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Episode 43: Nick Swisher and Jesse Cole

Talkin Shop with Coach Ballgame and Coach Chop

This will go down as the BEST podcast you've ever listened to.  That's about all I'm gonna say.  The World Series Champ, Nick Swisher is a fountain of joy.  He's a party!  You won't believe the amazing gems he throws out for young players, and specifically parents.  Then the owner of the Savannah Bananas, Jesse Cole hopped on to join Swish and Chop in an epic trivia contest.  Jesse is revolutionizing the baseball world with his Fans First approach to baseball.  It's all about FUN.  We unpack the lives of these amazing motivators, and it easily became me and Chopper's favorite episode yet.  Be inspired!   Wanna support the Pod?  www.patreon.com/chopandballgame RAKE

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18 Oct 2022

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Jesse Cole on Betting Everything on A Dream and The Savannah Bananas

Elevate with Robert Glazer

Jesse Cole lives life by being different. He is the founder of Fans First Entertainment, which owns and operates the baseball team the Savannah Bananas. The Bananas have welcomed more than 1 million fans to their ballpark and have been featured on MSNBC, CBS Sunday Morning, HBO and ESPN. Jesse is an in-demand speaker and bestselling author of two books, Find Your Yellow Tux and his newest Fans First. Jesse joined host Robert Glazer on the Elevate Podcast to discuss how he and his wife built the Savannah Bananas from a bankrupt organization to a leading entertainment brand, and much more. Show Notes


18 Oct 2022

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Savannah Banana's Owner Jesse Cole on Putting Fans First and Creating Unforgettable Experiences

The L3 Leadership Podcast with Doug Smith

Episode Summary: In this episode of the L3 Leadership podcast, Doug has a conversation with Jesse Cole, the founder of Fans First Entertainment and The Savannah Bananas, about his new book, Fans First.About Jesse Cole: Jesse Cole is the founder of Fans First Entertainment and owner of the Savannah Bananas. His teams have welcomed more than one million fans to their ballparks and have been featured on MSNBC, CNN, ESPN and in Entrepreneur Magazine.The Bananas have been awarded Organization of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, Business of the Year and won the CPL Championship in their first year. Fans First Entertainment has been featured on the INC 5000 lists as one of the fastest growing companies in America.The Savannah Bananas currently have sold out every game since their first season and have a waiting list in the thousands for tickets.Jesse released his first book “Find Your Yellow Tux – How to Be Successful by Standing Out” in January of 2018 with a World Book Tour…at Epcot.Cole has been featured on over 500 podcasts and is an in-demand keynote speaker all over the country sharing the Fans First Experience on how to stand out, be different and create raving fans of both customers and employees.Cole is the Host of the Business Done Differently Podcast and has interviewed over 100 of some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, authors and speakers.Fun Fact: Cole owns seven yellow tuxedos and proposed to his wife Emily in the yellow tux in front of a sold out crowd. She said Yes! The two later married at their stadium. In 2018, they welcomed their first baby banana, Maverick.5 Key Takeaways:1. Jesse catches up listeners on what has happened in his life in the past year and a half. 2. He shares what his main inspiration is  for trying out new ideas.3. Jesse talks about his new book, Fans First. 4. He gives advice to listeners about how to grow their confidence and be their biggest fans.5. He shares what the most rewarding part of owning The Bananas is for him. Quotes From the Episode:“How can you experiment with ideas faster?”“If you want to create fans of other people, you better be your biggest fan of what you do.”“How you do anything is how you do everything.”Resources Mentioned:Fans First by Jesse ColeBananaland on ESPNCameron HughesConnect with Jesse:Website | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube


30 Aug 2022

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Jesse Cole, Savannah Bananas Owner—Attention Beats Marketing

