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1648: Joseph Smith's First Vision w/ LDS Discussions - 17

Mormon Stories - LDS

John and Mike discuss historical & theological issues surrounding the accounts of Joseph Smiths "First" Vision. __ WE ARE 100% DONOR FUNDED! Thank you for your donations! Monthly Donor: Monthly Donor or https://donorbox.org/mormon-stories One Time Donation: One Time Donation or https://donorbox.org/mormon-stories  Amazon Purchases:  ONLINE: Follow the link below and choose "Mormon Stories". Amazon will do the rest at no cost to you. Amazon Donates When You Purchase Items APP: Enable Amazon Smile in your app by following link below: Amazon Donates When You Purchase On The App ————— Like & Share our Podcasts!  Social Media/Information Links: MSP on Spotify Apple Podcasts MSP Blog Instagram Patreon TikTok Discord Contact Us! MormonStories@gmail.com Mormon Stories Podcast PO Box 171085 Salt Lake City, UT 84117 Show Notes: LDS Discussions on Anchor LDS Discussions on Spotify LDS Discussions Playlist on YouTube LDS Discussions First Vision Essay Joseph Smith Papers on the First Vision

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25 Aug 2022

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ES 97 | Cuppa Joe | Hidden Things Shall Come to Light: The Visual Image of Joseph Smith Jr.

Project Zion Podcast

In the Spring of 2020, Community of Christ Apostle Lachlan Mackay was contacted by his uncle, Dan Larsen, about a Smith family locket that had been hidden away for decades. At first, Lach didn't believe the image inside could be Joseph Smith Jr, but after over two years of research, Lach and historian Ron Romig are compelled to believe the locket does contain the first ever daguerreotype of Joseph Smith Jr. Their research and finding are published in the Spring/Summer 2022 John Whitmer Historical Association Journal. You can find that article here: https://www.jwha.infoHost: Karin PeterGuest: Lach Mackay Download Transcript


28 Jul 2022

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Joseph Smith

Above and Beyond

What can we learn from the creative arts? Joseph is currently the Producer for Rocket Stage, the theatrical arm of Sir Elton John and David Furnish's production company; Rocket Entertainment. He is also the co-owner of Smith & Brant Theatricals (SBT), which produced the global hit musical Come From Away which won 4 Olivier awards in 2019. Previous to his work for Rocket Entertainment, Joseph was the Executive Producer of Old Vic Productions. Joe has been Chief Executive of Stage One for 10 years. In this episode we discuss legacy responsibility, integrity of organisations, how autonomy is leadership development, and independence within a framework. @StageOneNewProd @GreenshawTrust Music: www.bensound.com


27 Jun 2022

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1604: Joseph Smith's Surrounding Influences in the Book of Mormon w/ LDS Discussions - 07

Mormon Stories - LDS

Join John and Mike from LDS Discussions as they breakdown the surrounding influences of the Book of Mormon by Joseph Smith. Show Notes: Original Grant Palmer MS episode John Hamer’s episode on Book of Mormon Translation LDS DIscussions Tight vs. Loose translation of BOM The Mound Builder Myth (book) RFM’s MS episode on View of the Hebrews Shannon Caldwell Montez and B.H. Roberts and View of the Hebrews and BOM historicity Shannon Caldwell Montez and Secret Mormon Meetings of 1922 Shannon Caldwell Montez Thesis CES Letter referencing the Late War MS Treasure Digging episode with LDS Discussions MS 116 Pages episode Infants on Thrones Christmas Story episode w/ John Hamer, prophesies, Jesus Simpson’s episode on Freemasonry An INsider’s View of MOrmon Origins Cracking the Book of Mormon’s “Secret Combinations”? ————— We are 100% donor funded! Please click HERE to donate and keep this content coming! Click here to donate monthly: $10 $25 $50 ————— MSP on Spotify MSP on Apple Podcasts MSP Blog Instagram Patreon TikTok Discord Contact Us! *MormonStories@gmail.com *PO Box 171085 Salt Lake City, UT 84117

1hr 59mins

31 May 2022

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Episode 89: Autism and the Best DIY Spaces Ever with Charles Joseph Smith

Music Therapy with Jessica Risker

Charles Joseph Smith is an absolute fixture of the Chicago DIY scene.  He is also a musical genius, a prolific pianist with over 600 compositions and arrangements under his belt.  In this episode of Music Therapy, Charles shares his story of growing up with autism, how he discovered and nurtured his talent for music, the differences between the classical and DIY music scenes, his top 5 favorite DIY spaces ever, and lots more.  Visit musictherapypodcast.com for show notes, past episodes, and upcoming events! Music Therapy Podcast Credits:  Music Therapy is hosted by Jessica Risker, produced by Sullivan Davis of Local Universe, and engineered by Joshua Wentz in Chicago.  Opening and closing music composed by Joshua Wentz.

