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TWT: Through the Fire | Natalie Taylor

Tea with Tes

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10 Jun 2021

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Expedition Medicine with Natalie Taylor and Jamie Patterson

Pre-Hospital Care

In this episode I speak with GP Natalie Taylor and Paramedic Jamie Patterson on Expedition Medicine. We examine the skills, schemes, teams and courses that are helpful to prepare you for this dynamic environment. We will dive into our guests experiences to see what has worked for them and how they have navigated previous expedition trips. A special thanks goes out to World Extreme Medicine as we all met through this platform and have indeed all worked for WEM throughout our careers. We take a look at: The diversity of experience of both guests Main themes of expedition medicine – % of non-medical issues, Human Factors, self-care, self admin, primary care Group / team dynamics and how psychological health also plays a part Trauma on expedition Education and experience needed to go on the trips Rate limiting steps on all expeditions and things to be minded of as a clinician The casevac - nuances and tips  Some of Nat and Jamie’s most amazing highlights from expedition I hope you enjoy the episode. You can find more from World Extreme Medicine, courses and everything expedition here: https://worldextrememedicine.com To apply for the Medics Academy Fellowship please apply here quoting 'PHC' for Pre-Hospital Care to let the team know you'd want to work with the podcast team. https://www.medics.academy/courses/medics-academy-fellowship-programme-application You will acquire the digital skills to both create and harness cumulative attention to knowledge domains and speakers through the podcast platform and co-aligned spaces. As a Fellow you also gain access to Medics.Academy workshops, courses, resources, discounts and masters level accreditation. We are continuously developing the programme to make it a robust and exciting experience for those that are successful in joining. The Fellowship Programme is for a duration of 18 months and comprises three phases: ·  skill training and learning, ·  skill development ·  skill application The phases progress the fellow from a stage of independent working to small group and eventually large group production of a project. In each phase you will be mentored and guided by a specific individual within the company who has experience in producing aspects of the project. On average a fellow will spend 3-6 hours a week in producing the task and the timeframe for tasks will become more independently governed by the fellow as they progress into the next phases. This programme is ideal for individuals with other commitments as it provides a flexible working environment. As a Fellow you can enrol in the post graduate certification programme (PG Cert) in Clinical Practice, Management and Education. This programme is run by Medics.Academy and accredited by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Medical School. The work you do as a Fellow will count towards the overall requirements of the PG Cert. For the joint Medics.Academy Fellowship Programme with postgraduate certificate we require the programme to be completed in 18 months with a potential for a six-month extension to complete programme assessments and elements.


12 May 2021

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Natalie Taylor - Uniquely and Intuitively Launching Your Dream

Real People, Real Business

Natalie Taylor is a launch copywriter and messaging specialist that brings a unique and personal approach to her work through her business, The Missing Ink. Driven by intuition and great conversation, she delivers individualized strategies that will draw in your desired clients and keep them coming back for more. Throughout this episode, Natalie provides listeners with the guidance, advice and honesty that she yearned to have as she developed her own business, in hopes of instilling the confidence that all entrepreneurs deserve.Find Natalie Taylor at: https://www.themissingink.co/Full episode details at: https://realbusiness.stephaniehayes.biz/episode-36Learn more about Stephanie at www.stephaniehayes.biz.FREE MASTERCLASS - End the Overwhelm and Start Getting Things Done.Follow me on Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter 


21 Apr 2021

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Building Wealth By Faith With Natalie Taylor

