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Flip for Cash - What You need to know about Property Flipping with Geoff Grist - Episode 140

Financial Autonomy

I speak with Geoff Grist, real estate agent and author of the book Flip for Cash on the investment potential of buying and improving residential apartments and units in Australia. Buy the book: Flip for Cash by Geoff Grist SUBSCRIBE TO OUR WEEKLY EMAIL “GAINING CHOICE” TO KEEP UP WITH ALL THINGS FINANCIAL AUTONOMY 


8 Apr 2020

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TAP 163. How to stand out in your market. An interview with Geoff Grist

Top Agents Playbook

My first real estate marketing breakthrough came after I wrote a book called ‘How To Sell Your Home For More’ I created some marketing that I could distribute inviting people to call me to get a free copy of my book and kept tweaking the formula until I got it right. It quickly positioned me and my brand as a clear alternative in the market. I’m sure you’ve heard the homeowner's mantra…  a good home sells itself. My book started to change the way home sellers thought about the home selling experience.  They began to understand the opportunities and the major influencing factors that really help a home sell for more. Long story short, it worked very well for my business and today, the book and the marketing system around the book is used by of hundreds of agents under my Bestagents brand. If you’re a Bestagents member, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you’re not, message me and I’ll get you some more info. My guest today is in the same space. A few years back he wrote a book called Sold Above Market and created an offer to generate seller leads in his area which is the Sydney harbor suburb of Mosman. Since then he’s written two new titles and you’ll find out all about them today. So I guess my observation is that the real estate seller education business is alive and well and that’s a good thing. Because property has no recommended retail price, property sellers, in my opinion, are somewhat vulnerable and face the risk of becoming easy prey to agents who have no idea what they’re doing. Then there are agents like today’s guest. An experienced professional and trusted opinion who can not only guide his sellers to a great result, he’s a published author on the subject. Sydney agent Geoff Grist has seen his market double, and double, then double again and in a highly competitive professional environment, he’s worked hard to build a solid client base and loyal following. Geoff’s a great writer and has the book sales to prove it.  He’s also become a good friend over time as well as a reliable sounding board for different ideas and strategies. He recently hired an agent to sell his own home which is an interesting story as you’ll soon discover. Check out all Geoff's book here


11 Feb 2020

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Ep 94 - Geoff Grist |Trust, truth & tough conversations - top agent reveals all

The Elephant In The Room Property Podcast | Inside Australian Real Estate

Sales agent Geoff Grist, who’s written a book called “Sold Above Market” is a real estate agent on Sydney’s Lower North Shore. This episode reveals some great insights into how the best agents operate. Here’s what we covered: Why the remuneration of agents goes hand in hand with mistrust Why AVM’s aren’t worth the paper they are printed on What you need to do prior to selling your home to maximize price. What makes buyers pay above market prices? How to get your offer accepted, the rules of engagement. How can you buy below market? How do vendors ruin their own sales campaigns? How can an average agent can ruin a sale. We hope this episode gives you some great insights into the psyche of sales agents. WEBSITE LINKS:Episode 12 - John CunninghamEpisode 20 - Georgie Bates GUEST WEBSITES:FREE copy of “Sold Above Market” click HERE Geoff Grist - Richardson & Wrench Mosman/Neutral Bay Work with Veronica? info@gooddeeds.com.auWork with Chris? hello@wealthful.com.au Read the transcript:www.theelephantintheroom.com.au/podcasts/094

1hr 26mins

17 Nov 2019

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How to become an authority in real estate by writing a book: Geoff Grist

Elevate: The Official Podcast of Elite Agent Magazine

“If you can find an area that you want to educate somebody about, how you do the job, what happens ‘if’…there’s a lot of things that can go wrong and if you can explain all those in an easy to read way, there’s probably a book in it." – Geoff Grist In this episode of the…


1 Nov 2019

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TAP 43. SOLD ABOVE MARKET. An Interview with Geoff Grist

Top Agents Playbook

There’s no better way to quickly boost your personal brand than becoming the author of your own lead generating book.


4 Apr 2016