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Patrick Mulvaney: Chef, Restaurateur + Farm-to Fork and Community Leader

I Used to be Somebody

In Ireland the most important person is a seanchaí (story teller). Their stories keep the community together and thriving. Patrick Mulvaney is such a person. We were honored and a little nervous to serve Patrick a Mai Tai in the Landau Tiki bar this week. Why? Because he's an award-winning chef and owner of an incredible restaurant. Even though Patrick is very busy as a restaurateur he sees his role in the community as way more important. He is a leading force behind the Farm-to Fork movement that has swept the nation, his restaurant during the pandemic served 100,000+ meals to the community and he's also one of the key forces behind the "I Got Your Back Project" that deals directly with the mental health crisis in the restaurant business. This is an episode that you won't forget! • More about Patrick Mulvaney and Mulvaney B&L: https://mulvaneysbl.com/about • Episode Content: https://pickleballmediahq.com/blog/Patrick-Mulvaney-Interview-It-Really-Is-A-Wonderful-Life • This week's Sponsor: lovemyheartstudy.com • Subscribe to the I Used to be Somebody newsletter:  https://pickleballmediahq.com/contact/subscribe


29 Jun 2021

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Patrick Mulvaney on Getting Sh*t Done

Creativity Speaks

Patrick Mulvaney is a proud Sacramentan whose cooking career has spanned five time zones. A Michelin-rated restaurateur and community policy advocate on many stages, Patrick is one of the people working tirelessly to make Sacramento the “Farm-to-Fork” capital of the country. He also co-founded the I Got Your Back project, a peer referral and online resource shifting the conversation about mental health in the hospitality world. In this episode of Creativity Speaks, Patrick talks about his efforts to serve the community during a time of crisis, and not just making room at the table but creating new tables with seats for everyone.


2 Jun 2021

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Congressman Mike Thompson & Chef Patrick Mulvaney on Reasons for Hope

Add Passion and Stir

How do we continue to care for each other as the pandemic draws to a close? Congressman Mike Thompson from California’s 5th District and influential Sacramento chef Patrick Mulvaney discuss how the pandemic has affected the food and wine industries. Congressmen Thompson and Mulvaney partnered with funders, including No Kid Hungry, Sacramento County, and community members to deliver more than 250,000 meals through schools and seniors during the pandemic. Both changemakers are hopeful about building America stronger after the pandemic. “I’m excited about the things that we can do. If we work together, there’s no stopping us,” Thompson believes. “What I feel now is hope… There’s a sense that any of us that have made it this far are going to live to see the other side,” says Mulvaney.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


31 Mar 2021

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Ep #43 - Patrick Mulvaney

Best Served

On this episode of Best Served, our host Jensen Cummings sits down with Patrick Mulvaney of Family Meal Sacramento & Mulvaney B&L, Sacramento, CA.


6 Jun 2020

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Family Meal: Patrick Mulvaney Describes Restaurants' Cooking for Those in Need

Visit Sacramento Podcast

Chef Patrick Mulvaney of Mulvaney's Building & Loan discusses Family Meal, a charity project with Sacramento restaurants making meals for those in need during these unprecedented times.Get additional information and donate to the cause: https://www.spotfund.com/story/c9f9921c-e54a-4861-9571-7dc942ba2e5c


9 Apr 2020

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Local Restaurants Give Back – Chef Patrick Mulvaney

Farm To Table Talk

The pandemic of 2020 has led to the closing of most restaurants, except for carry out and delivery. We do what we have to do, but we miss our favorite restaurants. Like most other restaurants Farm To Fork Restauant, Mulvaneys B&L had to close their doors and lay off their staff. Unlike most restaurants they almost immediately started looking for ways they could get back to what they do best, supporting local farmers and making meals for the public— especially for the needy, senior shut ins and school age kids who were missing meals because their school closed. Along with other like-minded leading Chefs they decided to get back in the kitchen and prepare meals for those most in need -- creating "Family Meal", a chef-driven initiative to mobilize restaurants as micro-commissaries to create meals for people in need. In a depressed restaurant industry, their action is encouraging. To share how they are again making family meals and making a difference in their community, we have table talk with Chef Patrick Mulvaney. To everyone who's asks, "How can I help?" You can click here to donate to the Family Meal Initiative: https://bit.ly/2xzvOpY Every $20 raised through this campaign pays for one “Meal Kit” designed to feed up to four people or feed one person for up to four days. #saverestaurants #familymeals #SacramentoProud #SacramentoStrong


3 Apr 2020

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Corona Chronicle #26: Ask, "What can I do?"- Patrick Mulvaney- Sacramento, CA

Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

Find out more about Patrick Mulvaney here. Key Takeaways Dealing with mental health during these anxious times.  Stepping up and being there for those in your community who need you. Patrick and Mulvaney are preparing 400 meals a day. Don't wait for funding, just take care of people... they'll take care of you.  being mindful of social distancing while you serve your community.  Holding family meals to maintain business culture.  Using your unique skills and network to serve your community and farmers. Use this as a time to love, learn, and build each other up. We'll come out stronger.  Resources Mentioned: None


