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Don't build a business tomorrow, build it yesterday With Stewart Townsend

The Lucky Titan

I have spent 20 years working in channel roles and have specialised in accelerating revenue at global SaaS companies through the building and running of indirect sales programs. My sole focus is working with SaaS companies who are at that point where they are looking at indirect sales channels, have enquiries from potential partners and are uncertain where to start, this is where I work with them as a consultant to see if their product can be sold through a channel, what that channel to market is and then takes them there.I have had clients across the US and UK in which I have acted as an interim CRO, VP Channel, or just as an advisor to the founderswww.channelasservice.com my consultancy business


16 Jul 2021

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Sell More While Spending Less Through Channels with Stewart Townsend

Beyond 8 Figures

In today’s episode, Stewart Townsend takes us on a journey exploring what it took for him to transform his idea into a mature business. He shares insights on how you can sell more while spending and hiring less through channels. Tune in to learn more about channels and how you can start using them to grow your business. About our Guest: Stewart Townsend is the founder of Channel as a Service, and he is on his journey towards 8-figures. He helps grow companies by guiding them in setting up indirect sales forces, also known as channels.  Previously, Stewart held leadership roles at ZenDesk, DataSift, and Sun Microsystems. On today’s episode:  How today’s show is different - 00:57 Stewart’s journey: from selling steel to million-dollar deals with Spotify - 03:49 Oracle didn’t believe in startups 11 years ago - 07:42 Living corporate life and start-up life at the same time - 10:04  An offer he can’t refuse to have enough of it - 11:58  How Stewart found his way after losing his savings - 14:33  What is channel building? - 18:41 Why you shouldn’t pay attention to the misinformation around channels - 19:30  How did the business take off? (there was no grand plan) - 21:35  What is Stewart’s vision for his business...and why he is not exiting- 25:07  How Stewart sets himself up for a nomadic lifestyle - 29:42  Do you have to be young to be nomadic? - 33:28  How products transform from their original purpose - 34:28  Revolutionary video service that will save you days of work - 35:21   Write like this if you are making videos - 37:09  How Stewart automates his content cycle - 37:54  How channels help you scale your business and reduce your costs - 39:38  How much you can grow your revenue through channels - 41:52  What you need before you can start using channels - 42:43  One of the first things that ever went viral - 46:00  Before any company invests in you, you need to have this - 47:13  What are the points? - 49:14  How are multiple routes to market created (the marketplace model)? - 51:44  How you can now create a one-man million-dollar business - 54:23  Is it still true that 80% of businesses fail? - 55:31  What today’s fast entrepreneurship culture needs - 58:36  How to get on a free call with Stewart - 1:01:16  Key Takeaways:  You have more of an impact working within entrepreneurial spaces than you do in large corporations.  At corporate spaces you get marching orders with instructions telling you what to do, in software, as a service startup spaced there is more experimentation and excitement  It takes longer than 6 months to start driving revenue through channels when you are starting from scratch; founders have difficulty understanding this strategically.  Using channels is basically selling through third parties (affiliates, resellers, distributors) - it is an indirect sale.  Channels are looked at as second class, this is a misconception. Affiliates are a powerful mechanism to get a product out to a market at a low cost. At its core, channels are about relationship building and strategic development  90% of Microsoft’s business goes through a channel, top corporations are heavily involved in selling through a channel  Channels are a way to grow revenue without growing a headcount around that revenue.  You can expect 23% more revenue within one year when using channels  Companies who want to use channels must have a belief that indirect sales will add value to their business.  Your customers tell you who your partners should be.  Marketplace models such as Shopify reduce barriers to entry and make life easier for entrepreneurs. However, this makes it more competitive to come out on top. That being said, each person defines what success means to them. For some people, setting up a lifestyle business and being happy is the success they aim for.  Without structure, methods, and processes that you can repeat, it is very hard to grow as a business.  What channels are (in their simplest form):“You have a product and you want to get it to a consumer or a business. How you get it there at the lowest cost is just a method. That method is you hire a lot of direct salespeople and do a lot of marketing, or you can blend that with going through affiliates, referrals, resellers, third parties, etc. Give them a cut of the margin, pay them something, and get that deal in...affiliates are just a powerful mechanism to get a product out to a market at a low cost...that’s it.”Have you used channels before? Have you seen success using them? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to say hello if you would like to share your entrepreneurship story on our podcast. Connect with Stewart Townsend: Channel as a service website: channelasservice.com/ Stewart Townsend’s personal website: stewarttownsend.com/ LinkedIn: Stewart Townsend Stewart’s email: stewart@stewarttownsend.com Stewart’s Desert Rat Van on Instagram Other links:Dynamite circle: tropicalmba.com/join-the-dynamite-circle/ Raptor paint: raptorcoatings.comConnect with A.J.Lawrence: Website: ajlawrence.com Email: aj@b8fpodcast.com Instagram: @ajlawrence LinkedIn: A.J. Lawrence Twitter: @ajlawrence Medium: @a.j.lawrence Follow Beyond 8 Figures: Website: Beyond8Figures.com Twitter: @beyond8figures  Facebook: Beyond 8 Figures Instagram:@b8fpodcast Email: feedback@beyond8figures.com

