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Integration and production transformation at Vice Media

DPP Podcast

In this episode, enabled by Mulesoft, DPP CTO Rowan de Pomerai is joined by:Daniel Elias - Global Director of Production & Media Workflows, Vice MediaMichele Gauthier - Global Director, Production Transformation, Vice MediaOliver Wynn - Distinguished Solution Engineer, MulesoftMichele and Dani share the production transformation journey at Vice, and Oliver discusses the integration opportunity - as well as how other sectors outside of media and broadcasting are delivering business value with integration.More information about the DPP's Making Integration Work series can be found here.


1 Jul 2022

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Chief People Officer at VICE Media Group, Author of Inclusion Revolution, Daisy Auger-Domínguez - An Intersectional Approach to Equity Work

AllVoices, Reimagining Company Culture

Welcome to Reimagining Company Culture, a series discussing emerging trends and priorities shaping the future of workplace culture and employee wellbeing. We highlight thought leaders who are constantly evolving their strategy and can provide insight to folks about how to address new business challenges.  AllVoices is on a mission to create safe, happy, and healthy workplaces for all, and we’re excited to learn from experts who share our mission.In this episode of Reimagining Company Culture, we’re chatting with Daisy Auger-Domínguez, Chief People Officer at VICE Media Group, Author of Inclusion Revolution. Within her role, Daisy leads a global team responsible for people operations, diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, corporate facilities and real estate, procurement, and social impact practices.Tune in to learn Daisy’s thoughts on intentionally training and providing resources to new managers to be effective mirrors, creating a global and local DEI strategy, the role of an employer in self-reflection, and more!About AllVoicesIn today's workforce, people often don't feel empowered to speak up and voice their opinions about workplace issues, including harassment, bias, and other culture issues. This prevents company leadership from making necessary changes, and prevents people from feeling fulfilled, recognized, and included at work. At AllVoices, we want to change that by providing a completely safe, anonymous way for people to report issues directly to company leaders. This allows company leadership real transparency into what’s happening in their companies—and the motivation to address issues quickly. Our goal is to help create safer, more inclusive companies.


12 Apr 2022

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Episode 44: Tectonic Shifts in Media, with Colin Mitchell of Vice Media Group and Virtue

ANA Marketing Futures Podcast

Our guest today works for an organization with disruption in its DNA. Colin Mitchell is the Chief Innovation Officer at Vice Media Group and Co-President of Virtue. Colin shared his unique perspective of running a creative agency inside of a media company and discussed some of the typical innovation hurdles he helps marketers clear every day. We also talked about the Vice Verse, Vice Media Group’s brand new foray into the Metaverse, and why the rise of the metaverse will eventually make the social media revolution feel like a mere ripple.

17 Mar 2022

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Vice Media Group’s Cory Haik aims for commerce, consumer to represent two-thirds of digital division’s revenue by 2024

The Digiday Podcast

Vice Media Group’s digital division, like many digital media outlets, currently generates the majority of its revenue from advertising. And like many media companies, VMG’s digital arm is on a revenue diversification kick.“It is my goal to get into 2024 to have a third of revenue coming from ad-supported, a third [from] commerce and then a third [from] consumer,” VMG chief digital officer Cory Haik said in the latest episode of the Digiday Podcast.She acknowledged the aim “is ambitious for us” but discussed how VMG’s digital division — which is profitable — is already chipping away at the undertaking. Last year the company debuted a new commerce vertical called Rec Room and also introduced a subscription product, Waypoint+, for its gaming publication Waypoint. During the interview, she discussed different ways in which VMG will be building on those initial moves, such as by rolling out affiliate content on new properties like fashion and culture vertical i-D and adding a reader donation option for its news content.“Our revenue is primarily ad-supported, but we’re opening that up. And we’re very, very bullish on diversification and running hard at that,” Haik said.


1 Feb 2022

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How Vice Media Group’s Daisy Auger-Dominguez has put DE&I plans into practice

The Digiday Podcast

Shortly after Daisy Auger-Dominguez joined Vice Media Group as its chief people officer in May 2020, the murder of George Floyd spurred companies across the media industry to pledge improvements to their organizations’ levels of diversity, equity and inclusion. VMG then took the further step of uploading its DE&I initiatives into a dashboard for all employees to see the company’s plans and track its progress.“Think of it as a project management app,” said Auger-Dominguez in the latest episode of the Digiday Podcast.VMG’s DE&I dashboard features an entry for each active DE&I project, including links to corresponding documents, updated information about its performance metrics and progress toward those goals as well as the name of the employee responsible for overseeing that project.“It not only creates transparency around accountability, but it also creates connectivity that can galvanize other employees that are interested in any of those particular projects [to see], ‘Oh, here’s the person I should be talking to,’” Auger-Dominguez said.In keeping with the dashboard’s purpose of keeping employees up to date on VMG’s DE&I efforts, the company removes completed projects and adds new projects as its overall efforts evolve. Heading into 2022, some of those newer projects will likely concern VMG’s return to the office and the part DE&I plays in an in-person workplace. However, Auger-Dominguez is cognizant of not categorizing every initiative under DE&I, which can have the effect of putting it in a silo.“I don’t want to start adding everything to DE&I, so everyone’s just like, ‘Oh, is that a DE&I initiative?’ No, actually it’s the other way around: Everything has a DE&I lens, but not everything is a DE&I initiative,” Auger-Dominguez said.


