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June 20, 2021 part 2 w/Andy Maize, Jason Schneider, Mark Logan, Lynn Jackson

Tell the Band to Go Home/Steel Belted Radio Podcasts

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20 Jun 2021

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Tribute to Paul MacLeod w/Andy Maize (Skydiggers), Jason Schneider, Mark Logan, and Lynn Jackson (Episode 17)

Fly with your Shadow

Paul MacLeod was a super talented singer/songwriter from Kitchener, Ontario. He built his reputation locally and regionally as a captivating solo performer who mixed great original songs alongside a vast and diverse repertoire of covers. He was first introduced to many of us nationally and internationally when he joined legendary, long-standing roots-rock band Skydiggers in the mid-90s. He had the difficult task of replacing founding and high-profile and much-loved member Peter Cash in the band, but he did so admirably, more than holding his own alongside the accomplished band. He brought a new edge, his acclaimed skill on the guitar, and powerful vocals. He would often open for the band, then join them for the headlining set. In addition to two Skydiggers studio albums and one live release, Paul released a great rock album with a band called Hibakusha, and four albums of his own. I took the name of his first CD for my campus and community radio show, Tell the Band to Go Home, which debuted in September, 2002. Paul was a guest on the show, and I got to know him a bit at shows and occasional correspondence. His music, wit, and energy inspired and amazed me. His albums are among my very favourites. Five years ago today, June 18, 2016, Paul took his own life. I was devastated. His music has been a mainstay on my radio show for almost 19 years. Along with John Bottomley, who I talked a lot about in episode 2 and episode 3 of this show, Paul's struggles and death contributed to my desire to further conversations about mental illness, and motivated me to create this show. I wanted to talk to some of his closest friends and get them to tell stories and remember Paul for the brilliant, creative, hilarious individual that he was. I wanted it to be honest and paint the full picture of what it was like to know Paul. It was a treat to speak to others who loved him and who miss him like I do. You'll hear more memories from my guests, and their favourite Paul MacLeod songs, and some of the songs that he covered, on the June 20 episode of Tell the Band to Go Home. Guests: Lynn Jackson - Kitchener singer/songwriter and close friend of Paul's. Find out more about her and find her music at https://lynnjackson.net/ Mark Logan - owner of Encore Records in Kitchener and of Busted Flat Records, the label that released Paul's last two albums, Bright Eyes Fade and Gauge. Mark was instrumental in Paul's career, as well as the careers of Shannon Lyon, Brock Zeman, Matt Andersen, and many more. He's an unsung hero of the Canadian music industry. Jason Schneider - these days, an in-demand publicist through his busy public relations agency, Jason Schneider Media, but a longtime music journalist and an accomplished author and musician. He was one of three musicians responsible for one of my favourite books of all time, and one that I refer to often, Have Not Been The Same: The CanRock Renaissance 1985-1995.  Andy Maize - founding member and lead singer of Skydiggers, one of the most popular, accomplished, and longest-lasting bands in Canada. Their friends, colleagues, and contemporaries include Blue Rodeo, The Tragically Hip, and episode 16 guest Suzie Ungerleider.  music credits and more info: https://flywithyourshadow.com/tribute-to-paul-macleod-w-andy-maize-skydiggers-jason-schneider-mark-logan-and-lynn-jackson-episode-17

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18 Jun 2021

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Hunters Bay Radio

BEHIND THE DRIVE - SHORTCUTS - VOL.12 - LYNN JACKSON - NOV 22, 2020 by Hunters Bay Radio


20 Nov 2020

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#226: Practical Parenting with Jim and Lynn Jackson

Mom Struggling Well

You guys, we just scored some sound advice on bedtime problems, sibling rivalries, and technology + teens. These two have a framework that has really shaped my parenting and now they have even more resources for us to enjoy! Jim & Lynne LOVE making God’s grace and truth practical for parents. Their combination of experience at home with three wired kids, and in careers helping kids and parents, have uniquely prepared them to give parents tools they can use right away, supported by memorable principles that will last a lifetime. Since we talked last, Jim and Lynne have started their own Connected Families podcast! You can visit their website at connectedfamilies.org to learn more. WHAT WE CHAT ABOUT: the framework of parenting - foundation, connect, coach, correct how our relationship with parental figures influences our foundation becoming a coach, facilitator, and encourager in sibling conflict how to intervene in sibling conflict to break the pattern of aggressor and victim getting your kids to bed without the struggle kids and technology LINKS MENTIONED: Connected Families podcast Screenagers Framework magnet Sibling Conflict Online Course The Entitlement Fix Course Discipline That Connects Online Gaming Addiction CONNECT WITH JIM AND LYNN: website | instagram | facebook CONNECT WITH EMILY: website | instagram | facebook | patreon EPISODE SPONSORS: Yoga Sleep: get 20% off when you visit yogasleep.com/msw Mejuri: get 10% off your first order when you visit mejuri.com/msw Everyplate: get 3-weeks for $2.99 per meal when you use promo code MSW3 at everyplate.com SUPPORT THE SHOW: Patreon  SHARE THE STRUGGLE! If you've been encouraged, share this episode with a friend.  The struggle is real.  We might as well do this together! Do you love Mom Struggling Well? Please leave a review here!


