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Davinia Taylor | It's Not a Diet

The Emma Guns Show

Davinia Taylor returns to the podcast to talk about her new book It's Not A Diet and how biohacking, listening to her body, working with it, rather than against, and paying close attention to what she was feeding it has been instrumental in her feeling better now, aged 43, than she did 20 years ago.In this episode, we discuss:Why she was so passionate about putting pen to paper.How her own experiences have convinced her more people should try this out.Why obesity is a very slow death.Why no one should be judged for being overweight because there are often a multitude of factors at play.Why we should be thinking about more about how food makes us feel after we eat it than when we’re eating it.Why living her healthier life doesn’t cost money and actually just requires some fairly small changes.How much of an effort it is to not like yourself and why it’s a constant battle that no one else knows you’re fighting.Why processed food are so bad for us - and not just for the reasons you may already know.The role of hormones in how we feel and the lifestyle changes we can implement that can help.Why exercising doesn’t have to mean being a gym bunny or go hell for leather and so much more…Davinia's book It's Not a Diet is available now.To join the closed Facebook group for the podcast click here >> The Emma Guns Show Forum.To follow me on social media >> Twitter | Instagram.Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/emmagunavardhana. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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3 Jul 2021

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10: Davinia Taylor: 13 Years Sober

Over The Influence

Welcome to Over The Influence, Series 3!  We're Sharon, Freddie and Ben, three normal people who decided to give up alcohol to see how our lives would change. We're not medical experts but we are expert ex-drinkers, and our podcast brings people together who are on their own alcohol-free journeys by celebrating just how wonderful life without booze can be! In this episode we chat to Davinia Taylor, who is 13 years sober after giving up alcohol at the end of her twenties. You might recognise Davinia's name - she first appeared on Hollyoaks as party girl Jude Cunningham in 1996 and was always in the papers as part of the Primrose Hill set. She's now a Sunday Times Bestselling Author with her book "It's Not a Diet" and in our chat with her, she talks about the relationship between giving up alcohol and general good health. After her Mum tragically died from breast cancer, Davinia started looking more in to the science of how her body worked. She did a hormone test and discovered that she was dopamine driven, and that her body could metabolise alcohol really well... It was actually there, in her DNA! Davinia is hugely passionate about understanding how the body works, particularly in relation to how what you eat affects your mental state - by feeding her body the right things, she's feeding her mind the right things, all of which contributes to her maintaining her sobriety. Of course, you can always get in touch with us (publicly or privately) on our socials - @alcoholfreepod on Instagram and Twitter, or search for "Over The Influence" on Facebook. We'd love to hear your story - please get in touch with us at overtheinfluence@soundrebel.co.uk or use the contact form on our website - www.overtheinfluence.co.uk. Please also sign up for Freddie's brilliant weekly AF newsletter on our website too - there's some very exciting news coming soon!!! #alcoholfree #stopdrinking #healthandwellnessjourney #zeroalcohol #idontdrink #sobercurious #healthydrinking #alcoholfreelife #soberaf #alcoholfreeliving --- Over The Influence is produced by Ben Anderson for Sound Rebel. Do you want to present a podcast? Sound Rebel works with businesses, brands, charities & other organisations across the UK. If you own a business, work in a marketing department, or know someone who does - go to soundrebel.co.uk/business now to find out how podcasts could help you to tell your story.


14 Jun 2021

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Davinia Taylor

The Hot Mess Mums Club

A Hot Mess Mum. The mum who's husband, children and fellow-mums shake their heads at because they all know. The mum who forgets to bake for the bake sale. The Hot Mess Mum most likely has sent her kids to school in regular clothes on non-uniform day... In this episode Kelly & Jenny are joined by joined by Actress, Davinia Taylor.Sponsored by Swan. Swan understand that the kitchen is the hub of activity and an integral part of home life. Visit swan-brand.co.uk and use the code hotmessmums20 for a 20% discount on your order. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


29 Jan 2021

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In Conversation With: How Davinia Taylor Changed Her Life

SheerLuxe Podcast

This week on the SheerLuxe podcast, Georgie is ‘In Conversation With’ actress and wellness enthusiast Davinia Taylor. Having spent the last five years transforming her body after suffering with alcoholism, loss and post-natal depression, Davinia is now an authority on health and wellbeing. Losing 18kg in six months following a genetic test, which revealed the answers to her struggles, Davinia has since researched and biohacked herself back to peak performance.  In this episode, Davinia talks about her journey from 90s party girl to health guru. Speaking frankly about her relationship with exercise and nutrition, Davinia explains how she uses both to optimise her mental health. Finally, she reveals the supplements she swears by and the tips that keep her on the straight and narrow – from bulletproof coffee to fasting.The views and opinions expressed by Davinia are based on her experiences and beliefs. Always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare provider before making any changes to your lifestyle or undertaking any diet, exercise or other health-related programme.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


20 Oct 2020

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The Recovery Featuring Davinia Taylor

The Recovery

Over the course of this series we explore many different facets of recovery as Fat Tony is joined by some very special guests. On the 9th episode of season two, Tony is joined by actor, mother & health guru Davinia Taylor as we explore her journey.Proudly supported by INNERJIinnerjidrink.comFollow me onInstagram: http://bit.ly/3aRZPj1Facebook: http://bit.ly/38NdyGzTwitter: http://bit.ly/3aVPtPpYoutube: http://bit.ly/2w3Eapq


30 Sep 2020

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Addiction & Recovery with Sam Salter and Davinia Taylor

The Red Room

This week in the Red Room Anya and Sandy are talking to actor and influencer, Davinia Taylor and West End star and performer from Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake, Sam Salter all about addiction and their journeys to recovery. From denial to rock bottom, relapses and back again, in this fascinating and eye opening episode we learn all about the many faces that addiction wears and what some people go through each day in order to stay on track.** Please note that this episode was recorded before lockdown was in place and any reference to travel is past tense.


22 May 2020

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Meg Mathews & Davinia Taylor

White Wine Question Time

This week find out how two Primrose Hill Set party animals – Noel Gallagher's ex-wife Meg Mathews and her best friend Davinia Taylor – met, made it through the 90s and Noughties, how they're handling menopause, and why they think Supernova Heights is cursed.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


12 Sep 2019

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Davinia Taylor | Finding Your Stride

The Emma Guns Show

Davinia Taylor (@daviniataylor) joins me to talk about life in and out of the spotlight. Famous in her teens, thanks to a role in a prime time teen soap opera, Davinia's social circle, dubbed The Primrose Hill Set, was rarely out of the tabloids. In this conversation we go behind the headlines as well as how Davinia turned things around to live her best life.TRIGGER WARNING. Some listeners may find some of the subjects covered triggering so please listen with caution.Links from the show:On the subject of alkaline diet and dairy here is further evidence-based reading:The Alkaline Diet: An Evidence-Based ReviewAlkaline Diet: What cancer patients should know.10 Cancer Myths Debunked.Dairy is Scary: The Public Are Waking up to the Darkest Part of Farming.The Truth About Hormones in Milk.Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic.--Wim Hof -- The Wim Hof MethodGo! Kombucha fuelled our conversation.MTFHR GeneThe PrioryAlcoholics AnonymousThe running app I tell Davinia about Couch to 5K Runner ProBarry's Bootcamp--To join the closed Facebook group for the podcast click here >> The Emma Guns Show Forum.To follow me on social media >> Twitter | Instagram.Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/emmagunavardhana. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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25 Nov 2018