Diary Of A Jesus Girl Podcast

As we continue our Money March conversation, this week I'm chatting with Transformational Coach Natalie Taylor on how to grow wealth even after losing everything.  Natalie is a business consultant who's on a mission to support highly-driven ambitious women in creating massive business & personal transformation. She has worked on Wall Street and recently named as 1 of the top 10 Performance Coaches on Yahoo Finance. She is the mother of 4 amazing children.  In this inspirational conversation, Natalie shared her journey of being homeless to building a six-figure business, then going through a rough divorce to losing her business and having to start over after she relocated. Her powerful testimony of God's faithfulness will definitely empower you!  Find out more about Natalie's new book and coaching program at www.nataliestaylor.com _________ Visit Amazon to purchase your copy of the Dear Insecurity book HERE and get your Diary Of A Jesus Girl Journal HERE This episode is brought to you from DayeLight Publishers. If you need help to write, publish or market your book, book your complimentary Birth Your Book session at bit.ly/writewithdayelight  Stay connected: www.crystaldaye.com /www.dayelightpublishers.com  Follow on Instagram: www.instagram.com/crystalsdaye Facebook & LinkedIn @crystalsdaye

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18 Mar 2021

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Utilizing FinTech with Natalie Taylor


On this show, we talked about the merger of fintech and the human touch, how to evaluate the impact of a financial advisor, and an idea that could greatly simplify your budgeting, with Natalie Taylor, CFP, BFA, Financial Advisor, fintech consultant and speaker.  Listen to learn why incorporating fintech into your financial world can be of great benefit!  For the difference making tip, scan ahead to 19:23! You can learn more about Natalie at NatalieAnnTaylor.com, Instagram and LinkedIn. Check out the Strive Online Bootcamp We’re honored to have been named one of the top podcasts for investing! We’re on YouTube, check us out! George is honored to be included on Investopedia's list of the Top 100 Financial Advisors for 2020! Have George speak to your organization. You can learn more about the show at GeorgeGrombacher.com, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook or contact George at Contact@GeorgeGrombacher.com.


15 Feb 2021

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The power of surrender to create breakthroughs (Natalie Taylor)

Presence & Purpose: Personal Branding, Faith and Business Strategy for Christian Women Entrepreneurs

Do you need a breakthrough? Are you craving success and wondering when it's finally going to happen? I'm talking with Natalie Taylor, Life & Business Architect, all about creating breakthrough through surrender. Natalie is the go-to coach & mentor for high-achieving & ambitious women. She's been featured in Thrive Global, Black Enterprise, and was named one of the Yahoo! Finance Top 10 Performance Coaches. Natalie is sharing her incredible story of how she started with almost nothing, but surrendered and trusted God through the process. Listen in as she shares... Her incredible story going from homeless to multi-6 figures How she's struggled with imposter syndrome over the years Why overnight success could actually destroy you if you're not ready How to keep surrendering and trusting God through the process to finally get the breakthrough you so deeply desire  Are you a Christian coach who’s READY to consistently show up & sign clients? I’d love to help you through 1:1 coaching to create a custom content & visibility strategy that will attract the right clients to your business, week after week. Head over to bit.ly/nataliearent to book a 20-min Connection Call and we’ll see if we’re a good fit. Cheering you on, as always! Natalie CONNECT WITH NATALIE TAYLOR: On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WinWithNatalie/ On Instagram: @WinningNatalie Listen to her podcast: https://anchor.fm/fwhattheytoldyoupodcast/ Learn more: https://taplink.cc/winningnatalie FREE BRANDING GUIDE: bit.ly/5brandessentials JOIN THE COMMUNITY: facebook.com/groups/presencepurpose/ CONNECT: hello@nataliearent.com LEARN MORE: nataliearent.com WORK WITH ME: bit.ly/nataliearent LOVING THIS PODCAST? Subscribe. Leave a review on iTunes. Share it with a friend!


26 Jan 2021

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Ep 37 Natalie Taylor: From Homelessness to Helping Others through Transformational Coach and Paying it Forward