16 Nov 2021

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EP.16 — When Artificial & Intellience Meets ft. Oobah Butler, Journalist & Author, Vice Media

Oftenly Wicked Podcasts

On this episode, hosts Shivam Bhotika (http://bit.ly/shivam_bhotika_IG) and Vineet Maliakal (http://bit.ly/vineet_maliakal_IG) are joined by Oobah Butler - Journalist - Vice Media and Author - 'How to Bullsh*t Your Way to Number 1: An Unorthodox Guide to 21st Century Success'. He's the internet's favourite prankster and has been behind videos like 'The Shed' or 'How To Crash Paris Fashion Week'.  We'll be discussing this new form of journalism, breaking the internet and perception with notoriety and a lot more. You can follow Factly on IG: https://instagram.com/oobahs You can check his new work on Oobah's Website: https://www.oobahbutler.com/ Mental Health Resource: https://bit.ly/iCall_Mental_Health_Resource Follow us at Oftenly Wicked's IG Handle: http://bit.ly/oftenly_wicked_IG Music is done by BøneHead Bangers. Check his work at: https://linktr.ee/boneheadbangers --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/oftenlywicked/message

1hr 16mins

12 Sep 2021

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Ontario Creates Discussion Series 2021 The Future of the Creative Workforce – with VICE Media Group

Ontario Creates Podcasts

The Future of the Creative Workforce – with VICE Media Group – Thursday August 19, 2021Ontario Creates partnered with VICE Media Group to identify interest and awareness across different types of roles in the Canadian cultural media landscape. Join us to learn about findings from our 360-degree exploration of the creative workforce, inclusive of those in the spotlight and those who keep the lights on. The creative landscape is changing as younger generations take over these industries. Through this research, we present the career toolkit needed for the culture makers of the future, along with a blueprint for building up tomorrow’s cultural business leaders.Speakers: Julie Arbit, Global SVP, Insights at VICE Media GroupLauren Greenspan, Senior Director, Insights, North America at VICE Media Group L’avenir de la main-d’œuvre créative – avec le groupe Vice Media – Le jeudi 19 août 2021Ontario Créatif s’est associé au groupe Vice Media pour cerner l’intérêt à l’égard de différents types de rôles dans le paysage médiatique culturel canadien, et évaluer la mesure dans laquelle ceux-ci sont connus. Rejoignez-nous pour découvrir les résultats de notre exploration tous azimuts de la main-d’œuvre créative, tant celle sous les projecteurs que celle qui les allume. Le paysage créatif évolue à mesure que les jeunes générations prennent la relève dans ces industries. Nous présentons dans cette recherche la trousse des outils de carrière nécessaires aux créateurs de contenu culturel de demain, et nous proposons un plan d’action pour former les futurs chefs d’entreprise du secteur culturel.Conférencières : Julie Arbit, vice-présidente directrice mondiale, Perspectives, groupe Vice MediaLauren Greenspan, directrice principale, Perspectives, groupe Vice Media (Amérique du Nord)


30 Aug 2021

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Marketing Trends: Understanding VICE Media Group’s Role as a Global Brand with CMO, Nadja Bellan-White

Blazing Trails

In an ever-evolving world full of raw and untapped potential, brands require a CMO who can keep up and take charge. That’s why when VICE Media Group was in search of its first Global CMO, Nadja Bellan-White was at the top of the list. For more than a quarter-century, Nadja has used her voice proactively to challenge brands to think differently, think creatively, but most importantly to think about how they can make an impact in their communities.On this special episode, we feature Nadja's conversation from the Marketing Trends podcast. Nadja details why she was excited to accept the challenge of running a marketing team trusted with pushing VICE’s vast portfolio forward. Plus, Nadja details why marketers are in the midst of a renaissance and must alter the way data powers their decision-making.If you enjoyed today's episode, be sure to subscribe to Marketing Trends wherever you get your podcasts!


18 Aug 2021

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Chris Garbutt & Colin Mitchell - Global CCO & CIO, Vice Media Group (E82)

Love This Podcast

After incredibly successful careers on the agency and client side, Chris and Colin joined forces to create PLATFRMR, before recently being acquired by VICE Media Group.Now Global Chief Creative Officer and Global Chief Innovation Officer, we looked deeper into their careers, unpacking the new job to do at VICE, and enjoying their POV on all things creativity, marketing and culture.


30 May 2021

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Creating culturally relevant content and getting your voice heard. | Ravi Amaratunga Hitchcock | Content expert & Co-Founder of Soursop (ex-Vice Media Global Executive Producer, Head of Video for Dazed, Channel 4)

The We are Duffree Audio Experience

Award-winning Creative Director and Executive Producer Ravi Amaratunga Hitchcock joins us this week in the Perspectives studio. As co-founder of Soursop, former Head of Pi  Studios, Global Executive Producer for Vice Media and Head of Video for Dazed, he is the true definition of a cultural catalyst.  Ravi gives us a sneak peek into his diverse background, fascinating career trajectory and observations on how brands can navigate activism in order to enact necessary change. Perspectives is the audio and video experience from We are Duffree, the creative agency making work with a heart for every living soul on this planet. In a series of impactful, thought-provoking conversations, our founder Mitchell sits down with industry leaders, free-thinking changemakers and fearless activists catapulting listeners into a limitless universe of unique perspectives which inspire, challenge and shake-up the status quo.  Get ready for a shift in perspective. Follow We are Duffree on:InstagramFacebookLinkedinYouTube


26 May 2021