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20 May 2021

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Building Channel at ZenDesk from Zero to a Multi Million Dollar ARR Organization & 1500+ Team with Stewart Townsend #64

SaaS District

Stewart Townsend is the founder at Channel as a Service, a “results oriented” consultancy service for startups & mature companies to enable them to increase revenue through the right growth channel via an indirect sales force. Stewart has spent 20 years working in channel roles and has specialised in accelerating revenue at global SaaS companies through the building and running of indirect sales programs since then. His focus is working with SaaS companies who are at that point where they are looking at indirect sales channels, have enquiries from potential partners and are uncertain where to start.Having worked at large multinational corporations for over 15 years then transitioned into two large startups who went through acquisition and IPO, Stewart has the experience and knowledge to get things done within a small team environment but also own a global partnership relationship and drive that top-down.During this interview we cover:00:00 - A word From The Sponsor01:02 - Intro02:30 - From Zero to Multi-Million Dollars in Revenue Across Europe with ZenDesk05:26 -  Launching Channel as a Service & The Problem To Solve08:38 - Time Frame When Building Program & Expecting  to see Revenue10:38 - From Idea To Launching & Initial Costs Involved in Building CaaS12:41 - What Exactly is an Indirect Sales Channel?16:31 - Why 50+ Team & $1MM ARR is the Ideal Stage to Start Investing In Channel Sales20:03 - What Does a SaaS Company Need so That They can Start leveraging this Channel  Today?22:53 - Why is it More effective vs Hiring and Building Out a Sales Team to Scale as a B2B Company 25:51 - Channel Governance Against Competitors27:34 - Tips & Strategies When Building Teams30:06- Typical Process, From Planning to Engagement, & Strategy for B2B SaaS35:29 - Biggest Challenges Facing Today In Building CaaS37:54 - Best Resources/People Who Have Been Instrumental For Stewart’s Success41:21 - What Does Success Mean to Stewart?42:40 -  OutroMentions:CaaS (Channel as a Service)CapgeminiZendeskTerms:White Label ResellersPeople:Sam SethiSimon GriceGet In Touch With Stewart:Stewart’s Linkedin Tag us & follow:Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/HorizenCapitalOfficial/LinkedInhttps://www.linkedin.com/company/horizen-capitalInstagramhttps://www.instagram.com/saasdistrict/More about Akeel:Twitter - https://twitter.com/AkeelJabberLinkedIn - https://linkedin.com/in/akeel-jabbarMore Podcast Sessions - https://horizencapital.com/saas-podcast 


1 Dec 2020

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MSMP 57: Stewart Townsend on Staying Focused