Clear Choices Podcast

How do people rise above their difficult circumstances and build a better life for themselves? My guest today, Natalie Taylor, is sharing how she did it and her journey to overcome. She went from being homeless at age 14 while living in Jamaica to graduating from college in the United States to working on Wall Street. And her struggles did not end there. She continued dealing with the negative effects of her past until she realized that she needed to change her mindset. Now she is paying it forward by helping others who feel stuck in their lives. Her story is beyond incredible and perfectly defines the power of a mindset shift. Natalie is a Life Architect and Transformational Coach who has fought with imposter syndrome her entire life along with the thought that she was undeserving of the success she was creating. She's on a mission to help women succeed in their financial lives, experience positive self-worth, and build confidence.  Notable Quotes: “I didn’t understand that you can create a space within you to experience joy.” “Two ways people deal with their upbringing is either run towards it or run away from it. Either way, they still have to deal with it.” In this episode, you will hear: - Natalie’s transformational story from being homeless to becoming a transformational coach - How she dealt with imposter syndrome and what it looked like for her - The importance of mindset and how she helps others transform their lives through a shifting their own Coaching Information: If you would like more information on the Clear Choices business and life coaching program, please e-mail me at rob@robaigner.com or go to our website at https://clearchoices.live/. Thank you so much for listening! Please subscribe to the show, leave a review, and share it with a friend. Find me on Instagram @clearchoicespodcast and on Facebook .  If you have a guest idea or want to connect with me, please visit my website www.clearchoices.live. I am also available for speaking engagements. Connect with Natalie and/or book a free call: https://linktr.ee/winningnatalie https://www.instagram.com/winningnatalie


11 Nov 2020

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Episode #75 - The importance of Mindset and Self Care during the current reality with Natalie Taylor

The Slowolution Podcast

In Episode #75 of The Slowolution Podcast, I am joined by Natalie Taylor to talk about the importance of the mindset and self care during the current Corona reality! It is safe to say that this has been extremely surreal and turbulent year, and as moms we all of a sudden had to deal with situations that we have never experienced before! This episode is a must listen episode for any mom out there, as you will learn from Natalie some simple but very powerful techniques that will help you not only to navigate through this times more effective, but also will help you improve yourself care game.... For your daily dose of healthy living inspiration, make sure you follow me on Instagram at slowolution For daily discussions, join my Facebook closed group - The Slowolution Group For healthy recipes and all things health check out my web page www.slowolution.com Follow Natalie here: www.instagram.com/winningnatalie www.facebook.com/WinWithNatalie


8 Nov 2020

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Let's Talk Money! - with Natalie Taylor

Talk with a K

Welcome back to Talk with a K! We are talking all about MONEY. Whatttt? It's such a needed and important conversation. I took sooo many notes. I got to sit down with Natalie Taylor, who is a Life Architect and Transformational Coach. She transformed her own life from being homeless at the age of 14 living in Jamaica, to graduating from college in the U.S. and working on Wall Street. She fought with imposter syndrome her entire life, along with the though that she was undeserving of the success she was creating.  Her story is seriously beyond incredible and perfectly defines the power of a mindset shift - which I am all about. She's on a mission to help women succeed in their financial lives, experience positive self worth, and build confidence. Natalie has created her own coaching methodology, Life Architect Complete, where she teaches women how to dominate areas in their lives where they felt small or overlooked by mastering their mindset, creating and leveraging powerful and consistent habits to help them own their time, and take up space while walking in their authentic flow. Such an important conversation! What Natalie does is incredible. We're talking about the perfect emergency fund number, financial independence - basic and plus -, free versus independent. We are covering all the things you need to know about finances and it's going to shift your perspective on money. It goes far beyond budgeting. Get your notepad ready! Natalie's GOODS HERE!


3 Nov 2020

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Episode #72 - The Power Of Surrender To Create Breakthroughs with Natalie Taylor

The Slowolution Podcast

In Episode #72 of The Slowolution Podcast, I am joined by Natalie Taylor to talk about the power of surrender to create breakthroughs! Natalie is sharing valuable lessons that she learned throughout her journey! She was able to transform her own life from being homeless at the age of 14 to graduating from college and working on Wall Street, and building her own successful business helping women around the globe! For your daily dose of healthy living inspiration, make sure you follow me on Instagram at slowolution For daily discussions, join my Facebook closed group - The Slowolution Group For healthy recipes and all things health check out my web page www.slowolution.com Follow Natalie here: www.instagram.com/winningnatalie www.facebook.com/WinWithNatalie


11 Oct 2020