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Summer Break Bonus: Michael Roderick on Building a Referable Brand

No BS Agency Podcast

I’m taking the month of August off to be with my family, and I hope you’re taking some time to do something amazing and relaxing too.For the whole month, I’ll be sharing clips from some of my favorite episodes that you’ll enjoy revisiting as well.First up, my interview with Michael Roderick, the king of connecting. We talked about what true influence is and how to build a truly referable brand.Michael Roderick is not only the KING of networking and connecting but he’s also the CEO of Small Pond Enterprises which helps thoughtful givers become thought leaders by making their brands referable, their messaging memorable, and their ideas unforgettable.He is also the host of the podcast Access to Anyone which shows how you can get to know anyone you want in business and in life using time-tested relationship-building principles. And his background is pretty unique—he went from a high school English teacher to a Broadway Producer in under two years until shifting into the entrepreneur he is today.Tune into this episode to hear:The difference between networking and building a referable brandHow to open up your “container words” and craft your messageHow curation serves your clients and improves relationship retentionWhy you need to “find your Celine”Learn more about Pia: No BS LaunchpadNo BS Agency Owners Free Facebook GroupThe Show Your Business Who's Boss Crash Course Start reading the first chapter of my bookPiasilva.comThe 50/25/25 Rule to Profit and Freedom™ Mini Course


4 Aug 2022

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#255 How to use relationship-building principles to make connections in personal and professional settings | Michael Roderick

Ideas & Impact: Experts Share 3 Big Ideas to Transform Your Life and Business

3 big ideas discussed in this episode: Accessibility or "Find Your Celine"- Most of the time as experts we want to introduce people to our innovation first, but when something feels too new people back away. So it's better to start with an anchor concept then introduce our innovation. What most of us get wrong about influence- We often believe that influence is about persuading people to do things, but true influence is when people do things without us asking them to. We create this influence when we give people something that makes them look good when they share our idea. If you want people to remember more, focus on L.E.S.S.- We can carve out space in people's memory by focusing on creating our own language, tapping into emotion, providing simplicity in the message, and most importantly packaging it all in a structure that is easy to follow. Get more resources for this episode here: AskJeremyJones.com/255


19 Jul 2022

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Michael Roderick - How to be a VALUE driven LEADER | CPTSD and Mental Health Coach

Think Unbroken with Michael Unbroken | CPTSD, TRAUMA and Mental Health Healing Podcast

In this episode, I am joined by my guest Michael Roderick. Michael went from a high school teacher to a Broadway producer in less than two years and created an amazing network and community of people in New York City through his compassion, truth, empathy, and leadership. He decided to build working our networking and workshops for people in a way that would help make their lives better. Michael and I connected in this conversation, and I was excited to share it with you guys because, you know, I think about all the time, like every single day, I think about like, what does leadership mean? What does it mean to be the person who is willing to put it on the line and create the change in your world and in the life that you want to have? In this conversation, Michael's going to not only dive into a lot of the tools that he's used to be an effective leader but also many of the tools that he's used to get over his own fears about stepping into success and building out a network of people that he now calls community, not to mention that he writes a public blog post every day. I'm very excited to have this conversation with Michael. I know you're going to get a ton of value from it. Learn More About Michael Roderick at: http://www.smallpondenterprises.com/ Learn more about Think Unbroken and Pre-Order my new book: Unbroken Man. Plus, learn more about the free coaching and other mental health programs. Click here: https://linktr.ee/michaelunbroken


15 Jul 2022

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Michael Roderick: One Career Change From Thought Leadership

The One Away Show

Michael Roderick is the CEO of Small Pond Enterprises, a company that helps thoughtful givers become thought leaders by making their brands referable, their messaging memorable, and their ideas unforgettable. Through Small Pond, Michael helps coaches and consultants create Referable Brands leading to more speaking opportunities, better clients, and more influence. Michael began his career as a high school English teacher before producing theatrical productions Off-Broadway and later on Broadway. This combination of experience in the arts and entrepreneurship led to Michael starting an arts incubator program to teach more artists about building and growing their own businesses (PLAE). Eventually, he decided to develop a workshop on networking which grew into the full-time consulting practice that became Small Pond Enterprises.Read the show notes here: https://bwmissions.com/one-away-podcast/


17 May 2022

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How to Become a Referrable brand, Access Anyone and Build Meaningful Connections with Michael Roderick | Partnering Leadership Global Thought Leader

