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#1099 Robert Breedlove On Money, Power, War & Bitcoin

The Pomp Podcast

Robert Breedlove is one of the great thinkers in the Bitcoin space. In this conversation, we talk about money as a proxy for power, the difference between physical & political power, and Bitcoin as an indestructible symbolic system. ======================= If you’re trying to grow and preserve your crypto-wealth, optimizing your taxes is just as lucrative as trying to find the next hidden gem.Alto IRA can help you invest in crypto in tax-advantaged ways to help you preserve your hard earned money. Alto CryptoIRA lets you invest in more than 200 different coins and tokens with all the same tax advantages of an IRA.They make it easy to fund your Alternative IRA or CryptoIRA via your 401(k) or IRA rollover or by contributing directly from your bank account. There are no setup or account fees, and it’s all you need to do to invest in crypto tax free. Let me repeat that again:You can invest in crypto tax free. So, ready to take your investments to the next level? Diversify like the pros and trade without tax headaches. Open an Alto CryptoIRA to invest in crypto tax-free. Just go to https://altoira.com/pomp ======================= Arculus is the next generation crypto & NFT cold storage wallet that combines one of the world’s strongest security protocols with the easiest to use form factor and app. Arculus requires 3-Factor Authentication to ensure only you have access to your digital assets – something you know – a PIN, something you have – the Arculus Key Card, and biometrics. Learn more and buy it now on getarculus.com. Use promo code POMP to save 15%. Remember, with Arculus, it’s your keys, your crypto. ======================= The Pod Pro Cover by Eight Sleep is the most advanced solution on the market for thermoregulation. It pairs dynamic cooling and heating with biometric tracking. Even better? Eight Sleep recently launched the next generation of the Pod. The new Pod 3 enables more accurate sleep and health tracking with double the amount of sensors, delivering you the best sleep experience on Earth. Go to eightsleep.com/pomp ======================= Bullish is a powerful new exchange for digital assets that offers deep liquidity, automated market making, and industry-leading security. Combining the innovations of DeFi with the regulated environment of traditional finance, Bullish empowers users to trade with certainty and earn passively at scale across variable market conditions, in an environment backed by multibillion-dollar liquidity contributions from the Bullish Treasury. Visit bullish.com/pomp today to learn more. Note: Bullish is licensed by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. Virtual assets and related products are high risk. Consult your investment advisor and trade responsibly. Bullish is available in select locations only and not to U.S persons. Visit bullish.com/legal for important information and risk warnings. ======================= FTX.US is the safe, regulated way to buy and sell Bitcoin and other digital assets. Trade crypto with up to 85% lower fees than top competitors. There are no fixed minimum fees, no ACH transaction fees, and no withdrawal fees. Download the FTX App today and use referral code “Pomp” to earn free crypto on every trade over $10. The more you trade, the more you earn. ======================= Compass Mining is the world's first online marketplace for bitcoin mining hardware and hosting. Compass was founded with the goal of making it easy for everyone to mine bitcoin. Visit https://compassmining.io/ to start mining bitcoin today! =======================

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3 Oct 2022

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History of Money, Crypto Investing & Avoiding Money Traps | Robert Breedlove

Growth Minds

Robert Breedlove is the Founder & CEO of Digital Parallax, host of the What Is Money show, and author of Thank God for Bitcoin.  If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes and a rating on our Spotify show? It takes less than 60 seconds, and it really makes a difference in helping to convince hard-to-get guests. I also love reading the reviews! Learn more about Robert here: https://linktr.ee/breedlove22 Subscribe on YouTube: http://bit.ly/38bZNAY Listen on Apple Podcast: https://buff.ly/2PycRL1 Listen on Spotify: https://bit.ly/growth-minds Follow me on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/heyseankim Learn Spanish by speaking it for free: https://www.jumpspeak.com Past guests on Growth Minds include: Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad), Steve Aoki, Robert Greene, Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Steven Gundry, Neil deGrasse Tyson (StarTalk),  Dennis Rodman, Wim Hof, Robin Sharma, Vanessa Van Edwards, King Bach, Daniel Pink, Dr. William Davis, Doctor Mike, Lewis Howes (School of Greatness), Tom Bilyeu (Impact Theory), Andrew Yang, Dr. Paul Conti, Charles Hoskinson (Ethereum), Dr. Drew (After Dark), Jo Koy, Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street), Gad Saad, Adam Carolla, Louis the Child, Vishen Lakhiani (Mindvalley), Bret Weinstein (DarkHorse Podcast), James Nestor, Dave Rubin, Scott Adams (Real Coffee with Scott Adams), Dave Asprey (Bulletproof Coffee), Gabby Reece, Rich Roll, James Altucher, R3hab, and more. 

