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Are You Parenting out of Fear or Freedom with Gabe Nosseir

Momentum Woman Podcast

Does parenting ever feel like you hopped on a train with the intent of going to one location, but you find out that the train is going in the opposite direction? A lot of times, our experience feels like we got on the wrong train, but today's guest's words are revelatory, comforting and enlightening as he shares where and how to find esolve when parenting presents surprises that force us to muscle up mentally. Gabe challenges our beliefs about parenting life, and how we think of our responsibility to our children.  Like this episode? Subscribe on iTunes and follow us on IG @thesocialrecharge


30 Jun 2020

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#CFPOA #34 A Power You Might Not Realize You Have with Gabe Nosseir & Angie King-Nosseir

Clarity For Parents Of Athletes

This pandemic has no doubt become a polarizing experience and topic for many people, especially in the United States.  The commonality is all the "negative" emotions lead to the same place- fear.  No matter what the exact details are, whether it's fear of health, safety, lack of money, domestic violence, child abuse, government, or loss of rights, all those things point to fear.The good news is we as individuals have the power and access to maneuver through COVID-19 and what is happening in our world and each of us individually can help literally thousands of others simply by helping ourselves.Gabe's wife, Transformative Coach Angie King-Nosseir returns on this episode to discuss this and give you tips and more in this episode.  Of course this always trickles down to your children!Want to share your opinions?  Feel free to email- gabe@aclearmind.com or connect with Gabe or Angie through social media.  Find the links on aclearmind.com or Angie's website, enlightenedwellnessfx.com


21 Apr 2020

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#CFPOA #15 Your Most Helpful Accountability Partner with Gabe Nosseir

Clarity For Parents Of Athletes

Gabe talks about his trip to Bali, the times we can be hypocritical with our children, and where mixed messages can lead them, and how it can affect their performance.  Plus, listen to who some of the upcoming guests will be!As always, you can contact Gabe through his website, aclearmind.com/podcast


20 Aug 2019

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#CFPOA #12 How to Help Your Child Through Adversity with Gabe Nosseir

Clarity For Parents Of Athletes

Gabe recently experienced a lot of people talking or writing about resiliency and got into a social media discussion with a woman on how to best "teach" children how to be resilient.Gabe defines resiliency and goes into his theory as to how to best help children maintain it and to maneuver through adversity in a beneficial way.Please feel free to rate, review, subscribe to and share the podcast!You can now leave Gabe a voicemail with anything you want to talk about or ask and he'll respond in a future episode or if you want to keep it private, just let him know and he'll respond to you.  Leave the message at speakpipe.com/clarity for


23 Jul 2019

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#CFPOA #5 How to Help Your Child Listen To You With Gabe Nosseir

Clarity For Parents Of Athletes

Gabe delves deeper into the principle of thought and specifically where any "negative" thought you have ever had really comes from and what three categories those thoughts are.  Gabe also helps you to discover an amazing way to help improve communication between you and your child and to have your child listen to you better and then flourish more in his or her life.


28 May 2019