Mads Singers Management Podcast

One of the most important lessons I consistently preach in my courses and with my private coaching clients is having the right people in the right place for the right reason.  Most of us lack the management skills to make a correction when necessary and end up costing themselves, their teams, and their companies a lot of time.On this episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast I chat with Stewart about his 20+ years experience in IT and over 30 years experience in sales.  Stewart was at Sun Microsystems and worked on Solaris and Java in those heady days before Sun was acquired by Oracle.  He also joined Zendesk pre-IPO.  With more than a decade in “corporate life” he has an understanding of how big organizations work, as well as a lot of background in persuading others to use the software that he is currently representing, which helps him in his current role, securing indirect partnerships for SaaS businesses.  One of our points of agreement during this discussion was the importance of trusting your gut as you build your team.  Stewart noted that he doubted his gut feeling about letting someone go, and as a result that mistake compounded for months.  This is something I see all the time, and I try to remind people that being a “good person” is not sufficient to stay employed, both practically and personally.  When people are underperforming, they are unhappy, and the fear of firing such people is a lose/lose for everyone.  Stewart noted that the corporate treatment exemplifies this cowardice in labeling someone as a “special project” and putting them somewhere they can’t mess anything up.Stewart, like I do, also believes in really niching down.  He notes, “Who is the person I am trying to sell to and what is the value I am willing to bring to them?”  He lives this advice in offering himself as an expert on SaaS, in the B2B format, in Europe.  Specific enough for you?  That said, you also have to be careful about pivoting too much, as you can sometimes lose your existing customers by doing so.Key Learning Points:1. Stewart prefers to focus on the extra value/margin to be gained on existing customers rather than worrying about churn - 6:302. Mads discusses the importance of niching down in regards to lead gen - 12:303. Stewart discusses the velocity of firing (and trusting your gut) - 14:054. Stewart warns about those who interview well but aren’t a good fit for the role/team/organization - 18:15 Connect with Stewart Townsend:1. Stewart Townsend


5 Aug 2020

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M&R Episode 184: Increase your sales by building indirect sales channels with Stewart Townsend.

Misfits and Rejects

10 May 2020

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Stewart Townsend - Cloud.Vision - The New Platform for SaaS Channel In Europe - Cold Star Project

Cold Star Project

SaaS Channel Marketing pro Stewart Townsend returns to the Cold Star Project, this time to talk about his new platform. Cloud.Vision. With Cloud.Vision, Stewart is leading Europe's SaaS founders, salespeople and marketers into a strong level of understanding and ability to execute in their software-as-a-service channel marketing efforts.   While industry data and best practices for SaaS channel are well understood in the United States, Europe's SaaS industry has been greatly underserved in this area...until now. Stewart Townsend's Cloud.Vision platform will have Europe's industry leaders share their experience and numbers to help strengthen the entire field.   Visit cloud.vision   Stewart's previous appearance on the Cold Star Project, discussing SaaS channel marketing and micro vs macro efforts at selling software-as-a-service, is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lm8wVxzexhA Talk to Cold Star: https://coldstartech.com/bookcall


15 Mar 2020

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Stewart Townsend talks about numerous startup ‘Flowery’ events we organised in the noughties.

Sam Talks Technology

Stewart Townsend is my good friend and was often my partner in crime for many fun startup events which we organised together. A chance meeting with Stewart, 15 years ago at one of the Open Coffee Club mornings I had organised in Waterstones, led to the start of a great friendship.This podcast takes you through those early days of the London startup scene. From Stewart's work with Sun Microsystems and working with Twitter developers. Through to events we did together such as Flowery Tweetups and Flowery Cinema; the one where we hired a Leicester Square cinema to watch the new Facebook film The Social Network and invited 250 of our Facebook friends to join us. Find out how we had drinks with Henry 'The Fonz' Winkler and Mark Zuckerberg as well as a private dinner with Scott McNealy, then CEO of Sun Microsystems at Blenheim Palace, to name but a few events. Together with Manoj Ranaweera, we helped start the first Techcelerate: The Original Tech Ecosystem in Manchester and we even attended its 11th-year commemoration this year. Stewart also talked about his time with Zendesk, DataSift and Oracle through to his current project providing companies with a virtual sales channel (Channel as a Service - CAAS).

1hr 23mins

11 Sep 2019

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Stewart Townsend- Micro & Macro Views of Scaling SaaS

Cold Star Project

Channel strategist Stewart Townsend joins us on the Cold Star Project to share stories from both the low and the high perspective in scaling SaaS. As a front line salesperson with a well-known SaaS, and then as a strategic channel consultant, Stewart has much to tell us about the challenges of scaling tech firms.Want to find out what you've got? Get the Red Team Experience: https://www.coldstartech.com/red-team/


24 Sep 2018