27 Mar 2020

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139 I Got Your Back with Patrick Mulvaney

The Meat Block

This episode is all about mental health and they got your back program created by Patrick Mulvaney Patrick Mulvaney https://instagram.com/mulvaneyinsac?igshid=1ggra9krofbtDanny Johnsonhttps://instagram.com/taylorsmarket?igshid=hkkmfzk73qaiBryan Mayerhttps://instagram.com/bryandmayer?igshid=kams2rrxb0hcNational suicide prevention number 1-800-273-8255Credits Travis Stockstill https://www.thebutchersguild.org/https://www.davisonsbutcher.comhttps://www.gofundme.com/quotbutchers-of-americaquot-team-usa-2020Producer/audio editingTravis stockstill Contact us atThe Meat BlockTwitter@themeatblockpodhttps://www.instagram.com/themeatblock/https://www.spreaker.com/show/2220980Questions themeatblockpodcast@gmail.comhttps://m.facebook.com/groups/548355638886041Travis Facebook@AmericanButcherTwitter@usabutcher https://www.instagram.com/americanbutcher/https://www.spreaker.com/user/americanbutcherBooking theamericanbutcher@gmail.comDavid https://www.instagram.com/afarmbutcher/dvzarling@gmail.combryan mayer and travis talk about musichttps://www.thebutchersguild.org/https://www.davisonsbutcher.com/

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21 Oct 2019

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Groundbreakers Q&A: Chefs Rick Mahan and Patrick Mulvaney

California Groundbreakers

This event was recorded on April 30, 2019 This "Groundbreakers Q&A" is with two guys who know their way around a kitchen. Rick Mahan and Patrick Mulvaney are Sacramento's Top Chefs. Their restaurants, The Waterboy (opened in 1996) and Mulvaney B&L (in 2006), set the bar for fine dining in Sacramento, and they're still atop the list of places worth opening up your wallet for a memorable meal. When they're not cooking, they're still doing plenty to promote good food, boost Farm to Fork efforts, and improve Sacramento's dining scene. Mahan is a big supporter of the Food Literacy Center, and Mulvaney is getting national attention for his efforts to tackle the mental health crisis in the restaurant industry. Join us for a great conversation with these two seasoned veterans of the city's ever-changing, often-challenging restaurant scene as we talk with them about Michelin stars, minimum wage hikes, the mental health movement, farmers markets, and other things that are shaping their menus today. PODCAST PLAY-BY-PLAY* O min to 5 min - Intro to California Groundbreakers* 5 min - The chefs introduce themselves and talk about what food they're loving right now (like fava beans and wild boar)* 7:30 min - First memories of food, and first experiences in the kitchen* 11:50 min - What brought Mulvaney, an Irishman from Long Island, out West, what kept him in Sacramento, and how his restaurant got his name* 14:05 min - Mahan's journey from washing dishes at Buffet Excellence at age 16, to having a life-changing experience in France* 20:45 min - What happened in those first few days, weeks and months of opening the new restaurant* 26:35 min - The pros and cons of serving Sacramentans as restaurant diners* 31:15 min - How to address changing tastes, trends and younger customers* 37 min - What the chefs are working on now outside the kitchen* 44:50 min - The Food Network effect: What do these TV shows overhype and downplay in the restaurant industry that we customers should know about as reality?* 53:40 min - The dish from Americo's (where the Waterboy stands today) that Mahan promises to make if you request it* 56 min - Thoughts on tasting menus, "tweezer plating," and the upcoming Michelin guide on Sacramento restaurants* 1 hr, 1:50 min - The pros and cons of running a restaurant -- especially in California* 1 hr, 7:05 min - The biggest challenge -- and fear -- the chefs are facing* 1 hr, 11:50 min - Thoughts on California's agriculture industry, and the future for farmers* 1 hr, 14:10 min - How the Waterboy got its name (it wasn't the Adam Sandler movie)* 1 hr, 20:15 min - Workforce development: How do we train the people who will run Sacramento's restaurants in the future?* 1 hr, 30:15 min - Best piece of advice for someone just starting out in this business* 1 hr, 32:10 min - Best piece of advice for amateur chefs in the kitchen

1hr 34mins

5 May 2019

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Farm to Fork Festival — Michael Dimock, Patrick Mulvaney, Karen Ross - Farm To Table Talk

Farm To Table Talk

When over 70,000 people show up to celebrate Farm To Fork in a single weekend, it's time to take stock of Sacramento's celebration of this expression of the Food Movement.  Farm To Table Talk does just that by setting down with three pioneering leaders of Farm to Fork:   California's Secretary of Agriculture, Karen Ross; Chef and Owner of Mulvaney's B & L, Patrick Mulvaney; and Michael Dimock, President of Roots of Change.  Rob Carlmark, Meterologist of ABC 10 introduces Farm To Table Talk Host, Rodger Wasson as the group digs in to where Farm To Fork is today and how  they explain that as they speak thousand of city residents are walking around enjoying the sights, sounds, tastes and presentations of a region that is proud  to be the Farm to Fork Capital.


30 Sep 2018