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Ep6. Anita Cleare - Be a positive parent

The Meaningful Life with Andrew G. Marshall

Why are so many working parents exhausted? Why does it often feel so unfulfilling switching between a demanding job and doing our best as parents? Anita Cleare’s new book, The Work/Parent Switch, explores the challenge of moving between driven, goal-oriented professional mode, and the looser, more mindful state needed to parent. Anita talks with Andrew about creative ways to switch between the two states, and about how modern parents can benefit from doing less for their children. Anita Cleare (MA AdvDip) is a parenting expert, writer and coach. She is the co-founder of the Positive Parenting Project, a social enterprise which aims to bring the benefits of proven evidence-based parenting strategies to as many parents (and children) as possible. Follow Up Join our Supporters Club to access exclusive behind-the-scenes content, fan requests and the chance to ask Andrew your own questions. Membership starts at just £4.50. https://www.patreon.com/andrewgmarshall Get Anita Cleare’s new book, The Work/Parent Switch https://www.anitacleare.co.uk/get-support/the-work-parent-switch/ Read Anita’s blog, Thinking Parenting, and find out about her parenting webinars and private parenting coaching here:https://www.anitacleare.co.uk/ Read Andrew’s book I Love You But You Always Put Me Last: How To Child-Proof Your Marriage https://andrewgmarshall.com/book/i-love-you-but-you-always-put-me-last-how-to-child-proof-your-marriage/ If you’re struggling to connect with your partner and are labouring under the strain of work and parenting, read Andrew’s blog “Three Secrets of a Happy Relationship” https://andrewgmarshall.com/three-secrets-of-a-happy-relationship/ Andrew offers regular advice on love, marriage and finding meaning in your life via his social channels. Follow him on: Twitter https://twitter.com/andrewgmarshall  Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AndrewGMarshallTherapy  YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF5gT7ru5sblpFaU2-iWTTw


16 Nov 2020

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024. The Work / Parent Switch, Feat Anita Cleare

Oh My Days Academy Podcast [free version; no premium access]

Anita Cleare (MA AdvDip) is a parenting speaker, writer and coach and co-founder of The Positive Parenting Project. Her first book, The Work/Parent Switch is published by Vermilion Books.In 2012 Anita founded The Positive Parenting Project, a social enterprise which aims to bring the benefits of proven, evidence-based parenting strategies to as many parents (and children) as possible. Anita speaks at events across the country and delivers parenting seminars, workshops and one-to-one support. She is a regular on TV and radio.Fascinated by children and how they develop, Anita has a talent for helping parents view their children and their own parenting strategies from different angles. She is adamant that there is no such thing as a perfect parent and says her ambition with her own children is simply not to make the same mistakes too often.Click to view: show page on Awesound


31 Jul 2020

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The Power of Play, with Anita Cleare

The Career Dad Show

In this episode I’m joined by Anita Cleare, parenting expert and author of The Work Parent Switch.I love that Anita talks about her struggles with parenting guilt, particularly given her job. We also talk about recurring themes for working parents, and how the power of play is the antidote to the fear of failure.I hope you enjoy.Contents1m 02s: What is a parenting expert?4m 52s: Key themes for working parents12m 08s: Guilt: a recurring theme19m 48s: Advice for parents23m 29s: The Work Parent Switch27m 51s: The power of play 31m 04s: Home schooling in lockdownSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/careerdad)


27 Apr 2020

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How To Thrive In Our New Normal With Anita Cleare

The Motherkind Podcast

Are you still a working parent through this time of a pandemic? Whether you're working from home or out there as a frontline worker, I’m sure your work has changed along with the childcare landscape.This week's episode is with Anita Cleare, a parenting expert who has been supporting working parents for seventeen years. She talks about what children need right now (hint: it isn’t more time) and what we need to do as parents. Anita also shares valuable tips on how to transition from being at work to then coming into parenting. I'm really excited to bring this conversation to you. I hope it's going to be really supportive.For the full show notes, please head over to www.motherkind.co.


6 Apr 2020

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Ep 333: Finding Hope Together With Carina White, Katherine May & Anita Cleare

Harriet Minter Presents: Badass Women’s Hour

Stuck on how to keep your kids learning and entertained now the schools are closed, or just want some hope for the future look no further!Harriet speaks to people from all over the country about their feelings surrounding the current Covid-19 situation in the UK. Harriet and her guests (not in the studio for obvious reasons) will be offering much-needed advice, solace and a reminder that as a nation we are all in this together.Carina White of Dope Black Mum’s is talking to Harriet about why is racism stopping black people from swimming and the myth that’s causing this. And also they discuss how she and her daughter are dealing with the school closure and the anxiety around the risk to an elderly family member. Also talking about being at home with the kids is author Katherine May who has now been thrown back into the homeschooling schedule, she tells Harriet how she will be coping this time round. And Anita Cleare child development expert is walking parents and carers through how they can keep their children entertained and still educated during the school closure.For information on your host follow the link below:Harriet MinterSee acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


23 Mar 2020