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IFS and Intuitive Eating with Kim Daniels

The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

On todays episode I chat with Kim Daniels, Level 2 IFS Therapist. Kim is a Clinical Psychologist, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and Emotional Eating Coach who's on a mission: to create an army of women who never deny themselves the food they love, who treat themselves with the compassion and respect they deserve, and who value themselves and their bodies.  And who never.  Diet.  Again. Doesn't that sound A- MA- ZING?! I so enjoyed our chat about all things Intuitive Eating and IFS.  We check in until about the 11 minute mark and then jump into all the good stuff: diet culture set point theory health at every size polarized parts (restrictive and overeating) why diets do not work- biologically legacy burdens and messages from culture and family At about the 30 minutes mark we dive a bit more into Intuitive Eating: body food congruence moral meaning and shame around food 'play food' And, a lot about working with all of our parts --------- Kim has a group coaching program called Food and Body Freedom that's starting in June--the link is  https://www.subscribepage.com/foodfreedom_copy. She has an email challenge called the Intentional Eating Challenge--the link is https://bit.ly/intentionallyeat.  And she has a free E-Course called Diets:  Why They Don't Work and How to Quit Them for Good.  That link is https://bit.ly/exitingdietculture.  Her website is yourweightisnotyourworth.com, and you can connect with her on Instagram @kimdanielspsyd.  ------- I'd love to connect with you on Instagram, Twitter and clubhouse at ifs.tammy and on the One Inside Facebook Page. Enjoy!

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14 May 2021

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253: Your Weight is Not Your Worth with Dr. Kim Daniels

Nourishing Women Podcast

Dr. Kim Daniels is on a mission to build an army of women who never deny themselves the food they love, who have left behind the days of anxiety about what they weigh, and who love themselves and their bodies.  And who never diet again. In this lesson we detail through the why and how your weight is not your worth.  It’s rare to find a psychologist who specializes in anti-diet culture messaging and is a Certified IE Counselor, so trust me when I say this episode is a must listen! In this episode we discuss: As a psychologist, how did Kim come to specialize in helping people develop a healthy relationship with food and body. How Kim helps women “curb” (not “cure”) emotional eating. Tangible examples of mindset shifts one can make to go from diet mindset to Intuitive Eating mindset, and questions to ask yourself to begin this process. Kim shares why focusing on weight loss does not work, and what “not working” means exactly. Context into the misogyny of diet culture and how this impacts us as women. How Kim practices wellness without obsession. Learn more about Dr. Kim Daniels on her website, Your Weight is Not Your Worth. Click here to download our free e-book, How to Eat for Hormones. Resources for you: Learn more about our services at Nourishing Minds Nutrition. Read testimonials from our amazing clients here.  Join our FREE support group for like-minded women, the Nourishing Women Community for more community & support. Take a look at our online shop, the Wellness Without Obsession Shop. Join the waitlist for our new program coming in May, Get Your Period Back Playbook. Let’s hang out! Connect with Victoria and the staff at NMN: Victoria’s Instagram Victoria’s Website Nourishing Minds Nutrition Instagram Nourishing Minds Nutrition website For every guest that comes on the show, we donate money to Loveland Foundation. The Loveland Foundation, a foundation that provides therapy and  healing to Black women and girls. We are honored to donate monthly to the Loveland Foundation, and you can learn more and donate yourself here.


9 Apr 2021

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057. Modern Feminism + Dismantling Diet Culture With Dr. Kim Daniels

Body Truth with Katelyn Parsons

In this episode we sit down with....Dr. Kim Daniels Dr. Kim Daniels is a Clinical Psychologist and Coach who specializes in helping women change their relationships with food, their bodies, and themselves. She's a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor who uses this approach to help her clients move away from dieting and toward food and body freedom. Dr. Daniels is adamant about dismantling diet culture and the misogynistic, racist, and capitalistic systems that support it. She hopes to create an army of women who never deny themselves the food they love, who value themselves and their bodies, and who strive to take up more space in this world. And who never diet again. A snippet of what we talk about: ● Kim’s personal body image story- being a cheerleader and labeled big-boned at a young age ● Her experience with cellulite & the cultural conversation around this body topic ● The effects of internalizing body image struggle because of shame ● Kim’s experiences of powerful body image dialogue with her teenage daughter ● Women not feeling safe in their bodies and why we need more dialogue on this topic ● The underlying political connection to body image healing Connect with our guest... ● Website: https://www.yourweightisnotyourworth.com/ ● IG: @kimdanielspsyd ● Facebook Group: Finding Food and Body Freedom with Dr. Kim Daniels ● Clubhouse: @Kim Daniels Resources we mention in this episode… ● The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf ● Kim’s Intuitive Eating Workbook Group ● Kim’s FREE e-course on ditching diets Join the Modern Girl community: Website Katelyn’s IG Ready to heal your relationship with food + body? Book your Body Trust Breakthrough Call Grab your FREE Intuitive Eating Workshop  Tips and inspo on Pinterest Join UNMEASURED: Virtual Barre That Celebrates Your Body

