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S2 E13 - Sapphire Bates - Changing your Mind

Behind the Business

Sapphire Bates, founder of the Coven joins me today to talk about growing up on social media, changing her mind and her journey through self-employment. Her top tip for personal development is: "Get to know you as best you can, the better you know yourself the easy it is to learn and grow as a person in a direction that is going to help you." Find Sapphire here:  @thecovengirlgang www.thecovengirlgang.com FIND ME: Coaching HERE Sign up to my weekly newsletter HERE Join the Elevate Community HERE Follow me on Insta HERE Connect with me on LinkedIn HERE Behind The Business is a registered trade mark of Lucy Legal, for which all rights are reserved


1 Mar 2022

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#44 Sapphire Bates: Unconventional Jobs You'll Love (recovered)

Wanna Be

This week’s guest is a tattoed Bill Murray and flower obsessed woman Sapphire Bates, owner and Creative Director of The Flower Arranger who recently launched an online and IRL community for powerful creative women in business called The Coven. Sapphire is a master of curating beautiful Instagram pages which generates thousands of followers who like her gorgeous images.In today’s episode we talk about money, having entrepreneurs in your life, unconventional career paths, we also talk about why it’s ok to not love what you do. We also talk a little bit about the science and art of floristry.You can follow Sapphire on Instagram @theflowerarranger and @thecovengirlgang onI’m pleased to announce that the ShoutOut Network has opened up 10 new affordable membership options starting from £99 for either editing or recording. If you’re looking to level up your production visit shoutoutnetwork.co.uk for more info.If you’re enjoying this podcast, please leave a review on iTunes.To get extended show notes listing the tools and resources we’ve talked about on this episode visit wannabepodcast.com. Show notes update on Wednesday. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


18 Nov 2020

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What It's Like... to be Sapphire Bates

What It's Like ... with Luce

On today’s episode, I’m speaking with the founder of The Coven, a support network for female founders. Growing up, this week’s guest expected to take a very different path in life. Wanting to study medicine, she found herself being unable to finish her A Levels and having to pivot in life and find a new adventure. Trying out a multitude of different jobs, she fell into a weekend role at a wedding florist where she worked until she had enough money saved to head off to Thailand. Finding herself at a crossroads again whilst out there, she made the decision to set up her own florist business and came back to Essex ready to begin life as a young entrepreneur. Discovering how lonely working for yourself can really be, she came up with the idea of a subscription based online support network which would eventually find itself featured in Forbes, Huff Post, Evening Standard -  to name a few. Sharing her experience, here’s what it’s like to be Sapphire Bates. Find out more about The Coven here and follow Sapphire on Instagram @sapphirejbates


5 Nov 2020

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Why a 'No' in business doesn't mean 'No' forever with Sapphire Bates, Founder of the membership platform for women, The Coven

Female Startup Club

Running a business can be really isolating, and when Sapphire Bates when through that sense of loneliness herself while running her first business she decided to do something about it and start The Coven. It’s an online community for female founders and freelancers, where you subscribe to a monthly plan that suits your budget and gets you access to workshops, events, online resources and a highly engaged support network so you don’t have to do it alone. Right now she has around 1000 paying members and another 2500 on a waiting list to join. She’s also just launched an amazing course on how to start and grow a membership driven platform and it’s full of the good stuff. We chat about what it’s been like to build her business from the ground up and the importance of community, taking learnings from her previous business to create her membership based venture and the ins and outs of running a successful platform.LINKS WE MENTION:The Coven's website: https://thecovengirlgang.com/The Coven's InstagramSapphire Bates Instagram


5 Jun 2020

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Love It or Leave It - Sapphire Bates

Love It or Leave It

On this episode of Love It or Leave it Samantha Clarke interviews Sapphire Bates. Sapphire has become one of the hottest advocates in supporting women in business and promoting female empowerment through her online membership platform, The Coven Girl Gang. Her part community, part business incubator has a stronghold of close to 1,000 active members worldwide from full-time female founders and freelancers to side-hustlers. The waitlist boasts over 2,500 people. Listen as Sapphire talks about advice on running a business as well as what an online community can support you with. Sapphire Bates - I think it is important to remember that if you start a business then it doesn’t have to be your life forever. Timestamps: 2.50 - Sapphire tells all about her businesses 4.55 - What would you say to someone looking to join an online community? 15.05 - What advice would you give to someone to let them know that experimentation is part of the process? 23.06 - What do you do to switch off? 27.43 - Top 3 books in business 32.59 - What should people love or leave behind in terms of entrepreneurship? Resources: (books, products, websites, other podcasts) Samantha Clarke - Love It Or Leave It: How to Be Happy at Work - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Love-Leave-How-Happy-Work/dp/1913068080 Connect with Dr. Sarah McKay Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/thecovengirlgang/ Website link - https://thecovengirlgang.com/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/sapphirejbates/?hl=en Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/sapphire-bates/?originalSubdomain=uk Connect with Samantha Clarke: Instagram - http://instagram.com/growhappyschool Twitter - https://twitter.com/samanthaand_ Website link - www.loveitleaveit.co


