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Hour 3 - Chris Sullivan on 405 Traffic

The Jason Rantz Show

The Monologue: The Tacoma City Council is pushing an ordinance banning camping in certain places.The Interview: Chris Sullivan says 405 weekend traffic will be nightmarish.The Monologue: The Washington lottery is preying on low-income communities. The Interview:  Todd Myers talks about environmental factors of Inflation Reduction Act. LongForm: State Senator Simon Sefzik (R-Ferndale) on how Republicans, if given control, can address the crime issues in Washington.The Quick Hit: Dow Constantine didn't like being asked about a homeless shelter. The Last Rantz: Support conservative media!See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


15 Sep 2022

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EP99: Chris Sullivan

Electronically Yours with Martyn Ware

Tomorrow’s eclectic episode of Electronically Yours features the multifarious talents of one of Martyn’s oldest friends, Chris Sullivan.  Since leaving Merthyr Tydfil as a teenager, he has become a DJ, author, band frontman, painter, style commentator, entrepreneur, script-writer, fashion designer, artist and all-round godfather of partying…  Ladies and gentlemen - the extremely entertaining man behind Blue Rondo A La Turk - Chris Sullivan. If you can, please support the Electronically Yours podcast via my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/electronicallyours

1hr 14mins

30 Jun 2022

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Building Blocks With Ash Bennington: Chris Sullivan Explains What Makes Crypto So Compelling

Real Vision Crypto

Transparency. Efficiency. Innovation. These are just a few of the many reasons why Chris Sullivan believes crypto has so much promise. He joins Ash Bennington to talk about everything he’s building at Hyperion Decimus, and he also shares his thoughts on the industry’s long-term trajectory. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


4 Jun 2022

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Bitcoin Fixes The Great Reset? with Chris Sullivan (WiM171)

The "What is Money?" Show

Chris Sullivan joins me for a conversation on the role Bitcoin plays in thwarting those who seek to undermine the foundations of Western Civilization—life, liberty, and property.Be sure to check out Swan Private, the trusted Bitcoin financial services provider for high-net-worth individuals and businesses worldwide: https://www.swanbitcoin.com/private/GuestChris Sullivan Website: https://www.hyperiondecimus.comPODCASTPodcast Website: https://whatismoneypodcast.com/Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-what-is-money-show/id1541404400 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/25LPvm8EewBGyfQQ1abIsE?si=wgVuY16XR0io4NLNo0A11A&nd=1RSS Feed: https://feeds.simplecast.com/MLdpYXYI Outline00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro00:00:08 Learn about Bitcoin with Swan Private at SwanPrivate.Com00:01:37 Chris’s Background00:06:21 Chris’s Reading List on Freedom and the Humanities00:13:01 The History of Currency Debasement00:18:49 The Corruptibility of Money and its Influence on Warfare00:22:02 Learning the Propaganda of Markets & Wall Street00:29:54 Bitcoin Allows you to “Play The Game”00:33:52 Technology Making it Easier to Manipulate Money00:37:11 Exposing the Corruptibility of Money & Man00:46:14 Happiness Leading to Economic Booms00:47:36 Watch "Hard Money with Natalie Brunell" from Swan Studios & Bitcoin Magazine!00:48:22 Take Control of Your Healthcare with Crowd Health!00:49:30 The History & Morality of Taxation00:53:22 Describing how Bitcoin helps Property Rights & Ownership00:58:18 Government & Markets in a Post-Bitcoin Future01:01:28 Explaining Futures Contracts, Bitcoin ETFs, & Commodity Trading01:05:32 Do we need Regulation or could Free Markets Settle Financial Corruption?01:08:00 What would our Founding Fathers say About Today?01:13:29 Production Growth vs Asset Price Growth01:16:00 Alternatives to our current Monetary Theory01:18:14 Decentralization is Equivalent to Anti-Corruption01:19:54 Truth & the Perception of New Ideas01:22:00 Explaining Natural Law01:25:03 Zombie Companies & Fiat Culture01:28:45 What is the WEF?01:29:44 Explaining “The Great Reset”01:32:06 Debunking the need for Sustainable Energy, Solar, & Wind01:35:26 How can an Economy Function without Private Property Rights?01:40:07 Where to find Chris’s Work01:41:31 “What is Money” OutroSOCIALBreedlove Twitter: https://twitter.com/Breedlove22WiM? Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhatisMoneyShowLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/breedlove22/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/breedlove_22/TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@breedlove22?lang=enAll My Current Work: https://linktr.ee/breedlove22 WRITTEN WORKMedium: https://breedlove22.medium.com/Substack: https://breedlove22.substack.com/ WAYS TO CONTRIBUTEBitcoin: 3D1gfxKZKMtfWaD1bkwiR6JsDzu6e9bZQ7Sats via Strike: https://strike.me/breedlove22Sats via Tippin.me: https://tippin.me/@Breedlove22Dollars via Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/RBreedloveDollars via Venmo: https://venmo.com/code?user_id=1784359925317632528The "What is Money?" Show Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=32843101&fan_landing=true RECOMMENDED BUSINESSESSwan Private guides high-net-worth individuals and businesses in all areas of Bitcoin strategy: https://www.swanbitcoin.com/private/CrowdHealth offers an innovative health insurance model based on Bitcoin and community: https://www.joincrowdhealth.com/breedloveOkcoin is an innovative and education-focused cryptoasset exchange platform—earn $50 in free Bitcoin by signing up at: https://okcoin.com/breedloveJoin Me At Bitcoin 2023, pre-order your tickets now (discount code BREEDLOVE): https://b.tc/conference/2023Automatic Recurring Bitcoin Buys and Withdrawals: https://www.swanbitcoin.com/breedlove/