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22 Sep 2022

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#96: Robert Breedlove (@Breedlove22) - Building the Best Version of Yourself

The Meat Mafia Podcast

Robert Breedlove is a Freedom Maximalist who has contributed to bitcoin through his writings, and educational podcasts via the “What is Money?” podcast. He’s had a profound effect in helping people understand the importance of sound money in society throughout history. He did an amazing podcast series called the “Saylor Series” with Michael Saylor, the former CEO of Microstrategy. Besides his work on Bitcoin, Robert founded a hedge fund and previously worked as an accountant and CFO. He also has a powerlifting background and has eaten a carnivore diet for years now to help him cure some health problems. If you haven’t heard Robert speak, he’s an incredibly deep thinker and philosophical person, and the insights into his life he shared during our conversation with him were profound. 🚨SPONSORS🚨The Carnivore Bar: The Carnivore Bar is a delicious, 3-ingredient bar that will fuel you with the highest quality animal-protein possible. Each bar only has 3-ingredients (Beef, Tallow, Salt) and has a creamy yet crunchy texture. The Carnivore Bars are grass-fed / grass-finished and will truly make "staying on the path" easier when traveling.✅LINK: https://carnivorebar.com/ CODE: MAFIA (10%)✅Equip Foods: Use the code “MEATMAFIA” at check out to save 15% on your order.The protein powder & supplement industry is riddled with products that aren’t sourced from high-quality sources or contain ingredients and fillers that you don’t want in your protein powder or body. Equip provides a clean, beef-sourced protein and even has a product that’s a single ingredient, beef protein. If you’re a purist like us, eating real foods is the only way to maximize your health. Equip ensures that if you don’t have access to freshly cooked food after a workout, you can at least opt for a high-quality protein powder.Holy Cow Beef: Labeling laws have made it challenging to know exactly how your beef was raised. “Grass-fed” does not mean what it used to and since the laws permit for grain-fed beef to still be considered grass-fed, you really need to look for the AGA (American Grassfed Association) label to ensure you’re getting the highest quality beef. Holy Cow Beef, owned by Ann and Weldon Warren, embodies the highest standards of animal husbandry and truly believes in the importance of creating the highest quality product for the end consumer. Check out their website for meat boxes and delivery options!Wrich Ranches: If you’re in Colorado and want the highest quality grass-fed, grass-finished, regeneratively raised beef in the state, go check out Wrich Ranches. He takes bitcoin (and will give you a hard time if you don’t know what bitcoin is)!BRAND AFFILIATESLMNT Electrolyte Drink Mix: LMNT is loaded with the necessary electrolytes without the sugar. We personally used LMNT during our Ironman training and performance and also during everyday training to provide us with the sodium we need on a low-carb diet.✅LINK: DrinkLMNT.com/MEATMAFIA✅Kettle & Fire Bone Broth: Kettle & Fire Bone Broth is a simple yet important part of our days. The healthy protein and amino acids in the broth has been a critical part of our morning routines.✅LINK: Kettleandfire.com/MeatMafia CODE: MEATMAFIA (15%)✅Farrow Skincare: Farrow is a product we recently started using for skincare and we love it. It’s animal-based, using pig lard and tallow and leaves your skin beaming with essential vitamins and minerals without the added fillers.✅LINK: https://farrow.life/ CODE: ‘MAFIA’ for 20% off✅PAST EPISODESTexas Slim, Dr. Brian Lenzkes, Matt D, James Connolly, The Gourmet Caveman, Doug Reynolds, Chris Cornell, Jason Wrich, Mike Hobart, Gerry Defilippo, Cal Reynolds, Dr. Phil Ovadia, Cole Bolton, Colin Carr, Conza, Carmen Studer, Dr. Ken Berry, Mikayla Fasten, Josh Rainer, Seed Oil Rebellion, Dr. Ben, Dr. Tro, Mike Collins, Dave Feldman, Mark Schatzker, Marty Bent, Dr. Mary Caire, AJ Scalia, Drew Armstrong, Marko - Whiteboard Finance, Vinnie Tortorich, Nick Horowitz, Zach Bitter, C.J. Wilson, Alex Feinberg, Brian Sanders, Myles Snider, Tucker Goodrich, Joe Consorti, Jevi, Charles Mayfield, Sam Knowlton, Tucker Max, Natasha Van Der Merwe, Colin Stuckert, Joey Justice, Dr. Robert Lufkin, Nick Norwitz, The Art of Purpose, Carlisle Studer, Dr. Cate Shanahan, Ancestral Veil, Brad Kearns, Justin Mares, Gary Fettke, Dr. Brooke Miller, John Constas, Robb Wolf, Amber O’Hearn, Tristan Scott, Dr. Phil Pearlman, Dr. Anthony Gustin, Callicrates, Dr. Shawn Baker, Francis Melia, Joel Salatin, Dr. Anthony Chaffee, Oliver Anwar, Ryan Dreyer, Denell Randall, Kyle Kingsbury, Kate Kavanaugh, Stephan Van Vliet, Sally Fallon Morrell, Taylor Collins, Econoalchemist. Get full access to The Meat Mafia Podcast at themeatmafiapodcast.substack.com/subscribe

