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62 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Sara Benincasa. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Sara Benincasa, often where they are interviewed.

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62 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Sara Benincasa. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Sara Benincasa, often where they are interviewed.

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Sara Benincasa

Independently Waelti
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This week in Waelti, we bring on comedian, author, podcast host Sara Benincasa to discuss the importance of creating boundaries with your parents as an adult, the inaccuracy of the age old saying “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” and how your closest groups of friends can’t always give you good advice in every area of your life.

May 11 2020



124: Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia, and Sobriety with Sara Benincasa

You, Me, Empathy: Sharing Our Mental Health Stories
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On Episode 124 of You, Me, Empathy, author, comedian, and Well, This Isn’t Normal podcaster Sara Benincasa and I explore limiting beliefs, the allusion of Hollywood, identity work in mental health, Sara’s experience with panic attacks and agoraphobia, sobriety and what addiction means to Sara, and our new friend, Jennifer.

Kicking off the show, I mention I was surprised Sara even said yes to being on the show, and then we both empathized over the limiting beliefs we put on ourselves. We gab about the sometimes delusions and allusions of working in Hollywood (Sara is a comedian, author, tv writer, etc.), and why identity is so important in our mental health.

Sara shares her experience living with panic attacks and agoraphobia, being diagnosed with depression at age fourteen, her sober grandma’s inspiration, finding the right medication, the stigma of divorce as a “failure,” our new friend Jennifer, and SO MUCH MORE.

Trigger warning: Suicidal ideation, depression, panic attacks, sobriety.




Apr 06 2020

1hr 57mins


Sara Benincasa - Los Angeles, CA

Distant Socials
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Author and "Well This Isn't Normal" podcast host Sara Benincasa talks with Jessica about generational divides, coping with substances, and the critical importance of Will Ferrell.

Music Credits:

Werq by Kevin MacLeod



Nowhere Land by Kevin MacLeod



Mar 27 2020



BTW 9: 7 of Cups - The Dating App Card? with guest Sara Benincasa

Between the Worlds Podcast
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In this episode we cover the 7 of Cups -- the dating app card. Lol. Really  though, it's all about making choices, even when you're dazzled by appearances or afraid of them. We talk about how to see through self-deception, and we throw in a little talk on co-dependency for good measure with our friend, writer and comedienne Sara Benincasa.


Find out more about our special guest, writer and comedian Sara Benincasa...

Instagram: Excellent Coats on Irritated Women 

Instagram: SaraJBenincasa 

Twitter: SaraJBenincasa

Author, "Real Artists Have Day Jobs"

Speaker on mental health awareness with Collective Speakers


To order Amanda's book, "Initiated: Memoir of a Witch" CLICK HERE.

Amanda's References This Episode Include:

  • “Keywords for the Crowley Tarot” by Hajo Banzhaf and Brigitte Theler
  • “Tarot as a Way of Life” by Karen Hamaker-Zondag
  • “The Crowley Tarot” by Akron and Hajo Banzhaf
  • “Symptoms of Co-dependency” article by Darlene Lancer. 



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Amanda Yates Garcia (host) & Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs (producer) & Sara J Benincasa (special guest). With editing help from Jiha Lee. The BTW image was created by Marian Minnis ( / ) with text designed by Leah Hayes

Mar 12 2020



# 81 - She's Good Enough with Sara Benincasa

Gettin' Better with Ron Funches
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Today I sit down with Comedian Sara Benincasa! We talk about quitting drinking, anxiety, vision boards, not touching on the first date, healthy friendships, and how Sara is Gettin' Better!

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Mar 03 2020

1hr 47mins


The Bible - Sara Benincasa

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The brilliant comedian and writer Sara Benincasa (@sarajbenincasa) stops by to have a fantastic conversation about spirituality, goodness, purpose, and fuckbois of the Christian Bible. I promise you it's more nuanced than you think. 
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Dec 04 2019

1hr 10mins


The Shining - Sara Benincasa

He's Right Behind You
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Claustrophobia, agoraphobia, ghosts, snow, racism, sexism, addiction, abuse, turtlenecks--this movie hits all the fears! Sara gets into why Wendy shouldn't have married a writer, Avital needs to know how this all makes sense and Jessica gushes over Shelley Duvall like a lot...maybe too much! 

Sep 20 2019

1hr 18mins


Agorafabulous & Real Artists Have Day Jobs with Sara Benincasa

Closure: The Podcast That Never Ends
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This week, Eli's joined by comedian, writer, and host of the podcast "Where Ya From?" Sara Benincasa. They talk about so many things including Sara's books: Agorafabulous, detailing her past struggles with agoraphobia and Real Artists Have Day Jobs, a book that Eli believes should be required reading for anyone wanting to pursue a career in the arts!

Follow Sara on Twitter and Instagram: @SaraJBenincasa Listen to Sara's podcast Where Ya From?:

Follow Eli on Twitter and Instagram: @EliOlsberg

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May 01 2019

1hr 14mins


Sara Benincasa vs. Raiden (Chapter 1)

Mortal Podkast
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Host Ben Mekler introduces guest Sara Benincasa to thunder god Raiden.

Apr 22 2019



It’s Embarrassing To Be A Human (Featuring Sara Benincasa)

Plz Advise
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Writer and comedian Sara Benincasa ( drops by the pod today to talk about her late 30s glow up. Then, Molls ( and Sara take your calls on getting over boys messing with your brain, finding the right therapist, and discovering the best self-care habits.

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Mar 28 2019

1hr 58mins