1hr 41mins

31 May 2022

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Chris Sullivan

You Are Beautiful with Lawrence Zarian

Welcome to Season 1 You Are Beautiful with Lawrence Zarian. In episode two, LZ sits down with Emmy-nominated actor, director and producer, Chris Sullivan, to discuss what makes him feel beautiful and how his life has changed since he and his beautiful wife, Rachel welcomed their son, Bear Maxwell into the world.Chris is known for his work in This Is Us, The Knick, and Guardians of the Galaxy 2.Follow Chris Sullivan: InstagramFollow LZ:InstagramTikTokFacebookWebsite


16 Mar 2022

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Chris Sullivan - "This is Us"

Inside Out with Paul Mecurio

Chris talks about his character Toby's relationship with Kate on the smash hit "This is Us."  He gives a sneak peak at what the future holds for the pair, how he and Chrissy Metz (Kate) approached the difficult scenes dealing with the divorce of the pair and fascinating insight into the behind-the-scenes process the show follows in shooting the show. Chris is fascinating in explaining how his improv training has allowed him to get the most out of his scenes, his surprise at how big a hit the show became and how that has changed his life, the challenges he faced and prep he did in directing his first episode of the show this year and much more.


15 Feb 2022

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Why Seahawks need to get aggressive in 2022 with Chris Sullivan

Seaside Joe: A Football Podcast

Chris Sullivan started blogging about the Seahawks since the Mike Holmgren days and now he's tweeting about the Seahawks @30acrefortress. Follow him there, listen to him here!


9 Feb 2022

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S.11 E.08 – Chris Sullivan of Wolftooth

Interview Under Fire Podcast

It's fate. When Chris Sullivan of Wolftooth got the call about signing with the highly-lauded record label of Napalm Records, he didn't believe it then. Let us be clear, he doesn't even believe it now. It's evidence of the hard work he and his bandmates have been through leading up to the release of the new album titled “Blood & Iron”. This also serves as the quartet's 3rd record, and dare we say, their finest work within the realm of doom and stoner metal. Hailing from the city of Richmond, Indiana, Chris took the time to sit with IUF recently to dive into the band's story-line as well as the production processes of the new record. Chris also talks about his love for motorcycles, which include his own motorcycle seat company. Though he's not a full-time musician, taking part in different passions have provided a level of creativity and comfort into his music. Ending 2021 on high note is the goal, and Chris and company have done that. Now entering 2022, Wolftooth are ready to take the world by storm. It's an exciting time for Wolftooth, join them on this journey and tune in to our episode with Chris now - “Blood & Iron” is out now worldwide via Napalm Records.Stay connected with Wolftooth, visit: https://wolftoothmetal.com/, https://www.instagram.com/wolftoothmetal/, and https://www.facebook.com/wolftoothmetalStay connected with IUF, visit: https://interviewunderfire.com/


10 Jan 2022

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Chris Sullivan

Beyond The Fame with Jason Fraley

WTOP Entertainment Reporter Jason Fraley chats with actor Chris Sullivan, who played the beloved character Toby, as "This Is Us" returns for its sixth and final season tonight on NBC. They spoke in 2017 during the mid-season cliffhanger of Season 1. Sullivan also describes voicing the hilarious Hump Day Camel in a series of GEICO commercials.


4 Jan 2022

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Ep. 25 Juvenile Justice, DMC, and Journal Editing with Chris Sullivan

The Criminology Academy

This week we speak with Chris Sullivan currently at the University of Cincinnati but will be moving to Texas State's Depart of Criminology and Criminal Justice. He talks to us about juvenile justice, disproportionate minority contact, and ways we can improve research in this area in the future. Chris also tells us about his work as a journal editor and provides us with useful tips and advice. His work has been published in Criminology, Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, and Justice Quarterly. You can find Chris on Twitter @prof_cjsullivan. Music by: www.bensound.com

1hr 16mins

9 Aug 2021