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Daniel Levitin - How Science and Creativity Overlap

Lightning Bugs: Conversations with Ben Folds

Today, my guest is Dr. Daniel Levitin. He’s a neuroscientist, musician, and author. His research encompasses music, the brain, health, productivity and creativity. Publishing more than 300 articles, authoring four New York Times Bestsellers, and serving as a music consultant for several musical groups, Daniel’s insight and ideas have been felt far and wide. Daniel's ears have influenced the work of Blue Öyster Cult, Chris Isaak, and many many more. On this episode, we discuss why humans create music, how our definitions and interpretation of sound have changed, the divide and overlap between science and creativity, and how the ability to recognize sound is as old as 800 million years. You can submit your questions to Ben here: https://www.speakpipe.com/BenFolds And check out the YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9ix6szTyjg3vmx1sIj-VfwSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


12 Aug 2021

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75: Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin picks Dreaming in a Nightmare : Inequality and What We Can Do About It

The Bookomicast

Neuroscientist, musician, educator and best-selling author (Your Brain on Music, The Organised Mind, The Changing Mind) Daniel Levitin picks a book by young British activist and entrepreneur Jeremiah Emmanuel. Daniel wants to know more about Jeremiah's story: growing up in Brixton, often homeless but always hopeful that life can get better, he ends up joining the UK youth parliament rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous and being awarded a British Empire Medal before he's 21. Can we find a way through the divisions tearing society apart. Recorded in front of a live audience at Shoreditch House in London. You can get a copy for Dreaming in a Nightmare HERE You can join Bookomi HERE


25 Jun 2021

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Daniel Levitin | Thinking Straight in an Age of Information Overload

The Unmistakable Creative Podcast

How can we maintain clarity in the dealings of organizing our lives, from our homes to the workplace and beyond? Daniel Levitin uses neuroscience and his knowledge of music to explain how you can de-clutter your brain and overcome the ceaseless influx of information that we all face in present times.Visit Daniel's website to discover more about his work | https://www.daniellevitin.comJoin Daniel Levitin's patreon for exclusive content | https://www.patreon.com/DanielLevitinListener TribeWe have our own private social network for listeners of the Unmistakable Creative podcast. You can meet other listeners, discuss episodes, and engage with the creative community! Just visit https://the-unmistakable-creative-podcast.mn.co/ to sign up.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 10mins

7 Jun 2021

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Dr. Daniel Levitin - How to Achieve Successful Aging

All About Fitness

Dr. Daniel Levitin was a musician who earned a PhD in cognitive psychology and became an expert in neuroscience; his book, Successful Aging, reviews how the body changes over the course of the aging process and identifies what we can do to extend our health span. On this episode, Dr. Levitin talks about his book as well as sharing key insights on what each of us can do to enhance and extend our quality of life. You will learn techniques that could help you to add years of optimal health to your life.Order a copy of Dr. Levitin's book, Successful Aging: https://amzn.to/2SHLWjzhttps://petemccallfitness.comOrder a copy of Ageless Intensity: High Intensity Workouts to Slow the Aging Process: https://amzn.to/3wJHKi4Order a copy of Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simplehttps://amzn.to/3fub1YlGet relief from sore muscles and promote recovery after hard workouts; order the NIMBL XLR8 massage gun - use code AAF20 to save 20% https://joinnimbl.com/products/xlr8Dynamic anatomy; $29https://allaboutfitness.inspire360.com/allaboutfitness/dynamic-anatomy-recorded-webinar-and-e-book-bundle-copyLearn how your muscles and fascia function as an integrated system to move your body along with how to design the most effective exercise programs for the core, legs, inner thighs, shoulders AND glutes. 0.2 CECs - ACE, NASM and AFAADynamic anatomy e-book; $7Learn how your muscles and fascia work to move your body.dynamic-anatomy-how-your-body-moves-during-exerciseExercise program design for the fountain of youth; $49https://allaboutfitness.inspire360.com/allaboutfitness/exercise-for-the-fountain-of-youthLearn the science of how exercise can burn fat, build muscle AND slow down the aging process, includes workout programs to help you find your fountain of youth. 0.3 ACE, 0.4 NASM and 4 AFAAExercise for the Fountain of Youth e-book; $7Learn how exercise can help you to slow aging and find your fountain of youth.https://allaboutfitness.inspire360.com/allaboutfitness/allaboutfitness/exercise-for-the-fountain-of-youth-e-bookTotal Body Core Training; $67https://allaboutfitness.inspire360.com/allaboutfitness/total-body-core-training-continuing-education-program-for-fitness-professionalsLearn the science of exercise program design and how to build a stronger body by first creating the foundation of a strong core. The course includes a progressively challenging exercise program that will keep you working out all year long. 0.4 ACE, 0.5 NASM and 5 AFAA CECsFunctional Core Training; $7Explains how to build a strong body starting with your core muscles.https://allaboutfitness.inspire360.com/allaboutfitness/allaboutfitness/functional-core-training-e-bookGlute Reboot; $29https://allaboutfitness.inspire360.com/allaboutfitness/glute-reboot-all-about-exercise-for-the-glutesAn online course in collaboration with Master Trainer Abbie Appel; learn how the muscles of the gluteal complex work as well as a number of effective exercises to help them function (and look) better 0.2 ACE, NASM and AFAA CECs - $29Bundle: Functional Core Training, Dynamic Anatomy and Exercise for the Fountain of Youth; $17https://allaboutfitness.inspire360.com/allaboutfitness/e-book-bundle-exercise-for-the-fountain-of-youth-functional Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


