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A Conversation between Wiley Rein partner Peter Hyun and Glenn Gerstell, General Counsel of the NSA

Wiley Connected

In this episode, we discuss: • An inside look at the General Counsel’s office at the NSA;• How technological advancement is affecting the work of the NSA;• Cybersecurity threats at home and abroad; and• How the NSA is continuing to evolve.


10 Jul 2019

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Richard Wiley – Chairman Emeritus Wiley Rein LLP | Former FCC Chairman

Our Town with host Andy Ockershausen - Homegrown History

Richard Wiley on what's next in high def TV ~"Ultra high definition is great. Then there's an even ... double that, coming up in Japan. Super high vision. So, it's just going to keep going. The only problem is, there's only so much that the human eye can absorb."Richard Wiley Chairman Emeritus Wiley Rein LLP and Former FCC Chairman, with Andy Ockershausen in-studio interviewAndy Ockershausen: This is Our Town. This is Andy Ockershausen, and we're introducing to our podcast one of the more famous regulators in the history of broadcasting. The man was a Commissioner, he was a General Counsel, he became Chairman of the FCC. He is one of the most important people in the history of broadcasting, and we're so delighted to have Dick Wiley here in Our Town.Richard Wiley: Andy, thank you. It's a pleasure and a privilege to be with you once again! And we're still clicking, you know?Andy Ockershausen: You're clicking, I'm clicking, thank God Janice keeps me clicking. But Dick, you've had such an illustrious life, career, and everything, before you went to straight-when you left the government. But you were such an important part of the growth of broadcast to me, and Our Town, and in the world. And what you did as Commissioner, and if you remember the days that I would call on you with Dick Chapin-Richard Wiley: Absolutely.Andy Ockershausen: ... from Nebraska. We were always interested in what the Commission was doing, and what you were doing. And it helped our industry tremendously.Richard Wiley and others at Federal Communications Commission Worked to Eliminate Outmoded Regulations in the 70sRichard Wiley: Well, we were trying to eliminate some of the old, outmoded regulations. The industry had changed and grown, and prospered, and the regulations remained the same. So, you and Dick were bringing in good ideas to try to make some changes.Andy Ockershausen: And before you would make them, Dean Burch was trying the same thing-Richard Wiley: Absolutely. Absolutely. He was my predecessor.Andy Ockershausen: Yeah, well he was your predecessor-Richard Wiley: Great guy.Andy Ockershausen: But he was never General Counsel like you are.Richard Wiley: No.Andy Ockershausen: I remember when you were the General Counsel-Richard Wiley: I was his General Counsel.Andy Ockershausen: That's it. That's correct. That was quite a team at the time, because you were on the same team, everybody's trying to get rid of these ridiculous restrictions. In addition ... Restrictions are good but when they're ridiculous, they're awful.Richard Wiley: Well, as life goes on, the industries change, technology changes, the regulation can't stay the same. And I think that's what we started. They've certainly gone much beyond where we were in the '70's. This was the '70's, Andy-Andy Ockershausen: Oh, I know! I remember that. Oh my God. But there was such a growth period in the industry in the '70's-Richard Wiley: Really was.Andy Ockershausen: ... was incredible, with the networks and-New Technologies Entered Market in the 70s | Satellite | Cable | InternetRichard Wiley: And other technologies were coming in at the time. Satellite, you know-Andy Ockershausen: We didn't know what they were.Richard Wiley: ... television, and cable, you know - nobody wondered whether cable was going to do anything, became of course, a very dynamic industry. And now we've got the internet, which has changed everything.Andy Ockershausen: Just the modest changes that we made in radio at the time, because everything was on a little disc and we had no tapes. It was ancient. Now all that is gone, Dick. Everything is gone up here somewhere, and we don't know where it is, but it works. We could watch a tape in a tape recorder, but we can't watch it now.Richard Wiley: Absolutely.Andy Ockershausen: But Dick, tell me now, you've had such an illustrious career,


31 Jan 2019

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FAA Reauthorization: AUVSI and Wiley Rein’s Three Takeaways for the UAS Industry

Wiley Connected

In this episode of Wiley Connected, Wiley Rein attorney Sara Baxenberg is joined by Tom McMahon of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, the world’s largest nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to advancing the unmanned systems and robotics community, about the FAA Reauthorization bill that passed the Senate this week and is awaiting the President’s signature.


5 Oct 2018

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Tim Brightbill of Wiley Rein: Manufacturing Trade Policy Confidential, Pt. 2

The MetalMiner Podcast

China has finally been deemed a non-market economy by the U.S. Commerce department. So what happens if the U.S. slaps China with even bigger tariffs after the Section 232 investigation? Will they retaliate? How? Get a sense of what's going on behind closed doors in D.C. by listening to Lisa Reisman's conversation with Tim Brightbill of Wiley Rein LLP.


20 Nov 2017

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Mari Frank Interviews Kirk Nahra, Healthcare Privacy Expert and Partner with Wiley Rein LLP

KUCI: Privacy Piracy

11 Nov 2009