hear the mention of stories including Phil Nicoletti, Jeremy McGrath, and Travis Pastrana riding ATVs – and you'll even hear the mention of serious respect coming from one of the biggest names in moto, Ken Roczen! Get ready for some good laughs, crazy stories, and some incredible content. A spotlight was put on ATV racing which gave us unexpected content, offered new opportunities for our sport, and I am SO proud that we spun this into a major positive – that's what we do here at the Digging Deep ATVMX Podcast! Dirt bikes vs. quads – it's an argument that will never end. No matter what side of the fence you're on, you won't want to miss this. Thanks again to the Pulp crew for including and embracing us, and thanks to everyone who was involved. Get ready to DIG DEEP into our best work yet, enjoy!Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/diggingdeep)

2hr 8mins

10 Apr 2020

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Happy Thoughts (Feat. Jeffrey Rastrelli and Rocket Machining & Design's DJ Spurling)

Digging Deep with Cody Janssen

Looking for your ATV motocross fix? Good news, our latest episode is available now! Jeffrey Rastrelli joins the show to do some bench racing and get in on a discussion about how COVID-19 is impacting the ATV National season and the world around us. Jeffrey also sheds some light on some of the unknown huddles he has faced over the past few seasons, what the experience has been like riding for his new team: Phoenix Racing Honda, and gives us some insight into his race day at Daytona. You'll also hear him relive some battles with our host, Cody Janssen, from years past -- which may end up being a teaser for a future episode covering Jeffrey's entire career. You'll also hear a segment with DJ Spurling, the lead man behind one of the fastest growing brands in the industry today -- Rocket Machining & Design. The all-around ATV enthusiast talks about his background and love for the sport, his business and career path in getting to this point, what separates Rocket from the competition, and some special things in the works. From bench racing, to tech talk, storytelling, and more -- this episode has something for everyone! Enjoy!Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/diggingdeep)

2hr 5mins

3 Apr 2020

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Live Show from RedBud with QXON Team USA Members Chad Wienen, Thomas Brown, Joel Hetrick, and Jeffrey Rastrelli

Digging Deep with Cody Janssen

Live from RedBud, it's the first ever Digging Deep ATVMX Podcast LIVE SHOW featuring the four fastest riders in the world. Listen as Chad Wienen, Thomas Brown, Joel Hetrick, and Jeffrey Rastrelli talk about their two consecutive Quadcross of Nations titles, going for the 3-peat, current racing here in the states, and more! Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/diggingdeep)

1hr 16mins

22 Jul 2019