16 Mar 2021

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118 A neuroscientist’s guide to ageing well, with Dr Daniel Levitin

The Retirement Café Podcast

In recent months, we have discussed the idea of ageing well and longevity a few times. This week, we bring the topic back but with a slight twist. Joining me this week is Dr Daniel Levitin.  Dr Daniel Levitin is a neuroscientist, musician and author. 15 years after dropping out of Massachusetts Institute of Technology to follow a career in music, Dr Levitin realised he no longer wanted to be part of the music industry and needed a career that was a bit more financially stable. He went back to university and not only completed his bachelor’s degree but went all the way to getting his doctorate. He is now the author of five books, His most recent book The Changing Mind looks into debunking some of the myths of ageing. From memory loss, to the ability to continue learning and creating new neurons, the book is a reminder that ageing isn’t as bad as it is made out to be, and that it is just a process of the mind changing. In our conversation we chat about how he went from being a rather successful musician, to becoming a neuroscientist, we delve into the myths of ageing and what the truth really is, and Dr Levitin shares with us some personal stories which lead him to life changing realisations. We also discuss how Dr Levitin recently returned to music, and the journey he has been on to record his own album. The release of his second album is pending. To pre-order Daniel’s forthcoming album, send your address and $20 USD for the CD, $25 USD for vinyl, to PayPal.me/DanielLevitin or Venmo @DanielJLevitin. If you are outside the US, please add another $15 for shipping to these prices.


16 Mar 2021

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Ten Tips for Successful Aging with Neuroscientist Dr. Daniel Levitin


Our guest, Dr. Daniel Levitin is a cognitive psychologist, neuroscientist, author and musician.  He is the author of 4 New York Times best selling books including his most recent book, Successful Aging.  We discuss the top 10 tips to age successfully, changing the narrative on aging and the benefits to experience and life skills.  www.daniellevitin.com www.hotflashescooltopics.com 


17 Feb 2021

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Daniel Levitin - Successful Aging

Movement Bottega with Missoni Lanza

On today's episode, Award Winning Neuroscientist, Musician, Record Producer, and New York Times Best Selling Author, Daniel Levitin, and I have a casual conversation on his new book, Successful Aging, his personal discoveries when researching the book, and more. Daniel Levitin is an award-winning neuroscientist, musician, and best-selling author. ... He is the author of four New York Times bestselling books: This Is Your Brain On Music, The World in Six Songs, The Organized Mind and Successful Aging, as well as the international bestseller A Field Guide to Lies. MORE ON DAN LEVITIN Website | Instagram | Facebook


14 Sep 2020

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Daniel Levitin's neuroscience of music

Take 5

Have you ever wondered why you get goosebumps when you listen to certain songs? Or what makes a hit, a hit? Maybe you’ve argued that the music you listened to when you were younger, is the best music that was ever made. All of that, relates to neuroscience.The way the brain processes music is a huge field of study; it’s why music therapy exists, why people with Alzheimer’s can remember a tune from the childhood, or why songs can be a way for non verbal people to communicate. It’s something I’m endlessly fascinated by, and I know I’m not alone. That’s why I asked Dr Daniel Levitin to Take 5.In 2007, Daniel published a book called This Is Your Brain on Music. It laid out, in layman’s terms, all of the neural pathways that spark when we hear songs. It sold millions of copies, and he backed it up with an anthropological book called The World in Six Songs. But Daniel’s life didn’t start in the sciences. First and foremost, he’s a musician himself. He was a producer and engineer for about 15 years too; working alongside Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell, and The Grateful Dead.He knows his stuff. I asked Daniel to Take 5 with the neuroscience of music, and share songs not only from his own life but explain what’s happening to the brain, when he hear them. I loved this chat. I could speak for days about this stuff, and it just adds to a rich understanding and love of music, from all  over the genre map. From Beds are Burning to Beethoven, to one of the most beautiful tunes ever written, Daniel articulates the spark of a song.Midnight Oil - Beds Are BurningIggy Azalea - Fancy [Ft. Charli XCX]The Afflicted - Here Come The CopsHerbert von Karajan, Berliner Philharmoniker - Beethoven: Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 67; I. Allegro con brioJudy Garland - Over The Rainbow


28 Aug 2020

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The ageing brain with Dr Daniel Levitin

The Liz Earle Wellbeing Show

Dr Daniel Levitin, a neuroscientist, cognitive psychologist and best-selling author, joins Liz to discuss the ageing brain. He shares his thoughts on the role of sugar on our brains, as well as why sleep is so important. He explains the impact of diet on the brain and also discusses the role that meditation and medication both have to play. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 5mins

19 Aug 2020

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Ep 4: What will the future of wellness look like? (Part 2) - feat. Daniel Levitin

Monash Future ThinkCast

Welcome to episode 4, the second part of our wellness series. Kiara and Marina talked to accomplished neuroscientist, psychologist, musician and author, Daniel Levitin, about aging well, critical thinking, how stress effects our mind and strategies to combat these effects, as well as the relationship between music and health. For more information about Monash Future Thinkers, visit: monashfuturethinkers.org.auWe would love to hear your thoughts about the podcast! Email: monashfuturethinkers@gmail.com.Licensing:Beauty Flow by Kevin MacLeodLink: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/5025-beauty-flowLicense: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ 


5 Aug 2020