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30 Mar 2021

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Kim Daniels - Politics and the Prophet

Prophetic Protocol with Francina Norman

Unbeknownst to most there has been several different functions of a prophet within the Holy scripture's dramatic account. They are not only found exclusively within the hollowed walls of the local sanctuary. Throughout biblical history God has always postured a prophet within the courts of the existing government, whether they be Kings, Prime Ministers, or Military brass, the desire for divine intervention was typically sought after in order to ensure victory for whatever the contest or controversy may have been. Kim Daniels words will inspire you as you listen to the journey that lead her from street life to the rank of demon-buster, all the way to the Florida House of Representatives.  Listen to this incredible testimony and the prophetic reveal that she has for your destiny!  For more Info:  www.kimdanielsministries.com


26 Jan 2021

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Episode 110: Emotional Eating with Psychologist Dr. Kim Daniels

The Funk'tional Nutrition Podcast

What Kim learned working with gastric bypass patientsWhy the pre-op psych eval was so importantSurgery successes and failuresEmotional Eating: does it exist?3 main ways people use foodABCs of emotional eatingWhen part of you wants to stop dieting...and part of you doesn’tHow the rules of dieting can serve as a distractionThe importance of curiosityWhy night eating is SO commonThoughts about the “Quarantine 15”Trauma and weight gainWeight and safetyTherapy website (for CT residents): https://www.drkimdaniels.com/Coaching website: https://www.yourweightisnotyourworth.com/Food Freedom with Dr. Kim Daniels FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2660578360926813/Erin on Insta:https://www.instagram.com/the.funktional.nutritionist/More from Erin:https://www.erinholthealth.com/Your Hormone Revival: https://www.erinholthealth.com/hormones


23 Jul 2020

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Kim Daniels on Catholic Social Thought and Overcoming Divisiveness in Public Discourse

Bridge Builder Podcast

In this week's episode, we're discussing Catholic Social Thought and how we can overcome the divisiveness of the rhetoric in today's public discourse. We speak with Kim Daniels of The Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life at Georgetown University.In the mailbag, we answer a question regarding a recent decrease in the number of refugees that will be allowed into the United States.In the bricklayer segment we discuss election day and getting to the polls.


5 Nov 2019

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COACHING EPISODE: Kim Daniels Chats Imperfect Action

Empathy Rising: Side Hustles for Therapists in Private Practice

Today I’m sharing my coaching call with Kim, a clinician in the state of Connecticut who mostly work with emotional eating in her practice. In our conversation, she gets some real clarity on personal branding, audience building, and we even getting techie with Squarespace vs WordPress. I also go over the 4 M’s of selling any product. This episode is for all the entrepreneurs who are ready to get unstuck and take imperfect action. If you wanna know more about getting visible or building an online presence, this is the talk I just did on Back to Business School and the replays are still available. Sign up here and catch the live lectures and watch the recordings.

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9 Sep 2019

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Apostle Kim Daniels Issues Urgent Call to Prayer Over Facebook Attack

Strang Report

Apostle Kim Daniels, who is also a Florida State Representative, was attacked on Facebook for issuing a clarion call for intercession on her personal page. Listen to what happened and why Daniels believes our religious freedoms are under attack.


1 Aug 2019

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Why Kim Daniels is the Devil's Worst Nightmare

Strang Report

Go in-depth with demon buster Kim Daniels. Hear her journey from growing up in a rough neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida, to when the Lord changed her life. Now, as a Florida House Representative, Kim is helping pass laws to bring prayer back in schools. Learn what you can do to make a change in your communities.


5 Jul 2019