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25 May 2022

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1575: Joseph Smith and Treasure Digging w/ LDS Discussions - 01

Mormon Stories - LDS

Over the last decade the Mormon Church has officially admitted that Joseph Smith and his family believed in and practiced treasure-seeking using folk magic and occult methods. However, many people overlook how these illegal and disreputable practices are closely related to the stories that Joseph would tell later, including the creation of the Book of Mormon. In this episode, Mike from LDS Discussions talks to us about Joseph Smith’s treasure digging and how it relates to the Book of Mormon story and the Church as a whole. Episode Show Notes ===== LDS Discussions is made possible by generous donors! Help us continue to deliver quality content by becoming a donor today: One-time or recurring donation through Donorbox Support us on Patreon Pick “Mormon Stories” as your charity on Amazon Smile or through the Amazon App LDS Discussions Platforms: LDS Discussions Website LDS Discussions on Anchor LDS Discussions on Spotify LDS Discussions Playlist on YouTube Contact us: MormonStories@gmail.com Mormon Stories Podcast PO Box 171085 Salt Lake City, UT 84117 Social Media: Insta: @mormstories Tiktok: @mormstories Join the Discord

2hr 40mins

13 Apr 2022

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Joseph Smith's Handwritten Virtue Letter Once Owned by Mark Hofmann! w/Brent Ashworth

Mormon Book Reviews Podcast

On the latest "Show & Tell" with Brent Ashworth on Mormon Book Reviews, a very unique handwritten letter by Joseph Smith is discussed. When Joseph Smith was returning from his unsuccessful trip to Washington DC, where he tried to convince Martin Van Buren to intervene on behalf of the Saints, he made a stop in Philadelphia. There he made an address in a synagogue and it lead to many baptisms and the church began to grow in the city. While staying as a guest at a home, he signed a vistors log and wrote a short statement about virtue and a blessing to the household for letting him and his company stay there. This is the only known fully handwritten item by Joseph that is in private hands. Brent also details his twelve year effort to finally acquire this special document, and he describes how he ended up buying it from Mark Hofmann! I want to thank Brent for coming on and sharing this item with me and my audience.Show and Tell


6 Apr 2022

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Who Killed Joseph Smith? w/ Writer and Director Justin Griffin

Mormon Book Reviews Podcast

On a special episode of Mormon Book Reviews Steven Pynakker interviews Justin Griffin the writer and director of the controversial film "Who Killed Joseph Smith?". I was at first reluctant to have this conversation, but the more I thought about it I felt it would be important for an outsider like me to participate in it. I also felt that it was important to discuss Justin's faith journey which can often be overlooked when someone does something controversial. The making of the film and building the set, how studying the Book of Isaiah led him to investigate what happened at Carthage, how watching an old video uploaded to YouTube impacted him, and encountering the work of Sam Weston and John Hajicek are among the many topics covered. I want to thank Justin for coming on at such short notice and I look forward to hearing feedback from my audience.


11 Feb 2022

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Episode 49: Understanding Joseph Smith’s Bible Translation (Jared Ludlow)

Y Religion

In the summer of 1830, the Prophet Joseph Smith began an audacious undertaking: to translate the Holy Bible.  But what was this Bible “translation”? Was he reading from other languages? Was he restoring the Bible text to its earliest condition? Was it an inspired commentary? Is the JST canonized scripture? And, did Joseph ever finish the complete translation? In this episode, Dr. Jared Ludlow shares his recent publications tackling these questions and more.


1 Feb 2022

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Joseph Smith: Lover of the Cause of Christ | Heidi S. Swinton | Nov 2004

Classic BYU Speeches

Heidi Swinton delivers a powerful call to stand by the Prophet Joseph Smith by living for the cause he loved: the cause of Christ. Click here to view the speech.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


12 Jan 2022