Partnering Leadership

In this episode of Partnering Leadership, Mahan Tavakoli speaks with Michael Roderick, founder, and C.E.O. of Small Pond Enterprises and host of the Access to Anyone Podcast. Michael Roderick shares practices and frameworks on connecting with others more effectively and becoming a referrable brand. Michael also shared that organizations can use the same lessons to make their brands stand out. Finally, Michael Roderick shares his thoughts on how we can become memorable both as individuals and organizations.Some highlights:- The importance of building connections and how to do it well - Michael Roderick going from high school teacher to a Broadway producer- How to share your message in a way that keeps others interested- Michael Roderick on organizational branding- How to make yourself and your message memorable - How to develop deeper connections- Michael Roderick's principles for creating a referrable brand- Becoming more memorable through L.E.S.S.- Michael Roderick on the "Giver's Fix"- The value of weak ties and how to tap into them- How to stay connected with your networkMentioned:-Mark Sanford Granovetter, an American sociologist known for his theory on spreading information in social networks known as "The Strength of Weak Ties."-Dorie Clark, an American author and executive education professor at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business-Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist and bestselling authorConnect with Michael Roderick:Small Pond Enterprises WebsiteAccess To Anyone PodcastThe Referability Rater Michael Roderick on FacebookMichael Roderick on TwitterMichael Roderick on LinkedInConnect with Mahan Tavakoli:https://mahantavakoli.com/https://www.linkedin.com/in/mahan/ More information and resources available at the Partnering Leadership Podcast website: https://www.partneringleadership.com/


12 May 2022

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Michael Roderick: Skyrocketing Your Brand With Remarkable Referability

Leaders Of Consulting

Featured in this episode is Michael Roderick, CEO of Small Ponds Enterprise who who has helped businesses get ahead by making them more referable, memorable, and unforgettable than ever before. He takes us through his referral brand framework and the principles of referability. We also learn from him his wisdom on making messages understood, the rationale behind consistent content creation, and more!Mentioned on the episode:Access to AnyoneLinchpin by Seth GodinBen SettleThe WeekConnect with Michael on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebookwww.myreferabilityrater.comHis company website


6 Apr 2022

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Michael Roderick: How to Become a Referable Brand

The Good Life Coach

How do you become a referable brand? This is what you’ll learn from Michael Roderick who works with thought leaders on establishing their brand recognition. Michael wants people to be talking about you when you are not in the room (in a good way)! All of the show notes and resources mentioned can be found at https://thegoodlifecoach.com/171 While on the show notes page, we’d love for you to join our newsletter. You’ll receive more inspiration and tips to love yourself and your life. You’ll also get a FREE copy of Michele’s Book, Design a Life You Love (available for a limited time). WHAT WE DISCUSS: 1️⃣ How to create meaningful connections and set up memorable events. 2️⃣ The value of prompts for online or in person events – creating a level of comfort for the guests. 3️⃣ Why it is important to be able to articulate how you solve a problem, alleviate pain, and decrease fiction. 4️⃣ How to be influential by making other people look good. 5️⃣ The systems he uses. Michael walks us through them to make it easy to become a memorable brand. 6️⃣ Michael’s “AIM” system: Accessibility How well does somebody outside of your brand understand your idea? Influence – Will other share your idea? Memory – How easy is it for others to be able to retell your story? RESOURCES MENTIONED Michele on Instagram Michele’s Book Website: http://www.smallpondenterprises.com Referability Quiz: myreferabilityrater.com ABOUT THE GUEST Michael Roderick is the CEO of Small Pond Enterprises which helps thoughtful givers become thought leaders by making their brands referable, their messaging memorable, and their ideas unforgettable. He is also the host of the podcast Access to Anyone which shows how you can get to know anyone you want in business and in life using time-tested relationship-building principles. Michael’s unique methodology comes from his own experience of going from being a High school English teacher to a Broadway Producer in under two years. Thank you for listening to the show!


2 Mar 2022

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Building Relationships For Dating Success: Interview With Michael Roderick