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8 Sep 2022

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The Psychology of Money with Robert Breedlove

Inspired Money

Episode 249: Robert Breedlove, host of The "What Is Money?" Show, talks about his former life as an accountant and why he believes Bitcoin will change the world. Guest Biography Asking yourself that all-important question "What is Money?" is the rabbit which will lead you down the proverbial rabbit hole of new inquiries, perspectives on socioeconomic reality, and worldview-shattering revelations. Undoubtedly, it is the single most significant question we can ask ourselves in a world drowning in deception. By engaging in deep conversations with a diversity of deep thinkers from all walks of life, we will doggedly pursue this "rabbit" in our relentless hunt for truth. Robert Breedlove is a freedom maximalist, ex-hedge fund manager, and philosopher in the Bitcoin space. To him, Bitcoin is fundamentally a humanitarian movement exposing the greatest con in human history: central banking. By learning about the connection between honest money, entrepreneurship, and civilization, we are renewing hope for the future of humanity. To this end,Robert's mission is to restore freedom, truth, and virtue in our world by tenaciously asking the question: "What is Money?" This episode is brought to you by Runnymede Capital Management. Schedule a call with me. In this episode, you'll learn: Robert’s path from accountant to bitcoin-focused entrepreneur Why Robert believes so strongly in Bitcoin over all other currencies Government regulation, the biggest known risk to Bitcoin Show notes: http://www.inspiredmoney.fm/249 Find more from our guest: www.whatismoneypodcast.com LinkedIn Medium Twitter YouTube www.parallaxdigital.io Mentioned in the episode: University of Tennessee - Masters of Accountancy The Idea of Smart Contracts by Nick Szabo Saylor Academy The Number Zero and Bitcoin WTF Happened In 1971? Books: The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking The Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything Thanks for Listening & Watching! To share your thoughts: Leave a note in the comment section below. Share this show on Twitter or Facebook. Join us at the Inspired Money Makers groups at facebook and LinkedIn To help out the show: Leave an honest review on Apple Podcasts, Podchaser.com, or wherever you listen. Your ratings and reviews really help, and I read each one. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts and YouTube.

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26 Aug 2022

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Robert Breedlove - The Future Of Bitcoin, Money, And Inflation

ManTalks Podcast

Cryptocurrency has been an interest of mine for a long time now, so naturally I asked Robert to come on the show to give some high-level insight into what's happened, happening, and might happen in the future. We cover the foundational aspects of money and why gold was the "standard" for so long, the differences between gold, fiat currency, and bitcoin, and a lot more. Listen in! Robert Breedlove is an entrepreneur, writer, and philosopher. He is an advocate of cryptocurrencies and particularly of Bitcoin. Breedlove is the founder of Bitcoin and finance consulting company Parallax Digital. He is also a YouTuber and the host of the “What Is Money?” podcast. Connect with Robert -Twitter: https://twitter.com/Breedlove22 -LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/breedlove22/ -What Is Money Podcast: https://whatismoneypodcast.com/ Did you enjoy the podcast? If so, please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Podchaser. It helps us get into the ears of new listeners, expand the ManTalks Community, and help others find the self-leadership they’re looking for. Are you looking to find purpose, navigate transition, or fix your relationships, all with a powerful group of men from around the world? Check out The Alliance and join me today.  Check out our Facebook Page or the Men's community. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts  | Spotify For more episodes visit us at ManTalks.com | Facebook | Instagram | TwitterSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


8 Aug 2022

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Robert Breedlove - Following Your Heart