27 Apr 2020

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Ep 317: Your Invitation Into Badass A Millennial Coven with Sapphire Bates and Jude Kelly

Harriet Minter Presents: Badass Women’s Hour

The networks and events that are offering a wealth of connection and advice from women, for women.The Coven Girl Gang is a new platform offering a support network to millennial female freelancers and “career babes” the ladies are talking to the founder Sapphire Bates.Named the social network for “the Instagram generation” Sapphire explains why she started the network, and felt women especially needed a bit of creative support, she also talks about her love hate relationship with the app that has meant she can grow her business in todays social media driven world. The second guest this week is Jude Kelly founder of the Women Of The World Festival. Jude gives Harriet and Claudia a lesson in equality, feminism and what is still to be achieved.“The Women Of The World Festival” is an event to unite women from all over the globe so they can discuss issues that go beyond race, religion and country. This festival is a crucial event to lead women and the future generations to greater equality. As Jude says, “this isn’t about getting women to just level up with men, this is about bringing more complex, intersectional thinking into the world.”For information on all your hosts you can click on their names:Harriet MinterClaudia-Liza Armah is co-presenting with Harriet this week.Natalie CampbellEmma SextonIf you want to get in touch you can find us on all the socials under this name: @badasswomenshrAnd for more about the podcast head here: https://www.badasswomenshour.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


20 Jan 2020

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Ep. 34 Facing Fears & Embracing Failure With Entrepreneur Sapphire Bates: Calm Mind Confident Life

Calm Mind Confident Life

Facing fears and embracing failure for inner confidence. This week, Nathalie has entrepreneur and business start-up guru, Sapphire Bates on the show. Despite suffering from anxiety, at only 25 Sapphire has already built two successful businesses. Nathalie talks with Sapphire about how she's found the inner confidence to do this and overcome that fear factor that always prevents us from taking the plunge into the unknown. They chat about the power of embracing failures and how you can use this as a tool to really empower yourself.Top tips:- Take a negative fear and flip it on it's head, asking yourself 'what if this works.'- Don't be afraid to fail. Failures are how we grow.- Love your whole self, 'bad bits' and all. (Self-compassion)Links:https://thecovengirlgang.com/Instagram @thecovengirlgang


25 Mar 2019

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9. Community Over Competition with Sapphire Bates of The Coven

The Winging It Podcast

This week Sapphire Bates, founder of the hugely popular online members club for Women in business - The Coven. Sapphire has founded the Community Over Competition campaign which aims to spread love and raise awareness that women should stick together in business, not tear each other down. Spread love, not hate! So in this episode we're talking all things community - why you should support your sisters and even how to deal with jealousy yourself.The Edit Album - bit.ly/theeditalbumLucy's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/lucyhitchcock_/Sassy Digital's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/sassydigital/The Coven - https://thecovengirlgang.com/ See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


28 Jan 2019

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051 - Sapphire Bates, Founder of Coven Girl Gang, Ex-Florist // Growing and Changing Direction

The One Girl Band Podcast

This week, we've got Sapphire Bates on the show. As a florist (The Flower Arranger) and the founder of The Coven, a tech support platform for female entrepreneurs and business owners, we talk about:- Her journey from going traveling, starting her business at 21 to opening up the Coven- Her decision to shut down TFA and focus on her wellbeing - Community over competition - Building a recognisable brand through Instagram (and not putting all your eggs in one basket)


13 Nov 2018

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011: SAPPHIRE BATES - Events Florist

The Creative Leap

This week on The Creative Leap I am talking to Sapphire Bates who runs two incredible business, The Flower Arranger and The Coven Girl Gang. Sapphire started her own florist business after she had been travelling and got home to a blank slate and since then it has gone from strength to strength. She then created The Coven Girl Gang which is launching fully in May 2018, to educate and bring together creative business women all over the world.We talk about her girl gang and why community over competition is so important, how to manage multiple businesses at the same time and why you can't take your business personally. Find Sapphire below:WebsiteTwitterInstagramShownotes:The Coven Girl Gang Facebook GroupThe Coven InstagramMake sure you subscribe to get updated on all new episodes, check out the website and follow me on Instagram or Twitter for news about guests and to hear more from me.


12 Apr 2018