24 Feb 2020

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Episode 1: Giving away your favorite thing // Philip & Lynn Jackson

LiveSent Podcast

We had a chance to sit down with Global Partners Philip and Lynn Jackson and hear incredible stories of how prayer has impacted their life and ministry and how the habit of giving away your favorite things might be something you should consider."A Praying Life" by Paul MillerIf you have any stories or topics you would like discussed on this podcast, feel free to email us.


6 Mar 2019

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Bonus Mentor Episode--Sibling Conflict :: Jim & Lynn Jackson

Don't Mom Alone Podcast

“They just keep fighting!” Summer, for us, means lots of unstructured time together as a family. Which is great. . . until it’s not. Perhaps you can identify. Maybe you see yourself in one of the following situations: Situation #1 – The kids are fighting – again! The harder you try to make it stop, the worse it seems to get – and the kids seem more and more resentful. Situation #2 – One minute they love each other and the next minute they’re arch enemies. The older they get the louder and angrier it gets. You hate the way this affects everyone’s mood, including your own. Situation #3 – Time-outs, required apologies, and firmness temporarily curb the fighting, but it soon comes back with more intensity. Situation #4 – Your young kids are beginning their rivalry and you worry where it’s heading if you don’t learn some better strategies.  (copied from Sibling Conflict Online Course description). Jim & Lynne Jackson from ConnectedFamilies.org are back to equip us in training our children to solve conflict well. And instead of just wishing they would “just stop fighting”, to recognize the gospel work of guiding our family to reconciliation. Jim & Lynne have been on the show before sharing their fabulous 4-layer framework for discipline that connects (Listen here to Episode 80 & 81). And again helping connect in any situation (Ep 98). And recently helping us work with our kids on all of our entitlement issues (Ep 200) Today, they are talking us through The Peace Process. A simple but effective way to guide our kids to a lifetime of reconciled relationships. Here’s their great graphic with the four steps moving us from “crazy mountain” to peaceful reconciliation (Click here to print your own copy): Conflict is inevitable. Instead of just getting frustrated and annoyed, I’ve found having a plan to reconnect hearts and train empathy so helpful. I also loved all the phrases Jim & Lynne modeled to use as we guide our children through the process. Here are some of my favorites (I’ll be bookmarking this page and referring to often): “Sounds like y’all are having a hard time. Do you need my help or are you able to work it out on your own?” “Solving brains won’t work until we’re calm. Why don’t we each find a comfortable place. How long do you need? 5 min? 10 min? Then we’ll come back together to work this out.” “Did you hear that? How does she feel? Do you like that what you did made her feel that way? You two are listening to each other. How does that feel?” “Your big feelings are a gift. And they are an even greater gift with you can use them to help understand other’s big feelings.” “What’s going on? What was important to each person? How have you solved this problem before? Would you like to think of ways to solve the problem or do you want me to help give you choices on how to solve it?” “Are there four things you could say that are kind and true about that person?” Lastly, if you need more help learning how to guide your kiddos through the peace process, check out Jim & Lynne’s new SIBLING CONFLICT ONLINE COURSE. I’ll be working through it this summer. Join me!   What we chat about: Considering your own baggage/sibling situation as you rush into your kids’ conflict. Are we trying to get conflict to stop or teach reconciliation? The four steps to “The Peace Process”.  A real life example of applying peace process. How training in reconciliation helps our kids in their future marriages and relationships. Helping our kids learn how to solve the problem of the conflict (a 3-step process). A scenario of a more empathetic child in conflict with a more strong-willed child–growing specific skills in kids. Addressing the differences in your kids outside of conflict. Help for the mom who has a child with special needs in the sibling mix. Connecting with others based not on experience but emotion. Tips for conflicts that happen right before you have to leave the house.


30 Jul 2018

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Dominique DiPrima

LYNN JACKSON, Great, Great, Grand Daughter of Dred & Harriett Scott, President and Founder of “The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation”. She formerly was a major manager at the Brian Cave Law Firm. She has a B.S. degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Southern Illinois University  Edwardsville (S.I.U.E.), and she currently teaches “Biblical Apologetics”. *Transformation Agenda (Reversing Legacy of Slavery) *March of 1867 Petition was Filed *2007 was the 150th Anniversary of “The Dred Scott Decision” Book: “Dred and Harriett Scott: Their Family Story” There’s also a Coloring Book . For donations, support and more info contact, call or visit the website. Website: www.thedredscottfoundation.org The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation P.O. Box 2009 St. Louis,  MO 63032-2009 Email: info@thedredscottfoundation.org Phone: (910) 964-8790 The post LYNN JACKSON appeared first on Dominique DiPrima.

12 Jul 2012