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Dave Tenney: High Performance Director for Austin FC on Organizational Leadership, Complex Systems, and the Future of Sports Science

The BluePrint

Dave Tenney is the High Performance Director for Austin FC and has spent almost two decades in elite performance roles in the MLS and NBA. In this episode, we discuss his research in organizational leadership, complex systems, and the future of sports science. We want to hear from you! Can you please take 2 minutes and fill out this brief survey so we can provide you with more content that you love to listen to? ------------------ ABOUT THE BLUEPRINT PODCAST:  Dr. Erik Korem’s podcast “The BluePrint" focuses on High Performance - a science-based, holistic process of achieving excellence in every field. He explores the methods and mindsets that build and sustain High-Performing humans through his experience as a sports scientist working with the NFL, Olympians and other elite athletes. In The BluePrint, he invites athletic champions, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and other exceptional people to discuss their resilience through struggles and triumphs while educating and motivating listeners about their High-Performance Journey.  Dr. Erik Korem is a High-Performance pioneer on a mission to help The BluePrint listeners learn how to use stress to perform at their best across a number of fields. He has implemented sports science and athlete tracking technologies with collegiate and professional football teams, working with the NFL, Power-5 NCAA programs, gold medal Olympians, Nike, and the United States Department of Defense. Dr. Erik Korem is also an expert in sleep and stress resilience and the Founder and CEO of AIM7.  ------------------ Follow Erik Korem on social media: Twitter Instagram Facebook Hot Pie Media is an on-demand digital audio/video entertainment network with interests primarily in the creation of original, relevant and entertaining podcasts. ------------------ QUOTES: John Danaher on high performance mindset and resilience:  “Whenever you are sparring, your mind will have a given direction of focus. The most basic division is between self focus and focus on the opponent.” - John Danaher on high performance mindset and resilience Blue Print host Dr. Erik Korem on high performance mindset and resilience:  “In sport, our goal is to develop the most adaptable athletes with the most resilience who can consistently obtain their high performance mindset and potential.” - Dr. Erik Korem on high performance mindset and resilience, host of The Blue Print John Danaher on high performance mindset and resilience:  “Philosophy was crucial because it is among the best means of developing a problem solving mindset.” - John Danaher on high performance mindset and resilience Blue Print host Dr. Erik Korem on high performance, performance mindset, and resilience:  “The key is using that stress and being able to adapt to it to improve. That's what high performance to me is: the ability to adapt rapidly so you can achieve your potential.”  - Dr. Erik Korem on high performance, performance mindset, and resilience, host of The Blue Print John Danaher on high performance mindset and resilience:  “The greatest determinant of the outcome of your matches over time by a landslide is your training and lifestyle mentality. This is the high performance mindset you carry every day as you train and progress.” - John Danaher on high performance mindset and resilienceSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


27 Sep 2021

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The Life and Times of Being a High Performance Director with Dave Tenney

Physical Preparation Podcast – Robertson Training Systems

Dave Tenney has dedicated his career to the evolution of the high-performance sport. He is the High Performance Director for the Major League Soccer expansion franchise, Austin FC, and is highly invested in building a high-performance department that supports the needs of its athletes, coaches, and management. Prior to joining Austin FC, Dave served as the High Performance Director for the Orlando Magic in the NBA Team and the Seattle Sounders of the MLS. Dave joins me today to reveal the crucial factor that makes an effective high-performance environment. He emphasizes the importance of collaboration in a high-performance model and explains what makes a “hands-on” High Performance Director different from a “hands-off” one. He discusses why he transitioned from working in professional soccer to the NBA, and illustrates the various challenges he overcame when he switched. And last but not least, Dave discusses the value of diversity in building staff-building and explains why upcoming coaches should focus on honing their skills over targeting specific sports or jobs. The high-performance department is about recognizing and valuing what everyone can bring to the table. – Dave Tenney This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast: Dave’s primary roles during his time in the NBA How every sport interprets the role of High Performance Director differently The difference between the “hands-on” and “hands-off” High Performance Directors in the NBA The challenges of sharing information and decision-making in the NBA’s high-performance model Keys to effective collaboration in a high-performance environment Why teams need to have a living, breathing AMS platform What prompted Dave to move from soccer to professional basketball and the challenges he faced in the transition The life cycle of a high-performance environment The difference between his time with the Sounders and his time with the MLS What surprised Dave when he started working in the NBA How playing soccer benefitted his work as High Performance Director The importance of educating yourself with the needs and demands of the athletes The power of building staff with diverse skills and personalities Lessons from working with the Seattle Sounders that Dave wants to apply in Austin FC Why young, upcoming coaches need to prioritize learning skills and traits over targeting jobs Dave’s favorite memory from his time with the Orlando Magic Related Content: Physical Preparation with Dave Tenney Interview with Dave Tenney Connect with Dave: Dave Tenney on Twitter Dave Tenney on Instagram Dave Tenney on Facebook Dave Tenney on LinkedIn Subscribe, Rate & Share! Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of The Physical Preparation Podcast with Mike Robertson – your one-stop-shop for fitness trainers, coaches, and athletes. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Google Podcasts and leave your honest review. I’d also love to connect via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit our website. And last but not least, please don’t forget to share your favorite episodes with your friends on social media. Thank you! The post The Life and Times of Being a High Performance Director with Dave Tenney appeared first on Robertson Training Systems.


