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#025 Predator vs Prey: The Strategy of Gracie Jiu Jitsu

Higher Jiu Jitsu Podcast

Does the trap go after the mouse or the mouse go after the trap? Join coaches Matty & John as we discuss a very important idea of jiu jitsu - strategy.  Technique is ubiquitous, but there is an underlying strategy that is crucial if your jiu jitsu is to be effective.  That strategy is exactly what we dicuss here! Be Aware of Yourself Use your own 4 limbs and your entire self to connect to the environment around you. Feel the ground, and scan your opponent. Know where you are in space, and activate your suction caps whenever possible, in order to connect like glue to their skeleton. Move yourself in order to mould around the opponent. Understand your body, so that you can be soft, not stiff, and able to move in any direction without hesitation or preparation. That way anywhere the prey goes you are able to follow. Keep your prey in your hands and stay free and away from danger. And with the right technique, and at the right time, latch onto them and divulge them for good. Don't Chase You focus on defence, and patiently wait for your prey to fall into your numerous said traps. Be Intelligent This is the jiu jitsu you ought to aspire to. There’s bigger, stronger, faster predators around and you can try to keep up with them but eventually you’ll tire and die. Sometimes it’s fun to feel like a shark. But even then the shark runs into battles it can’t win. Instead, play the defensive game, pick and choose your battles, and wait patiently for your partners to fall into your traps. This way of training will allow you to live your days safe, and free from pain and injuries. And best of all you’ll have fun, learn effectively, and enjoy your practice of jiu jitsu for years to come. Original blog post can be found here: Predator vs Prey: The Strategy of Gracie Jiu Jitsu Thanks for listening! Please share your thoughts, and this podcast with your friends if you enjoy :) A review would also be awesome! Much appreciated,  John & Matty. 


13 Sep 2020