How Leaders Lead with David Novak

You can have the very best product, service, or cause in the world, but in order for it to really succeed, you need to be able to get people’s eyes and ears on it. You need their attention. But it’s harder than ever to get it.Fortunately for us, this episode features Jesse Cole, the Owner of the Savannah Bananas baseball team. He is an absolute genius at getting attention. And even better, he knows how to turn it into lasting loyalty.The Bananas are not your everyday baseball team! They are out to make baseball fun – they’re putting pitchers on stilts and lighting bats on fire and doing all kinds of wacky stuff. And it’s working. They sell out every game … they have over 2 million followers on TikTok … and they’re attracting serious attention from MLB teams who want to know how they do it. Jesse is gonna help you apply his strategies, so your organization can get the attention it really deserves.You’ll also learn: What to say to your team when big ideas don’t work  One strategy you can use this week to inject fresh ideas into your organization Why it’s okay to be misunderstood (and how to cope when it’s hard) How to shift your focus from getting customers to getting fans


18 Aug 2022

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165: The Savannah Bananas’ Fans First Strategy You Can Use for Success with Jesse Cole

b Cause Work Doesn't Have to Suck

Meet Jesse Cole, the Walt Disney of baseball. In 2016, Cole and his family purchased a historically fledgling baseball team in Savannah and turned them into the world-renowned, Savannah Bananas where they’ve revolutionized a traditional sport. How? By putting fans first. Instead of being obsessed with the game, he became obsessed with the experience. Particularly the fan experience. Eventually, Cole's innovative marketing strategies and commitment to fan experience paid off in a big way. The Savannah Bananas have sold out every game since their first season and have been awarded Organization of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, and Business of the Year. Today, Cole is an in-demand keynote speaker, serial yellow tux wearer and author of Find Your Yellow Tux and Fans First. In this episode, you’ll hear Erin and Jesse discuss how you can use a Fans First strategy to create your own success. Find Your Yellow Tux Fans First If you’d like quick tangible tips and practical corporate career advice to level up your authentic leadership, download the 10 simple “plays” to stop selling out and start standing out at https://bauthenticinc.mykajabi.com/freebie To connect with Erin and/or Nicole, email: hello@bauthenticinc.com  If you like jammin' with us on the podcast, b sure to join us for more fun and inspiration! Follow b Cause on Twitter (really it's mostly Nicole) Follow Erin on LinkedIn or Instagram Join the b Cause Podcast Facebook Group Take our simple, fun and insightful"What’s your workplace superhero name?”quizUnleash your Authentic Superpower with Erin’s book,"You Do You (ish)" Check out our blog for more no-BS career advice Work with Us Or just buy some fun, authentic, kick-ars merch here DISCLAIMER: This episode is not explicit, though contains mild swearing that may be unsustainable for younger audiences. Tweetable Comments “Every single day, I get fascinated and obsessed with new ideas and new things we can create for our fans.” “How you view things is how you do things.” “Corporate and public companies are always focused on the next quarter. I'm focused on the next quarter century.” “You have to be able to throw away some short-term profits to create long-term fans.” “It starts with you being the number one fan of what you're doing.” “How can you really create fans if you aren't the biggest fan of what you do?” “Follow your energy, not your passion.”


9 Aug 2022

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How the Savannah Bananas Create the 'Greatest Show Possible' w/ Jesse Cole

Flip the Switch by EngageMint

Our first three-peat on the show, we welcome back Jesse Cole, owner of the Savannah Bananas.  In previous episodes, David and Jesse have jammed and brainstormed, but in this show, we unpack the Bananas’ 5-E-Framework that has propelled their Fans First model into a global phenomenon.  What the Bananas lack in detailed processes and metrics, they make up for in intentionality, in-depth knowledge of their product and fans and the impression they leave through every step of the in-person and virtual experience.  -----Show Notes4:04    Fans First: The Savannah Bananas Story5:08    Capturing the World’s Attention10:47  Balancing Attention and Intention12:49  The 5 E Framework 13:16  Eliminate Friction - What Hurts the Most20:01  Make the Small Bets21:52  Entertain Always - How You View Things is How You Do Things23:43  The Last Impression29:34  Experiment Constantly33:11  Collecting Data and Feedback35:48  Undercover Fans38:11  Engage Deeply45:19  Empowering Action49:23  “The First Fan is Yourself”-----Want more from Jesse Cole and the Savannah Bananas?Books: Fans First: Change The Game, Break the Rules & Create an Unforgettable Experience Find Your Yellow Tux: How to Be Successful By Standing OutConnect with Jesse: Twitter | LinkedInFindYourYellowTux.com |  Business Done Differently PodcastFollow the Savannah Bananas: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | TikTok | YouTubeCheck out Jesse’s other appearances on Flip the Switch:Episode 14: Fans FirstEpisode 44: A Culture of Experimentation and Innovation