9 Oct 2020

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#105 "Stand On Landmines" With Dave Tenney

Football Fitness Federation Podcast

Episode 105 of the Football Fitness Federation Podcast is with the High Performance Director at Austin FC Dave Tenney.Dave spoke about:-His approach to his new role.-Aspects of football S&C that we do well.-Lessons from the NBA.-How strong is strong enough.& much more!Head over to twitter and give Dave a follow @DaveTenneyJoin our online community to access presentations from:Oliver Morgan (Head of Academy Sport Science at Celtic)Jack Nayler (First Team Sport Scientist at Celtic)Jonny Madden (Head of Fitness & Conditioning at Middlesbrough)Paul White (Head of Academy Sport Science at Stoke City)Tom Little (Preston North End Fitness coach)& many more!You can also access our brand new webinars from:Performance coach Nick Grantham'Being Flexible & Adaptable as a Sports Medical Professional.'Lecturer at the Uni of Suffolk Mark Armitage-'Developing a field based rehabilitation philosophy.'Lead Academy S&C at Leicester City Michael Cheverton-'Developing Athletic Qualities of Academy Footballers.'Rotherham United Performance Manager Ross Burbeary-'Aligning Science with Football'High Performance coach Harry Routledge-'The High Performance Environment'Brighton Academy Performance Manager Dr Will Abbott-'Using research to inform applied practice'Bristol City S&C coach Hamish Munro-'Velocity Based Training in Professional Football'AFC Bournemouth Sport Scientist David Johnson-'Growth & Maturation in Youth Football'Physiotherapist Tony Tompos-'Hamstring rehabilitation in professional football'Claim your FREE month at the link below:www.footballfitfed.com/community-login.htmlOur online community gives you:*Quality CPD - our Network Meetings cover the entire country with the very best speakers working in Football!*Discounted Network Meeting Tickets and early access (with savings that cover the price of membership alone)*Access to an ever increasing video library of webinars specific to Football, covering topics such as Recovery, Youth Development, Nutrition, Integrated Technical/Tactical Training for Physical Development, Strength and Conditioning for Goalkeepers and How to get a Job in Football (with more being added constantly) all delivered by Experienced Practitioners*On demand access to view all future meetings*Wide range of Member benefits from our partners including colossal discounts and offers*The ability to chat with and question elite level coaches on our forum, along with bonus content and interviewsKeep up to date with everything that is going on at Football Fitness Federation, including our upcoming announcements of our 2020 networking events at the following links:Twitter - @FootballFitFedInstagram - @FootballFitFedWebsite - www.footballfitfed.comEmail - mail@footballfitfed.com


30 Sep 2020

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Former Sounders High Performance Director Dave Tenney shares what he's learned since joining Orlando Magic

Sounder at Heart: for Seattle Sounders and Reign FC fans

Dave Tenney spent nine seasons with the Sounders before joining the NBA's Orlando Magic. He shares some of what he's learned since making the move. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


8 Apr 2020

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Dave Tenney on similarities between basketball and football (soccer)

The Efficient Coach

Dave is one of my favorite people to talk coaching with and the first one I asked to be a guest on the Efficient Coach podcast. He has a background playing and coaching soccer, starting his MLS coaching career in Kansas City before spending nine years with the Seattle Sounders. Three years ago he made the leap to basketball and became the High Performance Director of the Orlando Magic.  Whenever I sit down with Dave there’s always great insights to be had, and this time is no different. Our main topic was the similarities between the two sports that Dave know very well, basketball and football (soccer). He talks about how one of the big differences between the MLS and the NBA is the emotional demands on players and coaches in the latter. How having a short time between games is both a curse and a blessing of sorts. In addition he gives great advice to young coaches who are looking to coach professionally.  You can find Dave on Twitter @DaveTenney Dave’s “Must Read For Coaches”: The Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds (Michael Lewis) - Amazon link: https://amzn.to/37G07Ym#### Get The Efficient Coach eBook WHAT TO COACH? - How To Make Better Choices With The Time You Have on Amazon #### ***** Follow The Efficient Coach on Social Media: Twitter Facebook Instagram If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes? It takes less than 60 seconds, and it really makes a difference in helping to convince hard-to-get guests to come on the show. For show notes and past episodes, please visit podcast.thefficient.coach. Interested in sponsoring the podcast? Send an e-mail to team@theefficient.coach


27 Feb 2020

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205- Dave Puloka, Miami Dolphins; Barry Solan, Arsenal FC; and Dave Tenney, Seattle Sounders FC talk "Conscious Coaching"

