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Sep 1: A conversation with Katharine Hayhoe

Smart Prosperity: The Podcast

A conversation with Katharine Hayhoe Katharine Hayhoe is the most influential climate scientist on the planet. She’s also one of the most plain-spoken and down-to-earth. On this episode, she sits down with Eric Campbell to talk about conservative America, the UN’s new climate report, her new book, and why she wants you to talk to your friends about climate change.  w/ Katharine Hayhoe (Climate scientist extraordinaire, too many affiliations to list here)For more info and links, go to: podcast.smartprosperity.ca


28 Aug 2021

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2021 - Katharine Hayhoe "Christians, Climate, and Culture"

The January Series of Calvin University

Katharine Hayhoe is an atmospheric scientist who studies climate change and an evangelical Christian. She is passionate about bridging the broad, deep gap between scientists and Christians and says the key to having a real discussion is to connect over shared values like family, community, and faith.


13 Aug 2021

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E21 | Katharine Hayhoe | "Dismantling Zombie Arguments About Global Weirding."

Knitted Heart

Ben speaks with globally recognized atmospheric scientist, Katharine Hayhoe, PhD. "I don’t accept global warming on faith", Hayhoe asserts,  "I crunch the data, I analyze the models, I help engineers and city managers and ecologists quantify the impacts.In 2014, Hayhoe was named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People and the Foreign Policy’s 100 Leading Global Thinkers. In 2015, Hayhoe was named one of the Huffington Post’s 20 Climate Champions.  In 2017 she was named one of FORTUNE’s world’s greatest leaders.  Dr. Hayhoe speaks with Ben about the big issue that exacerbates many disparities, and humanitarian emergencies we’re all facing together around the globe, and a way political polarization and tribalism that keeps us from just talking about it can be absent in a true coming together to heal our planet.   More info on Dr. Hayhoe can be found at KatharineHayhoe.com


10 Jun 2021

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Katharine Hayhoe Loves God and the Planet

We Used To Be Friends

Let's just use some quotes from Katharine: "Instead of obsessing over the size of your sins, obsess over the grace we've been given" and "we are called to be recognized by our love for others rather than our divisions and our arguments and our judgements" and finally, "you haven't lived until you've had Texas BBQ." These sum up the episode nicely!


5 May 2021

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Katharine Hayhoe (Staying with the Trouble 2.0)

Staying with the Trouble

Atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe recounts some of the troubles she has faced when talking about climate change with evangelical Christians and political conservatives.


4 May 2021

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Dr Katharine Hayhoe - Talking Climate Change, clarity & hope

Talk with Trace

Katharine Hayhoe is a renowned climate scientists, Astrophysicist & Professor! She has authored over 125 peer reviews, written in countless publications, has influenced National & state legislature & speaks on climate change around the globe. Trace goes through the typical hoax questions, defines climate change, greenhouse gasses & together look at the hard hitting factual data.


25 Apr 2021

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S3E10: “The most polarized issue in the United States”: Katharine Hayhoe

Tokens with Lee C. Camp

An interview with Katharine Hayhoe, one of the leading climate scientists in the United States, and author of a soon-to-be-released book entitled Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World. Katharine and Lee discuss the supposed dichotomy between evangelical Christianity and climate science; the truth about some common climate change myths; and how Katharine, as an evangelical Christian herself, receives hate mail and death threats on an almost daily basis, and yet sees Christians as the perfect people to care about stewarding their responsibility to look after creation.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


22 Apr 2021

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Dr. Katharine Hayhoe - Episode 014

Geoversiv - Earth Intelligence

Dr. Hayhoe is the principal author of the Nation's Fourth Climate Assessment.  She stood her ground against the anti-science forces of the past Trump Administration.She was named one of Time Magazine's 100 "Most Influential People."   She is an expert on science and climate change communication.  Much of how she thinks about climate change is based in her Christian faith.  Her care and concern for the planet is not only science based, but informed by scripture: to care for God's creation as a steward and to car for "the least of them," who will suffer more from climate change than wealthier people and places.  We hope you find Dr. Hayhoe as illuminating as we did hosting her.


31 Jan 2021

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Katharine Hayhoe: researching, communicating, and teaching climate change and climate justice

Climate Scientists

Prof. Katharine Hayhoe joins me to discuss teaching climate justice, recent developments in climate change communication, her new book projects, and her pathway into science. For more: http://www.katharinehayhoe.com/wp2016/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/climate-scientists/message


25 Oct 2020

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68. Faith, Science and the Climate Crisis with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe

Outrage + Optimism

With over 80% of people on Earth claiming a religious affiliation, it's impossible to imagine solving the climate crisis without major religions taking climate action on as a spiritual exercise of their faith. and in the US, less than 30% of white evangelicals believe the Earth is warming due to human activity. With only 60 days til the US election, how are evangelical Christians going to vote on climate change? Why is the gospel of climate change failing to reach them? Dr. Katharine Hayhoe is an award winning climate scientist and endowed professor of public policy and law at Texas Tech University, AND an evangelical Christian. Her incredible work of connecting the dots for believers and non-believers alike when it comes to the intersection of faith, climate, science and politics has earned her the awarded title "Champion of the Earth" from the UN Environment Programme, as well as vitriolic hate-mail from those threatened by her telling the truth. And, later in the episode we have our first live hip hop music performance from Too Many T's! --- Dr. Katharine Hayhoe Website | Reddit AMA | 'Global Weirding' --- Too Many T's Website | YouTube | 10,000 Trees Campaign --- Join @GlobalOptimism on social media! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn --- Dont forget to hit SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss another episode of Outrage + Optimism!

1hr 3mins

4 Sep 2020