13 Jun 2022

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Jesse Cole, Owner of the Savannah Bananas on Focusing on the Process

Build a Winning Team with Tim Schurrer

There’s a minor league baseball team who’s shaking things up and turning a lot of heads. Even playing 10 levels below the major leagues, they sell 4,000 tickets a game, have sold out every season several years in a row, and have a waitlist of almost 50,000 people. Crazy, right?! On this week's episode, I interview Jesse Cole who’s the owner of the Savannah Bananas. It’s so easy to get obsessed with results—tickets sold, revenue made—but we have to focus on the process if we want to be successful. It's what the Bananas have done and it's what we need to do too. Order your copy of "The Secret Society of Success" today: https://amzn.to/3kPlbVw  Order your copy of “The Secret Society of Success” on Audible: https://adbl.co/3uSHzTs


7 Jun 2022

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384 Fans First by Jesse Cole

The Marketing Book Podcast

Fans First: Change The Game, Break The Rules & Create An Unforgettable Experience by Jesse Cole About the Book: The Savannah Bananas should not exist. You can't name any of their players. They play in a 1920s-era ballpark with no ads or billboards. They play in kilts, stilts, and stilettos. They even have an all-grandma dance team: the Banana Nanas. Everything the Bananas do is unconventional. It shouldn’t work. And yet they sell out every game, have a waitlist in the thousands, ship merchandise around the globe, and entertain millions of followers on social media. ESPN calls the Bananas “the greatest show in baseball.” How is this even possible? Two words: Fans First. Packed with behind-the-peel stories, hard-earned lessons, and a few other surprises, Fans First teaches you how to stand out in your marketplace, drive explosive growth, and inspire fanatical loyalty. If this all sounds bananas, that’s the point. Normal leaders read normal books and get normal results. But if you’re ready to change the game, break the rules, and create your own unforgettable team, then it’s time to go Fans First. About the Author: Jesse Cole is a fanatic about fandom. In 2016, he founded Fans First Entertainment and launched the Savannah Bananas baseball team with one mission: to spark a fan-focused movement. Whether at the ballpark, on social media, onstage delivering keynotes, in features for ESPN and Entrepreneur, or in his first book, Find Your Yellow Tux, Jesse continues to create fans all over the world. Jesse is the proud inventor of Banana Ball and Dolce & Banana underwear and not-so-proud promoter of the Human Horse Race and Flatulence Fun Night. He’s a raving fan of his wife Emily, his kids, and peerless promoters like Walt Disney, PT Barnum, and Bill Veeck. Jesse owns seven yellow tuxedos. And, interesting facts – as a baseball player he pitched no-hitters, he hit three home runs, and he even got to pitch at Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. Click here for this episode's website page with the links mentioned during the interview... https://www.salesartillery.com/marketing-book-podcast/fans-first-jesse-cole

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20 May 2022

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Flippin' Bats with Ben Verlander

Ben Verlander goes LIVE for his Thursday Happy Hour show! Joined by Producer Conrad, Ben starts by giving you his mid-week update; The impact of Max Scherzer and his new injury sidelining him for 6-8 weeks, the legend of Juan Soto and new rumors that he could be traded - what that package could look like and which teams would be a great fit, then joined by the Owner of the Savannah Bananas, Jesse Cole! Ben also looks at Ohtani's pitching performance last night and why his outings have still been extremely impressive! Ben then jumps into MLB Trivia before diving into his 'Team of the Week' highlighting the best players in MLB at every position and finishing the show by answering ALL of your fan questions! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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19 May 2022

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Fans First: Jesse Cole

Author Hour

Coming up on this episode of Author Hour, you’re going to hear a conversation I had with Jesse Cole and he just wrote a book called Fans First: Change the Game, Break the ... The post Fans First: Jesse Cole appeared first on Author Hour.


18 May 2022