The Strength Coach Podcast

Highlights of Episode 205          Hit the Gym with a Strength Coach Barry Solan, Arsenal FC; Dave Puloka, Miami Dolphins; and Dave Tenney, Seattle Sounders FC  join me to talk about Conscious Coaching Dave Puloka talks about the archetype "The Politician"   Barry Solan talks about "The Crusader"   Dave Tenney talks about his takeaways from the book   The Coaches Corner with Coach Boyle  Coach Boyle joins me to discuss:  How My Zone works  Conditioning Soccer Players  The computers and numbers on the Assault Air Bike  **His topic at the Perform Better Summits- Training the Client in Pain   Complete Sports Conditioning   The Business of Fitness with Results Fitness  Rachel Cosgrove discusses "Knowing your base numbers"   The Functional Movement Systems Segment  Gray Cook Classic- Gray discusses self-limiting exercises            "Subscribe at iTunes" and Get Automatic Updates Download the episode here

1hr 28mins

21 Apr 2017

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Physical Preparation with Dave Tenney

Physical Preparation Podcast – Robertson Training Systems

Dave Tenney is currently the High Performance Manager for the Seattle Sounders, and he’s always one of my favorite guys to chat with. Whether it’s his knowledge of soccer, coaching, or sports science, he just has a ton of insight into our world. In this show, Dave and I talk about how he’s making the most of a 6-week off-season, what it’s like to win an MLS cup, and what a day in the life of Dave Tenney really looks like. Show Outline Here’s a brief overview of what we cover in this episode: Dave’s gig with the Seattle Sounders, and how he got into the world of physical preparation. What it feels like to win an MLS cup. How winning a championship can affect your preparation and performance in the following season. Dave’s plan of attack for his shortest ever (6-week!) off-season period, including the concessions he had to make. What a typical “Day in the Life” looks for him during the competitive season. How he, and the Sounders, have evolved over the years and continued to sharpen the sword. The advice Dave would give to a young coach or sports scientist who wants to be successful in our industry. The BIG Question. A fun lightning round where we do name association (including a Wil Ferrell and Old School reference), his travels during the off-season, and an overview of the upcoming Seattle Sounders Sports Science Seminar. Links Mentioned Connect with Dave Dave on Twitter SSFCSPI on Twitter Dave on Facebook Other Podcasts Mentioned Garrison Draper Jordan Webb Patrick Ward Con Ed Resources Coursera Data Camp The post Physical Preparation with Dave Tenney appeared first on Robertson Training Systems.


17 Feb 2017

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Episode #71 - Dave Tenney

Just Kickin' It Pod

Dave Tenney is the High Performance Director for the Seattle Sounders (MLS). He is a leader in data and sports science innovation and application to sports which helped propel Seattle to the 2016 MLS Cup. You can find Dave on Twitter @DaveTenney

1hr 11mins

9 Jan 2017

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Pacey Performance Podcast #101 - Dave Tenney (Sports Scientist & Performance Manager at the Seattle Sounders)

Pacey Performance Podcast

In episode 101 of the Pacey Performance Podcast I am speaking to Performance Manager at the Seattle Sounders in the MLS, Dave Tenney. Dave first appeared on the podcast back in 2014 so it was great to get him on again and see how things have progressed at the Sounders. I visited Dave over in Seattle last year at the Sounders conference and I would definitely recommend heading out there next summer to hear the best in the business talk shop and have a beer. In this episode you will learn - Who is Dave Tenney (background, education and current role) What's changed over the last 18 months? Hamstring injuries - use of NordBord and recent twitter conversations Soccer - the data collection machine & Kitman Labs European influence on your practice Links with big business This episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast is sponsored by Coach Me Plus. This episode is also sponsored by Vald Performance, the team behind the NordBord. Keep up to date with everything that is going on with the podcast by following me on Twitter @paceyperform or visiting paceyperformance.co.uk/podcast. Dave can be found on Twitter @DaveTenney Enjoy PP


8 Sep 2016

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ExtraTime Radio: Dave Tenney (Seattle Sounders)

ExtraTime, the Official Podcast of Major League Soccer (MLS)

Forget Detroit Rock City. How about Detroit Soccer City? Freshexpansion news took the guys by surprise, but with they dive inwith both feet to beak down the current pecking order. Midweekaction produced three 1-1 draws, one of which prompted Matt tolabel one team’s playoff chances kaput. In general, slow starts aredifficult to overcome in MLS, and a handful of 2015 playoffs teamsare already in trouble. Toronto FC aren’t in that group as an epicroad trip comes to a close. Neither is FC Dallas, or the LA Galaxy,where Ashley Cole is forcing some folks to eat some crow. In the second segment, Seattle Sounders director of performanceand sports science Dave Tenney joins Andrew and Ben to explain whathis team does to get the most out of their players, their effortsto prevent injury and why sleep and hamstring strength are crucialfor athletes.  The mailbag begins with the Armchair Analyst’s take on thedecisions Jurgen Klinsmann must make to narrow down a 40-manpreliminary roster for Copa America Centenario, then the guysdiscuss the incessant beeping in Andrew’s apartment, LordBendtner’s MLS ambitions and the idea of former players becomingMLS referees.


28 Apr 2016