Charisma Quotient: Build Confidence, Make Connections and Find Love

Do you know how to network to increase your chances of meeting potential dates?  Your ability to build strong relationships is essential to your success in dating. The stronger your network, the more likely you are to meet or be introduced to someone who could end up being the love of your life! This week, Kimmy interviews an authority on creating and cultivating connections in business, Michael Roderick. A former high school English teacher, Michael capitalized on the power of strong connections to transition to a career as a Broadway producer in record time. Now, as the CEO of Small Pond Enterprises and host of the podcast Access to Anyone, Michael works with people and brands to help make them more memorable through his frameworks on how to create influence.    EPISODE 214 of The Charisma Quotient Podcast is titled: Building Relationships For Dating Success:  Interview With Michael Roderick   This conversation is all about how to make a lasting impression on the people you meet so that those relationships bear fruit for years to come. Kimmy breaks down the top 3 mistakes YOU might be making on dates that are preventing you from making real connections with those you meet. Kimmy and Michael discuss how Michael developed a framework around how to make yourself referable. What are the factors that make others want to introduce people to you? You'll learn the key factors and qualities you can increase to raise your likability and actually show up as your authentic self. And, if you've been dreading going to a social event or have been avoiding them, listen in to hear Michael break down how to improve your interactions with fun animal avatars! This episode is a great reminder that it's a wonderful gift to help others, but you have to remember to let others help you, which will in turn create more opportunities in your dating life.    If you are over 40 and having a hard time meeting people and building connections for your dating life, Kimmy's back with another Flirt Workshop! Coming to you on October 19, Kimmy is inviting both women and men together for an interactive virtual workshop designed for folks in their 40s, 50s, and 60s to get back in the game! Whether you are shy, feel awkward, or have been out of the dating scene for a while, you'll learn about the fundamentals of flirting so you can create irresistible chemistry, experience unforgettable first dates and have fun conversations! Space is limited. Register for your spot today: https://go.eliteimagemakeovers.com/flirting   EPISODE 213 of The Charisma Quotient Podcast is titled:  Building Relationships For Dating Success:  Interview With Michael Roderick.  The Charisma Quotient Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and many of your other favorite podcast channels. ⁣ ********⁣ Charisma Quotient Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and many of your other favorite podcast channels. ⁣ *******⁣ The Charisma Quotient Podcast: Building Confidence, Making Connections, and Finding Love from the Outside In is hosted by Kimmy Seltzer. ⁣ ******⁣ Kimmy Seltzer is a Confidence Therapist and Authentic Dating Strategist implementing targeted style, emotional and social intelligence to your life. ⁣ ******⁣ Sharing a wide array of relational topics, The Charisma Quotient Podcast focuses on the themes of building confidence, making connections, and finding love from the outside in.⁣ *********⁣ Would you like to connect with Kimmy?⁣ Website:  https://kimmyseltzer.com/⁣ Chat:  https://meetme.so/kimbreakthrough⁣ Instagram: @kimmyseltzer Twitter: @kimmyseltzer Join her FREE Facebook Group Love Makeover Insiders: https://www.facebook.com/groups


13 Oct 2021

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427: Word of Mouth vs. Referrals with Michael Roderick

The Marketing Mentor Podcast

What’s the difference between getting clients via word of mouth and referrals? If you’re not sure, this episode is for you. In my chat with Michael Roderick, host of the Access to Anyone podcast, we define our terms and talk about what makes a brand or a business “referable.” See if yours is. And if you like what you hear, we’d love it if you write a review, subscribe on Apple Podcasts and sign up for Quick Tips from Marketing Mentor.


17 Sep 2021

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How to Create a Referable Brand & so much more … with Michael Roderick | RR118

Relationships Rule

Michael Roderick is the CEO of Small Pond Enterprises which helps thoughtful givers become thought leaders by making their brands referable, their messaging memorable, and their ideas unforgettable. He is also the host of the podcast Access to Anyone which shows how you can get to know anyone you want in business and in life using time-tested relationship-building principles. Michael's unique methodology comes from his own experience of going from being a Highschool English teacher to a Broadway Producer in under two years.Now Michael speaks and consults on how individuals and companies can create Referable Brands for themselves so they can be top of mind for partnership, media opportunities, and more. Michael can be found here: http://www.smallpondenterprises.com/A little about me:I began my career as a teacher, was a corporate trainer for many years, and then found my niche training & supporting business owners, entrepreneurs & sales professionals to network at a world-class level. My passion is working with motivated people, who are coachable and who want to build their businesses through relationship marketing and networking (online & offline). I help my clients create retention strategies, grow through referrals, and create loyal customers by staying connected.In appreciation for being here, I have a couple of gifts for you.A LinkedIn Checklist for setting up your fully optimized Profile: http://janiceporter.com/download-checklist.htmlAn opportunity to test drive the Follow Up system I recommend by sending a FREE greeting card (on me): www.sendacardeverytime.comConnect with me:http://JanicePorter.comhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/janiceporter/https://www.facebook.com/JanicePorterBizhttps://twitter.com/janiceporterJoin our Relationships Rule community on FB here:https://www.facebook.com/groups/relationshipsrule/Thanks for listening!Thanks so much for listening to our podcast! If you enjoyed this episode and think that others could benefit from listening, please share it using the social media buttons on this page.Do you have some feedback or questions about this episode? Leave a note in the comment section below!Subscribe to the podcastIf you would like to get automatic updates of new podcast episodes, you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. You can also subscribe from the podcast app on your mobile device.Leave us an iTunes reviewRatings and reviews from our listeners are extremely valuable to us and greatly appreciated. They help our podcast rank higher on iTunes, which exposes our show to more awesome listeners like you. If you have a minute, please leave an honest review on iTunes.


31 Aug 2021