Bitcoin With Jake

BWJ 026: In this episode I speak with Robert Breedlove, we chat about: Creating the What Is Money Show.  Being a lifelong reader.  Losing our fathers young.  His love of olympic weightlifting.  Central banking as a problem.  The excess complexity of the tax system.  Following his heart.  Smart contracts.  His route to bitcoin maximalism.  Being grateful that his work is play You can contact Robert on twitter @breedlove22 If you enjoyed this episode, please rate, subscribe, and share with your friends! Thank you, Best, Jake +++ Support the show: Fountain (stream sats) here. Join fountain with my referral code here. +++ Full episode library: Amazon here. Fountain here. Google here. Itunes here. Spotify here. +++ Get in touch: Twitter: @bitcoinwithjake Twitter: @jakeeswoodhouse

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13 Jul 2022

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Robert Breedlove and Elmo

Lexman Artificial

Lexman Artificial interviews guests Robert Breedlove, who discuss Elmo, soldo, and guitar playing. Lexman asks Breedlove about his experiences with jewesses and dives into the depths of Elmo trivia.

7 Jul 2022

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Robert Breedlove, High-Pitched Wonder

Lexman Artificial

Lexman Artificial is excited to welcome Robert Breedlove as a guest on the show. Born with a disability that causes him to speak in a high-pitched voice, Breedlove is a fascinating and intriguing individual. The two discuss pech, taces, and the importance of authenticity in life.

27 Jun 2022

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Robert Breedlove: 'Just Follow the Energy' on Bitcoin, Not the Price

The Reason Interview With Nick Gillespie

Bitcoin is trading under $23,000 as I write this, which means the value of the world's biggest cryptocurrency has lost about $45,000 per coin since last November, when it was at about $68,000.Though the recent slide in the price of bitcoin has sent many speculators scrambling back to fiat currency, it's done nothing to cool the fervor of Robert Breedlove, a self-proclaimed freedom maximalist whose Twitter feed is filled with encomia for the inflation-proof monetary system that has a supply fixed via the consensus of a decentralized, global software network."Unlike the US Constitution," he writes, "#Bitcoin cannot be amended—that's why incorruptible money is a greater instrument of freedom than the US Constitution." "#Bitcoin," he predicts, "will prove to be history's ultimate example of the old adage 'when you can't beat them, join them.'"The 36-year-old former hedge fund manager and accountant by training is a leading thinker and writer in the bitcoin space, where he publishes The Freedom Analects and hosts The "What is Money?" Show podcast and video series.I talked with Breedlove at the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami this April about why bitcoin is the best hedge against hyperinflation, how Austrian economics informs his worldview, and why he believes bitcoin will inevitably become the basis of the global economy. "No one's figured out how to stop bitcoin, basically meaning turn it off," he says. "And so, if you can't turn it off, that effectively operates as this vortex of incentives. It's just incentivizing people to interact with it, to hold it, to save and build businesses on it."The months between our conversation and today have not been kind to bitcoin, but Breedlove remains a stalwart defender, tweeting recently that "instead of focusing on price, just follow the energy," and pointing to a chart showing that bitcoin's hash rate—a measure of the total computational power being used on the network and thus a proxy for its health—has gone upward despite the price declines.Today's sponsor: The Reason Speakeasy is a monthly, unscripted conversation in New York City with outspoken defenders of free thinking and heterodoxy in an age of cancel culture and thought police. On Monday, June 20, Nick Gillespie talks with legendary graphic designer Steven Heller and Reason Senior Editor Brian Doherty about the latter's new book, Dirty Pictures: How an Underground Network of Nerds, Feminists, Misfits, Geniuses, Bikers, Potheads, Printers, Intellectuals, and Art School Rebels Revolutionized Art and Invented Comix. The event takes place at Caveat, a bar and theater on the Lower East Side. Doors open at 6 p.m., program begins at 7 p.m. Tickets cost $10 and must be purchased ahead of time online. Details here. The post Robert Breedlove: 'Just Follow the Energy' on Bitcoin, Not the Price appeared first on Reason.com.


15 Jun 2022

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The Mark Moss Show - Talking with Robert Breedlove

The Mark Moss Show

On this episode of The Mark Moss Show, Mark talks with Robert Breedlove, self described "Freedom Maximalist," one of the authors of "Thank God for Bitcoin: The Creation, Corruption and Redemption of Money" and host of the "What Is Money?" podcast.   See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


29 Apr 2022